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  Presidents White House Departure Remarks  CSPAN  October 11, 2019 5:05pm-5:20pm EDT

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aerosmith, and others have asked president trump to stop employing their songs over the years. one more us try grey time. ok. we will go to len, las vegas. independent line. go ahead. i have a good point here, i think. the trump-biden issue with the phone call and >> we are going to briefly leave this washington journal segment. president trump spoke to reporters as he left for a campaign rally in louisiana. you're the president's comments now. -- here are the president's comments now.
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put sanctions you on him now? pres. trump: we just made one of the biggest deals that have been make -- that has been made with china. we have a great deal. hopefully, it will get finished in the next few weeks. a tremendous benefit to our farmers. the financial services. the banking industry. know prettyow you much that we have had a very, very good couple of days with china. it looks like that deal is very much on its way. it will be the largest deal ever made for farmers. $40 billion-$50 billion purchase. it is an incredible deal for farmers. i think they will have to go out
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and buy more land and bigger tractors. we will hopefully get that done pretty quickly. reporter: our special forces were bombed today. pres. trump: we will take a look at it. we will take a look at it. reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: this will go a long time into the future. this is a big buy. $16biggest deal made was billion and this could be $50 billion. thantimes more and bigger any deal ever made for the farmers. reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: they will keep their word. reporter: is rudy giuliani [indiscernible]? pres. trump: i have not spoken
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to him. he is a very good return -- he is a very good attorney. reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: we did not discuss that in this deal. this is phase one of and either 3 dl.2 or phase wei so not discuss hua basically the status will remain the same. reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: she may be a wonderful woman. i don't know her. she may very much be a wonderful woman. if you remember the phone call i had with the president, the new president, he did not speak favorably but i just do not know her. she may be a wonderful woman. has china made lifting
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off the blacklist a condition, would you consider that? pres. trump: as soon as we finish papering phase one. unbelievable deal for technology and for the banking industry and services and for the farmers. there has never been anything like it. we are going to see what happens. we will discuss that. reporter: [indiscernible] fire theoing to whistleblower? pres. trump: the whistleblower has been very inaccurate. the whistleblower reported a totally different conference -- conversation then what i had. i released an exact transcript and the whistleblower did not say that. fakehistleblower is either
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or did not know where he is making up a story. said what i said, he went out and made up a lie. a fraudulent story. made up he went out and a fraudulent story. he then went before the u.s. commerce -- congress and the american people and he recorded -- reported a fraudulent story. something should happen to him for that. why should he be given immunity when he goes out and says a story about the president of the united states and what the president said and there is no relationship -- in fact, every word was different. i tell you what, i cannot believe that a congressman could be that dishonest and can have immunity from that. whatter: [indiscernible]
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about turkey? in being a are you mediator between turkey and the kurds? pres. trump: we are out of there. they have been fighting for hundreds of years. our country has become much stronger since i have been president i many trillions of dollars. if turkey does something they should not be doing, we will put on sanctions the likes of which very few countries have ever seen before. yourter: mr. president, did or your administration, [indiscernible]? pres. trump: is he leaving? reporter: he is leaving. pres. trump: did i hear shepherd smith is leaving? is he leaving because of bad ratings?
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i don't know. if he is leaving, i assume it was because he had bad ratings. why is shepherd smith leaving? well, i wish him well. wish shepherd smith well. reporter: [indiscernible] -- is aump: i think disgrace. the number one t-shirt selling right now is -- where is custer? we had a record-setting rally last night. a rally like few other rallies and now i am going to louisiana and we are taking the little league world champions and they me on theying with way to louisiana. we just had pictures in the white house. reporter: [indiscernible]
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pres. trump: i have not asked that, no. away with a walked billion and a half dollars from china. one at a $68,000 a month from ukraine. a $3 milliony payment from ukraine. have i asked? no. i cannot imagine that someone is not asking. reporter: [indiscernible] do you have a legal strategy? pres. trump: the whole thing they are doing is a hoax to win an election they will not win in 2020. you look at the phone conversation i had with the president of ukraine, it was perfect. the only thing that was not perfect was a fraud committed on the american people in congress when congressman schiff got up and he lied and defrauded the
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american people by making up the conversation. let me just tell you that the whole ukraine story is a hoax. and yesterday, i know you don't like to report it, but i might as well say it -- the president of ukraine said loud and clear that the conversation was absolutely a perfect conversation. there was no problem with it whatsoever. [indiscernible] what?trump: reporter: what is the red line that turkey should not cross? pres. trump: we will see. we have a very good relationship with turkey. they are a nato partner. of trade with turkey. we don't want them killing a lot of people. .e beat isis
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we took 100% of the caliphate. but we have a lot of power financially. in the last 3.5 years, take a look at what has been happening to the united states. over the last almost three years , take a look at the economic power we have created. chinese leader says we have gone up trillions of dollars while china has gone down trillions of dollars. reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: we are sending more troops to saudi arabia and saudi arabia is a very good ally from the standpoint that we get along with them very well. they are a very important player in the middle east. the relationship has been very good. and they by hundreds of millions merchandiseorth of
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from us, not only military equipment. in military equipment, about one at a $10 billion. with that being said, we are sending troops and other things to the middle east to help saudi arabia. but, are you ready? my request has agreed to pay us for everything we are doing. that is a first. saudi arabia and other countries soon now but saudi arabia has agreed to pay us for everything we are doing to help them and we appreciate that. you lost in court today. pres. trump: what? we lost on immigration? i have not heard that. cases inow how many have lost and then we win? i lost the travel ban they said
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and then they said i lost it again and then i ended up winning it. i have had a great track record and right now, within a couple 160eeks, we will have judges and within a couple of months, we will have 182 federal judges. we are breaking records like no one has ever seen in that regard as you know. do you will great? --do you agree? you have to say yes. your father would say yes. we are going to hold off on the 5% increase. if you look at the deal some of deal is so incredible. the deal is a great deal. i have to say it again. -- $50 billion worth of purchases.
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the most they have ever done is 16 -- $16 billion. the farmers in nebraska and iowa and a lot of other states that i love -- they will have to buy more land fast and bigger tractors because they will not be able to keep up with the order. and china, in the last two ofks, has been biting a lot farm products. a lot of farm products. we are agreeing not to put that additional interest -- so we will get 25% and when the increase kicks in on october 15, on the 25% to 30%, -- basically everything i said. tremendous for banking. tremendous for technology. beyond tech -- beyond tremendous for the american farmer. tremendous deal.
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have a good time. see you in louisiana. we are going now to louisiana where we will have a great rally. i hope you're going to come. ok? reporter: [indiscernible] those comments from president trump taking care a few moments ago at the white house. he is on his way to late charles, louisiana where he is holding a campaign rally with voters and supporters later tonight. you can see it live here at 8:00 p.m. kuester and. earlier this afternoon, the president met with reporters this afternoon to discuss a new trade deal with china. he was joined by the chinese vice premier, steve mnuchin, and mr. lighthizer. pres. trump: