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  White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley Speaks With Reporters  CSPAN  October 23, 2019 12:20am-12:31am EDT

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>> going through that and this ridiculous charade, you can understand why the president is frustrated. >> white house principal deputy secretary hogan spoke with reporters about president trump's use of the word lynching in the recent tweet. he defended mr. trump, saying the president is not comparing what happened to him with one of our darkest moments in american history. secretary gidley: hold on one second. hold on. we've got a lot of stuff going on here, guys. okay. >> do you understand why the president could not possibly be a victim of a lynching? >> i'm sorry? >> do you understand why the president could not possibly be
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the victim of a lynching? secretary gidley: but the president is not comparing what happened to him with one of our darkest moments in american history. he's just not. what he's explaining clearly is the way he's been treated by the media since he announced for president. >> you and i know that's not true. secretary gidley: the word impeachment was used about this president the day he was elected, and before he was even sworn into office. let's not talk about that. i understand there are many people in the media who don't agree with his language -- right -- and he has used many words to describe the way he has been relentlessly attacked. 93% of the news coverage against him is negative. let's talk about what the president has actually done for the african american community. >> you know the history of that word. do you condemn lynching? secretary gidley: again, the president was clearly articulating the way he felt you guys have been treating him since day one.
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if you want to talk about what the president has done for the african-american community, i'd love to have that conversation, because there are many things he has done -- [indiscernible] secretary gidley: there are many things. impeachment in this particular instance, he is receiving no due process. everyone of your reports start with "behind closed doors." we are all aware of the situation in which democrats are taking him behind closed doors, releasing things not in context, trying to destroy this president. he has been relentless -- [indiscernible] secretary gidley: the fact is he has been relentlessly attacked by the mainstream media since he took office. >> to understand why every african-american in this country is serious right now? -- furious right now? secretary gidley: what this president has done for the african american community
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has not been done in my lifetime. people are upset about president trump's words on the time. what you can't argue with are the results he put forth for the african-american community, whether we are talking about opportunity zones, criminal justice reform, which is something democrats clamored for, but only donald trump was able to deliver. his economic policies resulted in record low unemployment in african-american communities. >> [indiscernible] secretary gidley: i have answered this question multiple times. if you guys want to talk about something else, i am happy to. >> putin and erdogan and the notion russia is moving into the vacuum the u.s. is leaving. is whatary gidley: that we are trying to avoid. the president went into these national security issues wide-eyed. now you see some of his
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detractors like lindsey graham saying it is optimistic. the president was clear when he ran, what he wanted to do was secure those regions and bring our troops home. that is what he is trying to do. he still wants to keep forces behind to protect oil and ensure stability in the region. today is the final day of the cease-fire. we expect that temporary de-escalation to transition into permanent by the end of the afternoon. the president takes this very seriously, because he sent a delegation heading by the vice president to secure a historic deal between two warring sides of hundreds of years. we are monitoring that deal closely, because we want to maintain the games we have had. -- gains we have had. he is the one that defeated the isis caliphate 100%.
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>> [indiscernible] >> are you saying black americans should suck it up? -- it up because the economy is good? >> why does the president keep going back to racial animus? secretary gidley: i don't understand in what way. >> he does it repeatedly. he goes back to these dark times in our history. why? secretary gidley: he is not comparing himself to those dark times. let's be clear. he is receiving zero due process from democrats on the hill. that is what he is talking about. it is very clear. [indiscernible] secretary gidley: it is. it is very clear. you understand whether it was next or -- nixon or clinton, everyone was given due process, but they refused to give it to donald trump. are we going to talk about something else? [indiscernible]
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syria, he hasto said repeatedly he is bringing troops home, yet they are tom. -- they aren't home. is he bringing them home soon? as a follow-up, would you choose that word? secretary gidley: the president does ultimately want to bring the troops home. that is what he wants to do now. he also wants to ensure stability in the region. he wants de-escalation to stay where it is now. we hope the cease-fire becomes permanent. you have to keep some people over there. he understands that. he is making these decisions. he is the one that has a responsibility, and it is a heavy one, to protect americans overseas, our assets, and the american people. that is what he is doing. >> can we expect in a policy
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from this white house on lynching? [indiscernible] secretary gidley: continue -- on bolivia's president? >> the electoral allegations against the president. secretary gidley: i have not seen the allegations, but i am happy to get back to you. >> why does the republican field -- does president feel the republicans are not unified? secretary gidley: it is obvious. when the democrats have done what they are able to do, which is run a sham impeachment on the president -- they attacked him from day one. if his name was smith, he would be attacked from day on -- republicans are on the best ground. phony,und is a fake,
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false impeachment hearing. >> what does he want them to do? how do they show unity? secretary gidley: president trump is a fighter. he fights back, especially in this instance where he is attacked in the midst of these. successes he thinks everyone should fight back. it is time to stand tough. it is time to stand for the successes of this administration. it is time to stand against the ridiculous and foolhardy ideas of the democrat party. that is what he is talking about when he wants people to move forward. >> [indiscernible] should the president not have used it, do you agree with senator scott? he said he should not have used the word lynching. secretary gidley: senator graham said it was a perfect word. and he is one of my friends.
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i have known him for over a decade. right. >> he is not a good choice -- secretary gidley: people disagree with what president trump says all the time. think of what he accompanist for the american people -- he accomplished for the american people. getsthing he says scrutinized by both sides. whether it is african-american unemployment, asian unemployment, whether you are red, black, brown, his policies have lifted all of the boats in this country. that is the story. thank you everybody. >> is this intended as a distraction? >> more testimony tomorrow. deputy assistant secretary of defense for russia, ukraine, and eurasia is set to appear before the committee's leading the impeachment inquiry. testimony from other
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witnesses later in the week has been postponed because of memorial services for congressman elijah cummings, >> to follow the impeachment inquiry on a video on demand of all of the congressional briefings and hearings, as well as the administration's response during the impeachment inquiry process. log onto our impeachment inquiry webpage at, the fast and easy way to watch unfiltered coverage anytime. state mikey of pompeo talks about the trump administration's foreign policy, the conflict in syria, and argues that the country is in a better place after president trump decided to withdraw u.s. troops. this is from earlier today at an event hosted by the heritage foundation in washington, d.c., the mm


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