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tv   Campaign 2020 Vice President Pence Files for Presidential Primary in...  CSPAN  November 8, 2019 5:10am-5:34am EST

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his announcement comes one day before the filing deadline in alabama for candidates seeking elected office. it is also leading to speculation about the political future of michael bloomberg who is preparing to fire paperwork that would qualify him for alabama's democratic presidential primary. stepove would be a first towards a national campaign although he has not made a final decision to run. he said that he would not be launching a white house bid.
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took questions from reporters before heading to the politics and eggs event, where he talked about the trump administration's agenda. it is an awesome pleasure and honor. vice president pence: we've heard a lot about you. >> we're excited to have you. vice president pence: what a pleasure, nice to meet you. trisha, thank you so much. what a special place. great to meet you. >> welcome. bienvenido. [laughter] vice pres. pence: nicholas, good to meet you. great. >> so, i would like to show you, the president did visit us and got his picture taken here. and we have an official presidential pennant. and i don't think i've ever had a sitting vice president get the chance to sign. we'd be very, very honored to have you sign.
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>> it always gets very quiet when they sign. governor sununu, we usually give him 20 pens. >> [chanting] four more years. four more years. four more years. four more years. four more years. four more years. vice pres. pence: thank you all for coming out. thank you all for coming out today. it's amazing to see in 2016, here in new hampshire, in the first in the nation primary, the people of new hampshire believed we could be strong again. they believed we could be prosperous again. they said yes to president donald trump in 2016. and as his vice president, it's my great honor to add his name
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to the new hampshire republican primary ballot today because we need new hampshire and america to give us four more years. [applause] [cheering] >> [chanting] four more years. four more years. four more years. vice pres. pence: and we have an incredible story to tell. today, i'll add the president's name to the ballot for the new hampshire republican primary. [applause] we're going to be here in new hampshire and we're going to be traveling all over the country because i have to tell you, you look over the last three years, despite incredible opposition by democrats and their allies in the media, we have delivered. i mean, think about it. we've rebuilt our military, restored our democracy. cut taxes, rolled back regulations, fought for free and fair trade. 6.7 million new jobs created all
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across america. [cheers and applause] vice pres. pence: unemployment is at a 50-year low. there's more americans working today than ever before in our nation's history, and mr. president celebrated yesterday, more than 150 conservatives confirmed to our federal court, including justice neil gorsuch and justice -- [applause] vice pres. pence: the american economy is booming. our military is stronger. we've strengthened the conservative constitutional foundations of our courts in a very real sense. under president donald trump's leadership, we've made america great again. [applause] vice pres. pence: but to keep america great, new hampshire, we need four more years.
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[applause] >> [chanting] four more years. four more years. four more years. [applause] conversations] [chanting] >> usa.
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conversations] [chanting] >> four more years. vice pres. pence: thank you. where do i go? >> right here.
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[chanting] >> four more years. vice pres. pence: they told me indiana would've been the first in the nation primary, but they changed it in 1916. >> we keep changing it a lot, too. [laughter] vice pres. pence: i believe it. [chanting] >> four more years. >> in 1920, we became first because indiana decided to move its primary to may. since then, since 1952, when voters in new hampshire could vote directly, almost every person that's been president has won the new hampshire primary. years]ng four more
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every single one. . welcome to new hampshire. vice pres. pence: thank you. welcome to new hampshire. thank you. oh, i've got the paperwork. [laughter] i have that. thank you so much. >> are you excited to do it again? vice pres. pence: mr. secretary, thank you so much for the warm welcome. it's great be back here in new hampshire. great to be here with governor sununu.
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it is such a privilege for me, as vice president, to come to new hampshire today and place the name of donald j. trump back on the republican primary ballot in this first in the nation primary in new hampshire. in so many ways, a movement that has transformed our country, rebuilt our military, revised -- revived the american economy, restored and strengthened the constitutional foundation of our courts, has america standing tall in the world again, has made america great again, began here in the republican primary in new hampshire. and i couldn't be more honored on behalf of the president united states to add his name to the ballot. we look forward to being through the granite state again and again as we carry the message forward. the president wanted me to convey to you his regards and to say to all of our supporters across new hampshire we're so grateful for your support today. we have made america great again.
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to keep america great, we're going to reelect president donald trump for four more years. thank you so much. [applause] vice pres. pence: thank you so much. [chanting] >> four more years. >> back on the ballot again. vice pres. pence: great. >> and now, we ask you to -- for the people that submitted a file, they can use your campaign slogan or some words, and your signature. [chanting] >> four more years.
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>> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> we thank indiana for that. vice pres. pence: that's great. thank you. thank you so much for your warm welcome. ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming out. >> are you -- are you excited to do it again? [chanting four more years]
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vice pres. pence: hey, everybody. thank you. >> good morning, mr. vice president. vice pres. pence: good morning. thank you so much. such an honor to be here, continuing a tradition of vice presidents in the past to be able to file the paperwork the -- to add president donald trump to the ballot here in the republican primary, first in the nation primary in new hampshire. and actually, for this small town boy from southern indiana, it's a very humbling day for me. >> welcome to the granite state. vice pres. pence: thank you. go ahead. >> turning back to washington, your aide, jennifer williamson's apparent run for congress as -- appearing before congress as house democrats continue their impeachment inquiry. so, during your reporded calls and meetings with president zelensky, did you suggest investigation into joe biden and his son, election interference? was there any role you had regarding corruption and aid, or do you feel at the president's -- that the president's call was
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perfect, as he has said many times? vice pres. pence: you know, the american people have the transcript of the president's call. they can see there was no quid pro quo. the president did nothing wrong. the president's focus has been, as my focus was, on supporting president zelensky's efforts to deal with an historic pattern of corruption in ukraine, and also to enlist more european support. frankly, it was a frustration of the president's since we took office that the united states was standing with ukraine. but too many of our european allies were not providing the kind of support that ukraine needed. from early in our ministry, -- our administration, president trump, unlike the last administration, made military support available for ukraine. and i'm very proud of the way we stood with ukraine against russian aggression. but in all of my discussion with
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president zelensky, we focused exclusively on president zelensky's efforts to end corruption in ukraine and enlist more european support. but look. you know, what's going on in washington, d.c. today is a disgrace. behind closed doors, there's a so-called impeachment inquiry that i think the american people know is nothing more than a partisan impeachment. it's the latest effort by democrats to try and overturn the results of the 2016 election. and i think the american people see through it. and for people that have questions, again, they can look at the transcript. they can see what the president said to president zelensky. and i know as the facts continue to come out, people will see the president did nothing wrong, and that the focus of our administration, all of my contacts with president zelensky, were in the national interest and in strengthening our relationship with the ukraine, strengthening ukraine's
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position against russian aggression, and moving forward the reform agenda president zelensky put forth. >> despite the differences he obviously had with president trump, would you campaign for him if he was the nominee in 2020? vice pres. pence: we'll let the people of alabama make that decision. i've seen those news accounts on the way here. but i can tell you, our focus today in new hampshire, on every day going forward, will be that making sure president trump four more years in the white house. i've been saying it's remarkable to think fantastic and place in this country since almost four years ago to the day a candidate named donald trump came to the state house and filed papers. he would go on to win the new hampshire primary, win the
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republican nomination, and win the election in 2016, and the results have been extraordinary. i mean, you look at the american economy, it's booming, 6.7 million new jobs created. unemployment's at a 50-year low. wages rising at the fastest pace than they've risen in more than -- that they have risen in more than a a decade. the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for african-americans and hispanic americans, 65 year high for -- low for women. we've restored the incredible arsenal of democracy. we have witnessed the incredible heroism of the military of the united states. now, just two weeks ago, the united states descended on a compound and they brought the leader of isis to justice, as well as other isis leaders since then. and then you look at what we've done with the courts. yesterday in the east room in the white house, the president was celebrating more than 150 conservatives appointed to our
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courts at every level, restoring and strengthening a foundation and commitment to interpreting laws as written. upholding our god-given rights given to us by the constitution. the truth is, those are all the things the people of new hampshire in that primary in 2016 said yes to when they voted to make donald trump the republican nominee for president. and our message to the people of new hampshire and the people of america is president donald trump delivered on one promise after another, whether it be having to do with security, whether it be having to do with border security -- it's incredible to think the progress we've made on our border after democrats said there was a manufactured crisis on our southern border. the president used his emergency powers to take action. now, in the last four months, illegal apprehensions at the border are down 70% incredible. it's incredible progress. it's a credit to allies in mexico that are doing more than
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ever before. add to that, all the agenda the people of new hampshire and that republican primary voted for and affirmed is exactly what the president's been doing. we've made america great again. but to keep america great, we need to continue to build on the progress we've made for a safer, more prosperous america. >> i've to ask you this about a story that broke overnight, a spokeswoman in your office is denying a claim that you considered using the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office. i'd like to get it from the horse's mouth where you stood on that. vice pres. pence: you know, when those rumors came out, i dismissed them then. i never heard any discussion in my entire tenure as vice president about the 25th amendment. and why would i?
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the record we're celebrating in new hampshire is a testament to president donald trump's leadership and his determination to keep the promises he made when he filed four years ago in new hampshire when he campaigned across this state, when new hampshire republicans campaign -- republicans said yes to him in the primary. after election day, november, 2016, every day since he was fighting to keep the promise of the american people. and i have to tell you, this -- the very notion of this anonymous -- who wrote an editorial now -- it's reported they've written a book. it's just appalling to me. if there's someone in our administration or serving our administration that doesn't support this president, support his agenda, they should do the honorable thing and just resign. those rumors, i dismissed them several years ago and i'm happy to dismiss them without qualification today. >> thanks, guys.
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thank you, guys. >> there are other states that canceled the republican primary. this is a thing that has come up here a couple months ago. do you wish it was a close primary? vice pres. pence: i think it's a decision for each state to make. i know there's a long tradition when there's an incumbent president of a particular party, some states decide to save the expense of a primary. we respect that and we see that as an affirmation of the president's record and leadership in the local woman -- and the overwhelming support that president trump has among republicans and frankly, all across this country. i'll tell you that, as i travel around america, you saw it again last night in louisiana. and i saw it as we were campaigning in mississippi and in kentucky over the past weekend, the level of enthusiasm across america for president trump and when he's the american -- what he has been able to do
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for the american people, it's like i haven't seen since just a few weeks before the election in 2016. i mean, people see these efforts by the democrats on capitol hill, this endless investigation, impeachment, and seemingly unending effort to overturn the results of the 2016 election. they look at the record for a president that has been working every day to deliver on the promises he made to the american people in 2016. and i think it's generating a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. you see those record number of support among republicans but i'm here to tell you, there is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and support among the american people for what this president's done. to be able to be here today at a first in the nation primary state, to be able to have the privilege of having his name to the ballot is, to me, it's a -- adding his name to the ballot, it is a great honor for me, but i couldn't be more excited, traveling across new hampshire and all across america. we're telling the story.
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>> thank you, guys. thank you. >> are you going to try and come back in four years. >> we really do appreciate it, guys. thank you. >> great to talk with you, mr. vice president. -- neil: well, hello everyone. hampshire institute of politics. where history is made every single day, today being no exception. next tuesday, by the way, ben carson will be here as well, so we want to see you back for that event. i want to recognize that we have a lot of notable people what i -- but i want to recognize two


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