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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Hosts Get- Out-the- Vote Event in Nashua NH  CSPAN  February 4, 2020 6:15pm-6:46pm EST

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aging. finding ways to have more finding ways to have more flexible working environment so we can keep people in the economy as long as possible. those projections of the fact that most of our deficit spending now is structural in nature. we have made big programs and we don't have the way to pay for them. and those will get worse every single year and we will borrow more and that means there's more interest and i will go democratic presidential candidate joe biden and his wife jill spent time with voters in nashua, new hampshire. here are his remarks. here are h. [cheers and applause] vice president biden: hello,
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hello, hello, hello. biden, jill biden's husband and valerie biden's brother. you guys. to see i just want to introduce you to the smarter people in my family. you.ank well, thank you very much for saying that. god, it's good to be in new hampshire. [laughter] oh, whoa. tell you what. well, god love you. is here too. anyway -- and the firefighters are here. [cheers and applause] folks, it really is -- i really mean it. [laughter] idea how happy we were to be heading to new and nashua. folks, i am going to be around week and for the next beyond that and fight for every vote. solitary as billy sheehan, a great supporter and friend of mine come joe, where we both from, just ask them. i need your help. i need your help.
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i'm asking for your help. me over, ok. it's real simple where i come from. thank you for being here. and talk about gene in a moment here. of -- emblematic of america. he deserves a real, real round applause. there you are, gene. my mother would say, hope springs eternal, pal. we're not giving up, right? giving up. folks, i'm honored to be here governor. the governor, he made a big mistake. i want to help joe. wife, as well.s so he was telling me on the way
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staff is not shy, guys, when he said, i can give you a week. think he -- hey, how are you doing, mr. justice. great to see you, pal. i think you are, about, what, 28 counties in? don't know how many counties there are. he was all over the state. he's looking forward to primary day. [laughter] thank you, joe. i really -- you have been a great friend for a long, long time. and a great deal of integrity. folks, we had a good night last night in iowa. think that's everything we can feel is good. here's the deal. we think we're going to come out of there really doing well, but you know, be careful what you it's not done yet. i know the iowa democratic party is trying to work through all issues with that application they had. they had that app and other problems. night, let's give them time. i'm not being critical.
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let's give them time to work out those issues carefully because a lot depends on it. so we don't know whoa seesly how delegates -- how many delegates we have. feeling of getting our fair share. [applause] now it's time for new hampshire loudly. and speak [laughter] [cheers and applause] and i'm looking forward to across this e all state and until next tuesday. folks, i think about all the families -- what all the families are going through in and even today. whether it's staring at the you have just been diagnosed with cancer, and my introducer can tell you, or family's know how your going to make it or you're 50 years old and you just lost your job. you don't know where to go next. or you just graduated from so much debt that you are trying to figure out how
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in lord's name do i get started. it just makes me work harder for the american people because know. what i this country was not built by wall street bankers. not -- not built by c.e.o.'s. it was built by you, hardworking my family. like just asked for nothing else but a chance. give me a chance. ordinary people doing extraordinary things. trump, none of us were giving much of anything other than the love of our families. to fight for everything we ever got. my father used to say, joe, i government to e solve my problems. but i at least expect them to understand my problems. our job. our job is not to not only -- the nd but our job simple truth about it, in this country, we have to give everybody a shot. say -- i d to always really mean this. he said, everyone is entitled to dignity.d with everyone. and given half a chance, the american people have never,
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ever in war or in peace let their country down. single, solitary time. nd i said it from the moment i announced, we're in a battle for the soul of this nation. everything this country stands for and believes in, our leadership in the world is at stake. when i said that six or eight months ago, people thought it was an exaggeration now serve acknowledging it. we saw it last week, we have a resident who is above the law, we have a republican congress that's decided to put their loyalty to the party and the president ahead of their loyalty to the constitution. you know, i really -- i really think what's on the ballot this time is character. character is on the ballot this time. i don't believe -- [applause]
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the character of the candidates, the very character of our country as the rest of the world looks at us. i don't believe we're a dark, angry nation that donald trump -- joe"] hanting "we want joe thamplete follow me all over the country, they love me. olks, folks, look.
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olks, folks. joe: folks, g] thank you. that's what's wrong with olitics.
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thank you. thank you. it's ok. come here, come here. no. i hope you're ok, kiddo. i hope you're ok. god love you. thank you for speaking up. thank you. there's so many young women and men who benefited from the violence against women act that i wrote, you realize how many others you help by speaking out. thank you, kiddo. thank you. saying don't believe in what we just saw that we're the angry nation donald trump believes we are.
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i don't believe, i really, honest to god, don't believe we're a nation that puts kids in cages an thinks it's ok. i don't think -- oh, pal. come on, pal, give me a break, ill you? now you know how strongly trump doesn't want me to run against him. folks, i apologize. by the way. the listen his is
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why i'm running. we have to stop. this we have to stop. this [applause] -- to stop this. [applause] i don't believe that this is who we are. it's not. it's an overwhelming minority. but folks, you know, i don't believe we're a nation that builds walls and whips us into hysteria over the invasion of immigrants. i don't believe we're a nation that embraces white supremacists and hate groups. i just don't believe that's who we are. i don't believe we're a nation that's going to bow down to vladimir putin. i know i will not. [applause] when i look at donald trump and what he stands for, how he behaves, what he's done, my
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response is always the same. we're so much better than this. i don't care if you're a democrat, republican, independent, we're so much better than this. look, i believe there's what some people call an invisible wall of -- invisible moral fabric that holds up society. 's made -- bless me, father. [laughter] it's good to be in new hampshire. good to be in new hampshire. folks, look. look. you know, i talk about this invisible moral fabric that olds up every society. conservative columnist david buff talks about it, he said
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it's made up of the basic, fundamental core values of america. giving hate no safe harbor. making sure we leave no one behind. help org people. realizing there's something bigger than ourselves. giving everybody a fair shot. just a fair shot. leaving no one behind. not demonizing and ridiculing the poor, the handicapped, the immigrant, the other. and leading by the power of our example, not just the example of our power. ronald reagan said it, that shine stig on a hill. being part of something so much bigger than we are individually. it's a code. it's a code you embrace here in new hampshire. it's a code they embrace at home. it's uniquely an american code. and the next president is going to inherit a country that is divided and a world that's in disarray. there's going to be no time for on the job training in my humble
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opinion. we're going to need a president who is ready on day one. someone who can command. [applause] someone who can command world stage, meet our armed forces as commander in chief, repair relationships with our allies and once more make the united states not only the leader of the free world but the envy of the world. that's what we've been. we need a president who understands the worst thing you could do for people struggling with health care issues is destroy the affordable care act. as jean understands, i want to let you know how incredibly thankful i am to have your support again, jean, i mean it, anyway. you know, and i know a cancer diagnosis does to a family. raise your hand if any of you have lost a son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, cysters to cancer, or you're suffering
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from cancer. you get it. ou understand. what jean is going through sooned many more people in this country. i know the only way to keep going when you lose someone or you're in that situation is to find some purpose. jean, you're a fighter. and so am i. you're a fighter, pal. so i know -- i know and you should know that i'll fight for you and people like you as if it were my own family. folks, folks we rely on obamacare for health care and the very quality of life. that's a big part of why i'm running. obamacare is the reason more than 50,000 granite staters had medicaid coverage and access to treatment for substance abuse and treatment for mental health. that's why we have protections for pre-existing conditions in this country. i found it astounding, i learned
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the other day that donald trump said he's the reason why pre-existing conditions are covered. isn't that fascinating? i'm serious. he's in court trying to do -- say the whole law is unconstitutional but he said he's the reason we've got coverage for pre-existing onditions. you know, that's why you can keep your child on a policy until age 26. that's how some 20 million people in america timely got health care coverage. and we can't let anything threaten that. so it's time to get real about health care. i believe the best way to go forward is to build on obamacare with a medicare-like option, a public option. medicare if you want it. it's a plan that will lower co-pays and deductibles and allows you to keep your private health insurance if that's what you choose to d or buy in if you done choose to. if you don't are the money you're able to get in free. it's a plan that will get prescription drug prices under control. it costs a lot of money, it costs $750 million over the --
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$750 billion over the next 10 years. if we can do it without raising taxes, that's a lot of money but it's not $30 trillion the others are talking about for medicare for all. $30 trillion. $30 trillion to $40 trillion. i can get my plan passed through the united states congress, i can get it done right away. senator sanders, god love him, and the other, attacked my health care plan and said it's too small. first of all they're dead wrong about what it covers. it was a historic achievement that this party should be proud to defend. but look, bernie has talked about a singer -- single payer medicare system for -- health care system for the country for 30 years now. hasn't moved it an inch. smart both the vermont -- vermont past governors endorsed me. it's not going anywhere now. the speaker of the house isn't for it.
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how sit going to pass? how is it going to move? how does it get done? you can't give a speech about it. it actually has to get done. the fact is, now bernie, he was being straight before, talking about is going to raise middle class taxes. now he and the other supporters of medicare for all want to tell -- won't tell you how much it costs. who is going to pay for it. used to say $30 trillion with a middle class increase. but not more. now he says nobody knows what it'll cost. won't say who is going to pay for it. he said we're going to find out. try passing a $30 trillion plan through the congress and we're going to find out. how much is -- it's going to cost and who is going to pay for it. i'm not questioning his intentions. but how is it going to go, convince anyone in this country? but look, you don't have to speculate who has the better approach. in 2018, i campaigned in 24
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states for over 65 candidates. and they're in states where democrats won in the toughest districts in america. and that opposed medicare for all. not a one of them that i'm aware of ran on the idea that -- well there may have been somebody, that ran on the idea that medicare for all would pass. you know. 30 out of the 39 democrats who won the toughest districts in america, they all opposed medicare for all. not because they're opposed to health care. because they want a rational way in which to have the american people embrace what they're beginning to embrace across the ard you may remember when we passed obamacare, we lost the house of representatives the next year. and everybody says it's because of obamacare. well, guess what? when the republicans started to get rid of it, cut it, do away wit, go to court to say it's not going to be there anymore, what happened? all of a sudden the american
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people and many of you, i suspect, said wait a minute. i didn't know that my kid who has down syndrome or asthma or any other pre-existing condition or cancer, i didn't know the reason they're able to be covered is because of obamacare. when it passed, i urged the president to talk to the american people and spend more time explaining what it did. he said joe, it's classic barack, he said we dent have time to take a victory lap, we have so much more to do. it wasn't until it got cut you all realized what it was. and what happened? it's come roaring back in a big way pause people now know what we did and what was being lost. so folks, i think we have to move. i can tell you, all you who raised your hand, who have cancer yourself or lost someone to cancer, you need hope you need hope. not next week. not -- most of the candidates
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are for medicare for all are saying it's going to take four years to pass, then you have to have a structure, could be 10 years. you know, people need hope now. so we want real progressive change in health care, real change, not just talk. and i'm the only one in this race who has ever got an big health care reform bill through the congress. it's called obamacare. [applause] i was proud to work with president obama to get it done. we need to deal with the crisis that threaten ours children, our grandkids as well. it's called climate change. it's a killer. [applause] i passed the first climate change bill in the united states congress, the united states senate, in 1987. politifact, who goes and checks whether things are true or
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false, called it a game-changer. the obama-biden administration, inside the $900 recovery act the president put me in charge of to keep it from going into depression, we made a record investment for clean nrnl, wind, and solar. i worked with john kery ry who helped pass -- i worked with john to help pass the -- not legislation but get the climate, the paris climate agreement passed by getting almost 200 nations to sign up. in this campaign we all have serious plans to combat climate change but there's one big difference in mine. my plan understands that climate change isn't just a domestic issue. it's an intercommarble issue. i did everything we have to do at home and if we do it and we will, to get carbon emissions under control and get to net zero, that wouldn't be enough. we won't do that. we're just 15% of the problem here in the united states. the rest of the world makes up
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5% of the problem. so this is also foreign policy issue as well. we need to deal with this issue. we have to bring the leaders together here, i've done that. i'm the only one in this race who has ever done that. i did it by working together with -- on the iran nuclear deal as well. i did it by putting together the paris climate accord. we put together the international coalition to fight isis. everyone will talk about this issue. but ask yourself, who else in this race has brought world leaders together to address a major problem? i'm determined to change the culture in this country where we think it's ok, ok to send our kids to school, where the first day they go to school they learn how to duck and cover. it's shameless. shameless. gun violence in our schools is shameless. look, i own a 20 gauge and a 12 gauge, i know how -- i skeet hoot my boys, we're duck
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hunters. we protect international duck hunting more than people. you can only have three shells when you're out there shooting geese. i'm the guy that got the brady bill passed with the background checks. [applause] one of the leading contenders runs against me for the nomination voted against it five times. i'm working with senator -- i worked with senator diane feinstein of california to get the assault weapons ban for 10 years in this country until we had hanging chads in florida an lost the presidency. but i'll get them banned again. i'm the only one in this race who has take on the n.r.a. straight up and flat beaten them, twice. [applause] i'll beat them again. i promise you this, if i'm president, we're going to get -- gun e only
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manufacturers can't be sue loodic you see the tobacco companies, it never should have gotten there in the first place. a couple of candidates voted for that as well. we need a president who can bring us together, a leader, a leader who can unite the party, starting off, and then unite the country. we are a democracy. every democracy depends on consensus. consensus. there's no way to be able to govern tosh progress if we can't reach a consensus you should our system. so we have to be able to pull the country together. democrats, republicans, and independents. some of my colleagues in the race say that i'm naive. nice to know i'm naive, i've been around a while. i'm naive because i believe we can unify the country. i refuse to accept the notion that we're going to be forever at war. the republicans aren't our enemies, they're opposition.
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and we get rid of stuff like you heard here today, we can do an awful lot. i've done it my whole life and will do it as your president. they say i don't understand this new republican party. just got a taste of that new republican party. i understand better than anybody, i've been the object of their affection for a long time. [applause] more than anyone. and i wonder why they spend so much time trying to keep my from being the nominee? have you ever seen another party spend as much time deciding who the other party's nominee shouldn't be? i mean, it's amazing, isn't it? i am the object of their -- they spent $12 million to $15 million in negative ads that most mainstream stations won't run, for real. i learned a couple of things. vladimir putin doesn't want me to be president. literally. they've done tens of thousands of so-called bots on, you know,
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and finally facebook came along and said we can't put them on, they're not honest. they've decided that -- they said 80 people to iowa to campaign against me getting the nomination. and i'm -- i don't know. i wonder if they screwed up the count. that's a joke. that's a joke. that's a joke. but look, folks. there's a lot of lousy stuff going on. but you know, can't hold grudges. the president has to be able to fight but also be able to heal. i'm going to do whatever it takes to make progress on the matters that matter most to us. climate change policy that will save our children and grandchildren, protecting our civil liberties, civil rights, our sacred right to vote. defending a woman's right to choose. and the scourge -- ending the
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scourge of violence against women and sexual abuse. expanding access to health care. taking on the epidemic of gun violence. and reward work not just wealth which is what we co-now. everybody knows who donald trump. is we need to show them who we are. even the people in here, i doubt they want their kids to grow up like donald trump. i'm not being facetious. not being facetious. we know who donald trump. is we got to let them know who we are. we choose hope over fear. we choose science over fiction. [applause] we choose unity over division and compassion over cruelty. [applause] and folks, yes. yes. we choose truth over lies. truth over lies. look, folks, this is the united states of america.
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not a single thing is beyond our capacity to do if we do it together. never have we ever, ever failed when we set an objective. never. think about it. think about it. when we've acted together. it's time to remember who we are. this is the united states of america. let's get up and take back this country and take it back now. god bless you all, may god protect our troops. thank you, thank you, thank you. for your patience. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> c-span's coverage of tonight's state of the union address begins with a reare pre-view of the speech beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. president trump delivers his address from the house chamber
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at 9:00, followed by the democratic response by 3467 governor gretchen whitmer and texas representative veronica escobar. watch on c span, at, or on the free c-span radio app. >> c-span, your unfiltered view of government. created by cable in 1979, brought to you today by your television provider. >> democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren held a town hall today in keene, new hampshire, where she took questions from the audience about the uncertainty of the iowa caucus results. elizabeth: hello, keene!


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