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tv   Campaign 2020 Sen. Amy Klobuchar Speaks at Campaign Event in Minneapolis  CSPAN  February 24, 2020 1:15pm-1:43pm EST

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>> the next contest on the political calendar is a south carolina primary called the first in the south with 50 -- with 54 pledged delegates.
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next tuesday's super tuesday with 1300 delegates. including the delegate rich states of california, north carolina, texas and virginia. politicos reporting house democratic whip jim clyburn will endorse former vice president joe biden on wednesday. mr. biden came in second behind bernie sanders nevada over the weekend. commerce and clyburn is considered very influential and succulent politics. 2020 democratic presidential candidate amy klobuchar spoke to volunteers at an event in her home state of minnesota after the nevada caucuses. senator klobuchar told the group she will do better than expected in many super tuesday states. so i was just told that all of you have been with amy since day one. in are the cream of the crop terms of volunteers and supporters.
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you have been working like dogs to make sure that we introduce the rest of the country to the amy klobuchar that we all know, isn't that right? [applause] and one of the coolest things is when we get to introduce the rest of the country to our good friend come what they are finding is they -- the rest of the country really digs her a lot. justow that amy is not talk, she's not just rhetoric, she is quite simply someone that gets things done. [applause] you, butt know about i've never got an invite to the white house before, especially recently. wouldn't it be cool to actually get an invite to go to the white house and had their and say madam president amy klobuchar.
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[applause] >> amy has just been barnstorming throughout the country. people are getting introduce to our good friend, they love her, they know her in the momentum is very much on our side. [applause] and so you've been there since day one, i know, but it is for these next few weeks especially that we have to keep going. it's for these next few weeks that you have to keep dialing, you have to keep knocking, you have to tell all your friends and family no matter where they live in the country that amy, no doubt in my mind, no doubt in yours, is the best person to be donald trump.
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[applause] -- beat donald trump. [applause] >> so we can tell the rest of this country you have a choice. you can mess around or you can beat donald trump. i'm going with the latter. amy has supporters from all over the place in one of my good friends, someone who has left a legacy here in minnesota, please, everyone give it up right now for david wellstone. [applause] >> great to beer with everybody, thank you very much. i'm so proud to be on the stage to give my formal endorsement to amy klobuchar.
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and here is why. dadis running just like my did. she is running with passion, she is running with intention, she is running with inclusion, she is running to improve people's lives. --all do better when we all i can remember, i remember a long time ago when he was first starting to think about the senate and my dad was with her down on the bus riding the bus up and down talking to folks, she embodies what paul wellstone herend i am so proud to be to support her today. i am so proud to be with you guys. , weust got to work hard have to work hard because we have somebody who can make a huge change. i'm going to introduce right now our senator in the next
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president of the united states, give it up for amy klobuchar. applause]d ♪
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[applause] sen. klobuchar: wow. thank you everyone. what an amazing group. by andaughing, i came saw someone's shirt over here and it says this is in flyover country to me, i live here. all thank ourt of great speakers today, our lieutenant governor who we adore who's been campaign for me all over the country as you know, the highest ranking american indian elected to statewide office in the country. we are really proud of her. thank you so much. the beautiful words. minneapolis, thank you. honor to have david
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wellstone here with us. [applause] david has been carrying on his dad's work on mental health, i seem in congress all the time and i think you all know there's one reason i picked the color green for our signs and our shirts and that is paul wellstone. [applause] as you all know, senator wellstone was not expecting to win. he was not expected because he was running against someone what a bigger bank account, who was more well-known and he literally tore the country and that's exactly what we are going to do in this campaign. [applause] it's rainingr: right now in nevada it was
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beautiful all week and we had such a great time, such hospitality. we did a great team still working hard, they are counting the votes. as usual, i think we have exceeded expectations, i always note that a lot of people didn't even think i would still be standing at this point. they didn't think i would make it through that speech in the snow, they didn't think i would make -- make it to the debate floor. but time and again because of all of you and the people around this country that want something different than the guy in the white house. i want you to know first of all our itinerary. we are headed of course to south carolina, but on the way tomorrow we are going to fargo. i challenge my opponents to a
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rally in fargo. we are doing one, we're are pretty excited about that. we are then going to little rock , we are then going to oklahoma city and then we go to south carolina, that is our plan. i think you all know that not only is south carolina an important state and where we will have the next debate, but from there we go to super tuesday and one third of america will be voting. guess what one of the super tuesday states is? [cheers and applause] sen. klobuchar: that is right. john and i went and voted today and i was actually amazed it all the people there on a saturday voting early. i recommend everybody vote early but not often. we want to thank you for doing that.
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thinkd say first of all i people are starting to see that in today's politics and this came to us out of new hampshire where the nation discovered me in a big way for the first time, decencyathy, humility, matter and that we have that in spades and the toughness to be donald trump. [applause] and because of you come we have proved the naysayers wrong every single time. because of you, we have built a campaign that is strong and resilient for the hard-working americans are country and because of you we are going to turn back the division and the exclusion, the meanness and the
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hate and defeat donald trump this fall. that is our plan. [applause] now some believe the way to be donald trump is to be just as .olarizing know isink what we this. donald trump's worst nightmare is that the people in the middle, the people that are tired of the mud slinging and the name-calling will have a place to call home this november. and that has been our mission from the beginning. so if you're working two jobs but still struggling to choose between medicine and rent, you have a home with me.
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if you are frightened for your kids safety and of nra lobbyists blocking gun violence laws, then you have a home with me. if you are trying to raise a family and tired of corporate titans line their pockets while you are sowing a whole and yours, you have a home with me. if you think it is shameful that an american can be stopped and profiled because of the color of his skin, if you are sick of a president that sees diversity as a weakness rather than our country's great strength, then you have a home with me. [applause] sen. klobuchar: there is something else i have been fighting for and that is to bring heart back to the white house.
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empathy,e that basic that fundamental decency that has been under siege since this president wrote his first toxic tweet. that was many tweets ago. i'm talking about a president who bragged about the size of his rallies while visiting a texas hospital after a gunman killed 22 people at a local walmart. whotalking but a president sided with the murderous dictator kim jong-un after a 22-year-old american student died in north korea in their custody for trying to take a poster from a hotel. i'm talking about a president who separated innocent immigrant children from their parents and try to deny them toothbrushes "youhowers and then said have to take the children away."
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you can quote me on this. we have to take this president away. [cheers and applause] sen. klobuchar: and if you think we can't do it, if you think we don't have the grit, the resilience to turn the page on the racism and the sexism come on the cronyism in the remember thatst the day after this president took office, millions of people marched in protest all across this country, including in this city, including where i'm going tomorrow to north dakota. into arkansas and to south carolina. happens, thousands
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of women signed up for office. we were not just insisting, we were insisting on a better way forward. summer as the president tried to repeal the affordable care act and its protections for families, millions stood up and said no. and with that mandate we handed him a crushing defeat. just resisting, we were insisting on a better way forward. in 2018 what happened? turnouthe highest voter in a midterm election in 50 years. women, people of color all ran big and weand won turned the house of representatives back into the
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people's house again. that's what we did. [applause] sen. klobuchar: so don't go telling me we can't do this. don't go telling me because what i see is we are not just resisting, we are insisting on a better way forward. when i go to our rallies all over the country come what do i see. do i see? a fired up democratic base big time. but i also see at least in my ,allies other people joining us independence, moderate republicans, people that say we want to be part of this and what we do is we say we don't want to shut people out, we want to bring people with us. [applause] sen. klobuchar: donald trump can count us out if he wants. timee way, for the first
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ever he mentioned me at a rally. [cheers and applause] sen. klobuchar: you know i've arrived now. you know they must be worried and so as you see all these attacks you see against me, just a member is a badge of honor. it means we are gaining. we are gaining in every single state in this country. i here to serve donald trump notice. every race, every place, every time. [applause] in 42lobuchar: i have won counties, flipped them and then came roaring back in our own state. n everything will congressional district in the state every time. when you look at those, you look
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in the middle the country where we need to win, things i pennsylvania where showed me beating him -- work showed me beating him by seven points. [applause] look at the states like pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin and ohio and iowa and yes our own state, what are we gonna do? we are going to build a beautiful blue wall of democratic votes around the state and we will make donald trump pay for it. [applause] sen. klobuchar: eight is because of you that we are going to get this done. you know how much i like to get things done. the right i think it's not only tells you
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something abut how you campaign when you bring people with you, it tells people how you are going to govern. because the work of governing isn't always glamorous. the work of governing is not always about standing in the corner of a boxing ring and throwing jabs. the work of governing is about sin next to someone. that is what governing is about. that is how we are going to do that. that's how we will lift up everyone in this country. knocked out of the american dream. i can tell you this, after what we saw in the last week of this president, after what we saw of him making mincemeat of the rule havingand what we saw escorted lieutenant colonel vindman out of that white house.
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with what we saw of him now claiming he is going to purge people in the intelligence community from his administration, the rule of law cannot tolerate four more years of a president. our above it cannot tolerate -- our democracy cannot tolerate four more years of a president who thinks he can bulldoze through it. the american dream cannot tolerate four more years of a president who thinks he can choose who wins it. you to keep up the work. you have been volunteering, you have been calling all over this country from our international headquarters here. i put these headquarters here for a reason. states are sometimes considered flyover country
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matter. i think we leave no one and no place behind. it isot just where comfortable, i go where it's uncomfortable. i believe in bringing people with me. it is literally the opposite of donald trump. busill get on that green aloe caldwell's -- paul wellstone. we will get on and i think i will end with a story about paul. it's of the last year of his life when be so tragically lost him and sheila and david's sister and their beloved staff in that plane crash. ist i remember about that that day, but something else. ms and hem he had could never run back and forth like in those parades, instead he would stand on the back of that bus and wave -- on that bus
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and wave. he could not run anymore. peopleenergized so many in those green shirts to run around that bus in endless motion that you didn't even notice he wasn't running himself. that is what i'm asking you to do. not literally run around the bus [laughter] sen. klobuchar: but help us at amy and help us by making those calls, by talking to your neighbor because we don't want to just eek by a victory at 4:00 a.m.. we want to win big. we want to win this for the people of this country, we want to win this for dignity and decency and we want to win this big and our democracy back. let's go to work and do this. thank you, everybody. [applause] ♪
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>> the next contest is a succulent primary. it's called the first in the south with 54 pledged delegates. super tuesday is next week with more than 1300 delegates at stake with a total of 15 states and one teor


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