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Mike Pence
  Vice President Pence Delivers Keynote Address at Conservative Political...  CSPAN  February 28, 2020 12:22am-1:11am EST

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more responsibility look less stress than that. >> french fries are an amazing thing. >> it relaxes you. >> thank you very much for having me. i will be doing the radio show later. [applause] >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. morning, willay discuss the latest on the u.s. and global response to the coronavirus outbreak. bouchard and tim ryan. watch c-span's washington journal, live at 7:00 eastern friday morning. join the discussion. ♪ pence spoke atnt the american conservative union's annual conservative political action conference in national harbor, maryland. he began his remarks with an
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update on the coronavirus and his role as head of the task force. ♪ [applause] >> ok, i'm going to let the audio visual person fix this problem, that's not up my alley. i think you all know what's coming next. we have a rather important speaker who would like to address you today. you might know him as the father of three children, marine captain michael pence, daughters charlotte and audrey. captain michael pence, daughters charlotte and audrey. and how about a fantastic second lady in karen pence. [applause] and of course there was another pence walking around this the c ack hallways -- cpac hallways,
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his big brother greg pence, congressman greg pence from the great state of indiana. [applause] as you all know, a.c.u. has been doing ratings of members of congress and senators for over 50 years. during that time, there are 18 men who have been selected to be vice president. we have ratings for. here's something that we believe the vice president should be very proud of. by a hoosier county mile, he's the most conservative v.p. candidate and vice president we've ever had. [applause] he attained something i couldn't quite ever attain in school, mom can attest to this. he had a 99% rating with the
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american conservative union. and yes, congresswoman liz cheney was on this stage today and i asked her and ask all of you, can you imagine being to the right of dick cheney? that's our vice president. an we have another record that we're shattering today. president ronald reagan, someone who is near and dear to all our hearts, he spoke at c spmbings a -- cpac 13 times. his national political career started at cpac. cpac started and he started to be an important voice. i see jeff remoore shaking his head. today after those 13 wonderful remarkable, memorable, 13 reagan speeches, his record is broken as our vice president will mark his 14th appearance before all of you. [applause]
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i know yao ready to demonstrate -- i know you're ready to demonstrate how much you appreciate everything he does for our country. it is my honor to introduce to you the vice president of the united states, michael r. pence. [applause] ♪
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♪ vice president pence: hello cpac! thank you for that wonderful, warm welcome. it is great to be back. at this historic gathering at a historic time. in the life of our nation. i'm truly honored to be back with you again. before i begin, though, allow me to address an issue that i know is on the hearts and minds of people all across this country. the potential impact of the coronavirus. here in america. president donald trump has no higher priority than the health, safety, and well being of the american people. [applause]
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last month, following word of the outbreak of the coronavirus in china, president trump took unprecedented action to protect the health of americans. he declared a public health emergency. we suspended travel to the united states from china. we initiating quarantine efforts for american citizens returning and established a white house coronavirus task force which has literally met every single day. to protect the american people. [applause] as of today, we have 15 cases of coronavirus that have been detected in the united states with only one new case detected in the last two weeks. there's another 45 cases that have been diagnosed among americans who have been retai pais traited from china. while one american is hospitalized, thankfully all the patients have been treated and
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are doing well. [applause] while the risk to the american public remains low, as the president said yesterday, we're ready. we're ready for anything. yesterday, president trump directed me to lead a whole of government approach to address the coronavirus in this country. and i promise you, we will continue to bring the full resources of the federal government to bear to protect the american people. [applause] as the president also said, it's important to remember we're all in this together. this is not the time for partisanship. [applause] the american people expect us to
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work together and i promise you, this president, this administration is going to work with leaders in both parties. we'll work with leaders across this nation at the state and local level. and this president will always put the health and safety of america first. [applause] so thank you for that. and it is great to be back at cpac. cheers and applause] the largest gathering of conservatives anywhere, any time in america. [applause] you know, matt mentioned i came to my first cpac back in 2004. i've had the great privilege to come back here now more than a
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dozen times. but i want to be clear with you. i'm here for one reason and one reason only. and that is that our movement, our party, and america need four more years of president donald trump in the white house. cheers and applause] vice chanting "u.s.a."] president pence: four years ago a movement was born. a movement of everyday americans from every walk of life. from big cities and small towns. all of you here at cpac believe
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we could be strong again. you believed we could be prosperous again. you said yes to president donald trump in 2016. "] owd chanting "u.s.a. vice president pence: you here at cpac said yes to president donald trump in 2016 and i know you're going to say yes to four more years of president donald trump in 2020. cheers and applause]
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i mean, how about the last few weeks alone. what a month it's been. we had record republican turnout in iowa. of the unionistoric state address, america is stronger than ever before. [cheers and applause] and while democrats were still counting votes in iowa -- [laughter] >> president donald trump won more votes in the new hampshire primary than any incumbent president in 50 years. [applause]
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best of all, just a few short weeks ago, after three years of endless investigations and a partisan impeachment, the u.s. senate cleared our president on all charges. justice was served. our constitution defended. and president donald trump was acquitted forever. [cheers and applause] v.p pence: this is going to be a cpac 2020! [applause] think almost 50 decades of ther
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growth of government from the new deal to the great society, an outsider came to this podium and said america could be a again. city on a hill newly 10 years ago, another outsider addressed this gathering and said, we could rebuild our country, and that america could be proud again. ronald reagan said it was morning in america, and president donald trump make america great again. [applause] v.p pence: think about it. this president promised to rebuild our military, restore the arsenal of democracy. and as a stand before you today, this president has actually signed the largest increases in our national defense in more than a generation.
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[applause] v.p pence: we are once again giving our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guard , the resources and support they need to accomplish their missions and defend this nation. [applause] made underwe have this president, we have made the strongest military in the history of the world. that renewed american strength, we are standing tall on the world stage again. how great is it to have a president of the united states who embraces his role as leader of the free world? [applause] thanks to the president leadership, our allies are contributing more to our, common defense than ever
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before. if the world knows nothing else, the world knows this, america stands with israel. [applause] this president has done more to support our most cherished allies than anyone could have imagined just three short years ago. we got out of the iran nuclear deal. 's recognized israel sovereignty over the golan heights, and president donald trump moved the american embassy to jerusalem, the capital of the state of israel. [applause] so we have been standing with our allies and we have been
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standing up to our enemies. while the lust of administration ets of cash toll tourists in iran, this president has taken the fight to radical s on our turf,ist on our soil. last year, american forces captured the last inch of territory, the isis caliphate-controlled and last fall. american special forces took down their leader without one american casualty. [applause] and when militants stormed our embassy on new year's eve, this president sent in the marines and said, no more benghazis! [applause]
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>> [chanting "u.s.a.!"] [applause] v.p pence: when america lives were threatened by the most dangerous terrorist in the world , president donald trump took action and customs of the money is gone -- qassem soleimani is gone. [applause] you all deserve to know that everyone of the democrats running for president this year criticized president trump's decision to take out qassem soleimani. [crowd booing] v.p pence: bernie sanders even called the president's decision in his words, "assassinating a government official." [laughter]
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v.p pence: of got news for bernie sanders, soleimani was not some government official, he was a terrorist. and president trump was right to take him down. [applause] that's what leadership looks like. that's the leadership of president donald trump! [crowd cheering] so we are standing with those who served. and we are standing with all of you who served in the uniform of the united states as never before. and under this president, we are finally getting our veterans access to the benefits that you earned in the uniform of the united states veterans choice is
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now available for every veteran in america. [applause] real-time. world-class health care. what you deserve. we are giving america's best to america's best and last. and this president knows that national security starts with border security. [applause] v.p pence: under the president leadership, we made historic investments to secure our border crisis of illegal immigration. mexico is doing more than ever before to secure our southern border, and apprehensions are down by 80% in the last 12 months. and have already started to build that wall on the southern border of the united states.
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[applause] [build that wall!] v.p pence: all, we are building it. we are building it. under this president's leadership, we have stood for law and order, in every single day, stood for those who protect and serve on the thin blue line of law enforcement, including the courageous men and women of customs and border protection and i.c.e.! [applause] incredible people. in support of the rule of law, this president kept the word he gave to conservatives across america.
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and as i stand before you today, president trump has already appointed more than 190 conservatives to our federal courts at every level including justice neil gorsuch and justice brett kavanaugh. [crowd cheering] [applause] v.p pence: incredible. i am here to tell you, i've gotten to know a lot of these incredible men and women, and i can assure you, that they are who willipal jurists uphold the god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution like the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. [applause]
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v.p pence: and on the week when democrats in the united states senate actually voted down a bill that would have extended legal protections to babies survived abortions, i couldn't be more proud to be vice president to a president who stands without apology for the sanctity of human life. [cheers and applause] v.p pence: in one of his first acts in office, this president reinstituted the mexico city policy, to make sure no tax dollars would be used to promote or provide abortions overseas.
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he made history by becoming the first president to attend the march for life last month on the national mall. [applause] v.p pence: and he signed legislation to make it possible for every state to deny title x funding to abortion providers, and just this week, the ninth circuit court of appeals upheld president trump's executive order denying taxpayer funding to family planning clinics that make referrals for abortions. -- plannednding grandparen parenthood! [applause] v.p pence: life is winning in america.
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because of the compassion and care and the principled stand about all of you have taken. that is what makes it so remarkable that every leading democrat running for president is actually -- has actually said that there is no room in today's democratic party for pro-life voters. say, to every pro-life american, republican, independent, or democrat, you have a home in today's republican party. president donald trump is the most pro-life president in american history. [applause] v.p pence: it has been about security, about liberty, about our most cherished values, and it has been about three more things, it has been about jobs,
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jobs, jobs. [applause] from the first day of this administration, president trump promised we could revive the american economy. we went straight to work, working with our allies in the congress. we cut taxes across the board. for working families, businesses large and small. this president has rolled back more federal red tape already than any president in american history. [applause] we have unleashed american we will bethis year, a net exporter of energy for the first time in 75 years. [applause] and from day one, this president has fought for free and fair trade.
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after more than 30 years of trade policy that seemed to be more about just managing economic decline, the u.s.m.c.a. and the phase one china deal marked the beginning of a new era of international trade that puts american jobs and american workers first. [applause] it is true. the president put china on notice that the era of economic surrender is over. will continue to stand strong until china opens their markets and addresses all the issues that emerged in years. under his leadership, after decades that saw factories in small towns like my home state of indiana sh uttered, jobs move south of the
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border, n.a.f.t.a. is gone and the u.s.m.c.a. is here to stay. [applause] and i don't have to tell all of you that the american economy is booming. since election day 2016, businesses large and small have created more than 7 million good paying jobs. the unemployment rate is at a 50 low. there is more americans working today than ever before in the history of this country. and the american people know it. it is true. karen and i slipped away for spring break last year. a whole day and a half. [laughter] we went -- we like to go to a place called sanabel island. we were sitting on the beach wearing our ball cap's, sunglasses. we were reading some books. these two boys came walking by
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me very budweiser shirts. i think they had heard in the local paper that you were on island. this one fellow stopped and looked at me and said, hey, you are pence. [laughter] i said, yes sir, i am. that he read over and said to me, you got to tell the president to keep doing what he's doing because i made twice as much money last year as i made the year before. and i told him, i would. [applause] then he started to walk away and turn around and start him a the way, i don't know what you do, but keep doing what you're doing too! [laughter] and i told him i would. [applause] is, thanks to president trump leadership in all of your support all across this country, in three short years, we have made america
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great again. [applause] but to keep america great, we need you to decide right here america'snow that going to vote for four more years of resident donald trump and dust president donald trump -- fourhite house former years of president donald trump in the white house. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting four more years] v.p pence: think about it. four more years means more jobs. [chanting "four more years!"] is more judges
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four more years means more judges. it means more support for our troops. and it will take at least four more years to drink that swamp -- drain that swamp. [applause] 4 more years will give space for us the launch it deserves. in four more years, we will lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs without growing the size of government. and we will always protect americans with pre-existing conditions. with four more years, we will rebuild the roads and bridges and ports and airports so that america has the finest infrastructure in the world. , willth four more years
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give every parent in america the right to choose where their children go to school. public, private, parochial, or homeschool. [applause] pence: the choice has never been clear. and the stakes have never been higher. with your support today, america has a president who loves this ourtry, who stands by military, our workers, and our freedoms. he believes in you. i can tell you firsthand, he fights for you every single day. it's true. [applause] but elections are about choices. we've got our president in the oval office, then you've got
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this crowd of democrats running for president. [crowd booing] v.p pence: any of you see the debate tuesday night? or the one before it? was not a democratic debate, that was a demolition derby. [laughter] [applause] v.p pence: i mean, really. i grew up in a small town. every year we would have a county fair. that people with the crummiest cars in town would drive them into the field than they would crash into each other until only one was left driving. [laughter] v.p pence: i mean, think about it. you got these democrats with the crummiest ideas and politics. they are all smashing into each other. and eventually, there will be one left driving. but i think we all know how this is going to end.
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there is going to be a monster hood with a big t on the that is going to drive into the infield and roll right over them! [cheers and applause] v.p pence: is going to happen. they have been trying to figure out who won them of these debates. let me help them out. president donald trump won the democrat debate in a knockout. hands down, no contest. lights out. [applause] v.p pence: and we are going to keep on winning. as you know, the truth is today's democratic party has been taken over by radical leftists who want higher taxes, open borders, late-term
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abortion. it is really astonishing to think that the party of harry truman and jfk is actually on the verge of nominating an avowed socialist as their party standardbearer. the democratic party today is on the verge of nominating a candidate who honeymooned in the soviet union, wants to take away the health insurance of 160 million americans, and speaks glowingly of socialist dictatorships in cuba and venezuela. let's be clear, it isn't just about he bernie. despite what the media last to tell you, there are no moderate in this democratic field. [applause] everyone of the other democrats running for president embraces
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bernese socialist agenda. whether they call it medicare-for-all or the green new deal, democrats have been overtaken by a leftist ideology but history tells us has literally impoverished millions of people around the world and rob the liberties of therations -- robbed liberties of generations. that system is socialism. far too many of people rally to their cause. so many women of cpac, he got work to do. -- men and women of cpac, we have work to do. it would not be enough to win the next election, we got to win the next generation. [applause] we've got to tell the truth about socialism and the benefits of freedom.
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when many in this rising generation speak of socialism, i believe they think of better health care, that education or a cleaner environment. but the reality of socialism is very different. in theth is, citizens most free countries in the world earn over seven times more than citizens in the least free countries. socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried, in every era on every continent, and among every class of people. freedom works. [applause] socialism does not. and we need look no further than our own hemisphere to prove the point. venezuela was once the second wealthiest country in our hemisphere. within the wake -- but in the
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wake of more than a decade of socialist dictatorship, almost 5 million people in that country have fled to neighboring lands to escape the deprivation and the poverty. karen and i saw it first hand venezuelanited with families at a chapel in columbia back in august of 2017. i'll never forget as we went table to table at this little church, speaking to one family after another that had fled their home country. meet a grandmother who told that she had left that country with her four grandchildren in her arms, because it had gotten so bad in her small town that
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her grandchildren had to rise at 4:00 in the morning to get a ticket to stand in line to buy a piece of bread in the afternoon. talked to told us the same heartbreaking story of poverty. families unable to find food and medicine they need. as we meet here today, innocent children are still perishing everyday in venezuela from starvation and deprivation. this president and this administration will continue to stand strong with the people of venezuela until their liberty and democracy are restored. [applause]
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but many women, that is what socialism looks like. when it is put into practice. , that is whaten socialism looks like when it is put into practice. that is the story we have to tell the presentation. because you here at cpac no better than most -- know better than most that it was freedom, not socialism, but give us the strongest most prosperous nation in the history of the world. [applause] it was freedom, not socialism , two worldslavery wars, and has made america a beacon of hope for all mankind. it was freedom. [applause] seeksthe democratic party to nominate and embrace the failed policies of socialism, we
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must renew our resolve in this year, 2020, as the president said one year ago, "america will never be a socialist country." [applause] >> [indistinct shouting] v.p pence: but i have confidence. this rising generation is a generation that increasingly everyday embraces life and liberty. it's a freedom loving generation. people that can hear a song, downloaded on their phone and seconds later, they like freedom. [laughter]
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and that's who we have to speak to. i want to challenge each and everyone of you particularly the young people among us, to go out and talk to your neighbors and friends, to school and work, tell them about the choices that would have. tell them it is a choice between freedom and socialism. tell them have a freedom loving president of the united states of america. [applause] v.p pence: ladies and gentlemen of cpac 2020, president donald trump i can tell you is the real deal. he is a man who says what he means and means what he says. he never quits. he never backs down. he has never stopped fighting to keep the promises that he made to all of you. now it is our turn to fight for him. it's on! [applause]
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>> so i want to challenge her. i wanted to challenge all of you and any that might be looking on. every day that remains between now and election day in november, keep bringing this same level of enthusiasm. keep bringing your support. keep telling yourfriends everyte accomplished. faith.e [applause] v.p. pence: keep faith in this distinctly american president who embodies the rugged thatidualism and optimism characterizes this nation.
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keep the faith in our fellow americans and that this generation rising today loves liberty and freedom every bit as much as every american generation that has come before. [applause] keep faith finally that when we hold the banner of , when we make freedom our cause, we make his work on this earth our own for the spirit of the lord is freedom. that means freedom always wins. [applause] v.p. pence: men and women of
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cpac, thank you for the honor of addressing you. ofnk you for the privilege serving as your vice president. [applause] v.p. pence: i leave here today with renewed confidence that seeing all of your bright and shining faces -- all of the tremendous energy and optimism in this room, all we have done ahead, withhat lies your continued support and prayers, every day between now and november 3, we are going to keep on winning. we are going to make america stronger and prosperous than ever before. president donald trump in the white house for four more years, we will keep america
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great. thank you very much. [applause] ♪
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♪ >> here's a look at our live coverage friday. on c-span, the houses back at 9:00 a.m. eastern to debate a bill that would ban all flavored tobacco products. and there are two events from south carolina, the first with senator bernie sanders and the other with president trump. secretary of state mike pompeo testifies about u.s. policy towards iran and iraq, followed by senator amy klobuchar campaigning in falls church, virginia, at 11:15 a.m. eastern. on c-span3, our cpac coverage
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gets underway at 7:20 a.m. eastern. whip steveity scalise was among the speakers at the annual conservative political action conference. he talked about socialized medicine and health care around the world. [applause] rep. scalise: good morning tell to all my friends at cpac. welcome. are you all fired up for 2020? you ready for november? [cheers and applause] rep. scalise: y'all know what's at stake. 2020 will be a contrast election, and there is no sharper contrast between the conservative principles and values our country is built upon , what president trump has done to deliver for families through individual freedom and soc