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  President Trump Departure Remarks  CSPAN  February 28, 2020 5:51pm-6:01pm EST

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>> the south carolina primary is saturday. join us to hear the candidates' reaction to the results. live coverage saturday evening starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, on-demand at, or listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> this evening, president trump holds a rally in south carolina ahead of the democratic primary in the state tomorrow. we'll have live coverage of the president scheduled to get under way at 7:00 eastern time on c-span.
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the president spoke to reporters as he was leaving the white house. reporter: mr. president -- [indiscernible] -- coronavirus. do you agree? president trump: going to south carolina. big rally. a lot of people. thousands of people outside. it's going to be very exciting. we have a big day tomorrow in terms of the democrats watching. see what happens. and then our tuesday we have a very big day. so it will be interesting to see -- we're at the same number, a lot of people are getting better, very much better. the 15 number, plus we took, it as you know from japan, we took in some great american people and citizens and they're getting better very rapidly. they're doing very well. all of them are doing well. the 15 people likewise, we have them down to a much lower number. they're in good shape. most of them are in really good shape. one of the people is -- i wouldn't say not doing well, but she's very sick.
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but she's hopefully getting better. but we're at the same number, essentially we've only had 15 and a lot of that is because i called it early. we made a decision very early to close up our borders to certain areas of the world. we did that and so we are hopefully getting lower from that number. but let's see what happens into the future. some countries are doing well. some countries are not doing well. you can see that for yourself. a lot of things are happening. we're very well organized. we have great talent. great doctors. great everyone. this tremendous spirit, a lot of spirit. as you know, with the flu, on average we lose from 26,000 to 78,000 people a year, even more than that, in some cases, some years. we haven't lost anybody yet. and hopefully we can keep that
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intact. there have been no deaths in the united states at all. a lot of that's attributable to the fact that we closed the border very early. otherwise it could be a different story. so we'll just keep doing a good job. we're ordering a lot of supplies. we're ordering a lot of elements that frankly we wouldn't be ordering unless it was something like this, but we're ordering a lot of different elements of medical. we are working on cures and we're getting some very good results. as you know, they're working as rapidly as they can on a vaccine for the future. and with that, i think i can head out. [talking simultaneously] indiscernible] reporter: -- [indiscernible] -- more of an economic or public health crisis? president trump: i think it's just people don't know -- the unknown. they look at it and they say,
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how long will this last? i think they're not very happy with the democrat candidates when they see them. i think that has an impact. and we think we're going to win. we think we're going to win easily. but you never know. it's an election. i don't think that's helping. but i think that basically it's the unknown a little bit. but i feel very confident and our people are doing a fantastic job and, again, we haven't seen an increase and people are getting better. almost everybody that we see is getting better. and it could be everybody too. [talking simultaneously] reporter: -- [indiscernible] -- how much time are you spending on it? president trump: i'm spending a lot of time on it. mike pence is doing a great job. dr. fauci is great. they're all doing really -- alex azar is right on top of it. we're all watching it very closely. we don't want any bad surprises. [talking simultaneously] indiscernible]
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reporter: should nato be involved in protecting soldiers in syria? president trump: you're going to have to speak up. [talking simultaneously] reporter: travel ban to countries that aren't allowed in, italy? president trump: we're looking at that right now and we're looking at a couple of countries, a few countries that have a little bit disproportionately high number. and we're going to make that decision very soon. [talking simultaneously] reporter: -- [indiscernible] -- our coverage of this was a hoak. do you think this is a hoax? president trump: i think the media is -- yes. i think cnn is a very disreputable network. i think they're doing everything they can to instill fear in people and i think it's ridiculous. i think they're very disreputable. some of the democrats are doing it the way it should be. but some of them are trying to
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gain political favor by saying a lot of untruths. the fact is, i made one decision that was a very important decision and that was to close our country to a certain area of the world that was relatively heavily infected and because of that, we're talking about 15 who seem to all be getting better. one is questionable. and had that decision not been made, it could be a much different story. some people are giving us credit. quiet. some people are giving us credit for that. some people aren't. but the only ones that aren't, they don't mean it, is political. it's politics. so speaking of politics, i'm going to south carolina. i think we're going to do fantastically there. it will be very interesting to see what happens tomorrow. thank you. talking simultaneously] reporter: [indiscernible] -- stock market, sir. what are they telling you? president trump: i think the stock market is a reflection of
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this. plus i also think the people are not happy when they look at what's running on the other side. you know, it is an election. and i think we're going to do very well on the election. but it still is an election. and i don't think people are very inspired when they see the people running on the other side. but we're going to win and that will solve that problem. after we win, you'll see a rise in the stock market like you haven't seen before. reporter: [indiscernible] -- about intervening or doing something? president trump: i hope the fed gets involved. you know i'm not a big fan of the fed. you know. that i think they've made a lot of mistakes. but i hope the fed gets involved and i hope they get involved soon. if you look at germany, they're putting in a lot of money. and they're probably lowering rates still further. you look at other countries, they're all stuffing the till, they're all going in there. they're putting in a lot of money. and our fed sits there, doesn't do what they're supposed to be doing. but that's up to them. that's up to them. they're independent. they've done this country a great disservice. thank you very much.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] >> the president spoke on the way to his rally held this evening at the north charleston coliseum in south carolina. we'll have live coverage scheduled to get under way at 7:00 eastern on c-span. also live at and on the free c-span radio app. >> the south carolina primary is saturday. join us to hear the candidates' reaction to the results. live coverage saturday evening starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, on-demand at, or listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> there are really a lot of ways to follow this highly competitive election season on the c-span networks.
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but probably the fastest and the easiest is on the web at we have, among other things, our campaign 2020 interactive calendar, with the result maps of all the upcoming primaries and caucuses, including super tuesday. there is the this is a quick search of the 2020 candidates and the topics and events and locations on the campaign trail. the state-by-state results by the county and districts not only for the presidential candidates and the house, senate and governor races and our schedule information. it's free and easily accessible and all there at >> more campaign 2020 with democratic presidential candidate tom steyer and met with voters in south carolina before t