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tv   Senate Democrats Hold Moment of Silence  CSPAN  June 4, 2020 11:02pm-11:19pm EDT

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c-span has unfettered coverage covers of congress, the white house, the supreme court and public policy event. you can watch all of the public orairs programming online listen on our free radio app and be part of the national conversation through our social media fee. c-span, created by america's able television company as public service and brought to you by your television provider. >> senate democrats joined the capital to honor george floyd and other african americans who died in the recent week. remind -- remained silent for eight minutes and 45 seconds, the amount of time that a police neal dunn george floyd posner before he died.
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-- kneeled on george floyd's neck before he died. , let uss and gentlemen pray. lord god who alone
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spreads out the heavens. the raging of the sea. we thank you for this nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all humans beings are created equal. we come today to pay our respects to the memory of george ahmaud arbery and breonna taylor. we come today to stand in with courageous who are peacefully
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protesting against racial injustice across our nation. today to acknowledge anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. come because we believe the american people are wrapped in a and tied toutuality a single garment of destiny. hearts with hope in our rightse we know that ,efeated is better than evil triumphant. we come, mighty god, most of all that you stand
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in the shadows, keeping watch above your own. lord, we have trusted in you throughout the seasons of our nation's life and have been constantly aware of your , our nation and world are in pain, feeling overwhelmed by multiple crises that require your love, wisdom and power. today because you told silent, know that i am
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god. i will be honored by every honorednd i will be throughout the world. we come to honor you. in your cyber name, amen. -- sovereign name, amen. >> george floyd was born and raised in houston texas, to his friends and loved ones, he was known as "floyd."
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he loved plain best people and football. his family wanted him to be known as loving and godly. he passed away at 46 years old for eight minutes and 46 seconds. as the police officer knelt on yelled i can't breathe, i can't breathe and called out for his mother. we will give honor to his life. we will now pause for eight inutes and 46 seconds remembrance of george floyd.
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>> george floyd ahmaud arbery, breonna taylor, may we honor those dead. they we honor those who are dead and protect all who are alive.
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>> george floyd. george floyd. >> with the recent protests across the country, watch over coverage with briefings from the white house, congress, governors and mayors from across the nation updating the situation. plus, efforts addressing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and camping 2020. join in the conversation every day


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