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tv   Commencement Speeches President Biden Delivers U.S. Naval Academy...  CSPAN  May 27, 2022 10:59pm-12:05am EDT

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live on the are on the news of the day and we discussed policy issues that impact you. 70 morning, we talk about the recent mass shooting at an elementary school in texas with amy klinger, and jeff daly, cohost of a podcast who talks about veterans issues. washington journal, live at 7:00 eastern saturday morning on c-span, c-span now, our free mobile video app. join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, texts and tweets. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we are funded by these television companies and more, including comcast. >> did you think this was more than a community center? no, it is way more than that. >> comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers so that students from low income
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families can get the tools they need. >> >> president biden spoke at the u.s. naval academy graduation and commissioning ceremony today from annapolis, maryland. this is just over an hour. ♪ an hour. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please rise. arriving now are the secretary of the navy, the united states marine corps, and the united states navy chief of naval
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operations. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states accompanied by the vice admiral sean buck. ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, we invite all of our guests to remain standing for a national anthem and the indication -- -- invocation. ♪ ♪
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[applause] >> internal father, as we gather to graduate and commission the class of 2022, we realize that only four years ago, these
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midshipmen arrived at the naval academy and marched through the doors of bancroft hall to begin a life of study and service. it was there that they were taught the highest ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty. we are prepared for the arduous tasks of military leadership. give them the rich satisfaction of knowing that without their
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crucial contributions, this day would have not come for the midshipmen they call their own. finally, bless our country, granted it may ever serve as a beacon of light in a world of encroaching darkness. we pray this in your holy name, amen. >> please be seated. ladies and gentlemen, the 63rd superintendent of the united states naval academy, sean buck. [applause] >> welcome, president biden, secretary del toro, general berger, admiral gill day, family, friends.
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most importantly, the class of 2022. let me be the first to congratulate you. today is your day. [applause] i can't tell you how thrilled i am to be here today, looking out at all of you and all of your loved ones here. so much work has been done behind the scenes to make commissioning week run smoothly and safely and to set up this beautiful ceremony. i would like to take a moment to thank our dedicated faculty and staff, the naval academy athletic association, the blue angels earlier in the week. i'm sorry we won't have them today. the class of 1972 which is this year's lincoln the change class. our chaplain corps and our very own naval academy band for putting on a fabulous ceremony this year for our graduating
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class. how about a big round of applause? [applause] i sincerely thank you for your unwavering and everlasting support of the men and women that are on this field. the class of 22 weathered a global pandemic during the heart of their naval academy journey. while i'm proud of the resilience that they demonstrated during the darkest hours of that journey, i am most proud of the leadership that they demonstrated, navigating that challenging time. over the past year, the class of 2022 re-instilled a sense of unity, camaraderie, and support
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among their fellow midshipmen that had been fragmented during the toughest times in the pandemic. 2022, i will forever be grateful for your great, your professionalism, and your optimism that helped the brigade of midshipmen thrive this past year. 22, your journey at the naval academy mirrors the class of 1922 who had the responsibility of reinvigorating many customs and traditions in spirit on the yard following the demands of the first world war and the spanish flu. they published the following verse in a palm entitled annapolis. the four long years we tarried here, we always the and to rome. but when the time came, it felt like leaving home. 22, like every class that has come before you, during your
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time in annapolis, your gaze has been focused on the horizon and the challenges to come. by design, your four years by the bay are spent in constant preparation for what comes next as officers in the fleet and the great adventures that await each and everyone one of you. within the hour, each of you will raise your right hand and take an oath to defend the constitution. that action and that promise will bind you to every naval academy graduate that has come before you and every graduate that will follow. take your oath today with the knowledge that you have a strong foundation upon which to continue your journey as navy and marine corps officers. also, know that the yard, faculty and staff who have dedicated their life's work to their mission in this community of alumni that you are joining today, will forever remain your home.
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ready to welcome you back to our shores from wherever you may roam. your is counting on you, class of 22. your naval academy family is proud of you. we look forward to seeing what each and everyone one of you will accomplish. ladies and gentlemen, it's now my distinct pleasure to introduce the 78th secretary of the navy, carlo still torah. -- carlos el toro. >> good morning, class of 22. president biden, thank you for joining us here today and for your principled leadership of our armed services. my wife and i deeply appreciate all that you and dr. biden do for a military family. we also thank you for the compassion you have shown to
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families around the world who are fleeing danger in seeking a better life. this is very personal to me. you see, 39 years ago, there were two refugees among the families watching this ceremony. their names were martha and raul el toro. they were my parents. they brought me to this country from cuba when i was one years old, escaping the dictatorship of fidel castro. the united states welcomed us with open arms. i grew up in a nation that was built on values, protected by the military, built on honor. joining that military and graduating from this institution was my chance to give back to this great nation. i know my parents were proud of my achievements that tape. i also know that they were deeply proud of their own 17 year journey in america, as difficult as it was. i hope today that every family
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here today takes a deep measure of pride in the journey that has brought you to this moment. because today is more than just an individual achievement. by these proud young men and women before us. it is truly a family accomplishment. it's a culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice on the part of parents, grandparents, siblings, loved ones, molding these young men and women into patriots ready to serve their country. you have instilled in them the core values they will need to succeed as lifelong leaders. among those values are discipline, skill, passion, commitment. the united states naval academy is one of the toughest things that any young person can do with their lives. every rising ensign and second lieutenant here today, thank you
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for your decision to serve our nation and for the excellence that you have shown here at annapolis. today, you will receive two documents. you should be equally proud of both of them. your degree represents a tremendous individual achievement, graduation from one of the most elite academic institutions in the world. the other document is different. your commission is a statement of trust directly from the president of the united states, administered today by the, down of the marine corps in chief of naval operations. be worthy of that trust at all times. from the moment that you arrived into your first command, you will be interested with response ability to lead our sailors and marines. you will be called upon to make our decisions, to demonstrate leadership, and to think strategically. as you rise through the ranks, you will help chart our nations
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future through many challenges. you can't know where your career may take you anymore than i did in 1983. my earliest assignments gave me tools in my leadership kit, tools that i rely on today. i learned the importance of listening to those we lead, particularly noncommissioned officers. you must do the same. be humble. be inquisitive. always ready to learn. always willing to listen. give your people the opportunity and the motivation to share their ideas and their concerns. you have many great leaders to follow and many great examples to emulate. don't just follow in their footsteps either. create your own journeys. be bold, fulfill your destiny as the best and brightest that the navy and marine corps have to offer. at our commencement in 1983,
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john lehman told us, work within the navy system but don't give away your essential self, your individuality, your daring. i remember shaking the secretary's hand. i couldn't have known what was going through his mind. now i do. he felt immense pride as i do today, handing off his sacred legacy to the next generation of navy and marine corps leaders come officers who stood where you stand today have become admirals, generals, battle tested veterans, the legacy you join includes the president, diplomats, extort narrow members of our civilian community. everyone of them stepped forward and took the same oath you take today. every one of them was tested against that oath as you will surely be. always live up to your commitments. remember what brought you here and who brought you here. that will determine everything about where you go from here.
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congratulations to the class of 2022 and to all your families and friends, thank you. thank you. i'm honored to welcome you all to the fleet. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, it's my distinct honor to introduce the 46th president of the united states, the honorable joseph r biden junior. [applause] pres. biden: hello, naval
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academy. hello. before i begin my speech, a thought crossed my mind. i was told the class of 72 is here. i was appointed to the academy in 1960's -- 19 succeed five. -- 1965. bias -- by a senator i was running against in 1972. i was only 29 years old when i was running. he was a fine man. i didn't cuffed -- come to the academy because i wanted to be a football star. you had a guy named bully no here. i went to delaware. all kidding aside. the best line was, after it was all over, the announcer who was a good guy but supported my
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opponent who was a good man as well, he said, is there anything else you want to say? he said, just one thing. he took the microphone and said, joe, if you had except my commission to the academy, you would still have one year in three months active duty and i would have no problems right now. [laughter] the class of 72, welcome. [laughter] you guys must be very proud of all you've seen and done. well, midshipman. we made it. you made it. [applause] i bet there were times that you wondered if you would ever see this day. especially those early days. you had to memorize every point to make it through the trials. even chemistry, for god sake.
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[laughter] this education has at times pushed the edge of what you thought would be possible in order to develop you morally, mentally, and physically. it was worth it. it was worth it all because today, you stand ready to assume the title you've been working toward for so long. ensign united states navy, second lieutenant united states marine corps, members of the greatest fighting force in the history of the world. that's no exaggeration. you have earned if you get congratulations -- earned it. congratulations. [applause] i mean it. you really are. i've been in iraq, afghanistan over 38 times. my son spent a year in iraq.
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i've seen you in action. this is the finest military. not a joke. the finest military in the history of the world. thank you, admiral, for the work that you and your team have done to put these young men and women in shape. secretary, admiral, general, you know better than anyone how important these missions are that you are going to ask these young officers to carry out. looking out on this field, it's clear to me that we will be sending our finest. it's great to see you here, congressman. they are here today as proud parents of commissioning midshipman. by the way -- [applause]
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i know that all midshipman here are holding in their hearts the memory of two classmates who tragically didn't live to see this day. do korea and michael knowles james. folks, this is your day. i want to start by recognizing the people who got you here. your parents, your family, everyone here showed support to get you here. it's their day as well. make sure to stand up and clap for them, for them. [applause] i mean it. moms and dads, grandparents, thanks for instilling such honor and integrity into these young women and men. class of 2022, you made incredible members. please take a seat.
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after all this, one of the fastest climes in history. [applause] upholding a tradition set 50 years ago. this is a class that earned a record number of wins against army. [applause] i hope my son in heaven doesn't hear me saying that part. he's army. so many wins, you ran out of room on that flagpole. look, this is a class of midshipman. diego wasn't expecting that snap in this year's army-navy game. once he got the ball, he knew what to do with it. you won the game. sarah skinner, 54th roads scholar of the united states naval academy.
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lead the women's rugby team to a national title. stand up. i want you standing up. [applause] and now, the olympic development team. i can't wait to see you. i can't wait to see you. i couldn't play football. i played rugby in law school. i should have spent more time in law school. at any rate. class of midshipman, first class andre roscoe. [applause] i don't know. somebody told me you may have questions for me. [laughter] i think only the class understands that one. you've all got so much to be proud of.
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you really do. [laughter] once you are commissioned, remember, i'm your commander-in-chief. [laughter] don't ask me to tough of a question, ok? look. i know unlike me, when i graduated from the university of delaware, i had a few minor infractions. like cozying down in ra. anyway. [laughter] unfortunately, we didn't have the same traditions you have here. before i take care of you, let's not forget, this is also the class that got rowdy during air force week and they are still trying to clean the chalk and syrup. you lived through the red beach
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massacre. [applause] and that helped the printers earned their wings. anyone want to fess up to getting the printer out of the chapel dome? now is your moment. [laughter] no one is going to admit it. ok. as your commander-in-chief, i will keep the long-standing tradition. you are absolved of your minor infractions. [applause] as i said, i wish my graduation speech had been able to do that. you think i'm kidding. i'm not. midshipman, the academy has a trained you -- trained you to be leaders. it's an easy word to throw around but hard to accomplish.
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you didn't take the easier route when you chose the academy. again, when you signed. you chose a life of service and purpose. you chose trial and sacrifice. you are part of a mission that is greater than any individual. every class of midshipman is tested. you face challenges to maintain a sense of mission and community and purpose. the pandemic forced everything to change. you were told not to return after spring break, you weren't allowed to see anybody other than your roommates. i hope you picked right. when you have to take your classes over zoom, sitting in your uniforms and mesh shorts. i figured that.
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that's coming back to the yard. not only reformed but to remember what this place and time is supposed to be like. to rebuild morale. you have the responsibility to right the ship. all of you stepped up, i'm told. came together. learned the most important lesson of leadership, to always care for your people, to respect everyone, to be inclusive, to make sure that the united states navy and united states marine corps draw from the full strength and diversity of this nation. everybody. for the rest of your careers, you will face challenges unforeseen. you're going to have to adapt,
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leave your peoples or whatever lies ahead. no generation of graduates gets to pick what world they are going to graduate in. you must change. no officer knows the range of challenges they will face. the class of 2022, you are graduating at an inflection point. not only in american history but in world history. i mean it. the challenge we face, the choices we make are more consequential than ever. things are changing so rapidly. the next 10 years will be the decisive decade of this century. it's going to shape what the world looks like in the values that will guide it. not just for the immediate future but for generations to come. that's not hyperbole. over the past few years, we've
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seen how interconnected the world is. the deadly pandemic has impacted not just our own schooling but almost every aspect of our lives. the impact of the disruptions to the global supply chain causing significant inflation. accelerating the climate crisis, leading to rising seas and more severe weather patterns around the globe. and putin's brutal war in ukraine. not only is he trying to take over ukraine, he's wiping out the culture and identity of the ukrainian people. attacking schools, nurseries, hospitals, museums with no other purpose than to eliminate a culture. a direct assault on the fundamental tenants of rule-based international order.
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that's what you are graduating into. this is a world in which they need engaged american leadership. america leads not only by the example of its power but the power of its example. think of why most nations agreed to support us. it's the example we set. you will learn to accrue the most advanced ships in the world, train the most elite combat units, conduct undetected submarine missions, fly the most advanced fighter planes. but the most powerful tool that you will wield is our unmatched network of global alliances and the strength of our partnerships. since i got elected, i've been trying to reestablish them in detail. earlier this week, i returned
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from my first trip as president to the indo pacific. it will be vital to the future of our world. the leaders of japan, the republic of korea. i'm participating in a meeting of the quad which i restarted over china's objections including australia, japan, india, the united states. for leading democracies in the indo pacific. i launched together with 13 other countries across the region the new indo pacific economic framework to help write the rules of the road for the 21st century. before i departed asia, before i left, i got a phone call from the prime minister of sweden and the president of finland. could they come and see me?
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they came to ask me whether i would support them joining nato. the actions taken by putin were attempting to find allies all of europe. make it all neutral. instead, he natoized all of europe. all of this is illustrative of a foreign policy that was built around the power of working together with allies and partners to amplify our strength , to solve problems, to project our power beyond what we can do alone, and to preserve stability in an uncertain world. this is a work that will be asked if you. this is not hyperbole. being deadly earnest with you because it will be.
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we are going to look to you to ensure the security of the american people, to build connections and strength with our allies and partners around the world. you already started the work area -- here at the academy. representing 10 countries who will commission as officers in the militaries of their nations. graduates, you will be the simple and strength of your commitment to lead the world. you will stand sentinel, often shoulder to shoulder with our allies and partners in critical regions of the world. like the service women and men i just visited in the republic of korea, the troops i spent time with in poland in march. making real our commitment the
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security of our nato allies. in the indo pacific, a maritime theater will be the leading edge of our response to humanitarian disasters. throwing people throughout the region of the ability of the united states to be a force for good. you will defend the international rights of the road, an indo pacific that is free and open, ensure freedom of navigation of the south china fc and beyond. make sure the sea lanes are made opened and secure. these long-standing principles are the bedrock of the global economy, global stability. you're going to help get together allies in the indo pacific for the first time. did anybody think, when i called for sanctions against russia, in
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addition to nato, that australia, japan, north korea, some of the ossian countries would stand up and support those sanctions? the world is moving so rapidly. i need not tell you aviators. in the next decade, you will be able to circumvent the world within the atmosphere. it'll be a little bit more than an hour. things are changing. putin's brutal assault on ukraine has spurred a truly global response. not just from europe but japan, korea, singapore, new zealand, and more.
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australia sending military aid. germany for the first time upping their budget. germany. fiji assisting the fbi in seizing the yacht oven oligarch. we are seeing the world a line. not in terms of geography, east and west, pacific and atlantic, but in terms of values. we are living through a global struggle between the talker season democracies. he called me to congratulate me. on election night. he said to me, which he said many times before, democracy can't be sustained in the 21st century. autocracies will run the world. why?
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things are changing. democracies require consensus and that takes time. he is wrong. each of you will be a proud member of the armed forces of the united states of america. you will be representatives and defenders of our democracy. sounds corny but literally, our democracy. that's why you swear an oath to the constitution. our nation is placing in you great trust and great faith. the young man with me today, carrying the football. all the responsibility given to so many of you is so consequential. you chose the honorable path
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that few before you have done. you will look to uphold the honor of this institution, a generation of proud patriots who have passed this way before you. patriots like a dear friend of mine, john mccain. john and i went after each other with a hammer and tongs. we disagreed politically on things. but being here, i can't help but think of john and how the naval academy meant so much to him. he chose these grounds for his final resting place. john was an american hero. withstood torture, years of being held of a prisoner of war. when he came home, he decided to continue. he wanted to continue to serve. traveled tens of thousands of miles together.
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a man of great principle and capacity. he lived by a code. the same code that you all have been taught. it's not just words. it's real. duty, honor, loyalty. he kept that code throughout his years as a prisoner of war. all the time he served in the united states congress. we often disagree but we were close friends. john and i knew one another. in march of 2018, i was honored that john asked me to receive on his behalf the alumni association distinguishing award. when john was on his deathbed at
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his home in arizona, i went to see him. i was leaving after the visit. in a voice barely above arrest -- whisper, he called me over to his bedside and said, joe, will you do my eulogy? i said, yes john. i said, yes, john. and literally at the same time, two guys who think they're hardass guys looked to one another and said, i love you. class of 2022, john mccain's memorial was one of the first experiences you had at the academy back in 2018. your class motto, not all of me
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shall die, i can't help but think must be a reflection - some reflection of that moment in your lives, a reminder of the responsibilities you have taken on and the legacy you will leave behind. it's a promise - a promise you made to each other and to this institution, because what lives on will be the service you will give to others and the timeless principles that you're willing to sacrifice everything to defend. in this moment, we must steer our nation and our world through this decisive decade. i hope you'll keep the memory of the example of academy graduates, like my friend john mccain, close in your hearts as you embark on your commissions. i cannot promise you the way
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will be straight or the sailing will be easy, but i can promise you that you all have the tools needed to navigate any waters you encounter. this great academy has prepared you to face every challenge and overcome any obstacle. you are ready. for my wish to you is fair winds and following seas, because i know you will remain always faithful. may god protect you all and may he set you on your journey. and may god protect all those who wear the uniform of the united states of america. thank you. thank you for your service. [applause]
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>> the vice provost of the united states naval academy, dr. daniel o'sullivan. [applause] >> successfully completing the requirements and demands of a naval academy education is no small task. from i day to today. it is a steady dose of challenges ranging from academic to athletic to leadership and character development. i have no doubt each of you has been challenged, perhaps in ways you never expected. or to levels you never thought you could achieve. you did, and congratulations for each of you in doing so. to the families and friends of these soon-to-be naval academy
11:46 pm
graduates and officers, these soon-to-be and signs and second lieutenants and the faculty and staff here today as well, i would like to thank you and congratulate you as well. the rare graduate is the one who never needed the support of family and friends and faculty mentors. these graduates, like the tens of thousands before them, have depended on you. your support and encouragement. you were there for them when they needed it the most. i know you are proud of their success and we are most grateful for you, for your role in that success. candidates, please rise. on behalf of the faculty of the united states naval academy, i present these candidates for the baccalaureate degree and recommend this degree be conferred upon them.
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[applause] >> class of 2022, as you have successfully completed your course of study at our united states naval academy and have been recommended by the academic board as superintendent of the united states naval academy and by virtue of the authority vested in me by the congress of the united states, i confer upon each of you the baccalaureate degree with all rights and privileges thereon. congratulations. [applause]
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>> please be seated. the commandant of the reading core, general david berger, will administer the oath of office to those being commissioned in the united states marine corps. [applause] >> general berger, i present 271 midshipmen of the graduating class for the united states marine corps. [applause] >> admiral buck and colonel mcdonough, thank you for allowing us to be part of this ceremony and to president biden, and the secretary i'm glad you , are here. it is a very special day. if you have the seats we have and you look out on the stadium, at these future leaders, it makes you proud to be an american.
11:49 pm
today is a great day. [applause] today is a great day to be a marine. [applause] in a moment, those of you who are wearing the eagle will take an oath. when you do, you will inherit a legacy. a legacy of honor, courage, and commitment. from this day forward, that legacy is yours to protect. like those who preceded you, you will face obstacles that most would consider insurmountable. you will overcome them. like your predecessors, you will be expected to accomplish the mission under the most unforgiving circumstances of
11:50 pm
combat. sometimes without explicit direction, guided only by intent, a bias for action, and your own judgment. you will accomplish that mission. like marines always have, you will be expected to operate at the point of greatest friction, where the stakes are highest for this nation, and where the odds are most difficult, and like earlier generations you will find a way to win. every time, without exception. you must win. most importantly, you will lead. you will set an example of personal and professional excellence. you will lead with humility, with honesty, and with character. the way you lead, from the barracks to the battlefield,
11:51 pm
will big, will build upon the shared legacy and define the future of our marine corps. welcome to the team. graduates to be commissioned into the united states marine corps, rise. [music] >> [applause]raise your right hand. having been appointed a second lieutenant in the united states marine corps from 27 may 2022, do hereby accept such appointment and do you solemnly swear you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations
11:52 pm
or purpose of evasion, and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duty of the office on which you are about to enter, so help you god. >> i do. >> second lieutenants, seat. [applause] >> the chief of naval operations will now minister the oath of office to those being commissioned into the united states navy. admiral, i present a 791 midshipmen of the graduating class to be commissioned in the united states navy. [applause]
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>> thank you, colonel mcdonough. mr. president, mr. secretary, general berger. it is an honor to share this dais with you today. i would like to congratulate our second lieutenants. ladies and gentlemen welcome to , the fleet. [applause] >> class of 2022, over the past four years you have been tested morally, mentally, and physically. you'll been been imbued with the highest ideals of duty and honor and demonstrated resilience in mind and in character. from the long nights to the pounding miles, you've worked hard for this moment. you have earned this moment. you should take enormous pride when you launch those midshipmen
11:54 pm
covers into the air. however as those that preceded , me at this podium have stated, there is much more work to be done. soon you will step on your gold strike shoulder boards and a new greater challenge awaits each of you. your service in the fleet begins at a crucial moment and a critical decade, with a war raging in eastern europe and tensions rising in the pacific. your leadership, your conviction, and your commitment to our nation is needed now more than ever. soon each of you will be standing watch and a far-flung corner of the globe, ensuring life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness endures for all americans. you will be leading the finest sailors in the most dominant naval force that our world has ever known.
11:55 pm
as an officer you are trusted with serving, protecting, and leading the american people's most beloved treasure, our sons and our daughters. fight for them and the sailors will fight for you. they expect you to treat them with dignity and respect, to lead them with integrity and protect their health and their safety and to cultivate a culture of trust with clear communications. draw on everything you have learned. when the storm clouds gather, you all need to be ready to respond, and if called upon to fight and win. in a few moments you will take an oath to support and defend our constitution. this oath is to an idea, not a person or in organization, and it commits you to an unbreakable code of america's armed forces.
11:56 pm
each of you have proven worthy of this undertaking. i am proud of each and every one of you. i look forward to seeing the impressive things you will do in defense of our nation. our interests and our values. graduates to be commissioned in the united states navy, rise. ♪ >> please raise your right hand. having been appointed an enggssign in united states navy from may 27, 2022 do you solemnly swear you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that
11:57 pm
you will take this obligation freely without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion and you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which you are about to enter, so help you god? >> i do. >> ensigns, seat. [applause] >> midshipmen grant booker. >> members of the class of between 23, 2020 4, 2025 please rise. [applause]
11:58 pm
>> i propose three cheers for those about the leader -- leave us. please be seated. thank you. >> thank you, grant. >> my name is andre, i am the president of the class of 2022. please rise. i propose three cheers for those that we leave behind. hip hip. >> hooray.
11:59 pm
>> hip hip. >> hooray. >> hip hip. >> hooray. ♪ >> graduates, present your military ids and pick up your diplomas in the concourse areas behind me. odd numbers of companies and discard -- and graduates to my left the home side and even numbers to my right the visitor side.
12:00 am
diplomas will be available for pickup in a proximately 30 minutes. >> test. >> the president has been kind enough to accept a gift from the class of 2022 in the form of a blue and gold jacket. [applause]
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>> c-span's washington journal, every day we take your calls live on the air on the news of the day and we discuss policy issues that impact you. coming up saturday morning we talk about the recent mass
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shooting of the robb elementary school in texas with amy klinger , cofounder of the nonprofit educator school safety network. jeff daley, cohost of the podcast tango alpha lima talks about the podcast and veterans issues. watch washington journal saturday morning on c-span or on c-span now, our free mobile app. join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text and tweets. >> according to education week, the mass shooting out robb elementary school in uvalde, texas was the 27th school shooting in 2022. 19 children and two adults were killed by a loan gunman. since 2018 there have been 119 school shooting attacks. this weekend, an overview of the events that have transpired since the massacre in texas. we will start saturday just after 1:00 p.m. eastern with this week's gun safety rally
12:03 am
hosted by congressional democrats. participants talked about banning ghost guns, expanding universal background checks, and enact a red flag statutes. then it's this week's confirmation hearing for steven dental bok, the president's choice to serve as director of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. the senate judiciary committee questions the nominee. later, we will show you speeches from friday's nra convention in houston. former president donald trump is among those addressing attendees. that's this saturday on c-span. reminder, all these programs and more are available for you to watch on the go, anytime, with c-span now, our free video app, congressional settings, hearings, speeches and archival footage, all yours with c-span now.
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c-span is your unfiltered view of government, funded by these television companies and more, including cox. cox is committed to providing eligible families access to affordable internet through the connect to compete program. bridging the digital divide one connected and engaged student at a time. cox, bringing us closer. cox supports c-span as a public service, along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> up next, wyoming republican congresswoman liz cheney received the john f. kennedy profile in courage award given to those who example if courage and protect bank. she's vice chair of the january 6 committee investigating the events that led to the attack on the u.s. capitol. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. this is just one hour.


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