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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  Current  March 8, 2012 4:00am-5:00am PST

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know who this guy is. release the report. this is ou tomorrow, and "countdown" is up next. watch. ♪ >> now on count down, what does it prophet a man to gain oh ohio. >> one thing i can tell you for sure, there is not going to be a brokered convention where some new person comes in and becomes the nominee. it will be one of the four people who is still running. >> santorum suggest ises to gingrich it should be one of three, not one of four. >> i say this with respect to my friend from pennsylvania, senator santorum, this is a big difference between being a good team member and changing the game. >> but there may still be mama grizzly's lurking in the grass.
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>> as i say anything is possible and i don't--i don't close any doors that perhaps would be open out there. >> super money. 2012 super pacs spending so far $66 million. if a super pac gets an anti-super pac president re-elected will he really be able to eliminate super pacs? we'll ask the super pac man on the president's side, bill burton. energized. >> as much as we're doing to increase oil production, we're not going to be able to drill our way out of the problem of high gas prices. >> then he offered his practical solution. anybody here remember what it was? algae. algae. would you like to put this in your gas tanks. >> hey wiley e coyote, any idea what oil is made out of? our guest senator bernie sanders. look you, rush limbaugh as the
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sponsor exodus hits 45 he goes after another woman a quote overeducated quote authorette. >> is an exit strategy on the war on women. >> hey, that would appear to be your problem. since some people think this is the same as that. >> thelet me show you what it referred to. >> it looks like a big bag-- >> let me make a special announcement about political discourses and worse persons now on "countdown." >> good evening. this is march 7 president. on the theory that an one-point
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victory looks the same as a 20-point victory, mitt romney crows about ohio and. our story on "countdown." the candidates all with something to crow about on the morning after. >> i must admit after last night i feel pretty darn good. >> i feel very good about last night. >> we were thrilled last night in georgia to have a great victory. >> not winning his home state would have been a major disaster disaster. romney without that problem winning michigan over a week ago. winning ohio virginia, massachusetts and gingrich scoring in georgia everything else no good. as for ron paul, everything no good. the texas congressman losing every super tuesday state including the caucuses including in a statement while other candidates are focused solely on the beauty contests to get the headlines i'm confident i can lead to the nomination.
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he may be the only one confident leading that way. romney edging santorum by a point in ohio. one point. gingrich and paul just watching. romney winning in alaska, santorum a close second again with paul and gingrich trailing. the associated press putting the delegate count including endorsements at romney, 419. santorum 178. gingrich 107. ron paul, 37. romney has the nation wrapped up. >> he's outperformed all the other candidates and he will be our nominee. >> president obama's team considerably less impressed with governor romney's performance telling reporters, he's not winning these states. he's limping across the finish line. david axelrod adding he's continue to go grind out a kind of tactical victory in a death march. romney insisting he expects to get to the convention with another votes to become the nominee.
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>> one thing i can tell you for sure there is not going to be a brokered convention where some new person comes in and becomes the nominee. it's going to be one of the four people still running. >> as for two of those four, rick santorum positioning himself rhetorically as a left flank of the g.o.p.'s for right wing. >> we have a great opportunity. in the next few weeks and this primary season to stand up to the establishment, and have an insure surgerying candidate. a candidate who speaks for the people. >> and newt gringrich laying out his rationale for continuing his campaign. >> we're staying in this race as i believe it's going to be impossible for a moderate to win the general election. i would say with all respect to my friend from pennsylvania senator santorum, there is a big difference between being a good team member and changing the game. >> team change premieres saturday on hbo.
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gingrich added on the bill bennet show if i thought he was a slam dunk to beat romney and beat obama i would consider getting out. referring to santorum. i don't. the santorum campaign signed that things would be better in gingrich and ron paul got out. think of what the numbers would look like if romney dropped out. in case romney is wrong and the convention starts without a clear winner, an understudy said she'll be waiting in the wings. >> as i say anything is possible, and i don't close any doors that perhaps would be open out there. >> another reason why david axelrod can say we're using this time to build while they're destroying each other. for more on the aftermath of super tuesday i'm joined by joe williams. good evening. >> hi, good to see you. >> who is actually buying the romney argument that he won last night rather than he got beaten
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up in his inevitability factor took another hit. >> that would be mitt romney. and possibly eric canter. certainly math-wise he won. he got more delegates. he won more seats than the other guys. but the fashion in which he did it is still causing heartburn for the the party. he has exit polls in ohio, four in ten said they were excited about this primary field and the other six are just sort of, mmeh i guess we'll go with this guy. the other person wants the person who could beat barack obama. they'll shuffle behind mitt romney because they have to. but convincing the electorate and his surrogates he has to convince donors, the big money guys who have been fueling him all along. that's why he pivots sharply to get small donors and get the
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message out this way. >> the republicans are in alabama and mississippi and caucuses in hawai'i and missouri, primaries in illinois and louisiana. the immediate calendar, does that favor romney? is that in his corner? >> well, no. the short answer is no. basically because the primary results last night if they're in any indication romney still has a southern problem. he was loseing to gingrich in georgia by 16. he finished well out of the money in oklahoma another evangelical state that santorum was expected to capture. loft suspicion still because those voters south of the mason mason-dixon line deal with their heart and gut rather than their head which is what romney wants them to do. the northern folks ex-get on their side. the southerners he'll have a problem and that will cause more unfortunate headlines for romney even though he bills himself as the presumptive nominee. >> you mentioned mr. can for and
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i mentioned mr. canter as well. you need 1144 to win is canter right when he says he'll be the nominee or is this an attempt to push a mindset that says 419 now is the equivalent of 1144 at the end of the convention. >> that's the new math, i guess. the kind of stuff we learned in elementary school. basically it's like a guy who has a 20-yard head start in a 1 meter dash. yes, he has the lead but the race has to finish out. last night one of the things romney wanted to do was announce that he was going to be big about this thing call for unity with the party but the results pre-staged him from doing that with a narrow win in ohio. which if he would have won convincingly, it would have been a huge huge prize. rallying cries are not ready to be sung, and a broker convention is not out of the question.
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possible romney could finish the summer without the 1144 he needs to get to the convention, then it's going to be really, really interesting. >> obviously romney would have to say what he did about a brokered convention. he couldn't come out and say yeah there is still a chance we could enup with a brokered convention. could that be the epitaph for his campaign? >> he can't say i'm all for a brokered convention. but giving the way he wins his actions scream that the broker convention still looms on the horizon. leading by as many as 10 or 15, and could not seal the deal until the last minute, and this is without santorum qualifying for additional delegates because he couldn't get the paperwork done. so this is a campaign that doesn't have the kind of lush kind of sheen that a well-oiled
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machine would have that will race down the track and beat all newcomers. it doesn't look like that. >> joe williams, thanks for your time tonight. >> my pleasure. >> let's look specifically at gingrich and santorum. and the struggle they're in. i'm joining by router's political consultant, andy sullivan. thank you for your time tonight. >> my pleasure. >> the santorum aides how great their position would be if a certain former speaker would drop his quest for the white house. is that aimed at gingrich or was it aimed at the voters in an attempt to sabotage gingrich's minimal support. >> it's both. they're trying to get inside gingrich's head but they're saying to voters, don't vote for him. he's loseer vote for me. gingrich has a limited universe in which to operate. he said all along he has got to have a southern strategy. he won georgia but he did not win tennessee. his campaign today said he has
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to win alabama or mississippi one of those to remain viable. they could be out in a week from now. >> to paraphrase sigmund freud what does newt gringrich want? should he be trying to make a deal, and is. >> i think he would be happy as director of nasa, but i think we'll know in a week, he'll either have won of those states and he can say he's a viable candidate or he can read the writing on the wall and say i didn't win the south and it's time for me to step out. >> mike dewine who has been everywhere said today that he couldn't tell gingrich to get out, but if did he, most of gingrich's supporters and subsequent votes would go to santorum. is he right about that? if he is right about that, what does it say about romney's able to bring the social conservatives into his tent at any point let alone right now.
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>> i think he has a case to make in ohio. romney only one by one percentage point and gingrich got 15 percentage points. that's a pretty big chunk of votes. i think it's safe to assume that they would break forgiven than romney. what you saw in ohio you've been seeing all along. romney has been winning the affluent voters, but the true believers, people who describe themselves as very conservative they've been going for gingrich or santorum all along. romney has not been able to close the deal with those folks. >> asked a rhetorical question and it didn't stop obama from winning is there in fact a measurable difference? i asked this eight dozen times and got useful information but in your opinion what separates
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this republican campaign from that democratic campaign? >> well, after the 2008 race, the republican party officials decided that they wanted to stretch out their contest and emulate that. they saw how the extended contest between obama and clinton strengthened the party and come deared come commandered he had lines. dynamic which hurts romney, the longer this goes, the more romney has to deal with conservative deals and birth control when he would rather be talking about the economy. you didn't see obama and clinton talking over i'm for peace. >> if you had a device that could end all the evils in the
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country but it could also be used to do bad things. after you used it to erase all the evils in the country, would you destroy such a device or would you keep it around just in case. it's not perfect but it's not a bad analogy to barack obama. the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two term governor. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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hey don't worry, e-trade's got a totally new investing dashboard. everything's on one page. i'm watching you. oh yeah? well i'm watching you, watching him. [ male announcer ] try the new 360 investing dashboard at e-trade. [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter jobs on track at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota that's why there's guys like me. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ ♪ >> the oldest conundrum in the
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book. can a man gain use the same weapons as his opponent and then never use them again. with jennifer granholm. >>i am jenniffer granholm and you are in the war room. it's a beautiful thing. >>jennifer granholm on current tv. >>i'm a political junkie. this show is my fix. >>in politics, she was a gutsy leader. in cable news, she's a game changer. >>be afraid, be very afraid. now, the two term governor from michigan is reshaping the debate with a unique perspective and a forward-thinking approach. >>our goal is to bring you behind the scenes with access to stories that you've never seen before. >>she's a trailblazer determined to find solutions. >>one of the key components of a war room is doing a bit of opposition research. >>driven to find the thruth. >>i'm obsessed with the role of govenment. >>fearless, idependent and above all, politically direct. >>part of the mission here in our own war room is to help
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these candidates stay on track. make your voice heard. >> well, last night may have been a de facto win for mitt romney. the real winner is big money. super pac spending has eclipsed the total spent during the entirety of the 2008 election. the store as super pacs play an ever increasing role in the republican party and becomes clear that problem president obama will need the help of his super pac or the one associated with him. what happens after that? romney's nail-biting victory in ohio seems to be a victory bought by super pac and great amounts of it. he was outspend by romney, 12-1, even though more reliable
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numbers put it at 5-1. and in total super pacs supporting republican candidates, they have spent $66 million all surpassing the amount spent in the 2010 elections as well as the total spent by the nrc in the 2008. but some states are avoiding being bought off. voters in 53 vermont towns passed anti-citizens united resolutions supporting the constitution. so the corporations do not have the first amendment rights as people and therefore cannot donate unlimited funds to super pacs. although the resolution was unbinding it was a first step to similar resolutions: i asked about that, and joining me now former deputy white
4:21 am
house press secretary bill burton. >> thanks for having me on. >> my pleasure. let me ask a question that i've already ask. if the super pac gets an anti-super pac re-electioned will he really want to eliminate super pacs and will he be able to eliminate them. >> yes. it's not that he has a self interest in making sure that this broken system keeps on going. secondly. democrats have demonstrateed that it's a great bill that if passed and signed into law by the president would have a big impact on how this is all--how these all operate. third, the big difference in this election is that on the republican side they look at the system, and they say yeah, that's how a campaigns ought to operate. but on the flip side there are leaders fighting against this, and the president of the united states is for reform where
4:22 am
individuals can't have the outside impact that you've seen them have in this race. >> there is nobody to their knowledge who might want to succeed in president in the year year 2016 who goes to him and says wait a minute, you found the universal solvent and the unbeatable weapon, don't destroy it. i need it in 2016. >> well, for starters, i don't--i don't have a crystal ball. i don't know who is going to run and win in 2016. secondly i think the president's commitment to reform has been made pretty clear. he has pushed for campaign finance reform and he'll continue to push for campaign finance reform. if we get a democratic senate and with the president we'll have campaign finance reform. >> do you look at this with anxiety by an unpractical level by some of the president supporters with some understanding and is there a way for the president himself to make this ease year for them by
4:23 am
campaigning on the anti-super pac measures or anything that would bar another president's line crystal clear. >> i don't anybody doubts that bernie sanders and russ feingold have strong feelings about that. we're democrats and we're used to disagreeing with each other from time to time. whether or not we have to play by the rules or set up a different set of standard for democrats. but at the end of the day you know, we don't have a choice about what the rules are right now. the supreme court made it's decision. mitt romney made it crystal clear how important super pacs are to him. conventional wisdom is all wrong. people think that santorum and guinn's campaigns would not have survived out super pac. the truth is mitt romney would not still be in this race out a super pac. if votes have gone another way in michigan and ohio, rick santorum would be the presumptive nominee right now.
4:24 am
and santorum should have had the sense to put more money into ohio and get the 12,000 votes he needed to win that state. but instead because of the campaign he has been running he hasn't been able to beat mitt romney. at the end of the day we know what campaign reform would look like under romney. he likes the system as it is. it helped him to get on on the path of nominee. president obama is going to keep fighting for reform and he'll get it. >> this is the devil's advocate question. and if the republicans are going to use the super pacs the way they have so far in the primary into the general election, is there no other way for the president to get re-elected than to have a super pac supporting him? >> if you look at 2010 republicans outspend democrats 2 to 1. they outspent us, and it was six
4:25 am
lost seats in the senate and our country almost went bankrupt. planned parent was defunded. we know the results of what happens when you don't put a team on the field to engage here. we thought look, we can stand on the sidelines. we can let this all happen like it has happened before, and not play by the same set of rules but we chose to fight back. to stand up and say, karl rove, you don't get a separate set of rules to play by because we'll make sure that the president is defended. >> bill burton always a pleasure, bill. thank you for your time tonight. >> thanks, keith. good to talk to you. >> as the president pushes new forms of energy-like algae based fuel, newt gringrich tries to mock him over it. unfortunately, mr. gingrich cannot answer this question. think about this over the next few minutes. what is crude oil in the ground made of?
4:26 am
the answer is not planned parenthood. anna talked to a conservative and it got a little contentious. drama, when we return.
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>> senator bernie sanders and now newt gringrich doesn't seem to know what gasoline is made of. and since 2007 through his investment firm the owner of the tops company since i consult on his baseball issues, he's kind of my boss. happy bird michael--happy birthday, michael isner. >> happy tortoise day. the minor leader is walking around with not one but two heads. very bizarre for the senator from kentucky. two heads are better than one. and it's the houston livestock
4:30 am
rodeo. something has to be known as mutton busting and it seems to be a game for the sheep only they call it kid smashing where they run into their friends with a kid on their back. finally we end with a number. say what you will. i think this is elton john's strangest outfit yet. weirder than the donald duck outfit ♪ howling to piano music] >> that's a dog playing the piano. both the original howells and howls and music were written by himself. how long does he go welcome time marchs on.
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[howling to piano music] >> limbaugh's ratest attack and what i want to do to raising thehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two term governor. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best technology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006. polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd and you still need to retire td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? >> know matter what time you're watching, "countdown" is live with the primary replay at 8:00 pacific and the longest news running on cable unless you consider fox news. newt gringrich taking his
4:34 am
campaign on high cost of gasoline. he fabricate his own version of what president obama said. >> i thought today in one of the most shallow and self-serving comments by a president that i've heard in a long time he was candidate in his press conference. he said, you know, i'm really worried about higher gas prices because it will make it harder for me to get re-elected. i did not make this up. >> actually, you did. must have been during gingrich's nap. here's what president obama said when he asked the loaded question by fox news' ed henry. >> your critics will say on capitol hill that you want gas prices to go higher because you said before that will wean the american people off of fossil fews on to renewable fuel. >> just as president you think a president running for
4:35 am
re-election wants the gas prices to go up higher? here who thinks that makes sense? >> and he would use his speech to drill away to satiate the country's energy needs. >> the president said we have to be practical drilling won't solve it. then he offered his practical solution. anybody hear remember what it was? algae. algae. >> that's just in mr. science. the oil in that ground under all them rocks and stuff. that's made up of decomposed animal and plant material compressed for many years. it's mostly plankton and algae. today at a truck plant in north carolina, the president announced a plan of tax incentives and credits and accused gingrich being full of gas. >> the next time you hear some politician trotting out some three-point plan for $2 gas you
4:36 am
let them know we know better. tell them we're tired of hearing phoney election-year promises that never come about. >> let's bring in senator bernie saunders. and of course the member of the caucus. good to talk to you as always. >> good to be with you keith. mr. gingrich is only in the forefront of the republicans blaming the president for the price of gas. i want to start by playing a montage from 2008 when gas spiked during an election, it's highest price in the last six years. this is dawn from an unusual source for me, but i'll play it and see if you agree with me. >> the facts are as you suggested no president has the power to increase or to lower gas prices. those are market forces. >> yesterday, oil hit a record high and politicians cannot do a thing about it. >> it will really tough for this president. i have to be honest because he does not have what's going to happen with the market and the
4:37 am
economy and oil prices and supply and demand with hear a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices, understand it's complete bs. that's what the candidates should be seeing. we need a strong leader who is honest smart courageous. >> senator, bill o'reilly is right. [chuckling] >> well, i guess that's true. for george w bush. >> yeah, yeah. >> go ahead. >> it does sort of underscore a point that whether or not you can blame a president for the price of gas depends on which party you're speaking from and about. >> right, well, this is what i do think. i think keith we should understand that one of the reasons that oil prices are spike right now have a lot to do with speculation. and what we know is that about
4:38 am
80% of the oil future's market is controlled not by people use oil airlines and truckers and, etc. but wall street speculators. one way that the president could play a role, it's not going to solve all of the problems, is to decommand ma the commodity commission trading commission to act decisively and do what they were supposed to do a year ago that is to end oil speculation. and if we do that oil prices would drop to some degree. >> you addressed that at the house committee hearing that you attended today. how is it done on the good will of the president. how do you make that happen. >> here is the story. part of the financial reform bill language was put in that legislation telling the appropriate agency, which is the commodity trading commission, that they have to end excessive
4:39 am
speculation in commodities. they were supposed to have done that a year ago january. done it yet. so the law is that they haven't acted. i believe, and i've got 25 signatures from senators on a letter telling the chairman to start obeying the law, to start ending excessive speculation on the oil futures market. i think it would be a great idea. the president gave the chairman a ring and told to get moving on that. >> i want to hearken back on my segment with bill burton. do you trust the president to use the super pacs to get re-elected and then do his best to kill super pacs? >> you know, i think the president, as mr. burton indicated, is in a tough position. if you were standing there understanding that you got billionaires and large corporations who are prepared to spend hundreds and hundreds of
4:40 am
millions of dollars in ugly tv ads and radio ads what do you do? i hope very much that and say what many of us want him to say. is that we need a constitutional amendment, i offered one others have offered one to overturn citizens united which is the worst supreme court decision we've seen in this country in a very long, long time opening the floodgates to cooperate money, to billionaire money, and it having an absolute disastrous impact on the political process. what i'm very proud to tell you in my state of vermont just yesterday 60 separate towns voted to urge the congress to overturn citizens united. i hope the rest of the country joins us and we can do that. >> the independent senator from sermon, bernievermont.
4:41 am
thank you. >> mitt romney is or well, online dating services can get kind of expensive. so to save money i've found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. five foot ten... still doing a little exploring. but... my sign is sagittarius, i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave. getting a weave. there's an easier way to save. who wants some ronald tonight!? who wants some ronald tonight!? geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>> limbaugh goes after another woman >> rush limbaugh finds another woman to pick on, advertisers condition their exodus, and just follow the money. in our number two stories, rush limbaugh's public mea culpa not only the words he used in describing sandra fluke, it has not stopped his radio show from hemorrhaging ad dollars. 45 companies have withdrawn their support today. and mitt romney describes the remarks as not the language he would have used.
4:44 am
andin 2008, bain company the firm that romney ran in the late 90s, records show 14 of the company's distributors have contributed to romney campaigns. romney left that firm but still rakes in millions from his shares of bain investments and pays 15% tax. and >> i can't think of a single redblooded american male who wouldn't surrender to any woman in a war. here, take me prisoner. i'm all yours. this whole motion on war on women is so con contrived. >> not just sexist but stupid. keep digging that hole. he went on to describe to tracie macmillan's book.
4:45 am
>> what is it with all of these young single white women over educated, doesn't mean intelligent. >> and the chairman of the armed services committee said he would like to see the rush limbaugh dropped from radio and tv programming offered to american service members around the globe saying i would hope people running it would see how offensive this and drop it on their own initiative. good to see you. let's talk about his next victim ms. macmillan. you know her very well. >> i was struck by this. she was my intern in 1998. just the most out outstanding courageous woman. she put herself through nyu. she had no other sources of support. she would work for me in a free internship all day long a few days a week, then she would tutor the children of a millionaire who used to be a
4:46 am
high-level official in the lindsay administration, would tutor those kids every night to make her money to keep herself you know, eating at all in the american way. and you know, i have known her over the years. i saw her a couple of months ago because her book just came out. and she is just the most remarkable person. and to see these kinds of attacks on her everybody who has ever known tracie macmillan has known what an un unbelievably courageous woman she is. >> and now about romney and limbaugh. we know there would have been a straight line between them through bain capital in 1998. but how extreme is that now. >> look, this merger is the biggest merger bain has done, and bain has an enormous
4:47 am
investment in it. this is really his network. this is--the people who were giving to romney that were involved, there are directors of this company these are people who started giving to him in 1994. this is a group of people--this is a social and economic network that is surrounding clear channel that is deeply involved in clear channel these are his friends and allies going back to the very beginning of his political career. and they have an investment. he indirectly because of his continuing relationship with bain, but they have the most direct investment, and this is one of their largest if not their largest investment. >> so is it then a surprise that romney said anything critical? because it would seem he would be in a huge position to hurt himself by sayinging is seriously critical. >> who knows what he meant by this isn't the language i would have used? i wouldn't have called measure a
4:48 am
whore? whore. [laughter] >> does the connection matter to republican voters. >> i don't think it matters to the republican voters. i think it will matter to the general electorate. what seems to matter in the long haul what matters this is a moment of abject cowardice. $700,000 coming into his campaign from directors? lawyers who did this all the lawyers who did this deal are from his law firm that oversees his blind trust and all five gave to him. they were all involved in doing this merger. this is a social and economic family that is involved with clear channel, it's a gigantic deal. whether or not that explains the language that came out of his mouth about this, who can say what the motive it. but the abject cowardice of this
4:49 am
is clear to everybody who is watching. maybe that doesn't matter to someone in in the suburbs of cleveland who votes in a republican primary, but i think certainly it's going to wound him in the long haul. >> especially perhaps to democrats between now and then. wayne barrett, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> the limbaugh embarrass
4:50 am
ah, claim trouble. [ dennis ] you should just switch to allstate, and get their new claim satisfaction guarantee. hey, he's right man. [ dennis ] only allstate puts their money where their mouth is. yup. [ dennis ] claim service so good, it's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can always count on them. unlike randy over there. that's one dumb dude. ♪ ♪ the new claim satisfaction guarantee. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct.
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[ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter jobs on track at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota that's why there's guys like me. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ ♪ >> lastly, a promising note regarding the limbaugh fluke controversial. some has been directed at me.
4:52 am
the false equivalentcy was from the house liberals on fox news. as limbaugh himself now claims he was thinking like a democrat, the argument reverberating around the right wing echo chamber is it standard defense for anybody? somebody else on the other side once did fill in the blank two and did it worse. when our guy did it was less heinous. i've read modern day conservatives claim they should not be criticized because the klu klux klan was founded by a democrat. if we're going to treat that kind of distant history as relevant we should note not one of the founding fathers was a member of the republican party or did any republicans fight in the revolutionary war. because the republican party was not founded until 1854. but i digress. in the desperate spin on
4:53 am
limbaugh behalf i've been accused of using similar language against michelle malki malkin. and cudd. they were part of the dialogue. they were not private citizens with a brief tip into the toe of cultural pool only to find themselves dragged into the deepened day after day with attacks by rush limbaugh. in this case. miss cupp she was randing about planned parent hold. i tweeted on so many levels she's a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work plan parent planned hasn't hood does. kristin powers transformed that in saying keith olbermann has said cupp should have been
4:54 am
aborted by her parents. which is a bald face lie. i didn't say she needed abortion. only counseling. 97% of what planned parenthood does is healthcare and the like, and ms. cupp's could have used somebody's help in determining how they could improve their chances of raising a well adjusted child or whether they should have had children at all. was it a nice thing to say? no. was it sexist? hardly. and because that have i had no idea that cupp was a woman and the suggestion that her parents should not have been parents or that they did a housey job raising a child is not gender specific. but because i called michelle malkin a mashed up bag of meat.
4:55 am
i called michelle bachmann a mashed up bag of meat--i didn't call either of them a mashed up bag of meat. malkin replying that she was responsible for elementary kids singing a song in new jersey. as if this were fact, called indoctrination. in hours they were receiving death threats. i called malkin knee jerk hatred in which case malkin is usual mashed up meat with lipstick. and it's not my line. one mistake i make, i assume that viewers know the same cultural references that i know. the reference to a big mashed up bag of something is from the
4:56 am
brilliant hbo seriesest" bound and down." here is the exact scene. >> you'll never believe who is sitting in front of me. [bleep] yeah that's him. he looks like a big bag mashed up-- >> the big bag of mashed you have or his. in the next scene he socks the guy who called him that. by the time i said if it weren't for hatred, michelle malkin would be just a big bag of mashed up meat i had used it six times. we would use highlights of a football player and i would say he looks like a big mashed up bag of tom brady. you could argue that he looked like a big mashed up bag of something is uncouth but it does
4:57 am
not imply violence. and if you say it about 12 guys and one woman it is not not mysognistic. i think limbaugh's remarks were so low that it took 45 sponsor bailouts before limbaugh realized he was near it or crossed it by 45 miles. i want to raise that standard. i think from now on we need to be extra vigilant. so in either case where my remarks were mis i apologize to both of them both. i'm going to try to raise my standard about not using gratuitously abusive remarks about women and men. i'm going to s
4:58 am
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