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tv   Doc Film - Certain Death - Cato Bontjes van Beeks Resistance to the Nazis  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2017 5:15pm-6:01pm CEST

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trapped in the rubble of a collapsed school more than two hundred thirty people on an confirms dad as a result of tuesday's earthquake. and the german chancellor and i'm going to makeover house offer to help resolve the north korea crisis in an exclusive interview with dado here she says diplomacy is the only way forward with going the un just days after u.s. president donald trump threatened to destroy north korea. i set you up to date i'll have more for you out of the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the website that's the w. dot com i'm going to. the whole d w one out. for in focus global insights the news out of your local heroes. d.w.
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made for mines. you're. i once had a strange dream. i had been sentenced to death allow some other people. i don't know what crime i had committed. after the verdict were taken straight
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to the place of execution. he execution or when first then the judges and the condemned and then a crowd of people these were the last steps i would ever take i took a deep breath and threw my head back i felt the knife in my throat there was a tug and i heard the head rolling backwards somewhere maybe into a deep hole that was already full of many other heads. reform why he came to us crying her back. he had
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she said that she'd had a terrible dream a very vivid dream about her executioner. this cut to. voice knowing about catto and that she died young i see my name but i don't remember when i found out about that the media for their father. has been just had one his i'm saskia catto bunch is fun b i'm the daughter of tim catto as brother. my middle name is kut-o. that was a nice way from my father to remember his sister that way. me
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just and him bunches fun big brother and sister moved back into their parents' only official wouldn't be a blame and many years ago they grew up here in an artist's family got all bunches fun back their older sister was born in one thousand nine hundred twenty she died more than sixty five years ago but who should hear. from me kut-o. never grew old. tried from the last time i saw her she was twenty two or. she lived in this house when she was young i hear. fifty two in. kut-o. could fill up a room with her presence. i thought she had a radiant personality and she had no fear. this is. she was
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always positive. and. march fifteenth one thousand nine hundred forty three dear mom i'm now somewhere between life and death when i'm lying in bed i imagine all of us together in fisher who would. in my mind i walk through all the rooms and picture all the details i had to laugh out loud when i saw the gingerbread heart that i part two at the carnival run by him and. i'm sure it's still hanging in the kitchen.
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the village. lies on the vomit river in northern germany to started moving to. in the early nineteen hundreds and later to nearby volpe's made the artist's help lively debates about politics and philosophy. and her siblings were afraid to develop themselves painting sculpture and music were part of the everyday lol used to love books and wrote a number of letters to real and imaginary people the children spend their summers on the river. one of cutoffs best friends at the time was an ee tell it now. this summer seemed endless we went swimming all the time that's how it was. we
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couldn't imagine that it would ever and. how different and what katter's mother gave her a book called flight into hell by hand that time a pilot who had flown all the way to australia. catto was obsessed with flying. she dreamed about it all the time. to your dad i used to say that when i got to tell he or the south seas places i've always wanted to visit i cheerily become homesick but i don't think that way
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anymore i want to visit to haiti or mexico but i'd also be satisfied with greece or tibet maybe you think these are just a young girl's dreams but i'm not just a young girl and i will make this happen. you know how do you live and where did ya go incremental she had so much right ality so did my father you could feel it throughout this house he loved to play with here. and have how to care for which he came here after the world war one to volpe's veda
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. and heinrich fergal as artist colony and how to man never work in your hands and that's where he met my mother she was a dancer. tim's mother was a successful expressionist dancer and later a painter she married young blonde just fun bacon one thousand nine hundred twenty and the couple moved into her parents' home in fish opened. up to hear about among the medium you know they said let's give the boys something to do so amalie gave him a lump of clay maybe he can make something out of it. young but one just fun big became a porter his work was recognized internationally he and sculptor henry moore held
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an exhibition in london in one thousand nine hundred thirty six. kut-o. was also drawn to england in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven she worked as an au pair in the small town of which company i'm sure a dream came true during her stay she flew in an airplane for the first time. february first nineteen thirty seven dear dad i'm very excited to tell you that last sunday i was in the air for the first time in my life it was fabulous i asked the pilot to loop the loop and he did there was a powerful gust of air my head bent forwards and as i looked up i saw the earth above me. just.
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here today here it's horse crap everyone who came to see this knew right away about our politics. for over about it we were known as leftists. parties who. we grew up with that philosophy. there was no question about it. we were part of the protest movement from the time we were small. the bunch is fun big children didn't join the hitler youth all the federation of german girls
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. around. one day the teacher said you bunches children can't go on like this around. it's against the law. you can't hunt kut-o. jumped up and said yes we can. the parents later separated in one hundred thirty two cartels father moved to berlin and a year later married had advised an architect. young bone just fun big ran a pottery studio in berlin and provided jobs for a number of dissidents in the late one nine hundred thirty s. kut-o. and me also moved in with their father and worked in a studio. they love the.
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cutter was always on the go morning noon and night. she attended lectures joined societies and met friends. perhaps she sensed that she wouldn't live much longer and for. me she packed her days full of life. in berlin kut-o. learned how to fly a glider she became friends with will devolve fellow pilot. trooper we've built our own training gliders that sometimes cost his. thank you.
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this is i got his stuff it's a divine feeling incredibly beautiful flying was so important to us except you did if you could so we joined the national socialist flyers corps that was enough for us that's hurdle sure got irish to. bend i know for do you do if one of the supervisors showed up in uniform we closed up shop once one of them came back from a flight and something must have gone wrong or. we found ourselves in the city center i don't know why. hungry as they were born. we were our new and their. home to the famous fame in a dance hall you know. we debated whether we should have
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a look. and i said of course we should we can do anything so we went in. and you feel. in those days there was a popular dons called the lamberth walk so we got onto the don's floor and danced it that was a big success. germany attack poland on september the first nineteen thirty nine the start of world war two. october twenty fourth one nine hundred
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thirty nine war has been raging for weeks in nineteen eighteen people swore they'd never fight each other again but in one nine hundred thirty three we knew that there'd be another war now it's here nobody knows how long it will last. all that is good will be lost and all that is evil well returned. you know i was a video clip of. the start of the who was the beginning of the end for us our gliders were confiscated so that the hitler youth pilots could use them for training so it didn't matter that the planes belonged to us and we'd worked so hard to get them museum. they said we'd get twice and
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three times as much off to germany won the war. for your one you know. life goes on if we really weren't aware of the danger from. dust and we were brave to protest if i did. yeah once on a train in berlin cuttlebone just fun bacon and her sister discovered that the last few carriages of some trains were transporting french prisoners of war the girls managed to get into the crowds of prisoners near the trains and gave them cigarettes also. a hundred
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notes to the soldiers and took their letters to pounce on. what is resistance. when does it start. my fight back home. and my father came over one sunday and introduced us to a pretty girl for your stage i love how. sure hit me because she was wearing the varian clothes made of lowden wool with carved buttons . yeah that was a hairy boys and wife how far should lead batons show it's a boys and secretly collected documents about german war crimes in connection with their work at the propaganda ministry her husband have a show it's a boys and was an affable so officer who worked at the aviation ministry the couple
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told cops oh what was really happening and german occupied territories. april seventeen nine hundred forty one i'm hearing terrible things about what's happening in the world and not just far away so many people are being robbed of their possessions and their freedom. can we save ourselves spiritually and physically we still can we must save ourselves spiritually and develop that which we still have. the war took on a new dimension on june twenty second nine hundred forty one german forces attacked the soviet union in december the u.s. sent to the war. from september on old jews in germany were ordered to wear a yellow star than the deportations began. ice-t.
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five hundred four when the jews were being persecuted and had to wear the star things happened quickly in the town. a family who lived downstairs in our building was simply taken away. in the autumn of nineteen forty one got so much time straight the young poet who had communist sympathies the two became a couple. they became active in the resistance group that had formed their own show it's a boys'. kut-o. told her friend wrote about athens. tunisia venters you know
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at first she said she'd given a few supplies to french prisoners of on trains. i decided it was no big deal. but then she said that she was involved in a sad news cycle of people. and told me what she was doing. i blew up i saw right away when she was headed i did only i could to make it clear to her that she was in great danger. in the actual files expression and. we all have to keep our nerve in this mess well we need it one day everything is so
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dreadful now. i wish it were all over i won't be able to bear it's for much longer. and i. think she's airshaft during a meeting of auntie nazis at my uncle's house in bismarck strawson she lost her temper unsaid. pilcher caucus but nobody's doing anything. pamphlets copied them and mailed them to selected addresses they called these texts from the latin for act and after every form is spot making august a full. ten flat august nine hundred forty two
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many people are becoming increasingly worried about germany's future minister governess constantly tries to deceive us but it's not working people can no longer deny that the situation is getting worse every month they can no longer turn a blind eye to these horrors to the disastrous national socialist policies that threaten us all all that needs to be said can be summarized in this demand get serious and do something send as many copies of this letter as you can pass it on to friends and colleagues you are not alone at first fight as an individual then fight in groups the germany of tomorrow belongs to.
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nazi germany's highest military court. the chamber that dealt with top secret cases considered the charges against time stray low cut or bunches fun bake and others fun bake who knew that she lay low had been a member of the young communist league introduced her boyfriend to shorts of boys and in the winter of one nine hundred forty one forty two in january nine hundred forty two she lay low and fun big moved in together a short while later shorts a boy soon handed over the inflammatory pamphlet august and asked them to let it. stay low and fun bake copied a few pages of the pamphlet on a typewriter fun bake was also given a large number of envelopes for mailing copies.
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i'm chunky on the morning of september twenty nine hundred forty two please call kut-o. and our father out of bed and arrested him because. the gestapo had had council under surveillance for some time and in the summer of one thousand nine hundred forty two german counterintelligence decoded a radio message from moscow that referred to the group around should suppose. the gestapo called the group red orchestra. that sold him more than one hundred twenty of its members were arrested including lee about us and how osho it's about almost all of them were put on trial. for len alexanderplatz jr nov third one thousand nine hundred forty two dearest mom
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i spent days composing this letter in my head and now i'm worried that it will sound troia. how are you the main thing is don't worry too much about mil i'm sure you don't even know why i'm here. there are a thousand questions i'd like to ask. my mother went to visit her during that visit the toll was quite happy she told my mother that things like this can happen it's harmless and predicted that she'd get five years maximum. have refocused my thoughts so that i don't find the cell so oppressive when the
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moon shines into my cell in the morning i always think of those by cries to saga hard station with me and tim. it was so dark back and and the moon shone we wondered if the ice would hold us. those arrested included vita christian minister a confidant of hubbell shorts a boysen and his sixteen year old son medina. i was in the right wing cell forty three she was above me in fifty three. it. arrived a month after i did one day i looked out the window saw her and called to her. she said. she wasn't sure who i was
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i could have been with a guest star. i called back. and she recognized me. came very close. we had a daily routine. one day she said. heads up. already removed the window pane she had fashioned a kind of hammock from the shore. and in it was a bowl of carrot soup and she lowered it done to me.
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i never think about why i'm here i just think about all of you i usually pace up and down and i'm glad that i know sixteen long posts by heart i recite them once a day. december twenty nine nine hundred forty two. i was overjoyed to hear that dad was released in time for the holidays that was the best christmas news. everything is much easier to bear now i'm
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impatient for the trial to start. the proceedings began in january nine hundred forty three before the military court defendant just fun bake had recently turned twenty two. twelve six years no matter the war was lost. i heard the keys rattling up stairs. i went to the window and not. she got through it she came over and told me that the verdict was in and it was what the prosecutor had requested
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was guilty and a death sentence. to. january one thousand nine hundred forty three. the prosecutors request was a slap in the face but hina i believe so much in life i love people so much that i can't believe that this will happen. in my closing statement i spoke about my love for people it wasn't clear to me before how much i love germany. i'm not a political person i only want one thing and that's to be a human being. i didn't beg for my life i don't care what other sentence i might get. i
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just want to live. she says your cutoff. viki at that time all i can about was seeing my car told she wished that i tried for days to position the mirror properly so that i could see the window of ca told so. she. did. me. i wouldn't have been able to see too much.
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but at least i'd have seen her in person. g i h. but it didn't work out. for. the cuttle as i walked around my cell yesterday i decided that i had to paint your picture call me a romantic or a dreamer perhaps you're right but i think an artist must be a little of both i'm going to paint you. the way i perceived you. after the war why not question my style became
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a well known painter. the people portrayed in his words don't have faces. my dear dear my. in the first days after the verdict i was now a very strange mood i was completely ready to die but i didn't know what for. i don't fear death there is no such thing as death. the things that are in can't and won't die maybe we'll all be lucky thanks to appeal for clemency or something else i hug you all and send you many kisses
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and still a life loving you always dodo. i was taken into the car though there were people there from phone as being hours and counter intelligence i was led out of the interrogation room with a good stamp or man. i saw my father and two other guys stop a man coming toward me. i asked where they were taking him and i said he had forgotten his coat so we stopped for a moment. my father caressed me and said good bye my boy that's the way it was. in spring one thousand nine hundred forty three and i not christian my stuff was
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suddenly transferred to the youth concentration camp and moving in and then to a prison a battalion at the front. to your mom if you're going to send me a few things i'd like a pair of pajamas or a night shirt since i just have one. i also need brown shoe polish shampoo powder and some more surprise or since my skin is very dry.
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i was eighteen when i was forced to become a soldier. my mother told me the cuts all had been sentenced to death. i went to my supervisor and asked him if i could see my sister one last time i was able to visit with my mother in july nine hundred forty three i hardly recognise kut-o. . she was bloated and her skin was glossy . she had sort of lost her composure she cried. we didn't say much to each other. i know there was silence. if i say what can you say when you just don't have the words yet. voc you feel.
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august fifth nine hundred forty three dear dear mom. i didn't tenet this as a birthday letter for you now it's going to be my last mother the time has come i'll only be alive for a few more hours it's hard for me that i can tell you myself and that you're not with me but i'm very composed and i've made peace with my fate the peace that i've always wanted has come at this hour and it gives me a lot of strength if only i could share that piece with you my heart is
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filled to the brim i want to thank you and i leave my love for all of you in this world dearest mom i hope so much that you overcome the pain that my death will cause you and that you will become an even better artist as a result i still have so much to say to you and now i feel as so often that everything has already been said we're so close you know and feel the things that i think it's a shame that i'm not leaving behind anything but memories of me.
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attack iraq on a day of ca toes execution all just five nine hundred forty three mother was extremely nervous. and your head in a disadvantage because she went to the woods and then the river she painted this water color. are correct your mouth. is directly linked to the execution here which is which took place in berlin pollutes and is a prison dr fork compresses it. vice not us to fight in i'm good someone told me once how kut-o. died. it was a violent death i remember that very vividly toward what he says and i
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decided. i was in the kitchen in the house at fischer huda it really hit me hard it's difficult to put into words this kind of i'm here about a first. of all the most violent thing you could imagine in your worst fantasies. mind. because if this entire opened i heard the word decapitation you it speaks for itself could come to mind. but it goes back to the french revolution. he had to kind of i noticed. i didn't think it was possible in modern times. it took some time for me to process all that washed.
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only pain. cutoffs mother spent decades fighting for her daughter's rehabilitation she had to prove in court proceedings that kut-o. did not betray her country the death sentence against kut-o. bond just fun big was finally repealed in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight none of the nazis involved in a case was ever brought to justice. if you saw these oh she and king david say i think it's difficult to explain the world to a child it's the world today is tough enough i asked myself how i'll be able to do that one day and then you have to understand the madness of the past through the
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madness of the present. hash tag gemini besides the candidates. v.w. xena's pool and jeff are of the current have interviewed almost all the front runners in germany's upcoming parliamentary elections. and now we're looking forward to. the amount of cash that germany decides to meet the candidates.
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w. hash tag germany decides the day of decision is near. close they want germany to follow but if we on the f.t.p. a new concept anyway sions is a virtue and if we are ready to take responsibility to help the shape of this country. we have more than enough parties participating in incumbent governments but not a left party germany can do better polls in germany open on september twenty fourth . what do germans want for their country. what do the different parties stand for. and which party will come out on top. d w your expert on germany's
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bundestag election two thousand and seventeen. tag germany decides german bundestag election two thousand and seventeen on d w. you're watching david lee news live from the lead hope and heroism in mexico as efforts to find survivors amongst the rubble of tuesday's powerful earthquake continue rescuers have worked through the night to disaster sites including a primary school we'll take you to mexico city for the latest also on the program diplomatic efforts to save iran you.


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