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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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and christians are traveling together through kenya cacho ben writes film water water all of us is based on a true story is that i missed terrorists attack the bus and they want to murder all the christians. director captured ben rocks has won a student academy award in the short narrative international category. the film that impressed the jury in los angeles was her graduation project for the hamburg media school. i had just done my taxes i was scanning in some receipts and the telephone rang in the other room the display said it was beverly hills calling so yes that was the famous call from hollywood. the film is based on an incident in kenya in twenty fifteen catch a bedrock read a news item about how muslim travellers have protected christians from
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a terrorist attack this is the german students research the subject for months and then shot the film on location together with the kenyan film same catcher ben rot and. the writer and editor faced lots of competition for the student academy awards over fifteen hundred entries in four international categories. students from the hamburg media school have already won that farai academy awards and many other accolades. for a fistful of gold is the second german we're not yohannes prices our documentary deals with illegal gold mining in ghana and was made by students from the barden verdant film academy film gets up close to the miners and to those fighting to stamp out the illegal activity. inside. need to have gold your highness prize
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has actually won the gold student because there's only one winner in his cassock or last with a ticket is it. the how significant are these the student to have previous winners go on to glory oh yeah they have i mean quite a number of gone on to do significant work in the industry the fifty seven oscar nominations from the student oscar winners and there's a couple of famous people for us. who want to student oscar back in nine hundred seventy five then twenty years later edith made this film starring tom hanks of course among the full oscars best director it also won best film as forrest gump as were you all love one show i think one of the most great film another one is spike lee he won a student oscar in ninety three and he was no and they nominated twice he was nominated for this film do the right thing in nine hundred ninety in the documentary category out sorry no in the documentary category he was nominated for four little girls in nine hundred ninety seven incidentally the film he won his
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student all skilful and lee was his assistant director the i went on to write brokeback mountain and loads of other great movies it's all well done that well we'll wait and see if we get most laurie from from this crop presumably that's more of a website absolutely d.w. don't call slash culture that's it you're up today have a good. they
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promote health but selling the city and diabetes. multinational food companies conquering new markets bringing convenience food to poor countries. they are believed to be status goods but people are sinking used to profit the
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business of profiting fifteen minutes d.w. . by by i mean he would. never give up they always think they can still ran right up to the very last second his. son mia lives it. starting october fifteenth on d. w. and online. and i have to admit i was disgusted by main door to. put in russia you can make money with homophobia. they fixed a piece of wire to my little finger and switched on the current there are people without rights in their own country because they're homosexuals gay in russia our series this week in the news on d w. w's program. guide.
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the highlights leave the home. dot com highlights. he survived hell on earth. he was freed from islamic state torture chambers after two hundred eighty days. now my suit has escaped to germany and he's hunting down terrorists on his own doing something against us this is a beauty. must soon list from i as victim to terrorist hunter. cosa starting october sixteenth on. it's the line of the week on d w three with the swaggering suit where is banged on a mental fish and the cool frequent fly is. trying to get everything revolves around our animal kingdom and a two legged for. a week on animal adventures
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only on d w. this is d w news live from berlin tonight spain gives catalonia a deadline and in order to explain what just happened a couple on leaders now have five days to clarify whether they declared independence on tuesday prime minister marianna roy tells catalonia to respect the rule of law or face the consequences we'll take you to madrid and barcelona for reaction also. a german journalist faces turkish justice richelle
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a total says she's not guilty of terrorism in a case that inflaming tensions between berlin on and harvey weinstein six scandal deepens he's lost his wife and his company now more hollywood a listers are breaking their silence accusing the movie mogul of sexual misconduct. i'm bring golf it's good to have you with us and ultimatum with eyes on the clock the spanish government has given catalonia until monday to state clearly whether it has declared independence from the rest of spain earlier today and spanish prime minister ariana roy told the national parliament that madrid could impose direct
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rule over catalonia if the region broke away he was sharply critical of the recent catalan independence referendum describing it as illegal and undemocratic and he rejected offers of international mediation and the prime minister told parliament that the resolution to the crisis late with catalonia is regional president. in his man hans he has a possibility to return to the rule of law to legality and institutional normality as everybody wishes or to continue this period of confusion and upheaval that is affecting catalonia in the rest of the country. this and the response of the i we want to go now to our correspondents all over south is in barcelona and. is in madrid good evening to both of you as i may want to start with you now we have an ultimatum that's a significant escalation by the spanish prime minister isn't. on
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there got to land conflict. again which is the man.


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