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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2017 3:02am-3:30am CET

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it's opponents together for a congress to help peace efforts thirty three syrian groups and political policies which include the kurds and assad rebels have been invited to the talks in the black sea resort of sochi next month. is the ousted president running from the law because if you're. looking for your fears you. could face prosecution and prison time in spain today he popped up in belgium a week ago he demanded independence for catalonia from spain tonight he's demanding guarantees for himself i'm burned off in berlin this is the day. he noted to my desire that we comply because i am here in order to act we say. and
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safety and security most of the political i think it's an insult and provocation to all cattle and to feel spanish to see him on isn't coming about it because he's afraid for his life you know. under which conditions when i go back to catalonia we're here to seek guarantees that we don't have for the moment in catalonia in spain. you know this man you know you're going to have he's trying to look like a president who fled the country after a coup when in reality he was the one who staged a coup a little bit this is. also coming up on this how we happy and haunted u.s. president today donald trump had plenty of smiles and goodies and plenty of smiles and goodies i should say for trick or treaters outside the white house but for the reporters inside the president offered no treats and no answers.
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thank you oh thank you. thank you thank you very much. thank you. very much. we begin the day with a former president on the run who says he's not today a spanish chord subpoenaed carlist put him on the alstad president of the spanish region catalonia but mr bridge that was nowhere in spain to be found earlier today he appeared before reporters and cameras in brussels of the whereabouts of mr bridge to ma and several members of his deposed cabinet had been unclear following some unprecedented moves on friday by the spanish government madrid fired mr quinn's tomorrow and the entire cattle on parliament after it voted to declare independence from spain or tonight mr porridge tomorrow faces charges of rebellion and sedition if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison but he'll
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need to return to spain for today he said that will happen only if he gets guarantees from madrid first more on that in just a moment as we begin with this report. collis page the most flushed appearance since declaring council on independence last week was every betis frenetic has the political fallout he left behind in spain now wouldn't belgium the ousted president says he's the africa protection not asylum. enough to do in his ability because on . this issue the belgian question here in brussels doesn't deal with all of europe and he noted it like he's freedom and safe and should. not he left yet more chaos behind the upstart leader couldn't avoid questions of whether he had fled the scene. outside the
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spanish unity supporters sefton we think so. and i'm here to defend spain and complain about that past who is a coward and a terror maker in. the courts made to have their say it's a medieval charge sheet from modern times catalan leaders faced up to thirty years in prison for crimes of sedition rebellion and been bezel meant. by the spanish government does well composed them on support for fresh elections in december seen as a concession to trade. it is very important to respect this call for elections from the prime minister of the spanish government money on all the whole. and this is very important because this implies an acceptance that the return to democratic legality lies with accepting democratic elections. still dominates the airwaves though some were surprised that our former leader
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turning up in belgium if you could fault his logic when and in that manner look at it yes i understand what he's saying right now the spanish government isn't giving him any guarantees and then he lands here they can put him in prison. and in the u.s. . whether his bid to break spain up will indeed land him behind bars will be the subject of intense scrutiny not just here but across europe. and for more on this i'm joined now by journalist martin robards from madrid and by our very own correspondent charles in barcelona and amy to both of you martin i'm going to start with you the spanish high court has summoned the. cabinet and that includes the alstad president what does this mean. well is it me insists that he faces a very stiff jail sentence has just. faded worn probably the question is whether he
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will in fact not because he's not respect he was lost to be in belgium and the public prosecutor's offices if he doesn't they lost the judged. issue of european arrest warrants not the other thing is that if the worst of it theory you know this is just the beginning of the stadiums it has been four weeks charges and if the judge. were to shocking if he were to show that he could be remanded in custody afterwards but one way or another it's all in the hands of the church. and charlotte you're in barcelona what has been the reaction there to the news that mr bridge a month has left the country. the people here were absolutely stunned when the news started to trickle down that he was in brussels but we did not see hide nor hair of him last night nor the smore ning but there was a sort of a hunt for fusion one it was being described in brussels
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a lot of people here honestly needed to believe it to see it that we did see him today we gave that press he gave that press statement people here who are for independence a divided on exactly how they feel about it some have been very dismayed that he's left some of even suggested that he's a captain leaving a sinking ship and then there are those who are still very much behind him who still really back him there have been the people who were out in the streets on friday saying that he was a hero they believe that this is part of a well crafted plan and they backed him in his desire to get european support for that strategy those who are against independence i think many of them have been telling us that they're quite relieved now that he's left the country and isn't trying to still goven from within catalonia and instead is backing these elections which are going to play take place on december twenty first it looks like we're heading more towards a democratic process with the elections rather than crushes on the streets.
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meanwhile of course there are lots of accusations that are being thrown around the council on cabinet today saying that they are not criminals take a listen to what the ousted cabinet member the planning member cabinet member for catalonia what he said today about the prospects of prosecution by the spanish government. so you think it's possible to go to prison because it's funny yes this is very strange justice so obviously this is a possibility so we we are not to scare we we have no we are not criminals we are democrats so. if they want us in jail he's responsivity. we are not criminals we are democrats thank you thank you very much there were not criminals or democrats some of us are in spain some of us are not charlotte we know that mr edwards he
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took some of his former cabinet members with him to brussels but some of them also decided to stay in catalonia is there any talk of a strategy behind that i mean what are they doing there. that's right he took some he left some others behind the strategy isn't quite clear it's possible that they reach that decision all together that it was decided that some would pursue the european pasta trying to visit europe while others stayed behind to govern and continue with the independence path from here or of course they could be a space in the party and some didn't want to leave future money and didn't want to be seen to be abandon the ship this ship does not yet knowing we know that our minister that we just heard from that other ministers dismiss ministers who stayed behind they met in parliament today they didn't release a statement afterwards and of course that permitted to do that they're allowed to meet together in parliament because even though parliament's been dissolved they
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are still m.p.'s what that plan going forward is is really are known and in a process is in so many twists and turns honestly and i think it happened and we heard the member there and former member of the kettle on camera talking about strange justice in spain what about strange politics in strange elections we've got the former cattle on president who has now been subpoenaed he has to testify in spain. today he also said though that he welcomes snap elections in catalonia does this mean he could also run in those elections at the same time being forced to testify in the case against him. actually yes in fact over the weekend a special response was that he would welcome them again because just as he still an eight you know. of course the question is whether the fractious coalition. will begin as
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a coalition or as individual parties but certainly he could run again even if he wanted to be generous in theory he can now again i'm working on shots it's kind of nobody knows any of this practice because it's absolutely no prestigious group. so actually get to the optics of while i mean it is. present to the kind of the governor speak. but only after official written two or three years so yes all sorts of things that nobody ever saw months ago that we would see have been happening a considered and indeed yes and one has recounted in custody constantly looking around who knows if you. know if he seems to be possible that's right strange but true our journalist martin roberts in madrid and correspondent charles and bill in barcelona to both of you thank you very much. and
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now to the story that has engulfed the u.s. capitol the special counsel investigating possible russian meddling in the u.s. election is signaling that he has reason to believe members at the highest level of the trump campaign may have committed crimes yesterday trump's former campaign manager paul men of four and assistant rick gates both turned themselves into the f.b.i. they face numerous charges including money laundering and conspiracy to cheat the u.s. government and it was revealed that george peppard awful as a former campaign advisor has pleaded guilty to lying about his connections with russian officials now his arrest and his possible assistance in the investigation mean that the stakes are now higher than ever for the u.s. president and his inner circle today both the russian government and the russian foreign minister reacted to this remarkable turn of events. if the meeting was about russian american relations i don't see anything illegitimate or illegal about
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it. there's never felt any guilt that he needs to feel excused of. someone we have expressed complete in comprehension regarding some groundless accusations against our country and the myths of russian intervention in us elections. groundless accusations don't make those who started this mess look good and they don't know how to get out of it now. now they found a ukrainian trace in regards to mr mann afford and some help. in the form but the ukrainian trace should probably be investigated via ukraine. or let's try to connect some dots here for more on the ukrainian link and man affords dealings there i'm joined by our correspondent nick connelly in kiev good
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evening to you nick so there are it seems two major parts to this ukrainian connection first the charges that. worked for the ukrainian government and did not tell the u.s. government about that work and about his income what did he do for ukraine. good evening brant well he was brought in back in two thousand and five just after the first modern revolution to really polish victory on a coach's reputation he had tried to take power from his political ally to slip in to govern as it were the elections very contested and eventually that brought people out on the streets and said no we don't want you in power he then returned to opposition with a very bad reputation particular in the west and it was poor manifolds job to really lobby for him internationally to portray him someone as not someone who was an enemy of democracy but more as someone maybe who wasn't so polished in his manners but someone who the west could deal with and someone who was a pragmatic manager and also to help him with his campaigning to improve his
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polling methods just bringing in classic westen campaigning tactics and that all paid off it was voted into power in two thousand and ten in a relatively fair election so that was what he was doing that was classic international political consultancy or it's nothing illegitimate. and perhaps the most explosive part of this connection has to do with the russian oligarch all they get a pasko why is there a particular important to possible russian meddling in the us election. so the thing about this brant is that the money that the u.s. authorities are now talking about only about twelve or some say eighteen million of the money that manifold received was is alleged to come from directly from ukrainian government sources the rest it's alleged that some of this money came from electoral pascoe who is someone that man affords side is going to business
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with essentially to use its alleged again this is all still very murky territory but it's alleged he was planning to use his political connections here in ukraine to take advantage of business opportunities and to do so with electoral pascoe who was for a long time the kremlin's favorite oligarchs someone who depended on soft loans from the russian government and in these countries to clean russia and ukraine the line between business and government is pretty pretty thin so any involvement there puts him in very direct contact with someone who is obviously very close to the top of the kremlin and if you could briefly you know we haven't heard much from the current ukrainian government about the indictment why so quiet. they're in a very difficult position here they don't want to be seen to be uncooperative in the investigation that dependent on the u.s. for loans and for military support but equally they don't want to embarrass the trump white house they've already had enough conflict with him trump tweets in the summer that the ukrainians to try to sabotage his campaign his real fear here that whatever they do they'll be dammed and they'll jeopardize their ties. are the
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correspondent nic connelly on the story for us tonight in kenya nic thank you very much. or german police say they have prevented a serious terrorist attack special forces arrested a nineteen year old syrian today in the northern city ferry the suspect reportedly had contacts to islam as an extremist and had been gathering materials for a highly explosive bomb is intended target remains unclear tonight. a syrian flag at a housing complex in a northern german town of. this is where special forces arrested a nineteen year old syrian man early on tuesday on suspicion of planning an islamist terrorist attack on the american fast as a human are like according to our findings yemen a decided at the latest in july to detonate a bomb but with the aim of killing and wounding
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a large number of people. on social networks he researched instructions on how to build a bomb we also know that the suspect was in contact online with people with jihadist backgrounds and it has one and also the g.i. distortion spectrum mouth shut throughout the morning police searched the apartment and other locations for additional evidence the suspect had placed orders online for chemicals to build a bomb. the german interior minister is convinced authorities have prevented a severe and imminent terrorist attack in germany. to get out some of the police operation took place at exactly the right moment light enough to secure the necessary proof and early enough to prevent any danger. that the danger of an islamist terrorist attack remains high in germany and europe and that security forces would act with determination to counter any threats.
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time to go back about half a millennium on this day five hundred years ago the german monk and theologian martin luther unintentionally began a process that would lead to a radical split in the roman catholic church and the creation of a new christian faith the protestant religion and the luther nailed his famous ninety five theses of the story goes it was a list of questions and criticisms to a church door in the town of it and that's not very far from right here in berlin now ever more people were won over by luther is thinking especially here in northern and central europe but the roman catholic church denounced the protestant movement millions of people were killed in the religious wars that swept across europe for a century and a half here in germany half a millennium later martin luther remains a national hero and an inspiration for many around the world.
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queuing up for church in martin luther's hometown witan back today thousands came to celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of the protestant reformation and all of my life i've been lutheran this is a very important day for me any less is the this is the place where luther lived and worked and we want to celebrate this today and that if one cannot understand german history without luther and the reformation it has left its mark on us i myself belong to a lutheran church and belief in its values but at the council church of wittenberg germany's leaders including chancellor merkel herself daughter of a lutheran pastor attended a service to commemorate martin luther d.s. legend has it that it was here on this day five hundred years ago that the name of his ninety five thesis through the door of the council church the document was not attacked on practices of the catholic church luther wanted to reform it not divide it but his ideas to simply to revolutionary how i'll timidly it was
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a liberation for the world that replaced their rocky of power and money but the new individual freedom manifested in low. tide at their service and getting back the head of the protestant church in germany which bed for all meant the hat of the catholic church in the country cardinal not mark's jointly presented german president funk by the steinmeyer but the cross as a symbol of unity after the service german chancellor angela merkel underlined the importance of religious liberty saying that ensuring it is one of the key duties of a free society. soviet justice freedom of belief must always be protected from religious fanaticism so too must our commitment to that freedom include respecting those who practice a religion it should. today service re presented the culmination of
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a year of celebrating the reformation throughout germany. and for more now i'm joined here in the studio by our religious affairs expert mark gak mark smart it's good to have you back here at the big table so we know what happened five hundred years ago why is martin luther why is he important in our world today in the year twenty seventy well in many places around the world it remains a very potent religious figure and protest and to some and it's lutheran farm remains absurdity central actually in many places and particularly interesting cases might be in america for instance where the church had many of the promotions that martin luther and encountered five hundred years ago i mean great for himself where which were not us associated with sort of you know a participating church and then of his own would have luther and in it some of even jellicoe forbes emerging in latin american putting in opposition to the catholic church is not going today so in that sense i mean it remains very important as
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a religious force it also remains were important as a political force because it has opened the terrain over five hundred years and not just there yet but over this five hundred years and has actually helped to the bell of a more pluralistic society and in which different voices are actually included ultimately for a place like europe which is actually very secular and i think that there needs some form of protest and system in particular remains part of our cultural d.n.a. even when we are not religiously inclined i mean it remains a very strong force in our society and there if you look at our cultural d.n.a. and part of it being shaped by martin luther you have to ask yourself then how do you explain what we're seeing today we hear time and time again that there is this general malaise in the western world people no longer trust authority you have leaders who are elected and immediately they appear corrupt you have leaders who
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are elected to drain the swamps of the establishment did martin luther did he lead us to where we are today politically. well in some way i think the answer is yes i mean since it becomes one of the most salient figures in the history of the west going to station figure i mean the very core of this position is demanding justification this is somebody who from five hundred years ago continues to ask a question why can you explain yourself it demands for that on the other hand what he's very interesting about with her he said he was a very ambiguous figures on the one hand he actually protested the catholic church but on the other hand he was he's actually completely married in thai to the political powers in his region of the world essentially princes princes in northern germany so i think that it actually does define sort of a way to approach politics which is on the one hand going to station but on the other hand a sense of yes and so to say to political to political form and we have got about
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twenty seconds i mean this notion of secularism the did he also enable society to become secular i myself am quite convinced that that is indeed the case i think that he did not secular icebergs either individuals he clearly was a religious man but i think that by just opening the space for anything beyond the got to look church heels on as he also ultimately opened the space for voices beyond any really just a nomination and force to force us to live in communities in which we had to deal with many different religious persuasions and political persuasions that itself is a secularization of the public sphere martin jacques a religious affairs correspondent as always thank you very much the day is nearly done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter news you can write to me or got t.v. don't forget to use that hash tag today and it is halloween and keeping with tradition we're going to welcome our resident trick or treater here martin you get to sit with him as well and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see it then everybody happy halloa.
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it's where from asia w programs from the clock marking its five hundred the first three. to congregations because it's what i'm
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used to i only know enter confessional protestants and catholics worship under one roof in some parts of germany. centuries but it isn't always pays off in comedy everywhere the challenge and an opportunity in one into confessional churches in germany divided. into. next. women and men are equal before god. martin luther said he and his wife carina are one of the best known couples of their age. their marriage challenge centuries old social conventions. but how much of a feminist was the great reform. the referendum and women in forty five minutes. of it.
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surely is from. for the world or link to it section stories and discussions among those as easy town while website dedicated comes to join us on facebook doubling for good. welcome to quadriga art what's that. tell you about is this a women's talk w. more women. more talk with. more state. of the sweat w. s. a church with two pastors. fight scapa.


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