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expecting visitors say it's anastasia visit and see this is not every day you boys in the house night moves you on t w kim and feagles house of music stores up close personal and unplugged. all over. the night groups starting november third on d w e sung week. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin place sources named the suspect in
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the new york terrorist attack this is the man a twenty nine year old truck driver from respect to staff he's said to have been at the wheel of a pickup that drove into protest rians killing a we'll have an update from the u.s. also coming up russia and iran a move to end the syrian conflict russia's president vladimir putin is to hold talks with his arabian counterpart in tehran. plus german soccer stars battling for survival in europe top and play cypriot side up well nicosia tonight hoping to make it through to the knockout stage of the champions league or take a look at their chances of escaping the so-called group of death. hello and welcome i'm terry my. good to have you with us. please sources have
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identified the man suspected of killing eight and injuring eleven in a truck attack in new york city the suspect was shot by police and is now being treated in hospital the twenty nine year old from his back is ten was reportedly behind the wheel of a vehicle that rammed users of a bike path in new york the attack happened in lower manhattan when a white pickup truck veered off west street along the hudson river the driver plowed into a cycle path and continued for several blocks before smashing into a school bus it's already said called it a terrorist attack but say the suspect seems to have been acting alone. oh i hear news right here rescuers race to free children trapped in a shredded school bus they're just some of the victims of tuesday's terror attack in lower manhattan. luckily no one on this bus was killed others were not as
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fortunate. just moments earlier this pickup truck tore down a bike path nearby plowing into cyclists and pedestrians alike witnesses describe the carnage and the ensuing police shoot out in the bike lane clearly in the bike lane and i see when i go down i see two gentlemen laying right there in the bike lane with tire marks across their body and you could tell that they're not here no more maybe thirty seconds later i hear somewhere between five in time gunshots want to after another and that's when i got interested so i turned around to see what happened. when i walked up to it the first thing i saw was a man lying on the ground face down in the middle of the street he was surrounded by police officers it appeared that he was injured. this footage shows the suspect fleeing on foot after jumping from the truck and brandishing but later turned out to be fake guns. police shot him in the stomach before arresting him he's now
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recovering at a hospital. u.s. media have identified the attack suspect as this man twenty nine year old safe say paf from his back is tan witnesses said he could be heard chanting allahu akbar god is great in arabic authorities were quick to label the incident as a terrorist attack. let me be clear that based on the information we have at this moment this was an act of terror and particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians u.s. president donald trump took to twitter to offer condolences to the victims and their families. he also ordered the department of homeland security to step up its vetting of people traveling to the u.s. . for now authorities say there's no evidence the attack was part of a wider terror plot and they believe the suspect acted alone. our
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correspondent coston phenomena joins us now from the u.s. capital costs not understand police have the attacker in custody what more can you tell us about him. well as we just heard in the report a young man was back national who came to the united states legally in two thousand and ten. is a permanent resident with the so-called green card and worked as a driver for the right service. he has lived in cincinnati also in tampa florida and eventually settled in new jersey near new york just across the river hudson where this terrible incident in manhattan now took place according to the reports we have seen he's married with children seems to have very fundamentalist religious views and police found in the truck
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a handwritten note apparently in which he said it declared his allegiance to the islamic states authorities think that he was a lone wolf so he might have been inspired by the i ass but not directly directed by it ok cousin what about those who were killed or injured in this attack do we know their identities yet we know that five of the victims who were killed were from argentina very tragically these were a group of men who came to new york to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their college graduation also we know that one of the victims that were killed was a belgian national the identity of the other two victims who were killed we don't have yet among those injured also two kids and two adults who were traveling on the bus this truck crashed into at the end of its deadly right now there's
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already talk of tightening security measures in response to this attack president trump i understand is ordered to step up vetting process is what are you hearing. it was quite remarkable that president trump so quickly a used this event to promote his anti me gratian and security agenda as the islamist terrorism is a big problem not only in the united states but also in many other western countries but still it's worth mentioning that it's still a thousand times more likely in america in the us to be killed by another american then by is the mr terrorists actually according to some statistics it's more likely to be killed by an armed toddler in the us than by it is the mr terrorists so the question is really if president trump has his priorities right here when it comes
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to the issue of violence what was very impressive was the resilience of new yorkers tuesday it was halloween and there was a tradition of big halloween parades which actually took place and i guess some of the people who attended had some mixed feelings but still the message was clear we are new yorkers we survived september eleventh we will survive this attack and we will not change our way of life because of these terrorists. is constant phenomena there in new york thank you. take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today german authorities have arrested in one thousand year old syrian men under suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack in the northern city of mean the suspect reportedly had online contact with islamist extremists and was gathering materials for a highly explosive all its intended target it's still unclear. more than six
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hundred asylum seekers refused to leave an australian immigration camp one island in papua new guinea the menace island detention center was closed on tuesday several months after local authorities declared it unconstitutional mr elliott had funded the camp to deter migrants from trying to reach shores. and japan's shinzo has been reelected prime minister by the country's parliament if this after his ruling coalition won a landslide victory last month taining a two thirds super majority is expected to use his renewed political mandate to push for reforms to the country's pacifist constitution. spain's high court has summoned the sacked cattle and leader to testify in madrid on thursday it's the latest twist in the ongoing catalan crisis collis push to mult is currently in brussels he travelled to belgium after prosecutors announced they
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would pile charges after he declared independence they cues him and other cabinet members of rebellion and other crimes. carlos dumond's first appearance since declaring catalan independence last week was every bit as frenetic as the political fallout he left behind in spain now in belgium the ousted president said he's there for protection not asylum i am not here in order to do it as i believe because. this is not a belgian question of i'm here in brussels as a result of the euro i'm here. to act with freedom and safety and security. as he laughed yet more chaos the upstart leader couldn't avoid questions of whether he had fled the scene. outside the spanish unity supporters certainly think so. i'm here to defend
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spain and complain about their past seven who is a coward and a terror maker. the courts made to have their say invoking laws rarely used in modern times catalan leaders face up to thirty years in prison for crimes of sedition rebellion and embezzlement. but the spanish government does welcome push to support for fresh elections in december seen as a concession to madrid. it is very important to respect this call for elections from the prime minister of the spanish government money on or a whole. is very important because this implies an acceptance that the return to democratic legality lies with accepting a democratic election back in barcelona pushed him on still dominates the way though some was surprised at that formally to turning up in belgium simple to say they understand why he's there. when and in that when i look at it yes i understand
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what he's saying right now the spanish government isn't giving him any guarantees and then he lands here they can put him in prison and then in the u.s. whether his bid to break up spain will indeed to land him behind bars will be the subject of intense scrutiny not just here but across europe. russian president vladimir putin is set to meet his iranian counterpart house on rouhani in tehran today the talks will focus on the ongoing conflict in syria. as a new initiative to end the country's civil war both iran and russia want fresh elections in syria featuring current ruler bashar al assad iran has said cooperation with russia is a clear rebuke to u.s. efforts to stem iranian influence in the middle things. let's bring in our moscow correspondent you're a château on this story. tell us how significant is this meeting between the
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russian and iranian leaders into iran. well this meeting takes place in the context of increased tensions between tehran and washington off to get us president of the trump refused to confirm iran's implementation of the nuclear agreement and washington post penalties against a terror run for its test of ballistic missiles in september this year however terry is now both must go and there are obviously going to send a clear signal to washington which means once again moscow is support for the iranian leadership and at the same time it could be a signal to europe to show the you that moscow like brussels is committed to the agreement the question here is that for that to mean any cooperation between moscow and brussels at this issue experts say if yes only rhetorically because if washington still decides to cancel the agreement and to impose sanctions on tehran once again either europeans or russians want to be able to do anything against it
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now russia has been coordinating talks between various factions involved in the syrian conflict another round just took place in kazakhstan what came out of those talks well let's keep in mind first that these let's call them alternative told us in austin i have been taking place for almost one year meanwhile since their start in january diplomats have been facing huge challenges struggling to achieve even small successes to stop violence in syria the for the escalation zones for example set up since may of this year awful want but unity one diminishing mistrust on both sides and it seems non of the warring parties to want to give up to these on speech is true at least of the government and the non jihadist opposition and this is terry one of the outcomes in austin on rushers going to be hosting a further talks on the syrian conflict in soft she on nov eighteenth more than thirty belligerent factions are invited to those talks should we expect any
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progress there. well i've been talking recently to representatives of russia's minister of defense here nasco who confirmed that the so-called islamic state could definitely collapse very soon in syria and iraq and the question is terry what comes next what is the what is needed they say is a national conference and meetings that includes all the groups in syrian society as in the control of just groups with representatives of both the government and opposition suggestions like these have been made to people really during the years syrian civil war for almost seven years russia's president putin the south recently he hoped that further talks in sochi could help to other calm distrust on both sides finally but presumably coming talks in sochi in the end will be very very difficult indeed like every talks in the past. years moscow correspondent euro shadow thanks you're watching the news still to come
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life for syrian refugees in jordan it's hosting around one and a half million of them we report on the daily struggle for one teenager and his family. well the business world is dealing with a slew of central bank meetings this week that's right terry the fed is meeting today the bank of england tomorrow and bank japan already had a meeting earlier this week keeping japan's also lose policy going now let's check in with ali bansal financial correspondent who's standing by in frankfurt really all eyes are on the fed today what are markets expecting. they don't expect the fed to move on rates this wednesday they expect a rate hike will in the december meeting the u.s. economy allows for that there's inflation in the growth is very healthy by recent figures and also the labor market which the fed looks at very closely which is an important indicator for its decisions as also clipping along creating new jobs yes
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the labor market was hurt by the recent storms but people expect that to straighten out in the further course of the next few months the fed chair is also in discussion there's a decision expected this week by tomorrow to be exact by president donald trump on who is to be the next chair it's not going to be janet yellen that's also in people's eyes usually before a rate decision is announced that could always be that this wednesday there is a rate hike against all probabilities but the markets here are taking it very in a relaxed way the dax this morning hit another record high. well the bank of england is meeting tomorrow him expect any big moves there. yes there you can expect a move whether it's bigger not i leave it up to your interpretation a quarter percentage point but by market interpretation and by the economic and
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political picture it is a big move because it would be the first hike in ten years since the bank of england went on e's mode in the course of the beginning financial crisis now bracks it is being in focus because bracks a decision has brought down the pound and because the currency is worth less everything that the british people import costs more so inflation is on the rise the economy is in trouble though it's a very difficult decision but everyone expects the bank of england tomorrow to act in order to curb inflation at least keeping that down and addressing growth aspects in a different way when the bonds in frankfurt thank you very much. now in the north of india the practice of burning straw off the rise hollister has become a major environmental issue over the last couple of years is the cheapest way for farmers to prepare the fields for the next crop but it generates huge amounts of
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pollution to avoid burning farmers would need machinery which they can't afford but now a new technology could help solve the problem and produce electricity at the same time. when job india a land of burning fields. these have become yearly scenes as farmers set fire to straw or left over from their summer rice harvest to make room for their winter crops. the practice is a major contributor to north india severe winter air quality issues and last year pollution levels in new delhi roasted nearly thirty times higher than world health organization standard surrender banjo has been farming in the district of party for fifteen years. but last year's pollution crisis led him to rethink his farming practices. every year we used to burn the straw and it had a negative impact on the environment and now the government has put a restriction against this practice and some of us have tried to find
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a solution for it we want to protect the environment. surrender solution is a chopping machine which he and another farmer invested around two and a half thousand euros in earlier this year that allows them to remove straw easily and put it back in their fields to help with their winter crops. about thirty five kilometers away another alternative to crop burning is in effect straw from nearby farms is chopped up at this local power plant so it can be used as fuel to create electricity the plant uses contractors to collect straw from fields with machines called bayless but there are limitations to how many farms they can cover in such a short window of time. for shanshu club works at the plant and he believes their output could be significantly greater for farmers played a more active role in the process they can buy their own machinery in one. there should be at least as well of
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a millers than we can from all the fields. instead of burning they can make a landslide worse if they don't burn the fuel. pollution reduced but many farmers are still burning their fields they say they don't have faith in the new methods and that they won't be investing in them until government gives them financial incentive many of these farmers are already in severe debt and until they get the assistance they need they say there's no choice but to set their fields alight they're going to someone else should solve this problem the government should lift the straw themselves or pay off compensation to clear the field we are fed up with the situation. farmers know the environmental consequences of crop burning but as long as it remains to keep this way for them to clear their fields it will be a long time before more buy into alternative solutions. and that's all we are
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a business terry of the daily struggle for syrian refugees in jordan that's right. jordan of course is one of syria's neighboring countries and it hosts many syrian refugees in fact it's taken in around a million and a half of them many live in refugee camps but most scratch out an existence as urban refugees in towns and cities the city of in a bid lies about ten kilometers from the syrian border and houses one of the biggest syrian refugee communities. d.w. correspondent tanya kramer reports now on a daily struggle facing refugees who fled syria as children. he should be at school but mohamed who everyone here. is working at a bakery instead his specialty is sweet pastries. the fifteen year old fled to jordan with his siblings and father four years ago. or study medicine i missed
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school a lot you're caught up in a bad situation but the alternative back home is worse we got used to it. how moved his mother and his oldest brother were killed in the war in jordan the family lived in a refugee camp at first but because they left the camp on their own accord that barely qualify for any eight that is another reason the family depends on his earnings hammoud is here at the bakery every time work is on offer. it's barely enough for the apartment the rent electricity water and the rest my sister sometimes works as a hairdresser. when we don't work we don't eat but we're surviving. his boss also forced to flee from syria supports him even if hamouda doesn't have a work permit the baker transmits his knowledge to hamouda the traditional learn from his own father in syria. the situation does not allow him to study so he
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learns and helps his family with the expenses and home. he likes to learn we syrians help each other here away from home and no one will hire him. it's estimated that just like him moved his family over one million syrians have sought refuge in jordan according to government figures the country recently east some restrictions for refugees to find work six hundred fifty thousand syrians are registered with the un refugee agency but after many years away from home most of them have next to nothing the situation is getting harder for the families to move ahead economic opportunities are is still limited so. becoming more and more we see like eighty percent of the refugees leave you need to see these here in jordan see them refugees in the cities they live under the poverty line home is now a rental unit at the edge of the city her mood and his older sister must now also
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take care of their father who is ill he lost an arm during an attack in syria and was tortured in prison due to the trauma they experienced and the challenges of daily life the family holds together fast. when i was in syria i had many hopes about how it would be here now i have no hope except to become an expert of what i am doing and to support my family and myself and to make a small future for myself that's all i think about now. his family tells us how moody most top of his class at home in syria but in jordan he had to change his expectations and posts who a new path. some football news now owned by a music of seal their progression to the knockout stages of the champions league but as the giants travelled to scottish side celtic in the twenty second minute mix up in celtic's defense allowed by ns kingsley coleman to open the scoring the hosts
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fought back in front of a boisterous crowd and callum mcgregor slaughtered home to level after the break but a header from the mustiness put by out ahead with the midfielder spilling blood process the two one win assured by an a place in the last sixteen. and wednesday's champions league matches on horse host cypriot side up well knowing they face an uphill battle to reach the knockout stage dortmund are in danger of elimination with group h. rivals real madrid and top them hotspur in the driver's seat after three matches. it's the doormen scored wrapped up warm for training but the cold is the least of their worries entering the final stages of play in the so-called group of death don't know what they need to do to avoid the champions league screen ripa win as many man with those vendors not me if it's not over you have to keep believing that if they're still a chance no matter how small it is you have to go for it that's what i'll do not
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what the team will do as well as very much about my. men's defensive frailties are exposed this past weekend a four to defeat at hanover that results cost them top spot in the bundesliga and means they are now playing catch up on two fronts but omens destiny also depends on what happens in london their tottenham potentially boosted by the return of their star striker harry kane and retain ray allen madrid in a match between the group's joint leaders with all due respect to their mother it was to the lower schauble must believe we can win but then on the bench on the pitch we must to show with quality. enjoy play. and try to be there to perform much better than it. a top class performance would be necessary with a back to back defending champions in town like dorman's tottenham and read out both lost in the league at the weekend and all be looking to rectify that.
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you're watching the news we have more coming up for you at the top of the next hour and of course you'll find or news and information around the clock on our website that's d.w. dot com thanks for watching. is
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the reputation of german carmakers beyond her hand first the emission scandal then allegations of collusion the big five german car makers stand accused of doing secret deals and raking in record profits. how far did it go. about a motive industry shenanigans on made enjoy. a series of strong earthquakes devastated an entire region. a year ago in italy. some three hundred people died and tens of thousands lost their homes. a high sounding promises to rebuild swiftly have yet to materialize. after the quake. close up to forty five minutes do you believe.
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on freedom and. where i come from the region is rich in history and talent but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger and promising janitors now making names for themselves all over the world. some might get along the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom in a sense is like the unions of the day you can visit your car come back. when you're fifty one and i work at.


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