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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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women's talk w. . smart women. smart talks with. her smart station you'll find out this way w. me for this story so that people of the world over information they provide the opinions they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. this is day eight of the news live from berlin americas president calls for tougher immigration laws in response to the truck attack in new york these pictures of such
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a show the alleged attacker running away from the scene for being shot under arrested by police he's been identified as a twenty nine year old was back national who entered the country illegally also on the program cuts about use dismissed later refuses to return to spain for questioning over his region's declaration of independence. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program police have named the man suspected of killing eight people and injuring at least elefant in a truck attack in new york so i follow sipe off was shot by police and is being treated in hospital the twenty nine year old from us becky stanley said to have been behind the wheel of a vehicle that rammed into people on a bicycle path the white pickup truck of it off manhattan's west street and along the hudson river plowing into the cycle path and continuing for several blocks
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before smashing into a school bus with origins not describing it as a terror attack. a few minutes ago u.s. president donald trump said he was considering the number of responses to the attack including ending the green card lottery this man that came man. or whatever you want to call him. brought in with him. other people and he was a point he was the point of contact the primary point of contact for and this is primarily twenty three people that came in or potentially came in with him. and that's not acceptable so we want to get rid of chain migration. and we've wanted to do that for a long time and i've been wanting to do it for a long time and will be asking congress to start working on it immediately well ahead of mr trump's a statement to newsweek correspondent john holt in new york gave me the latest on
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the investigation yes we've just been updated by the mare and the n.y.p.d. and it seems that the f.b.i. and the n.y.p.d. did not know about this they were very careful with their wording did not know about the suspect prior to the incident and it also seems that the white they've been in communication with the wife and she was not aware that he was planning this attack but it is still you know very early we're still learning a lot of the details but from what we know so far he did pledge allegiance to isis there was materials found at the scene of the crime to the vehicle the drugs. but isis is actually not claimed responsibility for the attack. yes absolutely he's twenty nine years old from new jersey well originally from uzbekistan came to the united states in two thousand and ten via a diversity visa program which we've seen president donald trump is now called for
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revoking he spent some time in florida and worked for over in new jersey up to this point in time it didn't seem like it there was any signs that he might get involved in something sinister like i said in terrorism so this seems to have come as a surprise to people who know him. and the suspects i followed. details are emerging about him yes absolutely he's twenty nine years old from new jersey well originally from uzbekistan came to the united states in two thousand and ten via a diversity visa program which we've seen president donald trump is now called for revoking he spent some time in florida and worked for over in new jersey up to this point in time it didn't seem like he there was any signs that he might get involved in something sinister like ice and in terrorism so this seems to have come as a surprise to people who know him so the president at trump that they seem to be to
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sort of reactions here first of the president's reaction to this attack and then their reaction to his reaction so let's start with his reaction to the attack he's called for greater vetting tell us more about that. sure you know trump is calling for extreme vetting these countries stricter procedures in terms of who the united states allows into the country and it's not clear that that would actually have prevented an attack like this because the suspect was radicalized after he entered the united states not not before and the visa process that he went through was extensive it was a two year vetting process so the structure of the immigration structure or system that we already have in place for the u.s. is quite strict so maybe we should be asking the question how did he become radicalized what about isis was so appealing to him after being welcomed into the united states and living a it seemed like at least a decent life and having
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a job and a stable life and a family. so yeah it i think it begs the question is this approach is do we need more extreme immigration policies is this a logical approach to protecting the united states and then president trump's response and then took him into a twitter spot with a democratic senator chuck schumer yes and chuck schumer is a representative for new york and it is you know he's born in brooklyn so here we are having the president the united states attacking a senator who stayed and home city was just attacked just attack me just experience a terror attack which is quite controversial and some might say hypocritical when you think about how many republicans responded to las vegas. mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader said that it would be you know about two days after the last big shooting nearly october said it would be it's wrong to politicize this so soon
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and here we have trump you know less than twenty four hours after this attack which by the way is the worst terror attack in new york city since nine eleven and he's politicized the attack on how to hang out in new york thank you thanks for having me. catalonia as i was to present colors pushed about will not return to madrid for questioning on thursday according to his lawyer in belgium but he may agree to testify from self-imposed exile in brussels where he arrived on monday has been summoned by spain's high court to face charges of rebellion and sedition man who proclaims unilateral independence for catalan has said that he does not believe he would receive a fair trial in madrid has his lawyer pulled back can't. he won't go to madrid and i made an offer that he could be questioned here in belgium it is possible i don't know if he will do it but it is possible i had in the past similar cases where the suspect was being questioned in belgium. that got them so
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does that leave us where does that leave spain and where does it leave catalonia let's get more from professor how they are boss martin who is a professor of law welcome to day w how is madrid likely to view calloused posed the most desired to be questioned in brussels. when did one accept. by congress puts them on what it would call congress puts a man or a if if he puts a man doesn't agree to go personally to madrid probably he will receive a new order that he's considering. belgium and spain are part of the same. legal space in europe there is no need for a proceed your offer extradition so the spanish court will address directly to.
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the judge will be able to arrest and to question. mr puts them on to decide finally hear from mr puts them on he's delivering to the spanish scientists of course it could take about. two weeks or months perhaps but. that what they foresee start procedure and so if madrid does issue an arrest warrant for mr percy how would that affect his chances of standing in december say elections. he will have to the same chance as others even one it's in greece and spain either he or she is allowed to participate in an election the only problem is that he or she is elected he or she will be allowed to take a position to take the final seat the in the parliament but for people
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that are in prison it is possible to take part in elections and the supreme court wants mr person on the very front of them in order that they can do what. in order to question him to hear or to hear him but at the same time eat we love allow prosecutor to ask the church for an order of her arrest for of sending him to prison in order to prevent him to escape that's a situation in which or two other leaders of two separate two different independent disassociation are by now but. the chances that mr put them on will be allowed to go freely after being hurt by the charge are very low it seems he has decided to to go to belgium. and barcelona thank you thank you.
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talks aimed at restoring northern ireland's power sharing administration have collapsed regions two main passes the irish nationalist should find in the progress of democratic unionist have been deadlock since the problems his previous executive split ten months ago if they don't pass continues the u.k. government says it is preparing to legislate for a budget in northern ireland while stressing that it does not want to say a return to a direct role in james a pastor who joins us from northern ireland welcome to day w what happens now. nobody really knows exactly what's going to happen but certainly what will be attempted as they know there are sense of musi actions of some kind in order to restore power sharing what is specific here in northern ireland as you've hinted as we have this strange situation that an assembly can only be formed if there's an executive and an executive requires the agreement of to use the civic parties thing
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and do you pay at the moment they are. making some progress it seems but nothing like enough to agree to form not exact in three to four not government here which made us in the very odd position that we have no ministers when it comes on to issues such as health education transport but what is rather peculiar about this whole situation is that you know it is not a thing like somewhere like confluent where there are protests and people coming together to challenge what's happening here in northern ireland people are actually relatively disinterested. and that in some ways is telling some ways is why the two parties feel that they do still have quite a bit of time in order to reach agreement they don't need to yield too much in order to achieve that agreement so if there are no ministers who is running the show. that's a question nobody really knows the answer to under the course one of the hardest things is that you conduct minister in the country because there are still civil
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servants and all that has its own civil service but what you can't do is make any very big decisions and one of those very big decisions quite obviously would be a budget for each of the departments to keep the skills of the hospitals working and so on and so the u.k. government to set that it must intervene possible. in the middle of the month middle of this month so that there is at least a budget for northern ireland devolved department to say the departments which would fall under an autonomous government if one were formed and does any of this have any effect on bracks set on the border between northern ireland and the the irish republic well certainly bracks it's a low who maybe not directly i think indirectly has a prime profound effect on this so i think it is one reason that the national side by shin fein connel yields on many if it socks going into these negotiations because many national sierre how things by the outcome of that referendum there is
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a very strong feeling that risk certainly the underlying elements of the one thousand nine hundred to greenland here which mean that anybody in northern ireland may choose to have irish citizenship and therefore even after breakfast he uses and ship but they also it also is supposed to mean that people who choose to be irish can live a sort of all irish life can travel freely across the island can trade freely across the island. there is some concern. that perhaps it will hinder not so obviously that is why it's very important that the irish border is one of the main issues to be negotiated as a priority during the breaks at negotiations but it's also one of the reasons that nationals phailin need a bit more from these talks of perhaps they otherwise would in terms of possibly in northern ireland thank you you thank. russia's president vladimir putin and his iranian counterpart asan rouhani have agreed that more cooperation is needed to
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tackle the syria crisis and based on terrorism a statement follows talks between the three leaders on the un go on the ongoing conflict in syria as moscow considers a new initiative to end the country's civil war iran and russia want fresh elections which feature of the current rule of bashar al assad by john's president was also present some. as reminder about top story at this hour u.s. president donald trump has responded to the new york truck attack by calling for a change to immigration laws also said he would consider having the suspect sent to the guantanamo bay detention center as an enemy compassed. more news at the top of the outer bands as they will be able to hear shortly with your day's fitness update have a good. frankfurt
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. international gateway to the best coming.


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