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tv   Doc Film - Myanmar - The Power of the Monks  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2017 8:15pm-9:01pm CET

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fly for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship but just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as attorneys i have work off the streets of many canvassed and they have problems all at the same point to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption weak on the far to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and see them right through fools who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison i work with.
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this is d. w. news live from berlin the us president donald trump calls the new york truck attack suspect an animal and he says that he will consider sending him to guantanamo trump also urges congress to tighten immigration laws and to rip off the green card lottery for immigrants also coming up kev alone he is dismissed the leader refuses to return to spain for questioning over his region's declaration of independence. i bring golf it's good to have you with us president donald trump has responded to the new york truck attack by calling for a crackdown on immigration he specifically called for an end to the green card
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lottery scheme and he said that immigration should now be based on merit moving forward. this man that came man or whatever you want to call him. brought in with him other people and he was a point he was the point of contact the primary point of contact for and this is preliminary only twenty three people that came in or potentially came in with him. and that's not acceptable so we want to get rid of chain migration and we've wanted to do that for a long time and i've been wanting to do it for a long time and will be asking congress to start working on it immediately that was the u.s. president there donald trump and now police in the u.s. have named the man suspected of driving the truck that killed eight people and injured at least eleven in new york twenty nine year old safe. is from
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a stand and was shot by police he is currently being treated in the hospital of the white pickup truck veered off of manhattan's west street and along the hudson river plowing into the cycle path and continuing for several blocks before smashing into a school bus authorities are describing it as a terror attack. art i'm joined now by journalist james rhino in new york james good to have you with us what is the latest on this investigation. today we've been following the incident we've had the police giving a press conference with deputy commissioner john miller saying that science of apparently planned this attack weeks in advance and he was doing it according to a note left at the scene in the name of islamic state that obviously the terrorist group has been battled almost to defeat across iraq and syria by the u.s.
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and a coalition of other countries miller also said that's life over here to have followed almost exactly the instructions that those terrorist militant group put out on their social media channels to all of their followers and that's why we're we've seen these kind of attacks in other part of the world recently where a so-called lone wolf attacker rents a vehicle and drives it through a city and drives it onto a pedestrian area knocking down civilians we've seen these attacks recently in spain france germany and britain those returns to the u.s. president mentioned earlier today what more do we know about the suspect mr sipe olive's what was he doing in the u.s. . member well we know that he was an immigrant from back is gone which is obviously a muslim majority country and central asia he's been living in the u.s. since two thousand and ten he came to the country and lottery game that enables
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people to apply and get a green card if they are lucky enough and that number comes up and they come from a country that has a relatively low level of immigration to the u.s. anyway. being in the u.s. he's been living in florida part of the new jersey which is just across the water from new york city and also heigho he was a legal resident in the country and he had been working for the taxi driver for the the app company. probably come to the attention of police a couple of times he was arrested for driving offense in mid to late last year and there have been reports that he was under investigation perhaps in connection with other people the u.s. president has said that the u.s. green card lottery is symptomatic of a politically correct thinking that he said had come over from europe you said that europe's inability to see that its own immigrants had now come to the united states
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what do you see what do you think are the chances that mr trump will get his way and get rid of this green card lottery. yeah that's where the competition has quite quickly this idea. that america is too soft on its immigration policy and the game by which it gives out something like fifty thousand bees the every year to folks around the world needs to be gotten rid of that the game sounds nice but it's not nice and you want to move to a merit based system the democrats that the opposition party have already well back again with new york senator chuck schumer thank. goodness i think that trying to be a republican play at the moment they've tried to tackle health care reform that they're working on tax at the moment immigration is not a very tricky subject in the u.s. and they spent decades about not getting any way you could remember but sometimes trump. is talking about real policy changes and sometimes as we've learned over the
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past year he's just given a bit of red meat to the people who put him in the white house. are a journalist james reynolds on the story for us in new york james thank you very much a russian president vladimir putin and his a radian counterpart hassan rouhani have agreed that more cooperation is needed to tackle the syrian crisis and regional terrorism now the statement follows talks between the two leaders on the ongoing conflict in syria as a new initiative to end the country's civil war both iran and russia want fresh elections they are featuring a ruler bashar al assad i'm sure by john's president was also present at the some. kind of alone he is dismissed the leader of the mall has refused to return to madrid for questioning he said that he does not believe that he would receive a fair trial in spain where he could face charges of rebellion and sedition but he
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said he may agree to testifying from self-imposed exile in brussels. this banner shows jailed cuts alone independence activists hadi sanchez and hearty quick shot the message is clear help catalonia save europe. what's happening now in the region is stark the spanish government is arresting people connected to the consular independence movement and charging them with serious crimes like treason sedition and rebellion ousted considine president carlos prejudgment meanwhile is hiding out in brussels saying he will only go to madrid if he's guaranteed a free trial at least one barcelona resident had strong words for the former regional leader when you're going to go to new york and i think he needs to show his face instead of running off to a foreign country and he should show his face to the people here are standing up for him so he should come and show his face to the prison walls lawyer says there is a high chance he would be arrested if he set foot in spain. he won't go
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to madrid and i made an offer that he could be questioned here in belgium it is possible i don't know if he will do it but it is possible i had in the past similar cases where the suspect was being questioned in belgium. entourage. other ministers who also fled to belgium have returned to face the music it's now a countdown to see what madrid will do increase to most case next. and joining is now from barcelona is law professor. professor good to have you on the program maybe could you explain to our viewers how it's possible for mr bridge to simply not return to spain if he has been subpoenaed by a spanish court and he says no isn't he in contempt can he be held in contempt of court. not exactly but but the national court and the show on
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european or aristo warrant. to hop a team arrest in belgium. question it by a belgian judge on the belgian judge has to be cited he delivers. that mr mr puts them on to a donation of court of spain so ok let's say tomorrow morning thursday morning comes mr burrage tomorrow is not in madrid to testify he can still offer his testimony from brussels and the court in spain will accept it it will be valid testimony i don't see national court will accept that because they did there is a petition by the prosecutor off having mr puts them and e.j. will. probably sort of the and then i guess national court will not accept the offer by them by mr puts them on somalia i also understand that
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mr burns tomorrow is he said that he is for the snap elections that have been called for december and that he could actually run for office in those elections now if he does not return to spain to testify and in the rest warrant is issued for him will he still be able to run in the snap elections in december. he has a right to surround what does it for he's not the lections everybody has or the right to has to run for election except if he or she has been for beat in being sentenced by a court to allude to to run for a public post or for a seat in the parliament so he will have the right to run for election ok well there will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow professor so martin thank you very much we appreciate you helping us understand the legalities of this legal
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story thank you thank you here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the u.n. secretary general antonio gutierrez has warned that the world is on track for a catastrophic temperature rise of three degrees celsius or more he's urging countries to do more to combat climate change on monday the un's climate and weather agency announced a record rise in greenhouse gases. a nineteen year old syrian asylum seeker has been remanded in custody a day after he was arrested in the north eastern in north eastern germany on this is mission of plotting a major terror attack federal prosecutors say the suspect was planning to make a highly explosive bomb. liberia's supreme court has ordered a temporary halt to next week's presidential runoff now this after the liberty party whose candidate came in third watched a complaint alleging irregularities in the first round former soccer star george we
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had been due to go head to head with vice president joseph. in the event. the irish nationals partition vaine says talks with the programme is democratic unionist party to establish an executive to run the province have failed it's been ten months since the power sharing administration in belfast collapsed now the british government says it is preparing to impose a budget on northern ireland though it stressed that it did not want to see a return to direct. in the champions league on wednesday brucia dortmund host cypriot side often own knowing that they face an uphill battle to the knockout stage dortmund are in danger of elimination as group h. rivals real madrid and tottenham hotspur are in the driver's seat after three matches for dortmund that means every remaining point is crucial. the dorman
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scored wrapped up warm for training but the cold is the least of their worries entering the final stages of play in the so-called group of death don't know what they need to do to avoid the champions league screen ripa when this man a man who is this venison a fish not over you have to keep believing if there's still a chance no matter how small it is you have to go for it that's what i'll do what the team will do as well as with you much of my. men's defensive frailties are exposed this past weekend a four to defeat at hanover that results cost them top spot in the bundesliga and means they are now playing catch up on two fronts but omens destiny also depends on what happens in london their tottenham potentially boosted by the return of their star striker harry cain and retain ray allen madrid in a match between the group's joint leaders with all due respect to mother it was to schobel we must believe we can win but then on the pitch we must to show with
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quality. enjoy play. and try to. perform much better than. a top class performance would be necessary with a back to back defending champions in town dorman's tottenham and right now both lost in the league at the weekend and all be looking to rectify that. or two russian cross-country skiers have been banned from the olympics for a wife after being found guilty of doping at the sochi games in twenty forty one of the skiers alexander level has also been stripped of his gold medal. and. are the first athletes to be sanctioned after a review of evidence into state sponsored doping at the games the international olympic committee is investigating twenty eight cases in togo that will decide on russia's overall participation in blank in december. i'll be back at the top of the
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hour with more world news followed by the day have to see of the. climate change. waste. pollution say. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference he can win for the magazine d w. given. that what they're going to. have.
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since the autumn of two thousand and fifteen on sand to cheat a global icon of resistance to tyranny has had the fate of myanmar in her hands thank you. chris struggle against the military junta lasted thirty years she spent more than half of them under house arrest survived assassination attempts and was awarded the nobel peace prize for her stubborn opposition. the hopes of a great people rest on her shoulders today but the general still haven't relinquished their power and the young democracy remains fractured. and. the five hundred thousand buddhist monks in the man maher have played
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a crucial role in the return to democracy. although traditionally barred from politics there is still active in all areas of public life. however a new generation of monks is now questioning the old order. three of them have opened up the doors to their monasteries for us. they all stand out for their willingness to get involved in public matters and are fighting their very own at times contradictory battles. but they're doing it in the name of.
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what they have where my name is. i'm thirty five and have been a monk for sixteen years building.
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that was. i entered religious life in my village. when i was ten. since then i've dedicated my life to the teachings of the buddha and to spreading the religion. we. started the political situation in my country is one of the main reasons why i wanted to remain among. just. using music it was a little drunk on the pot. it
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was indeed when one son she came to power it gave people hope again. before that there was neither hope nor joy these people had stopped believing in a future. where at a buddhist association in the center of mandalay. is due to give a sermon there and people are already expecting him. ladies and gentlemen are venerable speaker has arrived let's listen to his words. and. the organizers appreciate his words even more than his commitment to. he is unusually outspoken for a mug. he's a member that is in our country you know the monks have long had
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a lot of influence on the people. play the most important part and most changes in the country. indeed when like the people's teaches. that oh. no. the. earth. don't know we're talking about. we monks i don't convince that buddhism is developing with democracy. according to the buddha. there's a set of teaching in the stock questions things and that's allowed to be question that. is exactly what buddha taught that. it was in a lot of that and i don't wonder and that's why we're convinced buddhism can only
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benefit from democracy i don't know cynical. people think that once they've cast their vote everything's done and dusted if they think they've done all they need to do but they're not exactly humble. they want this and they want that most of them don't even know what's happening in their own country i'm not so bad so far the government hasn't been able to do much for our economy but it hasn't even told us why that is am i right. what about our dignity is that a sign of intelligence. preparing the people of myanmar for a new democratic era that's how veto wants to support the woman who led the country to freedom. our trade very much for her and it worked.
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i respect and trust her. if i had to i'd be willing to die for her. the monks have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to society and their willingness to sacrifice themselves for the burmese people. and at times they've had to pay a high price. september two thousand and seven while the country was mired in a severe economic crisis the military hunted decided to increase fuel prices people were at their wit's end but then the monks took to the streets it was a first in man law the military hunter was surprised but at first tolerated it then the protests started growing quickly blossoming into the so-called saffron
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revolution after the color of the monks robes. the army was overwhelmed and felt threatened the unthinkable happened it opened fire on the monks and locked hundreds of them up the revolution failed but the hunter had shown its true face once again with serious consequences. or a saw in my view the revolution of two thousand and seven was the final blow. many blows were needed over the years to fell this big tree. after this last one the tree of the dictatorship came falling down. for you know. in two thousand and eleven man mark took the first tentative steps towards becoming
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a free market economy and a consumer society but half a century of terror and economic isolation had turned the country that was once the richest in the region into one of the poorest in the world the monks are trying to help people to get ahead. unload everything take it to the house who taught the to is held into his activism isn't limited to his bellicose sermons to compensate for the lack of health care in two thousand and ten he helped set up a foundation that aims to provide easier access to medical treatment. if it were possible we'd prefer to just follow our calling as monks to be honest we've all had enough of all this but it's not tradition that's a project can only be successful if the monks get involved. so we're forced into
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this work and we also view it as our to look after the people because we depend on them to know they feed us and pay for. with. the symbiotic relationship is a fundamental factor in burmese society the monks guide the people by providing them with a religious education while the people pay for their maintenance. the ons ritual. that takes place in the streets of man mark every morning is a reminder of this connection between the population and the monks and the monks are freed from material needs and can dedicate their studies wholly to spreading buddhist teachings.
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for the children of the poorest families entering a monastic school is often the only way of climbing the social ladder they then continue their training at the buddhist universities while some monks are happy to lead a modest life in a monastery others become influential people in burma society the so-called venerable ones. like the monks in thailand cambodia and laos the bernese monks practice theravada buddhism which is much more traditional than the zen buddhism known in the west.
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in contrast to the democratic. who were late isn't politically active instead he focuses on spreading buddhism to this and he has settled in a rural area far from the towns and cities where the majority of the born is population still leads an isolated poverty stricken life and.


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