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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2017 3:02am-3:31am CET

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the british government says it's preparing to impose a budget on northern ireland but stresses it does not want to see a return to direct. the terror attack in the shadow of the world trade center. i mean you come on i've got all my gun i own. gun ok i'm. free from panic and fear in new york to pointing the finger at europe tonight president calls for an immigration overhaul blaming democrats for allowing america to import what he calls a european mistake i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day. you have to get much tougher much smarter and much less politically correct
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president trump where is your leadership we're going to as quickly as possible get rid of chain migration and go to a very they system i have always believed that immigration is good for america instead of politicizing and dividing america and being stopped by democrats because they're obstructionist focusing on the real solution anti-terrorism funding which he proposed to cut in his most recent budget honestly and don't want to do what's right for our country. also coming up tonight in a world more connected than ever u.s. senators dressed down the titans of silicon valley for failing to connect the dots american political ends. russian money rubles. how could you not connect those two dot in hindsight we should have had
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a broader lens the truth of the matter is you have five million advertisers that change every month every minute probably ever since you don't have the ability to know. every one of those advertisers. of course the answer is no. we begin the day with a new york terror attack with the same rundown as reason attacks here in berlin london and barcelona and for us president drama that is part of the problem eight people on the manhattan bike and pedestrian path died yesterday when a man plowed through them with a van today president trump insinuated that europe's string of similar attacks are a result of immigration without proper vetting and he blamed the democrats for importing a politically correct thinking that he claims has made u.s. borders the newest targets for terrorists trump today called for ripping up what is
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known as the green card lottery and he wants to introduce a merit based immigration system similar to canada and australia now in a storm of tweets the us president wrote today the terroristic came into our country through what is called the diversity visa lottery program a chuck schumer beauty i want merit based he went on to ride we are fighting hard for merit based immigration and no more democrat lottery systems we must get much tougher and smarter and then he tweeted senator chuck schumer helping to import europe's problems said colonel tony shaffer we will stop this craziness. well joining me tonight from washington is. he is a terrorism and security expert with s.w. p. that is a berlin think tank you know it's good to have you on the day you're in the u.s.
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at the moment let me ask you has america imported a european problem resulting in yesterday's terror attack. america has imported a problem that's that is safe to say because in this case it has been relatively recent arrival from was biggest on there have been other attacks here in the country but it is not a european import and of course these attacks would happen even even if the immigration refugees and others would stop simply because the united states just like other western western countries has a certain. percentage of jihad ists and salafist living in the country so focusing exclusively on immigration when talking about these terrorist attacks is probably misleading you know and like you take
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a look at what the president tweeted earlier in one of his tweets storms he wrote i have just ordered the homeland security to step up our already extreme vetting program going to show our viewers that tweet there it is he said i have just ordered homeland security to step up our already extreme vetting program being politically correct is fine but not for this so how does the u.s. you know in your opinion how does the u.s. go beyond what it already has it already has extreme vetting according to the u.s. president. well he's he's absolutely right united states has been vetting immigrants has been that ing refugees up to a degree that hardly anyone from the middle east can come into the country anymore especially from countries where refugees do need do need
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a place to go to like syria like libya and other countries i think that the president president from is politicizing the event just like like the demo democrats would have it and at the same time i think that the united states states is doing too much what the european europeans are not doing we have seen that refugees some refugees might pose pose a security threat we have seen that in germany where refugees have been responsible for most of the terrorist plots in two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen i think that the problem here in the u.s. is different you won't solve the problem by vetting more refugees here in the u.s. we do have a relatively high number of so-called lone actor attacks by by radical muslims and these are normally normally not in this case possible simply because of crazy gun laws that is why islamic terrorism is such
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a big problem in the united states it is different in europe the us president he uses the term politically correct as almost as a synonym for the democrats but if you trace his thinking back further you realize that he's talking about the way the e.u. the european union handles immigration specifically the way the german chancellor angela merkel has handled it in her decision to open the border to those one million plus syrian refugees that's what a lot of people say he's really talking about is when he talks about europe's mistake he's talking about the decision by the german chancellor. yeah i think i think that's absolutely right although i see what is happening here in the us as looking for reasons to stop immigration altogether and to use the
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argument of terrorism and of security in general against immigrants not only from the middle east or from central and south asia. especially against immigrants coming from coming from latin america the problem in europe is a totally different one and i think unfortunately the president president trump is right about german policies in two thousand and fifteen the uncontrolled influx of refugees from syria iraq afghanistan and north africa has detail has led to a. deterioration of the security situation in germany but that i think has nothing to do with what is happening in the us and that is why i think that all these tweets all these were remarks are off the point they are absolutely illegitimate what do you make of mr trump's call for
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a merit based immigration program to replace the green card lottery. well i think he simply wants to get rid of the green card lottery i have to confess that that from the european point of view this green card lottery seems has always seemed like an odd pro says to me but merit based of course in his terms means that he wants migrants who have money meaning migrants who can pay for their stay in the united states as i said i don't think that will improve the security situation that is that is something that is mainly based on mr trump's view of the world i think he's not as great as many would have it as long as people have enough money to to pay for their entry to the united states many people close to him say that money talks louder than anything else let's turn the tables on this
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subject now what implications could mr trump's immigration policy have for european immigration policy is there any echo effect here in europe. well i don't i think well i think there is an echo because many you are a peon see what is happening in the united states as a continuation of terrorist attacks in europe we have seen an upsurge of terrorist activity in britain this year we have seen attacks in belgium and in france for more than for nearly three years now and we have seen an upsurge in activity in germany many people see the western world. as one as one security zone and i think to a certain extent they are right if you just look take a look at the personality at the nationality of the attacker in new york he
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wasn't all speak and we do see an upsurge in central asian terrorism in recent years the attack in stockholm recently was perpetrated by central asian to recent attacks in in istanbul and so what we do see is a globalization of terrorist activity by certain nationalities most or most recently by central agents specially ethnic uzbeks and this is something that we will probably see continuing in the coming months and years the whole jihadist scene is diversifying it is globalizing and becoming more and more important for our security situation in europe but also for the one in the united states. security interest in exports with the speed of joining us tonight from the u.s. capital washington d.c.
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you know thank you very much thanks for having me. and still to come on the day all eyes will be on this man tomorrow where will the former catalog president be on thursday spain wants him back home to appear before judges in madrid will. stay put in belgium the latest in the catalonia saga coming up later on the show. or the top lawyers representing the titans of tech facebook twitter and google who are facing tough questions from u.s. senators this week they want to know how russia used social media platforms to interfere in last year's presidential election now the big takeaway from yesterday's senate hearing was the number one hundred twenty six million that's the number of americans facebook says came into contact with russian propaganda during
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the campaign last year now that contact was made possible by eighty thousand paid posts at a cost of one hundred thousand u.s. dollars now when you consider that a thirty second campaign spot on u.s. television can cost around one million dollars more than the russians and while they got a bargain and it influenced election at the same time all senators who grilled the tax lawyers got plenty of commitments to do a better job at policing content but lawmakers well they came up empty handed in terms of concrete change take a listen when it comes to the twenty six thousand election i want to be clear we take what happened on facebook very seriously foreign actors used fake accounts to place ads on facebook and instagram that reach millions of americans over a two year period and that those ads were used to promote pages which in turn post more content people share these posts spreading them still further. many of these
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ads and posts are inflammatory why is it taken facebook eleven months to come forward and help us understand the scope of this problem see it clearly for the problem it is and begin to work in a responsible legislative way to address it in hindsight we should have had a broader lens there were signals we missed we are troubled by reports that power of twitter was misused by a foreign actor for the purpose of influencing the u.s. presidential election and undermining public faith in the democratic process art i'm joined now by eric has a ball he is a tech analyst he joins me tonight from new york eric it's good to see you d. you know the theatrical of these hearings are certainly compelling they make for good television but in terms of substance is there anything really that going to come out of these hearings that's going to change anything. well i think now the
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research to get our hands around the nature of the problem the nature of the scale of the problem that number you cited in that set of about one hundred twenty six million people who saw ads that were sourced to this internet research group out of russia i was one of the americans or saw them and i can remember just how insane social media was leading up to the election and it really comes down to this deep and abiding understanding of how easy it was for a foreign nation to essentially put its thumb on the scales if you understand how the american electoral system works you understood it stands that it's a game of changing the minds of thousands of people at the margins in the swing states like ohio and michigan and florida pennsylvania and that's precisely what happened they were the ads and we're starting to see some of the ads today they were brought to put targeted people like the wives of police officers or people who are afraid of islam you know muslims gaining gaining stature in society there was
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a lot about stopping the islamization of texas which is of course absurd on its face but it played directly into into the emotions of these people who might have been emotionally or politically or illogically on the fence and we now know that the election would it been would have it very differently if perhaps one hundred fifty thousand people in these swing states had done it differently we know three million people. voted three million more voted for clinton and for trump so that's a fact that that that that camp iraq and but when you when you look at the facts though what what's the lesson learned here how easy it is for the russians or for any foreign entity to use the tech titans of silicon valley or how easy it is to manipulate the average american voter. both both are absolutely true we know that the clinton campaign spent
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a combined one million dollars on on facebook ads to promote their campaigns their targets were horizontal they were trying to target everyone in the united states who used facebook these ads by this russian group were spending tens of thousands on a go to change the minds of maybe tens of thousands of people in total and that's all it really took so you are right in saying that it was a real bargain and so what we're now going to see and there's been some legislative action on this in the senate is subjecting the social media platforms like facebook like twitter and like google to have to document and track who buys their ads newspapers and television networks and local t.v. stations in particular are required by federal law to keep track of who buys the ads and and i may be wrong on this but i think it's fundamentally illegal i think is a violation of federal law for a foreign power russia or anyone else to buy an ad on an american television
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network on a campaign election season so i think what you're going to see is a very strong push among legislators to try and impose similar reactions to similar oversight on on the social networks and i guess that's what the social networks are fearful of is more regulation the c.e.o. of facebook mark zuckerberg he offered this statement here we want to pull this up and show our viewers he said political advertisers will now have to provide more information to verify their identity once they've done that we will label their ads as political and they will have to disclose who paid for them now that sounds good but it is voluntary why do you think these tech titans are able to escape regulation i mean is it there for ness or is it simply congress's lack of will to impose more rules all. well both are also both are true facebook has been
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resisting the federal election commission for about six years there's a bloomberg story on that a fact that i read this morning that's actually quite revealing the last time the federal election commission which regulates this thing voted to try to impose some restrictions like this on facebook it was a total of three to three so there is now a public comment period that is that members of the public like anyone watching in the united states can can make their voices heard on this issue and say whether or not they'd like facebook to be subject to the same rules as the t.v. stations of the newspapers they are the public square now facebook and twitter and everyone else they they always try to resist regulation partially because they argue that any regulation gets in the way of innovation when you hear a company general counsel or a c.e.o. say we take this or that very seriously like they did in the hearings today it means are trying very hard to to avoid having something imposed upon them and so i don't i think the political will is there's definitely strengthening will be
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interesting is if congress can pass this bill and whether or not the president will sign it because of the president signs it it goes to this it gives support to the narrative that he doesn't like that that he was the benefactor of this illegal. this illegal in this information campaign carried out by russia all right eric has it all it takes analyst joining us tonight from new york talking about these hearings in the u.s. senate the tech titans of silicon valley being grilled by u.s. senators as always thank you for your insights we appreciate you being on the day. where will a man named put be on thursday morning that is the one hundred million euro question tonight catalonia is ousted president. has refused to return to madrid for questioning despite being subpoenaed by a spanish court he says he does not believe that he would receive
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a fair trial in spain where he could face charges of rebellion and sedition and prison for the rest of his life he has offered to testify from self-imposed exile in brussels will the spanish justice system except that kind of no show this banner shows jailed cuts alone independence activists hadi sanchez and hard equally shot the message is clear help cut to the nia save europe. what's happening now in the region is stark the spanish government is arresting people connected to the cuts of the independence movement and charging them with serious crimes like treason sedition and rebellion ousted considine president carlos prison meanwhile is hiding out in brussels saying he will only go to madrid if he's guaranteed a free trial at least one bus on a resident had strong words for the former regional leader you're going to get to know and i think he needs to show his face instead of running off to
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a foreign country and he should tell his face that the people here are standing up for him so he should come and show his face to. the prison walls lawyer says there is a high chance he would be arrested if he set foot in spain. i'm not that he won't go to madrid and i made an offer that he could be questioned here in belgium it is possible i don't know if he will do it but it is possible i had in the past similar cases where the suspect was being questioned in belgium. the. entourage deceased. other ministers who also fled to belgium have returned to face the music it's now a countdown to see what madrid will do in pleas to mass case next. you know the saying when in rome do as the poor room romans used to do the top tiers of the coliseum they have just been reopened to the public now they were the
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cheap seats for the plebian xin age at rome the lowest social class well you can call it a case of gentrification of the galleries these days the newly restored bleachers have one of the best views of the arena minus the gladiators and the tourists well they're giving it the thumbs up. getting to the top floors of the coliseum means climbing lots of steep stairs but it's worth the effort the views of the arena and the city are treat. the top sides with saying all different perspectives all the while so i really really enjoyed it so if. it's those of all for the five or for the recommended. the fourth and fifth tears are where the poor used to sit in the days of ancient rome on wooden benches. the senators and the wealthy had much better views from the lower tiers they sat on marble.
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archaeologists in the excavations falling like the bones of chicken bones because they stayed here all day long from morning to sunset so they brought the food from the house a that they buy the food here so it was like a stadium. the restoration of the top levels took several years and cost almost one and a half million euros. they had been closed to visitors for four decades now the structure has been stabilized and the brickwork repaired it all looks pick and span you can imagine all the people here and. the conversations going on but visitors can't just wander around they have to book a guided tour and demand is very high. our the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter either d.w. news or you can write directly to me at british t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day now we're going to go from ancient sports
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to the modern olympics it's a hundred days until the winter games get underway in south korea today the olympic flame arrived in the country and the torch relay is two thousand kilometer journey began we leave you tonight on that relay and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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is there. refutation of german carmakers beyond the first the emissions scandal then allegations of collusion the big five german carmaker stand accused of doing secret deals and raking in record profits. how far did it
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go. about a motive industry shenanigans on the made in germany. saw me. as some young sung a song in a new song on c.k. again touches on why you missed them by a. violent exclusive journey to the song of via google sunny a phenomenon. of the family on the level of. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our
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environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's in spite of. the good guys farming magazine. on d. w. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word i looked in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn it simple online on your mobile and free to suffer from d w z learning course nikos german made easy. what has happened to the german auto industry first fox wagon wrecks its reputation
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