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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2017 9:00am-9:31am CET

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of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com or to freedom. this is the w. news coming to you live from berlin no regrets for the man accused of the new york truck attack prosecutors say the suspect it's a photo site called for the plaque of islamic states to be brought to his hospital room meanwhile the citizens of new york remember those who lost their lives to get
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an update from the u.s. also coming up another ratcheting up of the crisis in catalonia ousted president called his push to vote defies the high court in madrid says he's staying in belgium but his former ministers go before the judge who's. getting to the top in ancient rome the highest two years of the coliseum reopened after years of renovation work great views even without the glass. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us the suspect in tuesday's terrorist attack in new york city has been talking to investigators say follow saif paul waived his right to silence and told authorities he was inspired to kill by the so-called is. comic states online propaganda he says he picked hollow when day in
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the u.s. because he believed the streets would be especially crowded president trump has called for capital punishment for sipe off in the wake of the attack trump tweeted new york city terrorist was happy as he asked to hang isis flag in his hospital room he killed eight people badly injured twelve should get the death penalty meanwhile family and friends in different parts of the world mourn the loss of the eight people siple is accused of killing. old school friends from argentina enjoying a trip to new york some of the victims of the truck attack this video was taken shortly before five of them were killed they'd gotten together to celebrate thirty years since their graduation. in their hometown a candlelit vigil was held in remembrance one student said her friend's father had
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been killed. and her body in the seminar online you know at the school we all are cared for each other and when something happens we always try to be united together we've come with my friend and her family yes thousands of miles away in new jersey people were mourning another of the victims thirty two year old darren drake. had such a wonderful spirit he always had a smile on his face even the great person. in new york another vigil for the eight people killed. the suspected attacker has already appeared in court so i follow side of an immigrant from both pakistan total thirties he had been planning the attack for some time. so allegedly admitted that he was inspired to commit the attack by the isis videos he watched and had been planning this attack for two months but the attack has sparked
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a heated debate on high to keep people safe president donald trump says he will ask congress to end the diversity visa program under which side of end to the u.s. we need strength we need resolve we have to stop it so we're going to get rid of this lottery program democrats accuse trump of politicizing the tragedy well thank you everybody it doesn't work with new yorkers it doesn't work with americans and in fact if he really wanted to do something the way we can stop terrorism is anti-terrorism funding to help our new york police department and all of our police departments for new york police and ordinary residents life goes on both every expected to be out in force for the city's famous marathon on sunday. let's bring in our washington correspondent coston phenomena here cost let's start with the politics president trump has already issued
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a flurry of comments in response to the attack members of congress also speaking out what do you make of these statements. well it's quite interesting how different donald trump and the white house reacted to this incident compared to the recent mass shooting in las vegas when non muslim american killed fifty eight people. that time and las vegas happened the white house said that this is not the time for a political discussion when calls for stricter gun controls came out they said this is a time for mourning this time donald trump wasted no time to turn this into a political issue he criticized the democrats and blamed them for what he calls the lax immigration rules and called for the abolishment of this so-called green caught lottery as we've just heard interesting point of course is that lottery was introduced as the result of
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a bipartisan effort and was signed into law by a republican president george bush so it's not quite clear. on that front was aiming at it was certainly not the truth again he was throwing red meat to his base really and he continued to do so by calling the suspect an animal saying he would send him to guantanamo and calling for the death penalty ok so a very emotive response from the president to a lot of talk already about about security and immigration possible changes there is it clear yet what sort of policy response we can expect from the federal government. it's not really clear one of the things that donald trump called for in a flurry of for tweets on tuesday and wednesday was that he wanted extreme whetting vetting procedure the point is that already the vetting procedures
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are quite tight and general kelly the chief of staff and former homeland security secretary of donald trump said just a few days ago that those procedures had been tightened so i'm not quite sure what should come out of that and as far as other measures like ending this time versity lottery or other reforms of immigration is concerned i'm not quite sure if donald trump has the votes for that in congress in particular in the senate where the republicans have a very small minority and donald trump made many enemies even on the republican side some not quite sure he will get what he wants now police have been piecing together more details about the attack what more can you tell us about the investigation what police now say that apparently the suspect had connections to people who were under investigation for suspected
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terrorism but he himself never really was in conflict with the authorities with the exception of a few fines for traffic violations he worked as a truck driver and later then as an driver but he never really made it in the united states and that apparently caused a lot of anger and made him very angry people who knew him including him mom said that he was increasingly radicalized and we heard that he had ninety videos of this so-called is that mixtape on his mobile and follow the instructions from the states for conducting such an attack so there is a clear connection but he still seems to be a lone wolf that's at least what we know even though it was back man is also being questioned right now but we don't know if he's a witness or another suspect. cost and thank you very much the cost and phenomenon that in washington elsewhere in the u.s. police in the state of colorado are searching for the suspect in
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a deadly shooting at a wal-mart store where at least two men and one woman have been killed it's already said the gunman entered the shopping center in thornton just north of denver and appeared to shoot people at random witnesses described hearing multiple gunshots sent customers fleeing for the exits and he also did and were later escorted out on police. well the police spokesman has made a statement about the shooting here's what he had to say witnesses indicated that there was an adult male that entered did that so there are no doorway and just began randomly shooting into a group of people. witnesses said that they observed that the suspect then fled the area in a red mitsubishi mirage four door hatchback. at this time the suspect remains at large. on joined now by mackenzie
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a keeper reporter for c.b.s. four news in denver colorado she's in thornton and has been at the crime scene as well as at the police department mckenzie thanks for talking with us the shooter is still on the run as we just heard there must be a huge police operation to find him now. absolutely our reporters who were seen earlier this evening cycle have those. police presence as i. think again early the clock right now to find this shooter i'd like to see the good reason they made a fortune out of one of our cars and they do say they don't have a license plate of the vehicles as being in the media to try to figure out where exactly this person may be i am currently. headquarters and they have my duties and dozens of witnesses to the police department from one large city are to spending a lot of time interviewing each of those witnesses to see what people full of
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people stuff is eventually that could possibly have any information about the check to night and we do know that he is in the room right now in the police say that they do believe he is still are definitely people in the area are a little bit and they're saying ok a dangerous and ongoing situation mckenzie the shooter still on the run there but do we know what might be behind the shooting we don't know right now sort of police have said that they have they know of at this time that he said it seemed to be a composer a them they said that witnesses told them them is not true we walked into the wal-mart picked up a gun and started firing just like doubt it if. we did ask police if any of the as victims who are customers or the basis employees a plumber to be set up a time they didn't have any information both certainly but they know they continue to look into to try to figure out what exactly that motive was. mackenzie
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a key for report for c.b.s. four news in denver colorado thank you. an explosion in a coal fired power plant in the northern indian town of har has killed twenty six people and left sixty others severely injured many victims have been hospitalized with severe burns the death toll could still rise apparently a pipe exploded and covered workers in the burning coal. hole produces almost two hundred thousand megawatts of power for india more than gas diesel nuclear and renewable sources combined the five hundred megawatt unit was only operating on a trial basis india is the world leader in industrial x. it's now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today on science that she has visited the conflict torn areas of iraq kind state for the first time as myanmar's leader she met officials then headed to a muslim villages are government has said it's working on repatriation plans for
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the hundreds of thousands of britain just who have fled ethnic violence and britain's defense minister michael fallon has resigned after allegations emerged about inappropriate sexual behavior and said in a statement that his conduct quote may have fallen below the high standards required of the armed forces his departure is the latest twist in a growing scandal of her abuse in the u.k.'s corridors of power like position and members of catalonia is ousted government are set to appear before a madrid court for questioning over charges of sedition and rebellion the judges will decide whether to launch an investigation into the secessionist leaders push for independence and if they should be jailed pending trial but sacked cattle on the college which the mulch said he would ignore the court summons is in belgium and risks arrest and esther dick extradition to spain if you fail to appear.
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well we have team coverage of the story this morning d.w. europe correspondent barbara basler is in brussels and journalist martin roberts is standing by for us in madrid good morning to you both first to you martin how many of the lawmakers are actually going to be in court to face questioning well most of them seem to. see the eyes and ears of the world and all of them say they just expect the catalyst to just go on and so who wants to own this i have to say that it's been a very discrete type police operation here we've seen police go down. people. responded by forces and protesters but it looks very much as it. should go to you barbara in brussels we just heard that the other cattle on lawmakers are showing up in madrid for the hearing why won't push them on join them
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he might in fact terry be scared of a thirty year jail sentence some of his former supporters say he's a coward because he's not going to face the music now and belgium and ministers said pointedly now at times like these you should be close to your people however really had the real reason might be that he still hopes and thinks he's playing a political role here he opened a website that called him president in exile in you done in europe so and he's also of course still trying to garner support from the european union some countries in europe for his cause so far they've really poured cold water on that but he somehow keeps up the fiction of governing from the far that's what he said in his press conference on monday here in brussels it's fictitious but he still tries to cling to his office. much of the lawmakers are facing up pretty
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tough charges including sedition what all is at stake in these hearings could the deputy's former deputies end up in jail well given the seriousness of the challenges the judges could indeed order them to be taken away from the proceedings to go to the nearest jail which is about thirty kilometers ism's and. the other thing of course is the the government has asked them to pay back six point two million euros which is what they reckon was spent on organizing the referendum on the first of october. if they can't come up with us in three days then. they list will be going up to their houses on the property so yes i mean if they don't show. well yes the ones who are here at least. who go to jail also the judge crew those are of european arrest warrants for purchase most of the others who are still in
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those. martin is talking about a european arrest warrant there if spain does ask belgium to extradite pushed him on they likely to honor that request and porson to return. in principle yes it's not quite that easy because legally a sedition is not among the crimes that sort of guarantee an automatic extradition belgium court would probably have to do that particularly because bush in one has taken on a rather combative lawyer to defend him however still experts here think all this could be done within a relatively short time officially belgium has two months sixty days to sort of extradite him after the european arrest warrant however there's another aspect to this politically this whole thing is poisonous for the building government because it's containing the flame of a separatist movement form a separatist movement and so the fires could still start burning here in brussels
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over the extradition off to college which amount to brussels and martin roberts in madrid thanks to you both you. national markets are expecting an important announcement from washington today gephardt has more as you can say that tell us president trump is due to announce his pick of the new leader of the federal reserve that now will he be the new man at the helm of the world's most important central bank he that's him if you believe an increasing number of reports he well his name is jerome powell he has been a fed governor since two thousand and twelve he's a centrist on monetary policy and is known as a pragmatic and down to earth official both private sector and government experience. the head of the u.s. federal reserve is the most powerful central banker in the world some past fed chairman have even attained new cult status like alan greenspan he opened the money
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floodgates and sent equity markets into a feeding frenzy it led to a time of unprecedented growth fueled by critics. until the bubble burst in two thousand and seven unleashing a global financial crisis greenspan wasn't around anymore it was his successor ben bernanke who had to do the damage control but he kept monetary policy loose the u.s. economy had gotten used to extremely low interest rates a rapid reversal would have const shocks to the system but it was business as usual under his successor janet yellen at least at first now she's opened the door to gradual rate increases amid stable growth in the us. federal reserve stronger intervention in the economy stands in contrast to the policies of the european central bank which has favored of lighter touch and focuses on inflation the fed reacts to developments in the job market yemen's term ends in february.
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jerome powell is the man tipped to replace her the former investment banker is a republican and already part of the fed's governing board markets look ready to welcome such a choice he's nomination would signal continuity theoretically stanford university economist john taylor remains a candidate but his chances are slim analysts caution that he might be quick to tighten policy. janet yellen would normally be expected to serve a second term but because she was appointed by former president barack obama that is out of the question for the current white house by replacing a fed chairman only after one term president donald trump looks set to break another tradition. view this you know as my colleague last last you've been in the u.s. for a long time reporting on wall street and on the fed but your own paul be a good choice i would say he is definitely a solid choice is a safe choice as we just heard he's been on the order of fed governors for five
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years he has some experience he is an interesting choice in this much as he does not have any formal training in monetary policy is a monetary it cannot mix he's from the private sector but i mean as i said he's been on the board of governors for a while he has gained a lot of experience and if you listen to what his colleagues at the fed governors have said about him he seems to be a consensus maker he seems to be experienced enough for the job so it's definitely a safe choice you said that he's been in the private sector in the public sector he's had some real jobs what kind of policy a different policy could be expect from him it's interesting lee enough he will not really change policy at all if you look at his voting record over the last couple of years the last five years that has been on the board he has never once dissented from janet yellen always voted with her whether that was for keeping interest rates low and of course as we know pretty much zero percent for
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a very long time he has also voted with her when they started raising interest rates slowly he has voted for monetary easing for all these things so i cannot see any way fed policy will change with drone policy to help that's what markets expecting as well around the world. why i mean if there's no big got to be it isn't i'm not going to be any big change why is. replacing the first butts is a trump it's just a trump overlay he has said for the longest time that janet yellen is actually still in the running and he does actually like her which is the opposite of what he had said usually during the campaign when he was running for president everybody knows janet yellen has been doing a very good job and as we've also heard it is tradition for american presidents over the last couple of decades to reappoint a fed chairman even if he was originally put in place by a president from the opposing party bush did that with greenspan and obama did that
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with bernanke it for trump it seems it was more important now to just leave his mark in just get a trump person in place than it was actually about policy changes that's surprising is it he drops going to announce his choice later this afternoon is there any chance that it's going to be more paul was looks pretty solid now after what we just recently heard but with trump of course there's always surprises and he has in the last couple of days really been all over the board here all over the map he said yellen is definitely a contender and ironically he even said john taylor would be in the running he likes him too even though john taylor also a member of the fed is standing policy wise for the exact opposite of what drawn powell and janet yellen have stood so for us so once again this is really a trump wolf this is not about policy he doesn't know much about it to begin with this is just to put his person in and surprise the world. thank you very much because come. facebook reported
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a massive seventy nine percent jump in profit on wednesday as it pushed further into video appetising facebook's total ad revenue alone rose almost fifty percent it's just over ten billion u.s. dollars still facebook is in the hot seat in the u.s. for the way it handled political ads along the spread of false news stories facebook said the russians bought thousands of u.s. political ads to spread fake news in the us elections the social networking platform pledged to double its cyber security force in the future. now as a quick check on the markets and possible to be bought in frankfurt only you have an interesting i.p.o. this day especially for food lovers tell us. that's right for food lovers but who are too lazy to go out shopping the company is called hello fresh and the so-called milk it seller and what does that do it puts together recipes and
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everything that you need for those recipes for the whole week for a certain number of people to three or five people and then at the liver's these food boxes are right to your door and of course you pay a price for that they're attractive sounding recipes i took a look at the website haven't tried it myself but you get things like caribbean coconut soup and stuffed peppers with cheddar you do have to mix all the fresh. things together to make the meal but a lot of fresh delivers that investors gobble that up shares were so hafter so much so that the company is valued at one point seven billion euros even though it hasn't made a single euro of profit yet in the six years it's been since it's been found only vance in france thank you very much. that's all your business for now it's back to terry the story about the eternal city that's right one of rome's famous landmarks
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when in rome you can do as poor romans used to do because the top tiers of the coliseum have just been reopened to the public they were the cheap seats for the lowest social class these days visitors go more for the view than for gladiatorial combat so far they've given it the thumbs up. getting to the top floors of the coliseum means climbing lots of steep stands but it's worth the effort the views of the arena and the city are treat. the top sides with saying all different perspectives all the while so i really really enjoyed it if if if it's always about for the play what for you recommended for. the fourth and fifth tears are where the pour used to sit in the days of ancient rome on wooden benches. the senators and the wealthy had much better views from the lower tiers they sat on marble. archaeologists and it's deletions fallen like at the bones of chicken
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bones because they stayed here all day long from morning to sunset so they brought the food from the house a that they buy the food here so it was like a stadium. the restoration of the top levels took several years and cost almost one and a half million euros. they had been closed to visitors for four decades now the structure has been stabilized and the brickwork repaired it all looks pick and span you can imagine all the people here and. the conversations going on but visitors can't just wander around they have to book a guided tour and demand is very high. just a reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the news a man accused of carrying out the new york terrorist attack say follow saif has boasted about his support for the so-called islamic state while people in the city
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have been mourning a. you're watching news from berlin we have more for you at the top of the next hour thanks will. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. here in barcelona the battle over catalonia is in the front of so swung at least for the time being in favor of the spanish government is out for the fall of the pro independence republican left
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really now admit that the movement has bitten off way more than it can chew. next d.w. . the next arab spring could be a feminist one hundred eleven muslim women took to the streets demanding their rights but their fight began much earlier starting in the mid twentieth century there were calls for reforms. is a more conservative form of this law no driving women to renew their protests. seventy six inches long in forty five minutes. every journey begins with the first step and every language of the first word i looked into a cohesive germany to learn german. business just why not come with.
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its simple online on your own mile and train. yourself. d.w. zeal or course because week german made easy. welcome to quadriga that we sat on in the. yes don't you know that if this is a women's talk w. . more women. more talk with. our station you'll find out what it's like w. . here in barcelona the battle over catalonia years independence has swung at least for now in favor of the spanish government madrid is in full control now of the region and there's been little or no sign of the democratic resistance but the separatists had been asked.


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