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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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the world over information they provide the pinions they want to express t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin no regrets for the bad accused of the new york truck attack prosecutors say the suspects say photos of call for the plank of islamic states to be brought to his hospital room meanwhile the citizens of new york remember those who lost their lives in an update from us also coming up
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former catalog government ministers face questioning by the high court in madrid but their leader of the ousted president of catalonia called his push the moment stays defiantly in belgium. i'm sorry march and welcome the suspect in tuesday's terrorist attack in new york city has been talking to investigators say photo waived his right to silence and told authorities he was inspired to kill by the so-called islamic states online propaganda he says he picked halloween day in the u.s. because he believed the streets would be especially crowded president trump has called for capital punishment for off in the wake of the attack trying tweeted new york city's terrorists was happy as he asked to hang isis flag in his hospital room
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he killed eight people badly injured twelve should get death penalty. meanwhile family and friends in different parts of the world are mourning the loss of the eight people is accused of killing old school friends from argentina enjoying a trip to new york some of the victims of the truck attack this video was taken shortly before five of them were killed they'd gotten together to celebrate thirty years since their graduation. in their hometown a candlelit vigil was held in remembrance one student said her friend's father had been killed. and her body slamming online you know at the school we all are cared for each other and when something happens we always try to be united together we've come with my friend and her family yet thousands of miles away in new jersey people were mourning another of the victims thirty two year old darren drake he had such
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a wonderful spirit he always had a smile on his face he was a great person. in new york another vigil for the eight people killed. the suspected attacker has already appeared in court so i follow side of an immigrant from both pakistan total thora tease he had been planning the attack for some time so allegedly admitted that he was inspired to commit the attack by the isis videos he watched and had been planning this attack for two months but the attack has sparked a heated debate on how to keep people safe president donald trump says he will ask congress to end the diversity visa program under which side of entered the u.s. were to break we need resolve we have to stop it so we're going to get rid of this
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lottery program. democrats accuse trump of politicizing the tragedy well thank you everybody it doesn't work with new yorkers it doesn't work with americans and in fact if you really want to do something the way we can stop terrorism is anti-terrorism funding to help our new york police department and all of our police departments the new york police and ordinary residents life goes on both every expected to be out in force for the city's famous marathon on sunday. let's bring in our washington correspondent coston phenomena here cost and let's start with the politics president trump has already issued a flurry of comments in response to the attack members of congress also speaking out what do you make of these statements. well it's quite interesting how different donald trump and the white house reacted to this incident compared to
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the recent mass shooting in las vegas when non muslim american killed fifty eight people. that time and las vegas happened the white house said that this is not the time for a political discussion when calls for stricter gun controls came up they said this is a time for mourning this time on a trump wasted no time to turn this into a political issue he criticized the democrats and blamed them for what he calls the lax immigration rules and called for the abolishment of this so-called green cot military as we've just heard interesting point of course is that lottery was introduced as the result of a bipartisan effort and was signed into law by a republican president george bush so it's not quite clear. on that front was aiming at it was certainly not the truth again he was throwing red meat to his base
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really and he continued to do so by calling the suspect an animal saying he would send him to guantanamo and calling for the death penalty now police have been piecing together more details about the attack what more can you tell us about the investigation. well police now say that apparently the suspect had connections to people who were under investigation for suspected terrorism but he himself never really was in conflict with the authorities with the exception of a few fines for traffic violations he worked as a truck driver and later then as an driver but he never really made it in the united states and that apparently caused a lot of anger and made him very angry people who knew him including a mom said that he was increasingly radicalized and we heard that he had ninety videos of this so-called islamic states on his mobile and follow the instructions
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from the states for conducting such an attack so there is a clear connection but he still seems to be a lone wolf that's at least what we know even though it was back man is also being questioned right now but we don't know if he's a witness or another suspect cost and thank you very much the cost in phenomenon there in washington now smaller stories making news around the world today police in the u.s. state of colorado have released a c.c.t.v. image of the suspect in the deadly shooting at a denver area wal-mart store illegible gunmen killed at least three people witnesses said gunfire sent customers fleeing for the exits others hit and were later escorted out by police. she has visited me on mars conflict torn rakhine state for the first time as the country's de facto leader more than half a million iranian gym muslims have fled the region from neighboring bangladesh to
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escape what the u.n. has called ethnic cleansing our government has said it is readying repatriation plan. britain's defense minister michael fallon has resigned after allegations emerged about inappropriate sexual behavior allen said in a statement that his conduct may have fallen below the high standards required at the armed forces his departure is the latest twist in a growing scandal over abuse in the u.k.'s corridors of power to my position of authority as in india have ordered an inquiry after an explosion at a coal fired power plant the blast in the northern indian town of when chad hart killed at least twenty six people and left sixty others severely injured many victims have been hospitalized with severe burns and officials have warned the death toll could rise further hort say a pipe exploded and covered workers in burning coal. lacks safety standards have
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been blamed for a high number of industrial accidents in india. members of catalonia is ousted government are set to appear before madrid court for questioning over charges of sedition and rebellion the judges will decide whether to launch an investigation into the secessionist leader's push for independence and if they should be jailed pending trial but sacked cattle on the colace pushed him out said and said he would ignore the court something he's not ease in belgium and risk arrest and extradition to spain if he thought to appear. well we have team coverage of this story this morning d.w. europe correspondent barbara vessel is in brussels and journalist martin roberts is standing by for us in madrid good morning to you both first to you martin how many of the lawmakers are actually going to be in court to face questioning. well most of them seem to. be the eyes and ears of the world on them say they just
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expect the catalyst to just go on and so who wants to own this i have to say that it's been a very discrete type police operation here we've seen. it was. possible it was responding to these protesters but it looks very much as it. should go to you barbara in brussels we just heard that the other cattle on lawmakers are showing up in madrid for the hearing why won't push them on join them he might in fact terry be scared of a thirty year jail sentence some of his former supporters say he's a coward because he's not going to face the music now and the belgium a minister said pointedly now at times like these you should be close to your people however really had the real reason might be that he still hopes and thinks
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he's playing a political role here he opened a website that called him president in exile in. in europe so and he's also of course still trying to garner support from the european union or some countries in europe for his cause so far they've really poured cold water on that but he somehow keeps up the fiction of governing from far that's what he said in his press conference on monday here in brussels it's fictitious but he still tries to cling to his office and much of the lawmakers are facing pretty tough charges including sedition what all is at stake in these hearings could the deputy's former deputies end up in jail. well given the seriousness of the challenges the judges troops indeed ordered them to be taken away from the proceedings to the nearest jail which is about thirty kilometers and. the other
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thing of course is the government has asked them to pay back six point two million euros which is what they reckon was spent on holding arms in the referendum on the first of october. if they can't come up with. three. bailiff's will be going up to their houses on the property so yes i mean if they don't show. well yes the ones who are here at least. could go to jail also the judge could order a european arrest warrants out of the others who are still in belgium. marston's talking about a european arrest warrant there if spain does belgium to extradite first of all they likely to honor that request and force them to return in principle yes it's not quite that easy because legally a sedition is not among the crimes that sort of guarantee an automatic extradition belgium court for probably have to deal with that particularly because put someone
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has taken on a combative lawyer to defend him however still experts here think all this could be done within a relatively short time officially has two months sixty days to sort of extradite him after they are peen arrest warrant however there's another aspect to this politically this whole thing is poisonous for the belgian government because it's containing the flame their ship of separatist movement form a separatist movement and so the fires could still start burning here in brussels over the extradition off to college but you know and barbara basler in brussels and martin roberts in madrid thanks to you both. sports now an exciting and to the professional baseball season in the u.s. the houston astros took down the l.a. dodgers five one on wednesday night to close out the world series four games to
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three in a series punctuated by wild extra inning encounters game seven was a relatively quiet affair astro's exploded with five runs in the first two innings george springer was the hero as he hit home hit a home run for the fourth consecutive game there the astros held houston to just one run to seal the championship astros fans had waited fifty five years to win their first ever title and were ecstatic as the teams made at the teams made success. european soccer now and in champions league action it was a tough night for german sides army life six path to the knockout stage got more difficult after they were defeated by porto three one and meanwhile on the brink of a limitation after drawing one one at home to separate side up when. guerrero opened the scoring in the first half netting on his first start back after a long term injury well even the score in the second half through michael petain
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and don't wind didn't have an answer talking hotspurs to peter brail madrid keeps the black and yellow hopes alive just there. and before we go just a reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on g.w. news the man accused of carrying out a new york terrorist attack. was has boasted about his support for the so-called islamic state meanwhile the people of the city have been mourning the eight. watching d.w. news reaches with you the top of. the whole d w one. for in focus global insights the news that local heroes.


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