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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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yes they go where they get their problems solved and that's possible here on site i believe in the us i live in china before i'm french but doesn't is a very good place to raise a family. and i know if it was my somebody. this is the job reviews coming to you live from berlin spanish prosecutors demand jailed for ministers in catalonia as ousted government nine of them have been questioned over church charges of sedition and depended by speed's national court but the
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deposed gotta learn president congress boojum all the means defined in belgium we go live to barcelona for the latest also coming up the man accused of carrying out a new york terrorist attack appears in court but shows no sign of remorse now president trump has weighed in he's courting for the death penalty. and it's hard to believe but some hindu nationalists want to demolish the taj mahal it's causing huge controversy in india we find out what's going on. and i'm with that she meant great to have your company. spanish prosecutors have asked the national court to jail nine sacked members of catalonia government arguing they should be charged with sedition and treason but ex-president cardless produce more remains in belgium his deputy was among those who appeared in court
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for questioning the ousted lawmakers on the investigation for supporting the regions a succession from spain meanwhile protests as have gathered basu not to express support for the separatists. and for the very latest let me join our correspondent sean she is in boston lona i shall just how angry are people there about the events playing out in madrid sco. just a short time ago there was an enormous crowd behind me here they were saying to me that they think colors cushman is still that president they say that they wanted to come here to show their support for him as this legal process is going on it was all very calm very friendly lots of singing but that shouldn't hide the fact that people were incredibly frustrated at what is going on they say that they think madrid is being very heavy handed and that is far as they're concerned they should
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be allowed to push ahead with this independence movement they say that they have a mandate for it so there are. more protests planned today we know in several locations there are lots of calls on social media for people to gather so it could become quite quite volatile here is the day goes on for some of the members of the ousted catalan government are facing charges like treason the rebellion and sedition of this scary long jail sentences what is at stake here give us a sense. yeah rebellion alone carries at least thirty years in prison just to give us a sense exactly of what's going on here we've got the former with the dismissed cabinet ministers in two places at the moment we've got carlos tuesday morning for members of his cabinet in brussels we've also got nine people here who've faced the high court today who did show up for those hearings that they are that them meant to we've heard from the prosecutor that he wants to see those nine behind bars he wants to deny them jail that's something that could happen by the bail that
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something that could happen fairly soon we're also hearing here that it's likely that spain is going to ask for the extradition of cause now that's going to be a very complicated process and something that belgium is going to of course have to make a decision on as well so we could see a lot of diplomatic wrangling happening over the next couple of weeks this of course crucially raises very serious questions about the election is meant to happen on december twenty first what happens if carlos pigeon and his entire cabinet behind bars can they run how is that going to be able to go ahead what a lot of people here want to know so a lot of questions here meanwhile pushable as you said is still in brussels he's refusing to return to spain what is his strategy schalit what any anybody can really know that except praised him on himself there were rumors that he wanted to claim asylum about him that's now looking highly unlikely what the man himself has said is that he's worried he's not going to get a free fair trial here in spain he said it's
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a political trial and that he is looking for guarantees from madrid that they will keep it as virus possible madrid yet hasn't responded to that so it's possible that he's going to just wait it out in belgium for as long as he can surely just simple in barcelona thank you very much. that's article look at some other stories making news around the winds in afghanistan at least fifteen people have been killed and dozens injured in a few tank a bombing official said an explosive device triggered the blast which it got nearby vehicles in a town northwest of the capital kabul there was no immediate claim of responsibility . gavin williamson has been appointed britain's new defense minister he replaces mark a fine who has resigned after allegations emerged about inappropriate sexual behavior follows departure is the latest twist in a growing scandal over abuse in the u.k. as corridors of power. german chancellor merkel is hosting
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a new round of exploratory coalition talks members of a conservative a union bloc are meeting the greens and the liberals to discuss a number of issues including defense and commerce the negotiating campsie huge differences exist on a number of issues. donald trump has revealed calls for the death penalty to be handed to the suspect in tuesday's attack in new york city to accuse a saifullah sipe of waived his right to silence and told authorities he was inspired to kill by the so-called islamic states online propaganda of president from press corps for capital punishment for sipar tweeting that he should get the death penalty family and friends meanwhile of the aids victims have been holding vigils and services in their memory. let me now draw in our washington correspondent alexander for naaman heil. of the the critics are saying
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that trance response is a bit over the top in the reaction to this terrorist attack people viewing his reaction where you are. well we have to say that the president seems to be to be very outraged by what happened in his hometown and outrage also by the fact that the suspect shows no remorse but the problem is that he is not talking here as a private citizen donald trump but as the president of the united states and that is why he is facing a lot of criticism and people here many of his critics say that they feel offended by water the president is talking that he is trying to politicize this thread a-g. you have to understand that when donald trump demands a death penalty for the suspect the suspects lawyers can say no there is no chance
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of a further trial so donald trump's remarks have consequences when he criticizes the democrats for lax immigration rules when he announces to start the process of terminating their so-called green card lottery he clearly uses this threat the g. to promote his anti me grand agenda and that is why he is facing a lot of criticism so ocho mr angry rhetoric and tweets to want extent can trump actually change u.s. policy. you know when we talk about extreme vetting we have to say that the vetting procedure is for people who come to the united states or who wants to immigrate to the united states are already very tired and they have been tightened in the past months so i can't really see how they can be stepped up
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when we talk about the president's promise to terminate the diversity lottery program we have to say that he would need congress to support this idea and we have seen in the last months that the president's corporation with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle has not been very successful and alexander turning out the suspect had any new details emerged about him and the attack you know what is very interesting and important is that he himself was apparently not on the radar of the f.b.i. but he had contact to people who were subjects of terrorism investigation and now we are learning more and more detail about his personality people who knew he say that he seemed to be full of anger that he
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turns to a radical form of office because he apparently thought that he cannot make it in the united states and then it's what's really striking because in his last of the report for example the homeland security department says that it is a huge challenge and a huge danger those young people who reddick allies themselves in the united states and that is why to prevent them from you know carrying out an attack or so you have to work with the communities those people live in an exam to phenomena buter to in washington thank you very much for that. turning now to india and its most famous monument to touch mahal is at the heart of a political controversy with some in the nationalist want to get demolished there say the muslim built by a muslim emperor does not reflect indian culture one lawmaker went as far as to
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call it a blot on indian culture built by traitors. this majestic mausoleum was named one of the new seven wonders of the world ten years ago. the taj mahal draws eight million visitors per year prince william of wales and his wife kate middleton among them the taj mahal commissioned in sixteen thirty two took twenty one years to build the mogul sharjah hand intended it as a memorial to his favorite wife. but this long revered symbol of love is now being scorned by hindu fundamentalist because it was built by a muslim any moment built by muslims cannot be our national pride. there are moments of slavery they are the moments. they are the moments of. hindu nationalists see the taj mahal as
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a tribute to muslim conquerors who occupied india in the sixteenth century they believe it was built on top of an older hindu temple the teacher mahatma they want the hindu temple to be excavated even if that means demolishing the taj mahal. just like the people of germany. in the same way this. monument this should be reconverted into. only then it will become a symbol of. the controversy has dominated headlines in india for dancers members of the ruling d.j. p. party in parliament support the calls of the fundamentalist that's why the chief minister of the state of. was compelled to make a demonstrative visit to the taj mahal. wearing the robe of devout hindus a degenerate is known as a hard liner but in a symbolic appearance meant to put an end to the dispute he insisted the taj mahal
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would remain standing his a close confidant of indian prime minister narendra modi who has himself used famous muslim buildings like the red ford in delhi to showcase india as a regional superpower critics say modi's party politics are dividing the country and pitting the hindu majority against the muslim minority muslims in india say they feel socially and economically marginalized by the b j p government hardline hindu nationalists now want to restrict religious freedom to they say that muslim prayer or no mas should be forbidden at the taj mahal. when it is. meant by archaeological department not be allowed. and thus the taj mahal status as a symbol of love is being overshadowed by irreconcilable differences between religious groups in india. an item on sports news and the astros took down the l.a.
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dodgers five one on wednesday night to close out the world series four games to three in a series punctuated by wind extra inning encounters game seven it was a relatively quiet affair the astros exploded with five browns in the first to endings george springer was the hero as he hit a home run for a fourth consecutive game from there the astros head to houston to just one run to see the championship astros fans had waited fifty five years to win their first ever time to and ecstatic at the team's maiden success. and the champions league it was a tough night for the german sides are b. leipsic spots to the knockout stage more difficult after they were defeated by ortho three one dortmund meanwhile on the brink of elimination after drawing one one at home to cypriot side up where the file good air opened the scoring in the first half netting honest from last start back after
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a long term injury. even to the school in the second half through mikhail forty and dortmund didn't have an answer talked and talked spurs defeat of riyadh madrid's keeps the black in gallows hopes alive the shasta dead. you're watching the dabney is coming up ahead for the first time in over a decade the bank of england raises interest rates joining the us federal reserve in typing monetary policy but with gregg's it looming is the timing right. then position from our businesses will have that story for you coming up shortly. when i'm travelling to be comfortable.


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