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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2017 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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google ideas takes the next step protection for our planet's biological diversity trailblazing project. w dot com slash global i.d.s. . this is v.w. there's live from berlin wake up to the danger that's the message from the ousted catalan leader to the international community as a judge prepares to issue a warrant for his arrest thousands of pro separatist catalans have taken to the streets to protest against the way madrid is handling the crisis including the
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jailing of their democratically elected representatives also coming up president trump embarks on his first tour of asia tensions over north korea are likely to dominate the trip a day after u.s. warplanes flew over the korean peninsula. and this may look like just another ring attack but it isn't well explained why this is different and why it's under threat . i'm sorry so much gonna get to have you with us dismissed catalan leader carlos bruised him also says he will fight extradition from belgium if a judge in spain issues a warrant for his arrest as is expected later today the judge jailed nine members of the dismissed catalan government yesterday one was released today push for moyes came to internationalize the issue but so far the e.u.
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says this is a domestic matter the crisis is also dividing opinion on the streets of barcelona. in catalonia one story continues to dominate and on the ground the jailing of its former leaders and an arrest warrant for it to abscond the president is splitting opinion. when i start another it's a joke from someone who has fled the conflict. it's a matter of democracy and no longer just a matter of independence but personally i think it's bad news for a government to have political prisoners and it can affect those of us who are in favor of independence. for catalonia as ousted leadership the route to independence has taken them here a jail awaiting the next stage of their inquisition over charges of rebellion. but i just i mean they are here know and they are fine but they are worried about their
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families in catalonia as well as in spain they are determined to move forward and hope for our support from the outside. but i was there most of them were. not among those jailed is this man catalans former president holed up in belgium that is. it is a grave attack on democracy. imprisoning political leaders who have ample citizen support is an act that violates the basic principle of democracy. carlos bustamante ever returns to face the music he will hope it sounds like this. the speaker of the catalan parliament arriving to work today after appearing in the supreme court she has another week to prepare her defense. well let's bring in our correspondents starlet's how some pill is in barcelona and barbara vessel is in brussels good to see you both charlotte let's start with you
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what is the situation facing the jailed members of the cattle in parliament. well those eight face an extremely heavy sentence if it doesn't go their way rebellion alone one of the charges leveled against them carries thirty years in jail but this person could take years it's long and protracted the big surprise in fact is that they've been jailed so quickly a lot of people were expecting to see them out on bail like one of their former colleagues who is today a free man the other a key former ministers in colors pushed months government to remain behind bars for the foreseeable future you did mention there that one of these lawmakers was released on bail what can you tell us about his case yeah he's a very interesting figure he's the former business minister and he was being dealt with differently by the judges believed because he didn't take part in the
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independence vote last friday he quit the government before that vote took place so he's now been released on bail he's had to pay fifty thousand years now what's so interesting about him is that he said that he wants to run. for push wants party in the election on december twenty first whether or not this is part of a a well crafted plan and that the pro independence leaders wanted to have somebody remaining who is not behind bars we're not yet sure but we know that he certainly divides opinion here in catalonia there are a lot of people who were very angry with him for that person not taking part in the vote and secondly not being among those who are essentially facing the music today some people have gone so far as to call him a traitor and in the spanish media he's being described as the lonely man you know the one that's on his own while everyone else is facing these very serious charges ok barbara let's come to you in brussels now carlos bustamante will very likely
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issue a legal objection to any arrest warrant that is issued what would happen then what kind of legal protections can he expect if any. there is a set process for cases like these if we remember for for instance the case of julian is solved in great britain some years ago it was very similar he fought his extradition to sweden for years in in front of british courts and now we're going to see something like this in belgium puts mond can goes through the two instances off the belgian courts to defend himself against extradition extradition demand that is by the way has not yet arrived on belgium soil it seems and he will cite to the infraction off his basic rights mainly that's what his lawyer says and that's what he himself indicated so he has some months to go and in order to suit if not to go to spain also his lawyer has suggested that the spanish authorities could
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talk to him on videoconference however given the severity off the charges as mentioned by childhood that is very unlikely they're going to do that so they will insist off his extradition bought it will take some time barbara belgium is a difficult case on its hands here what is the government there saying about the situation. the government would rather he would sort of to solve into thin air particularly the bologna and pardon the french speaking part of the government here in belgium because they have had secession problems in the past of course these the main coalition parties party which is the flame mission national party here has had strong ideas about sort of splitting off from belgium and sort of really tearing the country into that has quieted down that now in government they're behaving somewhat more responsibly however some of their ministers have already spoken up in
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defense of cars pushed a month and said it was all this was against democracy and people shouldn't be put in jail for voicing ideas like that and so chaunce michel the belgian prime minister really has big problem on his hands he tries to keep the ball really low he has talked during the last days he's not talking anymore however everybody fears that the whole thing dragging on for months and months in front of the dream court belgian courts could turn into a sort of fragmentation grenade for the politically fragile situation and belgium idea of these barbara vessel for us in brussels and a charlotte shell some pill in barcelona thank you both now u.s. president donald trump has left washington ahead of his first official tour of asia the president and first lady boarded air force one a short while ago they are first going to hawaii where they will get a briefing on u.s. military forces in the pacific after that they had to japan tensions over north
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korea's nuclear threat look likely to dominate the traffic on thursday the u.s. flew supersonic bombers over the korean peninsula for military exercises north korea has condemned the move saying america is seeking to ignite nuclear war earlier we spoke to journal steven burrill wake in the south korean capital seoul and we asked if the u.s. bombers flying of the korean peninsula are a show of force ahead of trump's arrival in the region. this is not exactly routine but these types are some of the force are they do take place from time to time but they're never random they're always they always have some kind of objective in mind and i think probably the dominant perceptional these are meant as a show force to show north korea the extent of u.s. military power before trump visits the u.s. is still the dominant military power and eight zero and every once in a while they make a move like this to remind north korea that and perhaps to as
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a kind of precursor to trump's arrival in korea next week but as we all know north korea objects very strongly to these types of shows of force taking place so close to its territory and they accuse the united states of being the real aggressor in the region and the u.s. it being a possible force that could cause war. journalist stephen expecting to us a little bit earlier in the day there now catalonia moves for independence are being watched by separatist movements in many parts of the world in nigeria a group called the indigenous people of biafra is calling for an independent state in the south east of the country it is an old demand that sparked a bloody civil war fifty years ago to be a visit at the home of the independence movements leader. who went missing in september his disappearance has fueled fears of new violence this is a statue of nom de kanu with its arms chopped off the real number congo has
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disappeared. i witnesses say security forces stormed his house and salt is done nigeria in september he has not been seen since the army says he fled but this man believes he was killed which in it will be the case a member of the separatist i p o v the indigenous people off be upfront he has been on guard at his leader cells since it was raided and kano himself disappeared. this is from doug joyce hsiang did do that just sort of idea that we had it so this shouldn't take you so most of us well sort of i would like someone like me out of the way some of the separatists from what they believe was a military operation because that's twenty people were killed after the brother of the missing separatist leader. after many unsuccessful attempts to protect and he agreed to meet us he says the actions of the nigerian military has made to the
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i.p.o. be even more determined to carry on. asking for a friend of his not asking for. one to three people on don't open achieve that is to reference them. and that's what made us say and that's what everybody believes in today the government has rejected the separatists it's it says an independence referendum would be unconstitutional and dangerous. the information minister says all the governors in the region the same opinion they have course most of it was prosecuted to the people and they are not going to be encouraging any kind of fight to titian that leads to the loss of lives fear of an escalating conflict is growing among the population and i g ariens in the south east of the country have long felt sidelined and neglected but many do not sympathise with the radical approach of the b. offering separatists this increasingly harsh exchange of words on both sides of the conflict son subparts of an independent speak about the destruction of nigeria the
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government on the other side because the separatist movement a terrorist organisation most observers doubt that in the current political climate a peaceful referendum which be possible. now to an important scientific discovery for the first time in nearly a century we can welcome a new member to the family up until now scientists that only counted six species of great apes like gorillas chimpanzees and us humans all creatures belonging to this previously unknown branch of the family tree can be found on the indonesian island of sumatra here deep inside the remote but tongue toral forest but scientists warn that this exciting news could end up being bittersweet say hello to your new cousin no we're not monkeying around this frenzy had fellows the latest member of the great ape family his last name is pronto topper newly insists to the untrained
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eye he may look like any other. but when an older member of the family died in twenty thirteen after a brutal confrontation with local villagers researches took a closer look. what they found was remarkable that test results published in the journal current biology reveal the animals have smaller heads and frizzy a fur the top a newly orangutan was its own distinct species. called the whole voice all the language. is already different. but also they're living in a very high altitude habitat and they're in the fruits of various tree species that nobody's ever seen them eat by oldest woman may not be much time to celebrate there are only eight hundred left the least of any great ape species the biggest threat comes from a distant relative humans. a reminder now
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of our top story that we're following for you at this hour there of been a protest in barcelona after ministers in the deposed catalan government were jailed by a judge the same judge is also expected to issue an international arrest warrant for the catalan leader. who is in brussels and u.s. president donald trump heads to hawaii today before embarking on a tour of asia tensions over north korea are likely to dominate the trip a day after u.s. warplanes flew over the korean peninsula. thanks for watching the. whole g w o one. for in the global in.


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