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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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course they go where they get their problems solved and that's possible here on sites i believe in the us i live in china before i'm french but doesn't is a very good place to raise a family. and i know if it was my family. this is d.w. news live from berlin and catalonia is independence leaders this will define an international arrest warrant carlos' push them all is in brussels where authorities are deciding how to respond to the warrant issued by a spanish judge in barcelona tens of thousands of fused among supporters took to
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the streets also coming up iraqi and syrian forces take back two towns from so-called islamic state the group has now lost almost all the territory it seized three years ago. and the maltese journalist killed by a bomb and her car is laid to rest but how close are police to finding out who was behind the murder. welcome to the program i'm mary in evanston and it's good to have you with us belgian authorities are examining an international arrest warrant issued for catalonia as ousted leader karla's proved a moment it lists addition and rebellion among the crimes he's alleged to have committed pushed him on says he will not be extradited he went to belgium after madrid ousted him from his position as president of the catalan region well
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meanwhile wisdom on supporters have been staging pro independence rallies in barcelona. tens of thousands once again out on the streets of the catalan capital barcelona protesting against the detention of leaders of the independence movement speaking from his refuge in brussels the deposed president remain defiant karla's put your money says he will stand in fresh elections ordered by the spanish government for december twenty first even if he has to campaign from belgium. it's not normal that we risk up to thirty years of imprisonment thirty years because we have respected our commitment towards our electors this is not normal it's something extremely barbarous we cannot speak of a democracy if we have to play with these kind of rules you actually have a clip at least eight former members of the ousted catholic government are being held without bail pending possible charges of rebellion and sedition after to
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solving the region's parliament the spanish government is hoping new elections will offer a fresh start for the country. these elections are for all the political parties i can amend their office to capital and society the government hopes for an end to instability and cheery aeration in the social cohesion and economic framework in the i got that i need to. put him on supporters will tear his decision to stand in the elections but for now there's still no prospect of any return to normality. our correspondent charlotte shelf until is in barcelona and she joins us now for more so charlotte how have people in barcelona responded to the arrest warrant against used in rome. well there were thousands of people on the streets in this square last night and across catalonia the protests were originally called to demonstrate against the detention of those eight men and women who are currently behind bars in madrid the dismissed catalan ministers news did during that process
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they start to trickle through here that. that international arrest warrant had been issued for post on immediately people hey started chanting is our president there was a lot of anger here on the streets last night they say that he is democratically elected as was the dismissed cabinet and they say essentially he's a political prisoner they argue that he is being put in prison for doing just what he promised to do when he ran in the election and they're incredibly frustrated they also say that this now goes beyond the fates of the former cabinet ministers it goes beyond their dream for independence and now in compass is real anger and fear about the spanish justice system they're worried that this is going to be a politically motivated trial coming up and that it's not going to be fast so some real concerns on the streets among pro independence supporters. well do these mass protests in barcelona think
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a signal an increase in support for catalan independence despite the intensifying crisis. well this area has always been extremely divided recent polls suggest actually that less and hoffa people are in favor of independence that been a lot of protest on both sides this time last week we had thousands of unity supporters waving spanish flags against this independence movement the detention of these cabinet ministers dismiss cabinet ministers they certainly has given the independence movement a new impetus a new new fury a new reason to come onto the streets they're now worried that the independent they've dreamed of for so long and the autonomy the hard won autonomy that they had here could start to fade away with the detention of these ministers well it's been just over a week since canon law makers declared independence which of course was immediately followed by the central government in madrid seizing control of the region are
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there noticeable changes in barcelona since madrid took over a huge amount has happened in the last week marion a yes we've seen of course we've got the dismissed ministers half of them and now in brussels you've got the other hall behind bars we've had the police chief the chief of the regional police dismissed from his post and madrid is starting to take charge of a number of dorothy's here in catalonia essentially one five five five five means that madrid has imposed direct rule head that something has prompted a lot of people to come out onto the streets as we've said it was the second night running that pro independence supporters were on the streets last night to protest against this this is the last thing that people here wanted let's remember that they wanted independence and what they've actually seen is that they are. very proud of and they defend has now been taken away. charlotte reporting from
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barcelona thank you. now u.s. president donald trump has arrived in hawaii ahead of an extensive tour of asia visited pearl harbor with first lady and placed a wreath at a memorial to u.s. sailors who were killed in the japanese attack on the naval base there in one thousand nine hundred forty one the president also attended a briefing at u.s. pacific command that is believed to have included north korea's controversial nuclear program now to some of the other stories making news around the world and new york city's police department says it has put together what it calls a credible narrative of rape allegations against us movie mogul harvey weinstein police are now gathering evidence for an arrest warrant dozens of women have claimed that the hollywood producer sexually harassed or assaulted them security
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has been stepped up for new york city's marathon on sunday tens of thousands of participants are expected to take part in the run it comes just days after a truck plowed into people in manhattan killing eight authorities in southern italy have seized twenty four million tramadol tablets a basis backed would have been used to fund international terrorism the drug has become notorious in recent years for its widespread use by islamic state and boko haram fighters to suppress pain and fatigue. well so-called islamic state has lost control of two of the last major towns in its grip in syria and iraq the militants are now left fighting for a final patch of territory inside syria and in desert regions along the iraq syria border and its height i as controlled about eight million people living in what it calls its caliphate. these images show units of the iraqi army's
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counterterrorism forces securing one of the country's last remaining hell tons according to government forces team was liberated in record time. is situated on the iraqi border where the euphrates river spilled into syria some one hundred forty kilometers northwest of all came the syrian town of data was all celebrities had from militants. syrian military sources are calling the victory the last phase in their campaign to completely annihilate. does that mean that the main units of our armed forces in cooperation with allied forces finish their duties in reestablishing security and stability to darrell's our city completely. the syrian army's advances come on the heels of russian bombing raids on meso strikes russia has carried out eighteen such attacks in recent days paving the way for the seven army to move forward. a multi journalist killed in
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a car bombing last month has been laid to rest more than fifteen hundred people turned out to pay their last respects and make her c.m. she was investigating claims of government corruption at the time of her death. mccurry wanted to lead see his sons carried her coffin out of the church and into the square after the funeral service. throngs of supporters paid their last farewell and called for justice. for years kyra one of the leads if thought to expose corruption in investigative blog running commentary many are certain her search for the truth cost her her life it's not just a matter that it's a brutal assisted nation done by someone who wanted to make a show of force to show each and every person the more down the road toward the things more but where for then this they that he's not afraid not only of the state
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but also of the different people. definitely karo on a good lead see i have been investigating a number of malta's top tier politicians. the family made it clear that the country's prime minister and a number of other officials would not be welcome at the funeral thank the president of the european parliament was the only official representative in attendance and i guess when he called for an international inquiry the boundaries of this murder go beyond this island we have already discussed a debate on this issue in the european parliament and we'll have another. in malta investigations are ongoing but there have been no significant breakthrough so far this lack of progress is frustrating many ordinary multis who want to see daphne's killers brought to justice.
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all right let's take a look at friday's bundesliga action now as they had a brain and travelled to frankfurt on match day eleven the visitors have struggled this season and sacked their coach alexander nori on monday interim coach florian cofield with put in charge for this game and frankfurt took the early leave through . dante rae bitch crow did a spectacular strike. but braman hit back just eight minutes later as they equalised through nicholas moyes and or. the scores in state level until the eighty ninth minute when sebastian where clinched the victory for frankfurt who are now unbeaten in final. all right staying with the bundesliga and dortmund host byron munich in the biggest clash of the weekend down team are in second place and trailed biron by just three points by and they've been in poor form recently managing to take just one point from their last three games on the other hand byron have
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a perfect record since you pincus took over as coach last month. and have their swagger back that's been the case since the return of coach pike is just in time for the german classico away to dortmund the defending champions are now top of the table which gives them added confidence but. i don't think the pressure is on us this week i'd be very happy that when our three points ahead after two or three weeks of being five points behind. his has clearly lifted the mood in munich and the club has strengthened its defense along the way but the coach doesn't want his club to go into the match over confident against a struggling dormant side. we shouldn't just naively believe getting weaker and we can take them with one hand tied behind our back on the contrary this will be a very intense game and intense and you can feel distribute. but intensity
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requires a strong dortmund and lately they've his a slump no wins in the last three matches and the implementation of peter boss came plan continues to cause problems i'm having early in the season we were on a roll and nobody talked about it it's normal that when you're not winning and he's been talking about it and that's that when they get it it's what football fans around the world talk about after saturday's game remains to be seen with a win dortmund could be back in first and see some positive headlines. former bundesliga player paulo guerrero has been charged with doping after a failed drug test the striker is peru's captain and his side are still hoping to qualify for the twenty eighteen world cup the former byron munich and hamburg player was not present for friday's training session after fifo suspended him for thirty days pending further investigation it's a blow to his national team as they're set to play new zealand on the eleventh and
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fifteenth of november for a chance at qualification. a quick reminder now of the top story we're following for you a spanish judge has issued an international arrest warrant for the ousted catalan leader carlists bustamante tens of thousands of his supporters have taken to the streets of barcelona to protest against spain's handling of the crisis. you're up to date now on d.w. news will be back again at the top of the hour from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. the whole g.w. on one. for the global insight the moves out for local
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