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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2017 5:15am-5:31am CET

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it's all about the moments that lie before. it's all about the still lives inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and do so fired by distinctive instagram or others at g.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. hello welcome to the bundesliga here on d w match day eleven is iraq and ready to be sliced and diced five graduated joining me this studio are my two sunday guests journalists and but as they get contributor per mail online kid holding out a kid like us. and our very own mark always on the mark meadows goes in mark
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thank you very much glad to hear it here's what we're serving. newmont new hope cologne are hoping to finally win a game this season when they host an out of form hoffenheim and winless at home will spur post win this away cancer early and of course we'll revisit to casa cup where prior deflated dortmund three one showing them they're not ready to relinquish the bundesliga crown just yet. it was a red october for hoffenheim this many wins zero but facing cologne who has only given off the stench of defeat through ten matches should offer any opponent they face hope a win would give hoffenheim a huge boost in the table let's see if they were ready to cry. nine minutes in a lackadaisical cologne defend seem to stand by and watch as dennis geiger put
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hoffenheim in the lead. guy gears first shot on wittingly turned into an assist for himself as he powered the ball in with his second. porous at the back and ineffective up front cologne had scored only four goals in their first ten outings . and then they had some bad luck you yeah it was socko hit the post shortly before the break colognes best chance to get on the board. after the restart hoffenheim continued to dominate after this scene the referee awarded them a penalty decision confirmed by video replay even though mark seemed to go down without much help. wagner stepped up to the spot to make it two nil for the visitors in the fifty six minute and he added another to round out the three nil scoreline shortly before the final whistle. on the course there are games where we
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show we've still got some life left in us but today there was way too little of that and time ran rings around us they could have scored even more goals. at all she's lost not only keeps cologne buried in the bundesliga cellar but also deals yet another blow to dean morrell. it's time for the match day eleven powwow with my two sunday guests keep holding mail online but as a reporter and mark meadows i'll start with you cologne they just think at the moment how can they be winless but yet still win of the german cup and europa league you're right we've seen them strangely take wins in midweek games in the cup and then europe and not been able to to build on the success and get wins in the bonus they are still without a when i think maybe one of the main reasons for that is perhaps that there's so much hype about this this returns a year of the. the fans are so excited about it and that means that in comparison to other clubs they can't really drop their concentration or drop that amount of
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energy in those midway games and so when it comes to that three day rhythm they're really really struggling too much on their plate i guess a case of this now mark over to you have to ask you again peter are his days numbered. i think cologne have got to be given credit for the fact they've not all blamed it on the coach as you know many clubs do let's face it colognes plight is kind of the clubs fault because they left without a strike i mean they let my desk go to china they brought in kota who let's face it was never really going to cut the mustard so much he left and i think that was the right decision. well. i mean he's not getting any better even if it's not all his fault so i think the actually give him until the mid season break mentally that mid-season break is quite short this year but he's probably on borrowed time if we're honest ok would you concur kit really quick i think he needs a win before christmas otherwise. your bags ok all right now wolves have no
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losses since martin smith took over in september but they have no wins either when will the trade hosted head to berlin may be the match up is a race for a maiden victory it could be the first one hit home for the wolves or had had to their first as visitors clearly they were bowled desperate for a victory the match was action packed. this was a game for the fans their database of it showed up in the scoring after just twenty seconds. both spoke it back to mario gomez was adjudged to be offside and interfering with play the hit man then mr penalty. and you know smileys net funded deflected off an offside player still one nil molly caught another chance heading home after forty one minutes and gomes then gave both delayed. two one heading into the bright.
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qantas carrying wreckage might the school's two to one fifty three minutes. back in front just seven minutes lights up the vocal reeky chest in the ball home. the late didn't last. came off the bench to snatch a point. three three the final score manning folks are still without a home win this season. well that was a crazy game in many ways guys can't we saw this play out in the friday match this video assistance is just too much to deal with i mean i've always been somebody who was against the video system system partly because i think that unlike other sports a lot of the decisions you have to make as a referee in football are open to interpretation or at least they take quite a long time to clarify and we've seen this with went today's game
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a whole minute off after the ball is gone and the stillness isn't made and even when the decision is made people aren't happy with it so i really don't think the system search for a ball and i think it is confusing things a lot more than it's clarifying thanks i know there were concerns it would interrupt the fluidity of the game we definitely saw that play out now mark how about those calls where they actually are i mean i think they were both correct calls in the end i mean the first one with gomez. i mean he's clearly offside in the balkans back of the post and he's running towards the ball now even if he doesn't make that last touch he's surely interfering with play because the defender is rushing back to try and clear the ball off the line and if gomes wasn't there he might have been able to do it so for me it's offside with the second on ok it's going to be offside because it flicks the guys it goes in even if it hadn't the guy i still think it's offside because he's there in the goalkeepers vision he might be blocking his view but the goalkeeper kind of positions himself thinking but i've got a tackle in front of me so it has to be offside in my view ok and then the video assist and clearly supposed to eliminate human error let's see how it works out moving
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forward now to the big talking point from the weekend buyers three won't be down so posey rivals drop in on saturday which lifted the champions four points clear at the top dortmund have failed to win in six matches in the bundesliga and champions league a strong start under coach peter boss has evaporated rapid byron meanwhile are on a roll it's now seven wins in a row for old new trainer you like is for turning to the club what an impact he has had. the mistake of or station continues it was the biggest game in germany so we have to talk about it kit you are in dortmund. you mentioned in the article you wrote you heard away fans singing super byard is hike is responsible for making them super men again. in this game on saturday i think was the first sign that they're really getting their phone back the results were getting better and they won six out of six but on saturday night they really looked in command and they
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really really looked like a little bit like the super bowl in that we've seen in the last five years i think is has to take the credit for that they got the more experienced players on side like like robin and rebury and all the rivers been injured but. he's also not alienated those other players who would otherwise be in the squad he's brought martinez into central midfield which by tactically and i think psychologically really ready helps bind because the last line on arturo vidal has been alive but as it times in the last six months yeah now before i get to you marc we have to check out a tweet let's pull this up already some at dortmund are unhappy with bosch for leading them to back to back home defeats ruining their impressive run. park mark. what's going wrong with dortmund well it was it is a bit of a honeymoon period for bosch but i have to say i think his appointment was a bit of a rush job i mean obviously they had a falling out with total bosch had a falling out. it got to the roper league final with a decent young side which kind of fitted what bruce adult were looking for but it's
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only been one year he didn't win the title i.x. which you should really be able to do so i'm not really sure it was that good a fit and they just felt we need someone quick he'll do his own controversial and now it's all kind of playing out the big problem with dortmund it has been for the last three seasons is the defense the defense is all over the place at times it's not the defense that a big big european club deserves and i think mats hummels is the key issue here but not so much was that he was really really important to them and i think we're only realising now once he's left because if you think about when he plays he doesn't get muddy you can get dirty doesn't get blood all over should but that means he's just good clip because usually people think that he's kind of easy you know he's a great player and by and obviously with him now being there i kind of benefited twofold ok now moving over to you kid leipsic got back on track with the win on saturday do you think we'll see the similar thing play out as we saw last season
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this two horse race between leipsic and byron they certainly have the potential i think to challenge at least until say the last five weeks of the season i think the question will be their energy levels because the football they play is still a very very high energy high intensity and strained physically and psychologically and maybe it'll help them if they are they're looking dangerous in the time as they right now maybe they'll help them if they don't get out of that group and don't have to worry about those european games in the second half of the season so they have more energy for the bone as they go and yeah and then there's potential to challenge ok thank you for your input time to look at the table guys hoffenheim climb to fifth and now trail shall go by only a point it's so tight from thirty eight that table could change in the coming match days let's look at the bottom half now the change down here a hard fought game between wolves and had to end it even leaving the side where they were prior to kick off eleven and fourteen. remember you can and should
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