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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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it's available and thousands of hotels resorts cruise ships worldwide. are have you found a domain signing send us a picture that shows d. w. in your room you could win a great prize d.w. dot com travel quiz. this is day to lose live from a call for urgent action is the u.n. climate summit opens in germany. the conference chair fiji begins proceedings they pacific island nation has been hit
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hard by rising sea levels also on the program. u.s. president donald trump tells north korea it's aggressive behavior is a threat to the civilized world but he is open to talks with its leader kim jong il . a small town in texas is in mourning after a mass shooting leaves dozens dead victims are reported to include a pregnant woman and several children. also coming up trouble in paradise a huge leak of documents shows how big corporations and the super rich invest in tax havens we'll find out who has been implicated in the so-called paradise papers . i'm phil gail welcome to the program. the dangerous effects of global warming all pacific islands that takes a. interstage as fiji opens the u.n.
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conference on climate change in germany the meeting builds on twenty fifteen's paris climate accord which i aim to reduce worldwide greenhouse gas emissions twenty twenty those emissions are considered to be a major cause of global warming and one hundred sixty eight nations have ratified the agreement so far they're all in the german city of bomb to hammer out the details fiji is chairing the conference like many other island nations in the south pacific it has already been hard hit by rising sea levels with more than twenty three thousand people from one hundred and ninety seven countries attending fiji is remote location means you can physically host the conference itself for go is to reach an agreement on capping expected global temperature increases at one and a half degrees celsius. instead of taking their seats in crafts they're taking to the streets these new staged a demonstration near the climate conference center in bonn. they want the global
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community to limit greenhouse gas emissions. conference participants say the paris climate agreement of twenty fifteen was a step in the right direction countries have national climate targets now but they have to be solidified. this is an urgent moment and so i expect delegations to come here ready to do their jobs to get the rules set for paris and make progress but also individually to say what they're ready to do more. there's a south pacific and billions involved in island nations threatened with submersion amid rising sea levels are getting special attention at the climate conference the targets set out in the paris agreement don't go far enough to prevent the impact of a climate disaster. in paris it was clear that our efforts would not go far enough it's also part of this agreement that we keep checking to see what we can do better . it's doubtful whether that will happen in bonn meeting the paris climate
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targets will require much more work but everyone here is aware that the pacific islands are quickly running out of time. tomorrow and where we find the corresponding christmas spring creates a welcome christmas so as we just heard the paris climate deal was signed two years ago so what's the ball meeting for. well without bond there is no paris essentially one diplomat described the paris agreement back in twenty fifteen as a flashy new smartphone the problem is there isn't an operating system yet so what's happening over the next two weeks here in bonn is that negotiators are going to flesh out the rules and regulations that will help the world implement the paris agreement that's going to be a tough process a lot of late night negotiating no doubt but essentially it's about writing the rulebook the rules and regulations that will interpret the twenty fifteen paris
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agreement think of that agreement as a constitution that now needs interpretation focuses of war at twenty seventeen is on track to be one of the hottest years ever has this added any urgency to proceedings. well you know phil there are warnings like this almost every day at least that's what it feels like at the moment that's the most recent one certainly it has added urgency to this conference i think what is also adding urgency to this conference is the fact that the small island nation of fiji the first time a small island nation of that type is presiding over these talks these climate talks and and that is a nation that is particularly vulnerable to climate change it's already had to relocate people. from coastal areas due to rising sea levels so it's affected by climate change and the prime minister of that nation of fiji
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saying that he is definitely going to bring and see to these talks briefly kristie no united much reduced united states delegation there this year does this agreement stand any chance without them. yes it does and that's quite simply because the fact that the u.s. decided to announce that it's going to withdraw from the paris agreement has actually provoked a wave of solidarity with the paris agreement i was talking just a minute ago with the head of the un f.c.c. see the united nations framework convention for climate change which organizes these climate summits patricia espinosa and she told me i also is there any sign of other countries using the u.s. as an excuse to slide back and she told me not yet because of a spring date thank you. or as you heard her feet is particularly vulnerable to climate change data because upon the bass and heartache has sent this report on how the country is dealing with rising sea levels. when in recall goes
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out fishing this has become a familiar sight. empty nets. you used. when i was small i usually went out to sea with my grandfather and father but we didn't have to come as far out as we are now we would only go as far as the closest reefs get a good catch and then go back now it's different we have to go from one reef to the next because there's nothing there the sea is getting warmer well we did that was. the new me. but changing climate is also taking its toll on. enrico's village. the sea level is rising and. is slowly being swallowed by the ocean. the salt water makes the soil and fertile leaving
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behind only sandy barren land. it also corrodes the foundations of the houses. eventually the villagers have no choice but to give them up. when we built our homes we thought we could live here forever. we never thought of such a thing as climate change and that it could impact us like this and so quickly and now we're seeing what it can do it's really sad for everyone in the village. over a bowl of cava a traditional mildly narcotic drink in the pacific they discuss their future. just a few hundred metres further up in the hills there's enough space to relocate a whole village permanently but most of the villagers refuse. to them the land they live on is sacred. it is these stones they cherish they mark the original home of the first chieftain to rule over the whole island and large parts of eastern fiji
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some two hundred years ago because of tribal wars he himself was forced to leave but he sent the villagers ancestors to keep watch today his successor lives on a different island but the villages obligation remains. at the use our military we were supposed to be relocated to but we said that we can't move because first we have to consult our paramount chief. we asked him but he didn't agree to the relocation. he told us we had to stay here because the duty disturbed on us is of great importance. to with anything now. yet the rising seas might leave them with no choice but to abandon the sacred place. for the people of. climate change is more than just an abstract threat for them it's real and they need real answers before their home is lost forever.
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now for some of the other stories making news around the world vietnam has been hit by heavy flooding after a powerful typhoon killed at least forty four people and left more than a dozen missing more than one hundred thousand homes in the country's south central region the been destroyed or damaged. a former lawmaker has filed a petition with kenya's supremes challenging the results of last month's presidential election present a record the asset was the winner of the country's opposition led by rather or doing so big election was undemocratic and has refused to accept the result. but bierria supreme court has postponed a presidential runoff election shuttle for tuesday to allow the elections commission to investigate allegations of fraud in the first round football star george will and vice president joseph block a boycott came first and second in the vote but neither took enough votes to win
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outright. and police in the united states are investigating a mass shooting that left twenty six dead at a church in texas witnesses say victims include a pregnant woman and children as young as five police say the gunman fled the scene and took his own life after a short car chase sunday's tragedy in a small texas town has opened another chapter in the long running debate over easy access to guns in america. a candlelight vigil for the victims of the fatal shooting at the first baptist church of sutherland springs residents of this small texas community struggle to make sense of what happened. here you are here. you. heard. right here authorities say twenty six people were killed and about twenty others were wounded sunday after a man dressed in black combat gear opened fire inside the church the attackers
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believed to be a former member of the u.s. air force who'd received a court my. national forest salt after leaving the church the gunman was shot at by an armed resident the attacker then fled in his vehicle and was chased by another local man who'd been driving his truck nearby soon afterward the suspect crashed and was found dead we just take pursuit we we speed over eighty seven through traffic and we like i say we had about ninety five going down five thirty nine trying to catch this guy until he ventured he lost control on his all and well in the ditch u.s. president donald trump sent a message of sympathy from japan and suggested the gunman had psychological problems this was a very based on preliminary reports very deranged individual a lot of problems over a long period of time we have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries but this isn't a guns situation i mean we could go into it but it's
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a little bit soon to go into it but fortunately somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction otherwise it would have been as bad as it was it would have been much worse now law enforcement officials and this tight knit community want to know why this happened it's been just over a month since another gunman killed dozens of people in las vegas with the same question left unanswered. let's get more on this from peter because i wanted to michael can we go who joins us on the line from in front of the first baptist church in south springs texas a welcome michael what of residents been telling you. well they're really in shock about this tragic incident and they're stunned that they actually don't know what to make of this and i thought of several residents here and they said this really hits close to home different about shootings of course unless they get in other parts but that this small and close a community would be hit by such a tragic incident is that defensible to a lot of people and one when older residents he's eighty years old and yet with all
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his life told me that that he this is just unreal for him he could never have expected anything like that to happen and interestingly he said that while he owned a rifle and sold it for a long time and is a hunter like many people here in this region he said there's no reason why why these assault type weapons should be available to everyone which has of course a connection to this to this shooting which was carried out a calmly by a semiautomatic five. horses identify the shares as dead in cali what is known of him and his innocence. one about the motive. investigators are still trying to to research. what is new is apparently that. the wife in the last off the shooter had apparently occasionally. went to church in the first baptist church and that may have something to do with why he chose
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that that that target be the twenty six year old former air force air force veteran and westin discharged dishonorably in two thousand and fourteen. at the time he was q. he was thrown out of the military definably and investigators are still trying to research what he actually did in the aftermath of the charge and tell us more about the encounter between the shooter in the southern springs that resident we heard about in that report. so apparently. the shooter left left the church he was confronted by a local resident. during the shots. try to confront the shooter himself and for this government and shot at him and gave chase after him with the
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car until apparently the shooters vehicle crashed and he apparently died of self. but it's not clear whether. the shots fired by the resident also played a part in. the attack or in the accident. publisher michael connect in southern springs texas thank you. meanwhile u.s. president donald trump has warned north korea that what he called the era of strategic patience was over speaking in japan on the first leg of his twelve day tour of asia mr trump also pushed his host to buy more american military equipment to protect itself against north korean attacks despite his comments mr trump said that he would be open to talks with north korea's leader kim jong il. going for the gut president trump's hawkish stance on north korea got personal when he met with japanese families of those abducted by the nuclear arms regime he's not
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the first president to do so but with tensions the highest in years the meeting added emotional firepower to trump's tough talk emphasizing the u.s. is close and longstanding relationship with japan he called north korea's ballistic missile launches over japan outrageous. strategic patience is over. some people said that my rhetoric is very strong but look what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last twenty five years look where we are right now i think prime minister shinzo abbay said his government stands one hundred percent together on the issue i mean agreeing with trump that all options are on the table. not a mall. no one wants a conflict neither myself nor president trying to you north korea continues challenging the international order under peaching provocation it looks like the international community needs to apply pressure to north korea to change their
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policy i mean you know tickled by. the prospect of armed conflict took on an economic dimension during the visit trump called for free and equal access for american exports to japan's market his answer to north korean missiles is japan buying more defense hardware from the united states he will shoot him out of the sky when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment from the united states he will easily shoot them out of the sky from japan trump heads to south korea which has also long been korea's crosshairs. so the world of business the big business story of the day is they so-called paradise type is what's going on get out that's why the good part is paper has a name and shame individuals and firms are sheltering their millions in offshore accounts that came out this week some countries are now vowing action to recoup
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lost tax revenue obvious appear on interested yet even those who want to take action face challenges for example how do you go off to a royal head of state it's not illegal to transfer your money offshore and enjoy a much lower tax rates but you do have to have millions for the scheme to work and you need highly specialized lawyers to ensure that your income from a high tax country is taxed at a place where the rates are rock bottom. for example a german i.t. company registers its patents in ireland where the tax rate is much lower. even though the product primarily sells in germany the income is booked in ireland . only a small part of the profits are taxed in germany at thirty percent most as tax in ireland at twelve percent. that's completely legal
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but companies try to avoid making their maneuvers public because it could be bad for their image for example apple according to the paradise papers apple always searches for ways to worm out of texas the company earns millions with its iconic phones pads and computers it could scare off some customers if they know the premium prices they pay go untaxed nike and ride sharing platform or are among other household names appearing in the paradise papers these companies and scores of rich politicians could be fielding embarrassing questions in the coming days. well markets usually take a rather presiding view on ethical problems or should i say markets don't do morals well let's cross over to our financial correspondent on the air call who's at the frankfurt stock exchange daniel so are investors as outraged as the rest of the world. yet you just mentioned it is really interesting when
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you talk to investors about this because moral standards in the financial worth it's always difficult topic of course investors are telling me they understand you know the normal normal people like you and me who are paying up to forty two percent of taxes and on the other hand they're saying if it's legal why not doing that because what is going to mean at the end for the companies at the end of the year when they don't have to pay so high taxes they make more money of the share price is going up at the end they have happy shareholders because they're getting a higher dividend so those moral standards to discuss here was quite challenging to take part. in an alpha but are implicated as they have been before what about german companies or individuals. yeah german companies there's a long list of those companies who also seem to be very interested in those offshore call counts six dollars. buy and daughter bank but also smaller companies for
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example like. company here known in europe for gambling machines always very proud in the past to announce that there everything they do is made in germany but at the end when it comes to pay their taxes they prefer the isle of man to do it. in frankfurt than thank you. it was the merger that wasn't to be talks between telecoms rivals team obama and sprint have broken down the to talk of medications companies of failed to reach a deal that would benefit customers and shareholders shares in both companies tumbled on the news t. mobile an affiliate of germany's dodge telecom and sprint other third and fourth largest wireless providers in the united states this ends years of just speculation . in belgium depots kaplan leaders charles
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put them on and four other foreign ministers have been released from custody for. thank you yes however belgium's interior minister has accused the european union of double standards in its approach to catalonia dependence jambo said they should remain silent about madrid's crackdown on catalan separatists what it had taken legal action against the right wing governments of poland and hungary for allegedly defying democratic reforms if you don't use catherine martin's asked the former president of the european council and van rompuy about the e.u. strategy in the catalonia crisis. or as former european council president the european union so far treats the crisis of catalonia as an internal matter of a european member state can the european union can brussels keep the defensive line because the european union is respecting the rule of law. in spain the referendum was considered by the supreme court as illegal. the unilateral declaration of
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independence was considered by the supreme court supreme court as illegal and we have to respect let's say not only the independence of spain the depends of the difference in spain we have to respect the rule of law as long as the rule of law is not violated the european union has nope role to play and you always have to be very cautious and i'm speaking no as a belgian. interfering in domestic politics we had a crisis or five hundred forty one days it was a major crisis it was about the future of the country. we solved the problem after one year and a half without any mediation without any intervention of the european union we never asked it and it was never suggested but what would be wrong for
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a strong european union as a broker showing to the european citizens its capacity as a crisis manager. it needs always to or to tango if a country is not asking for support or for mediation you cannot impose it it has to be in consensus with the member states and as far as i know there is no request there is no demand but catalonia was calling for mediation in this case and the european commission president juncker for example he wants his commission to be a political one is the european union falding short finally just referring all the time to the rule of law we are working with member states and as far as i know the rule of role is respected in spain and just referring to decisions of the
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supreme court that's importing it or not even political decisions the political decision was to in some way to suspend autonomy of catalonia after a unilateral declaration of independence but major decisions taken it were judiciary decisions and we have to respect the separation of powers so it is not because a region is asking that the european union has to intervene we are working we are dealing with the member states. planas for sunday's game so who have been lost since a martin schmidt to took over in september but they have one eva the wolves faced off against head to bell end of the weekend with both clubs desperate for success. this was a game for the fans their database of it showed in the storing up to just twenty
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seconds the bowls bucket back to mario gomez was a judge to be offside and interfering with play the hit man then mr penalty the the and eunice mollies net find it deflected off an offside player still one nil mollycoddle another chance heading home after forty one minutes the band gomez then gave both the late the go to one heading into the bright. head to scare him recognized the scores to two on fifty three minutes the bones back in front just seven minutes lighter the vocal reeky chest in the ball. the les didn't last. came off the bench to snatch a point to head the great grey the final score manning votes still without a home win this season. the boy. said
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today of the day. yes who is the guy on the plane home he's a big beethoven bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum. today i want to find out what bon has to offer in connection with the legendary he told me in the old
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town along the river rhine and in a ballroom dating back to the great man's time. on d. w. . l. know that street is important. but what happens in our body while we were slaves and what's the best way of sleeping we will be of the latest scientific discoveries and what they mean for our lives and please no dozing out there. this is a topic that needs your father attention. to follow today in sixty minutes on d w. united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bali. how were nations working to meet their paris agreement
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targets cop twenty three this weekend next on the doubling news. d.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of programming go on doing. that with us our innovations magazine for asia with us from every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia.


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