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it's possible here on sites i believe in the us i live in china before i'm french but doesn't is a very good place to raise a family. and i love it was my somebody. this is news live from berlin president trump takes a parting shot at north korea from seoul say to the north do not underestimate it. and do not try to work things trump wraps up his visit to south korea with a stark warning to pyongyang over its nuclear ambitions but
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a hint of possible talks and he's just arrived in china for the next stop on his inaugural asian tour also coming up catalunya separatists plant their flag in brussels there ousted president is there launching a war of words against spain can he convince the rest of europe that's a session is a good thing. twitter doubles its character limit the move is supposed to reduce the time we spend editing down wordy tweets but a lot of users are asking isn't brevity the point. i'm sumi so much gonna get to have you with us donald trump has touched down in china the third stop of his five country tour of asia the u.s. president and first lady arrived in beijing from south korea just a few moments ago a trade is set to dominate discussions as is north korea observers expect trump to
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push the chinese president xi jinping to increase economic pressure on pyongyang to abandon its nuclear ambitions before leaving a south korea trump delivered a stark warning to north korea let's listen to. the regime as interpreted america's past restraint as we can this. this would be a fatal miscalculation this is a very different administration than the united states has had in the past today i hope i speak not only for our countries but for all civilized nations when i say to the north do not underestimate us and do not try. correspondent
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mathias bellinger is covering donald trump a visit to china for us high mathias we just saw images of donald trump arriving he is about to meet chinese president xi jinping how do you think he is likely to respond to trump's very strong words once again for appealing yang. has been a response today these days already china has limited visits chinese tourists to north korea one major income source of north korea maybe likely more symbolic concessions are mounting economic pressure on north korea however the chinese government is not doing anything that will the north korean regime a joke it's meant to say this is a very significant meeting that's to take place the leader arguably of the west visiting the leader of the east let's take a look at what's at stake. they are the leaders of the world's two biggest
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economies but they couldn't be more different. the shoot from the hip impulsive donald trump and the guarded protocol of a xi jinping. and things didn't start out too well between them. and continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing on the campaign trail trump took a hard line against china and its economic policy accusing it of manipulating its currency to gain unfair trade advantages. but since becoming president has taken a noticeably cozier stance to its americas one time. when she visited the u.s. in april trump had warm words for his chinese counterpart we have developed a friendship i can see that and i think we're ok we're going to have a very very great and i look forward to.
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trump was also quick to convey his admiration after she consolidated his grip on power and the communist party congress last month. spoke to president xi to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation also discussed north korea and trade two very important subjects. and two subjects where despite the friendly rhetoric the two presidents don't see eye to eye. north korea is the major issue that's testing u.s. chinese relations and it will top the agenda of trump's visit china remains north korea's closest ally the u.s. has increased pressure on beijing to rein in pyongyang but china is reluctant to become directly involved in the escalating conflict. the us is china's biggest trading partner but it imports much more from china than it sells there and trump
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has threatened hefty tariffs on chinese goods. china's plans to build in the disputed waters of the south china sea have angered washington's allies in east asia. while the u.s. navy's continued patrols and what china considers its territory have riled beijing . these contentious issues remain unresolved but one thing has already become clear trump's isolationist policies have played into president she's hands trump turned his back on the world she has cast himself as an advocate of globalization opening the doors for china to gain more influence in the world. and will be continuing to cover donald trump's visit to china through the course of the day now to some other stories making news around the world of the u.s. democrats have won several high profile victories in state in my oral elections
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ralph northam here awaiting a tight race against his republican rival in virginia other wins for the democrats were the state of new jersey and the new york city mayor's office the elections were a key test of voter sentiment exactly a year after donald trump won the white house the united nations has trafficking networks are preying on children and. refugee camps in bangladesh the country has been overwhelmed by the arrival of more than six hundred thousand will hinge or fleeing million marva the last two months children make up more than half of the new arrivals in the bangladesh camps. long lines of cars have formed at gas stations in yemen's capital sanaa after the price of fuel jumped overnight this after saudi arabia announced it would close all air land and sea ports to yemen the u.n. has called on the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen to allow food and medical supplies into the country seven million people are facing a famine. catalonia as ousted leader carlos bustamante has sharply criticized the
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european union for not supporting the region's bid for independence he made the comments in a speech in brussels where he is facing possible extradition back to spain to face charges pushed him or had some supporters from home in the audience two hundred separatist mayors from catalonia flew in to rally behind his cos. freedom these mayors wanted for catalonia and for the region's next leaders now behind bars. there was a toast is the mayor of a small cut along village he joined his colleagues in brussels to say they want support from europe it's very difficult for us at the european commission is doing nothing catalonia is a very pro european country we see ourselves as part of the european family alongside berlin and paris. catalonia is
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ousted president carlos puts them on got a hero's welcome from the mayors gathered in brussels he too condemned the response in europe to his region's push for independence. is this the europe you want is this the europe you want to build a europe with a government in jail. a country without the right to choose its representatives in a democratic way. himself could face up to thirty years in jail on charges of sedition and rebellion if belgium sends him back home to spain. puts them on currently is in belgium on provisional release that means a number of conditions apply for instance he can't leave the country but it seems he can campaign and so europe will have to prepare for more events like this one. but european commission chief sean claude younker isn't budging he says the u.
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doesn't need any more splits and he's urged cut along leaders to stop violating spanish law. a group of protesters in brussels some to say message to the separatist mayors there are many who don't want to see a breakup of spain. you're watching d.w. news still to come germany's football team is in a world cup mode already as they gear up for this friday's glamour friendly with england at wembley they trying to find out about some new players and a new jersey. but first new a mission's regulations in europe are have car makers concerned monica where specially in germany sumi as you can imagine but also european car makers i mean they're about to be hit by a new set of challenges the e.u. is scheduled today to announce a plan to slash allowed auto emissions another thirty percent and several producers are already having trouble meeting existing targets that's according to a study by international consultancy firm p a consulting will have
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a look here carmakers in europe currently abe for new cars to emit an average of a maximum ninety five grams of c o two per year or per kilometer and that means that some models can produce more than this as long as others are bored and barring mentally friendly german car makers however are exposed and to be. m.w. cannot meet existing targets according to the report their emissions are still while over the existing threshold. and t.s.a. are in a much better position at eighty nine and eighty seven grams per kilometer respectively they already commonwealth you know the current target but the industry as a whole is not moving fast enough in reducing emissions and that is why the e.u. wants to extend reductions until twenty thirty and lower the allowed limits to sixty six grams of c o two per kilometer. comic a fox wagon of course chose to break the law rather than conform to emissions
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regulations worldwide so there is widespread doubt the automotive industry will accept further restrictions from regulate us. there's a lot at stake and nowhere more so than in germany carmakers here were on tenterhooks as they waited to find out the new rules of the game. the european commission's proposals on emissions rules will cover the period between twenty twenty one and twenty thirty. report suggests c.e.o. to limits could be cut by thirty percent. but according to german easy judges there will be no real penalties for failure to meet the new target a breath of relief for germany's car industry already grappling with the fallout of the diesel emission scandal taking a closer look at the country's auto industry the livelihoods of some eight hundred thousand people depend on it german carmakers produce fifteen million vehicles worldwide each year that amounts to around four hundred billion euros in revenue
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almost a fifth of g.d.p. . so it's hardly a surprise that german carmakers enjoy a rather cozy ties with lawmakers in the past efforts to get tough on regulation have been met with fierce resistance here's what the head of germany's automotive industry association had to say back in july. the wrong kind of political intervention could threaten the car industry. as long as politicians proposed guidelines instead of interfering with technology this sector will continue to succeed in the past politicians or bureaucrats making decisions on technology has not been good for jobs or for the economic development of the country to be shifty go to church you can become a small. jobs and economic development under threat environmentalists say such arguments have enabled car makers to get away with far too much the auto industry
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may have a sympathetic ear in germany but on a european wide level there may be a bumpy road ahead. and just how bumpy is it going to be for con makers let's ask greg ought to direct a clean vehicles a transport and environment and joins us now in brussels good to have you with us first of all i'd like to put a quote to you i mean german foreign minister sikma gabriele who was economy minister previously has told the european commission president that he has he's against toughening of the european car emission targets by twenty twenty five and the reason is he says he believes that stricter rules will cost jobs and growth how do you argue with that. it's nonsense it's a recent study that dime love b.m.w. and folks work and have participated in been done by the european climate foundation that shows it's net positive for jobs in germany until twenty thirty and that includes more than twenty thousand jobs in the automotive industry nearly
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seventy thousand jobs in the electrical industry and more jobs in services also this is a this is a regulation which drives innovation and creates jobs so how do you explain the resistance then i think the resistance is because the car industry wants to continue to sell the same old diesel technology in europe because it can't sell it anywhere else in the world and is desperate to try to recover the investment which is made what what kind of rules do you expect the e.u. will propose today and how will those rules impact the car industry we think they'll propose a fifteen percent cuts by twenty twenty five in a thirty percent cut by twenty thirty we also think that they will propose a fifteen percent thirty percent share of zero emission vehicles including plug in hybrids by twenty twenty five and twenty thirty but crucially after the
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intervention of the midst of his men there will be no sanction if they don't actually hit those targets so they are effectively meaningless and just paper regulation so that they are also there is no no no repercussions then no impact for motorists with those rules either. i know that the impacts on motorists will be very positive because the cars will have lower c o two emissions so they will be lower for roads taxes but in particular they will be much lower fuel costs overall we think this will add about a hundred year rose to the price of a new car but that will pay back in lower fuel costs within maybe two years so overall this is something that benefits the driver to if if the cars and the car makers adhered to the new rules you just said that a lot of them may not do it because they won't be penalties so no repercussions
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there for motorists either just briefly. there won't be penalties for the targets for zero emission vehicles there will be penalties for missing the thirty percent and fifteen percent overall reduction targets we think those penalties will be the same as they are at the moment and in that will drive the industry to achieve their goals personally i don't agree with the analysis i've seen it doesn't take account of some of the flexibilities which exist in the regulation the car industry will hit their targets for twenty twenty ok and for twenty thirty ok well greg we have to leave it here thank you so much directed lane because a transport and environment joining us in brussels thank you so while comic is find it difficult to meet cleaner emission standards the inland shipping looks said to embrace electric engines up until recently only small boats run on batteries while bigger vessels were still powered by dirty diesel engines but that's changing and fast. at last he can take the wheel tossed in shorts knows the new electro fairy
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inside out he was the design teams project leader but the maiden voyage is still something special. just disconnected from our land based power supply and now we're reliant on the batteries. the ferries the electric motors come to life with barely a murmur there are four of them one on each corner of the ship as opposed to the traditional centrally mounted diesel engines. we can feel and he with us not to his friends or does for motors mean the ship doesn't stick firmly to a given work or sells instead it veers around a bit when the road is applied. that's not just a new sensation for the captain it's very can carry up to forty five passengers and six cars card entirely by twenty four lithium polymer batteries they allow an annual saving of fourteen thousand liters of diesel. as long as the captain can get
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used to the electric sailing era. i'm a if you want to conserve energy which is fundamental to running a ship like this you've got to be controlled and approach your birth as gently as possible not every captain can do that but then again not everyone is made for electric cars either. demand for environmentally friendly ships is rising and not only interest regions but also in cities with poor air quality. vs leave there's no smell when you're on the port fairy's in hamburg for instance you can smell oil you think you're in an engineering factory you don't have that on an electric very. last two hours on end of the market early on and those already designed and built ten electric ships. are built as lightly as possible because every kilo saved means less demand on the expensive batteries that are crucial to commercial viability.
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you know. when we were using steel we had to minimize weight as far as possible design engineers couldn't just take a conventional approach instead they had to ensure a minimum of energy was required to move the vessel that meant thinner and different beam separation as far as was possible and that allowed us to save twenty percent in my. notes about reports of the muscle and. number less electric fairy still costs fifteen percent more than conventional diesel driven versions but the turn of overpopulation is true it doesn't mind the cost it prefers clean air on the mosul river where the ferry goes into service in a few weeks time. it's been just about a year now that president donald trump was elected in the united states a win in the electoral college got him the job now he can pay into presenting himself as a deal maker and businessman and though many argue that he inherited an economy on
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the upswing there is little doubt that it's not lost momentum under his watch. pictures that stunned the world businessmen don't need trump wins the u.s. presidential election here expected victory sent shock waves through international political circles the new president came with a reputation of being unpredictable and having little respect for decorum or democratic principles as a columnist hope to seal his own doom with the policies he was touting. your two u.s. economy is thriving it grew by an annualized rate of three percent in the last quarter the labor market has become a jobs machine the country's unemployment rate has fallen to four point one percent the lowest in seventeen years and stock markets are jubilant the dow jones industrial average is surfing from one record high to the next. but talking of records germany's national football team is preparing for a classic match which they want to win of course the me of course monaco germany
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they're the world champs and they're actually facing england in a friendly fixture on friday the match will provide the coach york in love with a vital opportunity to test his squad for june's world cup in russia he's been able to select some returning stars as he strives to strike the right balance in his team. he has a clear vision for germany's world cup squad he wants his place to exhibit social skills teamwork and a strong mentality. left back muscle house and has been called up for the first time well mario says fondly back along with the one off to both missed international g.t.s. for you due to illness and injury. isn't too often for you this is a game to prepare ourselves for the world cup we've seen that we have an incredibly wide range of play is and of course every game against an opponent like england is important. germany's new kits was also on very old this week with space on the
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chest for a fifth stuff for a possible fifth world cup so it's all. now twitter is rolling out a new feature that strong plenty of cheers and jeers it's doubling the number of characters allowed in most tweets from one hundred forty to two hundred eighty twitter had previously raise the character limit for just a select group of users to test out the change let's see what's being said about it one gamer and you tube are used all of the new characters to repeat this was a mistake many critics say a doubling the character limit ruins their favorite thing about tweeting the brevity others think the update sounds better than it really is one woman joked me with out two hundred eighty characters i have so much to say with two hundred eighty characters false alarm some people joking about the whole issue of character limits like this user who posted a collage of two hundred eighty cartoon characters but for all the skeptics the
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american medical association have this to say changes resisted because it is psychologically and physically uncomfortable if your brain feels good when you hold firm to what's known and for miller using science to rationalize why it feels so weird to tweet using two hundred eighty characters. well let's bring in our social media editor all when at to not to give it away let's talk about this why is twitter making this change well as you already mentioned sumi this changes coming about after a limited trial also a limited amount of twitter users use the new two hundred eighty characters limit and twitter then released a statement announcing that it was expanding to two hundred eighty characters because it said under the old one hundred forty character limit people were having problems fitting all those thoughts into a single tweet so it also released statistics saying that nine percent of twitter users were having a problem fitting their thoughts into one hundred forty character tweets but when
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it did this trial and allowed people more space to tweet if then that only one percent of users ran into this problem so one big reason is better user experience and it also said that during its trial these longer tweets got more engagement so that they were liked more they were shared more about also amounts to a better user experience because people feel better about tweeting when their tweets are shared and liked more but we have to mention that this change does not apply interesting me to tweets in korean japanese and chinese ok because twitter says that twitter user is using these languages. they're able to fit more thought into a shorter tweet because of the nature of these languages so that's one interesting point about it for those of us who do get two hundred eighty characters how is this going to change the essence of tweeting well twitter itself says that it probably
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won't change very much because it referred to this trial again saying that actually most users in the trial they stuck within this the old character limit so only a small amount of tweets actually ended up being more than one hundred forty characters but. you know we have to wait and see now that this change is being rolled out to the whole platform. you know maybe it's going to have a different effect and we must note that one of the most powerful twitter users in the world if not the most powerful donald trump the u.s. president he's already been making use of this new one hundred new two hundred eighty character limit so you know thinking that his tweet can one of his tweets can have an impact on global policy politics then maybe it is going to have been packed that hasn't been for seen yet so it's a wait and see on that i think all right a big change in the twitter sphere all went to not give us from our social media desk thank you very much all went. and we just have time for
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a minder of our top story u.s. president donald trump has arrived in china for the next stop on his asian tour trade and the north korean nuclear threat are expected to top the agenda trump had issued a stark warning to pyongyang earlier as he visited south korea saying do not try us . but you can always get news on the go just download a route from google play or from the op store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the v.w. up to send us your photos and your videos. and thanks for watching v.w. news we'll have much more for you at the top of the hour.
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a dynamic all round. united in the fight against global warming. made in germany look at the u.n. climate change conference in bonn. high tech geo engineering influences the climate got a human activity is heating up the atmosphere of human activity can also counteract enjoy a sound idea or a risky business made in germany in sixty minutes on d. w. . united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bonn. our nations working to meet their paris agreement targets. top twenty three this weekend next on the doubling news.
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