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where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of programming. and i thought our innovations magazine for each of. us from every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. everybody welcome to your i'm max as always we've got plenty of stories from all over europe for you is what's coming up in the show today. food for thought salo is a pork fat speciality from ukraine. through the viewfinder works
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by british photographer martin pollack our own show in munich. and thanks for the memory of a visit to a nineteen seventies hotel is a journey back in time. well let's start off with another installment of our series indulging experiments where we examine unusual color narry concepts today we're traveling to the ukrainian city of live where there is a restaurant that might not be the ideal place to go if you're on a diet that's because every dish you can order contains the national delicacy salo which is pure all pork fat slabs of an rendered ladakh you want in a wooden box and after a year they're ready to be served at the sallow restaurant chefs shape it into sculptures and paired with anything from potatoes to chocolate. unusual foods with strange heads made of pure and pork fat. or sushi wrapped in the
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pork fat these colon area offerings can be found in live in western ukraine. it's home to the restaurant salo whose very name means cured pork fat. it serves up dishes made with his popular slavic specialty. cold fact is just tasty . over more. when they rode into battle but kept a supply of it under their saddles to tide them over in bad times are. part restaurant part art gallery salo is located in live city center it's creations are a celebration of cured pork that only dishes which feature this delicacy as the main ingredient find their way on to the menu. under each akita picks up the solow fresh from the market each day. the spiced or salted fatback is
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cured for a year in a wooden box before it's even. back in the kitchen the chef cuts the pork fat into wafer thin strips and frescoes them into a silicon mold. two hundred fifty grams of pork fat go into making each head after being chilled for an hour at minus fifteen degrees celsius the edible sculptures are done. because of this new world after an hour i remove the pork fat figure from the moment and look its buton. filled with potatoes the creation is a favorite among guests here. when they enter the solow guess through a coin into the pig's mouth. and receive a vodka as a welcome drink. beer people can or. everything from pork fat sushi to pork fat with chocolate twenty eight year old tatyana is
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a regular customer yet the license it is that on which i'm going to pull fat isn't actually anything unusual strange it's a simple meal that contains dreamy good when it's well spiced well prepared and well presented with. the group orders three different dishes to pork that heads and one order of pork fat sushi. the sushi on offer here is unique it's made from chilled pork fat and filled with pickles green onions and cut up strips of bread. next up for the pork fat heads the garnishes are almost always the same peppers pickles and red cabbage. then come the meat and fried potatoes. potatoes also serve as the filling for the pork fat heads. the meal is packed with
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calories two thousand to be precise. from the moment it was it tastes great and it looks fabulous to barry and the pullback gives the sushi a unique text. it tastes a bit like white sheena. and for dessert. there is marilyn monroe's lips it's a mixture of thirty percent pork fat and seventy percent ice cream served on a bed of fruit and drizzle with chocolate syrup and strawberry sauce you won't find it anywhere else yes we tried to create a dish from chocolate and it is doubling the number of characters allowed in most tweets from one hundred forty to two hundred eighty the company said that it. decided to make the change after testing it with a limited group of users it said that many people were wasting their time trying to
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fit their thoughts into a one hundred forty character tweet and it wants to be easier and faster for everyone to express themselves the response has been mixed many critics say that the doubling of the character limit ruins their favorite thing about tweeting the brevity this user took advantage of the new characters to repeat this was a mistake and actor james phelps is a bit more positive though he says that this new two hundred forty characters is like eating your big mane and then realizing that you still have time for dessert and coffee twitter itself predicts that most users will keep their tweets short and the american medical association used science to explain why the new feature feels so strange to many people change is resisted because it is psychologically and physically uncomfortable your brain feels good when you hold firm to what is known and familiar. well germany could become the first european country to recognize a third gender that's after the country's highest court ruled that current laws
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which require babies to be registered at birth as either male or female discriminate against people who identify as neither lawmakers now have until the end of next year to draw up new rules on how gender is designated. earlier we asked our political correspondent kate brady what will change as a result of the ruling so by the end of two thousand and eighteen people in germany will be able to register their birth either as male female all this the gender and exactly how that will be designated is still a little unclear but the court in calls or with this morning suggested as a designation search into a diverse or any other positive designation of agenda now there are around eighty thousand people in germany that identify as intersex so this is obviously going to change many many lives for the positive in germany. so i'm soccer news for you now
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and world champions germany are facing england in a friendly fixture on friday the match will provide coach with a vital opportunity to test his squad for jude's world cup in russia he's been able to select some returning stars as he strives to strike the right balance in his team. joachim loew has a clear vision for germany's world cup squad he wants these players to exhibit social skills teamwork and a strong mentality. leipsic left back muscle howsomever has been called up for the first time while mario kurtz is finally back along with the one after both missed international duty as for a year due to illness and injury. isn't. he this is a game to prepare ourselves for the world cup we've seen that we have an incredibly wide range of players and of course every game against an opponent like england is important to the victory here germany's new kits was also on veiled this wake with
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space on the chest for a fifth star for a possible fifth world cup title. and staying with football byron munich striker robert levin dusky has taken time out of training with world cup poland to discuss life with the german champions and the star forward had some choice words for byron's hierarchy and former coach carlo and. poland meet you're acquiring a friendly on friday having already qualified for june's world cup. with the pressure of strike a robot live in dusky decided to cast a night back to club side by in munich and hail new coach you'll find kids. in i think coach who focus more on data on stabilizing the team we knew we had a good team we had good players who could play football but something was not working now we can say that the puzzle has been put back together because they will go through. the bye and man has been linked to the media with
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a move to real madrid the forward said he wanted the german champions to show more ambition in the transfer market with other european clubs splashing their cash. but looking at recent transfers and how much some clubs pay for players if point want to fight for the best players they have to be more creative they have to come up with something else we should not delude ourselves a club needs to sign a top player every two or three years to refresh the team to bring in some new blood and some new quality. craft and i want. my own bosses have been warned spend big to try to win the champions league or your top striker won't be happy. well meantime multi million investor. has threatened to stop bankrolling bonus take a side hamburg unless he gets his way with the composition of the club's board he also criticised bosses for the team's lackluster showings on the field hamburg of course have been
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a near constant battle against relegation in recent seasons and set one place above the relegation zone. a quick reminder now the top story that we have been following for you here at e w u s president donald trump has arrived in china for what is being called the centerpiece of his first asian tour trumps expected to push president xi jinping on trade imbalances and to increase pressures on north korea to curb its nuclear ambitions. and economic advisors have just given the german economy and. good bill of health and increased the expected amount of growth that they expect for next year monica jones has that story coming right up you're watching.
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your children like chocolate.


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