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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2017 9:00am-9:31am CET

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the show could go because i see variety as i've said. i should honest when i've only said what i thought going on with her being funded. by mackenzie it gets us into say i said. this is news live from berlin president trouble arrives in vietnam ready to get down to business the u.s. president says that his country will not tolerate unfair trade practices and a scolding speech to the region's business elite but will they fall in line or make
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their deals with china. also coming up france's president makes a surprise trip to saudi arabia for talks with a duly powerful crown prince this as the proxy fight between the kingdom and iran touches off conflict across the region. plus an american city cleans up its act climate to go cedars and the german city of bonn can now look to pittsburgh as a model for green jobs and renewable energy. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us u.s. president donald trump is in vietnam where he says that he will always put america first when it comes to trade he's been speaking at the apec summit where he told asia pacific leaders that he is open to bilateral free trade talks with all of them but he said that the u.s.
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cannot tolerate what he called chronic trade abuse that. policy could make him the odd man out as the region pushes ahead with a free trade deal without the united states that could benefit the man who used see here china's president xi jinping it was hoping to take up the u.s. mantle as the global leader of free trade. said that his country was prepared to re-evaluate its trade relationships let's have a listen. from this day forward we will compete on a fair and equal basis we are not going to let the united states be taken advantage of anymore i am always going to put america first the same way that i expect all of you in this room to put your country's first and that is a message that we have heard before from donald trump including on the campaign trail investors around the world though still listening to hear for any slight
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differences there in that speech in vietnam and monica jones has been monitoring it she has more well you never know you never know what you get sarah and when the leader of the world's strongest economy talks about trade and business relations will everyone is listening including my colleague daniel cope who is keeping an eye for us on the trading floor in a frankfurt danielle what do you read into trump's speech at the apec summit anything that comes as a surprise. well i was extremely just talking to an investor who was watching the speech here as well he said nothing really surprising they though came from donald trump and of course we know also because what happened yesterday when the street hundred fifty billion us dollars deal were and nouns and we know now that those also sometimes you know are just words and also you know sort of a part of the protocol what makes investors actually more wore it at this party that he was again making those very strong comments also in his speech toward north korea in the last days he was
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a little bit more regarding diplomacy when it came to north korea now again those very strong words and we know that this in many times can affect shares worldwide at the stock markets right. daniel i'm just hearing that we get some life footage from. my bio and we're listening to that first. ok i hear is so so there is a. time i had a german president in one hundred years ago french and german soldiers were battling each other in the trenches of world war one today the two countries are opening the first joint museum commemorating the conflict and here we have the two of them together the german the president. is visiting a french leader a man with mccall they'll talk first on wider relations between the two countries later they will travel on to
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a mountain in the out says region on the country's border the hot months villa corpse or months of fighting earlier on in the war some thirty thousand people were killed and the new museum is being hailed as a sign of reconciliation between the former enemies and we just saw live pictures there of the german president arriving there in paris greeted by him and with the french president and with that i would like to return. to. frankfurt correspondent danielle because. of course right after donald trump speech there at the apec summit in vietnam we heard also china's president ping and his message was quite different to what donald trump are to say let's listen in very briefly. we are seeing a profound change in economic globalization. over the last few decades economic globalization has contributed significantly to global growth
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indeed it has become an irreversible historical trend. there was china's president xi jinping and is standing by for us in frankfurt oh it's a bit like the world's gone topsy turvy i mean now china presents itself as the the big open market open to globalization what do you make of that they're very interesting this comment that globalization is an irreversible trend i mean we're still remember that china is a country that is seen mostly by foreign investors still very difficult you know to enter because of many regulations or now the question is this really going to change and you know on the other side we have the united states you know again saying how important for donald trump at least is right now this is america first policy so there's really this question if we're going to see a change you know of china being more open also being more open for foreign
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investors and the united states on the other hand you know kind of closing their markets. in frankfurt thank you so much for this. meanwhile news agency reuters reports a breakthrough in the transpacific trade pact jeppe nice prime minister shinzo abbott has welcomed a broad agreement even as other countries in the trade pact like canada disputed that any deal had been reached now abbi's comments come from a written statement by the japanese government the united states had pulled out of t.t.p. a year ago trade ministers of the eleven remaining nations have been holding talks on the sidelines of the apec forum taking place in vietnam there is no official confirmation on a t.t.p. deal just yet. well there are several reasons why there is a point of course with the us as a bammer of d.p.p. the world as such for example be calculated that it would have experience of
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additional growth of one percent but without the us this gains would be much smaller but still there is a reason to to pursue the p.p. because it may be a platform to prepare a future joining of the us once we know whether trump has a long term strategy for for the asia pacific because that would make the point very clear from the u.s. perspective of course there was an economic motive to push there was there was but there was a much more stronger argument for a geo strategic or political reasons which were driving president obama obama to push for this treaty exactly and donald trump we've heard this several times already is more interested in sort of bilateral commitments and that is also what we've seen when he was visiting china before we get to that this is a p.p.a. to a large extent was also a two could china's influence in the region by pulling out the us from positif exactly the opposite to to
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a certain extent it may be that china now can increase its influence through this economic bridges which which china is pursuing and i picked up first also this possibility and. it's interesting on the one hand it's not only that the us stepped out of p.p.p. additionally the us is bilaterally increasing our trade relations with china it's exactly the opposite of your bombers racially we have this we had this two hundred fifty billion dollar business deal that donald trump in xi jinping side yesterday in beijing which you say that trumps this it in terms of economy called in terms of trade was a success so well you know if you have these numbers that sounds always very nice let me give you another out numbered bilateral trade between china and the u.s. is around six hundred billion that sounds great the question is always how much of this two hundred fifty billions will be generated in the u.s. because that is the biggest problem of the trumpet and station the jobs are located
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in china and there we do not have information i mean the united states is the world's biggest economy and it's a huge political player trump going for bilateral agreements how does that impact the region where this is it makes sense from an individual countries perspective but in the long run this will create problems because there will be interactions there will be a more protection as attitude in other countries which are excluded and we just prepared to study analyzing this and become illustrated in the long run such a bilateral progress it is a disadvantage for all countries in the world because at the end there is more protections attitudes growing around the world all right ed and yachts in the deputy director of the center for international economics thank you so much for thank you. we recorded that interview a bit earlier today as you probably noticed when it started now then even without t.p. and without the u.s.
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engaging in a multilateral free trade to deal the asia pacific region is boosting impressive growth yet none the host of the apec summit is a good example a booming nation off ninety five million people is thriving from surging trade and investment even without the advantage of its exports that the exports might have gained from the u.s. participation in. vietnam's export sector has blossomed as manufacturers have moved their factories to southeast asia penman chain is the c.e.o. of a garment factory outside vietnam's capital handling he says his business doesn't depend on the t.p. . tours it might. even without the p.p. our production continues and we still get many orders from our u.s. clients even our leaders of the eleven remaining t p p member states will be seeking you know remains that unlike the original accord won't require u.s. involvement but adams said gone from the american chamber of commerce in vietnam
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feels a bit left out of it all when we look at asia we see a noodle bowl of trade agreements already all these countries negotiating all these things with each other unfortunately the u.s. is not in. almost any of these agreements u.s. president donald trump's withdrawal from the t p p has scarcely dented the push for freer trade in the region judging from the growth and emerging transparency in vietnam. well more business later in the show when we look to saudi arabia a massive corruption crackdown sarah. absolutely thank you so much monica we're going to have a quick check now of some other stories that are making news around the world because catalonia former parliament president had a may fourth adele has been sent to jail a spanish judge set her bail at one hundred and fifty thousand euros she is expected to pay the bell and to be released by friday she together with other former catalan officials is charged with sedition and rebellion following the
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catalan independence referendum in october. more than five hundred asylum seekers remain stranded in a decommissioned australian migrant camp in papua new guinea the camp has been cut off from power food and water that was officially declared closed on october thirty first but most of the camp residents have refused to revoke a fifty fifty concerns and threats from local residents. in the middle east tension between saudi arabia and iran is roiling the region and president among us has paid a surprise visit to riyadh on friday he said that he wanted to speak with crown prince mohammed. been samana about the saudi led war in yemen and its tension with iran the crown has earlier said that he blamed tehran for a missile that shiite rebels in yemen launched at a saudi airport the conflict between saudi arabia and iran has also spilled over into lebanon accusations over the fate of lebanon's former prime minister threaten
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to strain relations to a breaking point or hospital must saudi state run television saying that the country is ordering its citizens out of lebanon neighboring kuwait quickly followed suit. it was a reaction to political turmoil in lebanon and comes amid a deepening regional crisis. lebanon is caught up in a wider conflict between saudi arabia and regional rival iran lebanese prime minister saad hariri is currently in saudi arabia from where he announced his shock resignation last weekend. members of hariri political party say saudi arabia is holding him hostage and are demanding his return. the return of our national leader prime minister saad hariri is necessary to recover respect for lebanon's internal and external balance in the framework of full respect for
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lebanese legitimacy and our constitution. kerry took office last year as the head of a coalition grouping most lebanese parties including iran backed militant group hezbollah . now accusations of flying that riyadh is trying to wreck the unity deal as part of its regional power play with tehran. this instability is worrying not only for the people of lebanon but also for international powers. and monica is back now with more from the region including the french president's visit to riyadh exactly as you know sara macross trip comes as the crown prince there has been cementing his power amid a series of arrests over alleged corruption are saudi authorities have questioned over two hundred people in a high profile anti corruption probe involving princes billionaire businessmen and cabinet ministers together they're accused of embezzling at least one hundred billion dollars over the past few decades in an unusual move some are reportedly
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being detained in the luxury ritz carlton hotel in the capital riyadh. it's a rather attractive prison then again most of its inhabitants are used to the finer things in life. the two hundred eight people question is part of saudi arabia's corruption practice and include cabinet ministers princes and billionaire businessman. they're accused of embezzling some one hundred billion dollars over the past few decades details of how remained scammed. the investigation has spread to neighboring u.a.e. where a number of accounts belonging to saudi clients have been frozen some fear that could spark a capital flight from the arab region others maintain the anti corruption purge will actually boost the economy in the long run. long term will become more optimistic that the spending going to be higher than the output from this meant going to be higher and that even the quality of foreign investors are going to be
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different and we believe more investor going to cut a cleaning up the business world to boost investment it sounds like a worthy aim but critics say there may be another motivation for the crackdown in removing powerful opponents in an effort to strengthen the power of king solomon. german the steel giant coke is doing its bit to fight global warming thanks to a new technique called carpenter kim the company hopes to reduce c o two output significantly and its production line. the fiery heart of a blast furnace induced by. steel production releases enormous quantities of gas. the gases pipes away from the furnace and used for electricity generation and heating. despite that the steel giants for duis book furnace is still emit twelve million tons of carbon dioxide
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a year as well as methane and hydrogen. the companies out to change that. view how much tension are saying we've decided to use the c o two as a raw material time to actually really use it and consequently reduce our c o two footprint. using electrolysis technique called carbon to cam market sellers and his team want to convert the greenhouse gas c.e.o. to into methanol and ammonia a pilot plant is already under construction for best pop manmade what's the point of methanol and ammonia when methanol is an excellent fuel and ammonia can be used to make fertilizer and. he's huge stick a couple plates are about to be put into the pilot plant electrolysis requires a lot of electricity. so to avoid producing more c o two emissions the plant will run on renewable energy. europe's entire steel sector is under pressure
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it has to purchase the emissions rights for every turn of c o two it emits. the industry says that undermines its international competitiveness. over the last seventeen years steel makers have managed to use technology to cut c o two emissions by a full nineteen percent. partizan trip technicians say that's the limit. so the notion of using c o two is a raw material comes just at the right moment. for the principle advantage of this technique is that it enables us to secure the future of the european steel industry to be daughter says you're going to see on top of that there are fifty steel plants worldwide which could use this technology as well and . that opens up entirely new business prospects for to some crude right now the pilot plant so small its c o two saving is relatively low and the taxpayer is forcing half of its one hundred twenty million euro bill but once the technology
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goes into commercial operation but company says it could save twenty million tonnes of c o two emissions in germany alone every year environmentally that would be a quantum leap. forward more news with sarah no thanks so much monica we have a whole lot more news coming up for you here on the w. including experimenting is the name of the game for germany coach walk in love at london's wembley stadium tonight with a look ahead to germany's friendly match against england. but in the meantime all this week we have been reporting from the united nations climate change summit which is taking place in the german city of bonn the big topic on the agenda is reducing carbon dioxide emissions worldwide we know that the biggest polluters overall are the united states and china but how do the figures stack up when we look at c o two emissions relative to population well it turns out that australia tops the list eight belches out more than eighteen tons of c o two per
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capita as for the united states it is in second place with sixteen point one tonnes it's closely followed by. saudi arabia with sixteen tons of c o two per capita now it's clear that the united states has a key role to play in reducing global c o two emissions but earlier this year u.s. president donald trump caused a stir when he announced that his nation would pull out of the paris climate accord i was elected to represent. the citizens of pittsburgh not paris. as it turns out those very words did not go down well in pittsburgh itself not only because the city voted overwhelmingly against trump but also because it has worked hard to overcome its image as a decaying former center of coal and steel in fact pittsburgh is undergoing an impressive economic transformation as our correspondent carson phenomena reports.
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this is the old image of pittsburgh a city of steel and coal where the chimney stacks never stop bedsit smoke and west read lights had to be left alone twenty four hours a day because the smog blocked out the sun but today's reality is a different one the city has cleaned up its act and instead of heavy industry banks and high tech companies are now providing jobs for a growing population more than thirteen thousand pittsburghers are employed in the clean energy sector alone and companies such as ever power which operates wind farms in pennsylvania new york and is developing projects in other states too for co-founder and recall of best ski pittsburgh is the perfect place for innovative businesses i think it's the people you know it's great town pool here young people from some of the best universities in the country. also from a cultural standpoint you know there's a lot to offer we have three professional teams we have the ballet we have to
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symphony we have the opera so many things that can draw great talent. pittsburgh's transformation as the result of a concerted effort by the city government to attract startups and other businesses while at the same time keeping an eye on environmental and social issues one of the people working on pittsburgh's turnaround is development analyst sarah yeager. they take a holistic approach as how can we improve pittsburgh why this is creating more more jobs. lower income housing access to public transportation fossil fuel free vehicles so electrifying our fleet access to more bike lanes i really how can we improve the quality of life for everybody and pittsburgh. another key factor in the city's formula for success is pittsburgh's colleges like carnegie mellon university many who started here at cmu have established themselves in the new economy founding startups in the vicinity of the campus and turning them into vibrant
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enterprises professor jean yang a specialist for programming languages is full of praise for the almost symbiotic relationship between scientists and tech companies here for instance do a lingo was started by lease on and he had this actual office for a long time before he left for doing go all together and so a lot of the duelling of people are involved with cmu they come back here to listen to talks to speak. and everything is quite close so the people are companies they'll show up to talks here people hear those funds some time at the companies gene yang grew up in pittsburgh when it was still a by word for the american rust belt as soon as she finished school she moved away like so many other talents and young people at the time and expected never to return now she's back in her hometown and enjoys not only great working conditions but also a new quality of life in her old neighborhood so these are places where it was
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pretty sketchy to walk outside there after dark and i was just way inside for my parents to pick me up i wouldn't go outside on my own and when i came back i realize that wow there are all these bars there are now there are restaurants the buildings are outside they still look pretty much the same but what's going on inside really it's like night and day so pittsburgh clearly is on the way up again with young people flocking to the city and the prospect of even better times ahead for the next generation. time now for some sports news and the playoffs to fill the final european slots for next summer's football world cup in russia there was high drama in belfast as underdogs in northern ireland hosted switzerland and it took a controversial handball penalty in the fifty eighth minute to give the swiss the edge in the two leg match up they converted for a one nil when by the way there was no use a video replay in the world cup playoffs and
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a second playoff match last night against saw grab saw croatia overwhelmed grace for one of the first leg the second legs of both match ups take place on sunday well there's a lot on the line or rather a lot less on the line when germany face england in a friendly tonight the world champions travel to wembley stadium in london in what many consider a testing phase germany breezed through the world cup qualification is winning all ten of their games but there is always room for improvement. they say friendly he's on the ideal testing ground in football fans already used to the tinkering race of this man but germany coach of hasn't had enough he had to try out some fresh ideas against england or in the four provides a win from thought he still has a few games to prepare until the world cup i think even for me it's a bit of a test phase this year with some players. with the tournaments in mind i want to see not only those players who play regularly but also prepare the other players.
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speeding for them even though if you're on the top of itan and he's not the only one adamant about experimenting in it may have to do without attacking midfielder del a alley and striking harry kane both out due to injury but coach gareth southgate wants to take this chance to try something different. this period between qualification and the finals has to be one of an element of experimentation if we don't try things in these games when are we going to try things when are we going to learn about some of these guys for germany experimentation has become part of the team's d.n.a. in recent times the world champions know that friendly's are the best stage to test new ideas without too much on the line. you're up to date now on your news i'm sarah kelly of berlin don't forget you can follow us on social media the conversation continues we are at t. w.
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news my handle is at their t.v. thank you so much for watching a few again at the top of a. laundry got the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week as the global climate conference gets underway here in germany do ambitious climate change policy still jobs donald trump says yes but our guest this week on quadriga
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beg to differ. next. week. to the big apple. by train from new orleans to. i thirty want to read johnny on the legendary president taking in twelve states folks. and the trip back through american history. will stand jake train adventures. in forty five minutes. i'm going to find tens of thousands of fans for their mega life sets. a mood it's just a really beautiful moment that you're able to share with people a little. they clog up more air miles than some
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pilots. like concert every i am constantly anymore. three german d.j. superstars can't get any more bombastic the music didn't exist we had no idea what we wanted to hear and how to do it ourselves. between backstage rooms so disciplined and a twenty four seven social media presence. superstar deejays starting november twenty fifth on d w. hello and welcome to quadriga can this year's u.n. climate conference take meaningful action to put the paris agreement into place and to.


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