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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. dot com or to freedom. this is do you have the news coming to you live from berlin squaring off the struggle for middle east dominance heats up saudi arabia's newly powerful crown prince on a mission to boost the oil kingdom's prominence at home and abroad but could also setting the delicate balance of power pushed the entire region to
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a precipice also coming up under pressure of the e.u. gives britain two weeks triggering on settling its breck's a bill announcing that crucial trade talks won't kick off until london delivers we'll take you to brussels for the latest. welcome to the show my name is sarah harman it's good to have you with us we begin in the middle east where tensions between saudi arabia and iran are on the rise the power struggle between the two arch rivals has now spilled over into lebanon whose prime minister saad hariri unexpectedly resigned while on a visit to saudi arabia lebanon's powerful has been launched the physic using saudi arabia of detaining hariri now the u.n. and the u.s. are warning riyadh not to use the country as an arena for proxy conflicts.
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kuwaiti citizens heading out of lebanon their government is one of several gulf states that has ordered its people to leave the country this comes amid sharpening tensions in the region lebanon is being drawn deeper into a power struggle between arch rivals saudi arabia and iran. lebanese prime minister saad hariri is inside the arabia since he was dying and last weekend accusations have been flying that the kingdom is holding him hostage for. iran backed militant group hezbollah says that amounts to a declaration of war the group is accusing saudi arabia of using lebanon as a proxy in its conflict with rival iran. that you are if your problem is with iran why you are attacking lebanon just to prove you have influence we admit that you have influence but if you think that you can defeat the lebanese resistance or its political parties who refuse to comply with you you're mistaken. lebanon's
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president met with the saudi envoy on friday local media reported that the president demanded harry reasoner turn riyadh says hariri is free to move as he wishes a claim that front supported on friday but there is no doubts that the complaint is escalating the united nations has sounded the alarm this is a matter of great concern to us and what we want is for peace to be preserved in lebanon. it is essential that no new conflict erupts in the region it's going to have devastating consequences about the saudi iran rivalry is also playing out in war ravaged yemen a missile was launched from there against saudi arabia last week the united states is now said that the missile was a rainy and. in the proxy war yemen is suffering badly now there are fears. could become the next battle cry. about tobias
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a scholar who studies the region and is the head of the center for applied research in partnership with the orient he joins us now from darmstadt not a welcome when you look at the situation in lebanon do you see a war in the making. not really i really see an escalation in the political climate but actually to be to be to be honest i don't expect a major war i think the security apparatus in most important countries in the region and particularly in israel know very well that this war would have an unbelievable consequences that should be avoided so there might be some minor incidents here and there but i don't expect an all out war so this is all ever yet again on this is very crisis you mention the security apparatus in israel for those of us who aren't perhaps steeped in middle eastern politics walk us through what israel has to do with this conflict between saudi arabia and iran well
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obviously it is hizbullah is a force that has defended against israeli invasion that is threatening israel however also in the middle east the iranians use has a lot as a defense line against any form of israeli influence in the region that the iranians do not like therefore any of skill ation in the southern border or in the border between that israel wouldn't be in israel's interest and this is why i believe that the israelis won't this is a really see to see this escalating ahead of the u.s. france germany they're all urging the escalation is saudi arabia going it alone here who are their allies. as i said i think politically political messaging can be a skill torrie while you actually don't do really anything so i think if we compare donald trump's tweets and reactions to this and the state department's statements
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today you can see a big difference in how people who just care about political messaging seem to like this when there are allied with crown prince behind the fence on the side to review of those who actually do diplomacy those who actually do security politics made a call for caution and so i assume this is what we're all states should do in order for to not see this further escalate when we talk about the situation in lebanon specifically and saad hariri is it a matter of he can't go back to lebanon or he won't well that's a big that's a big question here a lot of people are saying he's basically held under house arrest others saying he's free to move but should not go back to lebanon i have to be honest here i simply cannot assess what's more accurate i think france has today said that they don't believe he is under under house arrest and free to move but again there are so many conflicting reports that i'm humble enough to say that i am his god dammit what you don't know what would it take add not to relax the situation right now
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best case scenario best case scenario would simply be make sure that this doesn't translate into any form of military action call for constraints call for air each side to keep cool and to keep cool headed and make sure that the sovereignty of a country like lebanon has respect that's adnan tab a thai thank you for being with us why did happen here. three people have been injured after a car was deliberately rammed into a group of students in toulouse and france police arrest of the chorus driver at the scene france has experienced several vehicles attacked attacks excuse me carried out by islamist extremists so far there is no known motive for this driver's actions. the european union is stepping up pressure on britain over brock's that chief negotiator michel barnier has given london a two week old to made him to make clear how much it's going to pay when it leaves
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the bloc he says that before that needs to be agreed and otherwise the trade talks can't start differences also remain on issues like the irish border and e.u. citizens rights. to date news of progress and consensus from the projected brecht's of negotiations has been thin on the ground all the more surprising that the u.k.'s bricks and minister david davis came out with a distinctly positive view of the most recent negotiations there's no doubt that we have made and continue to make including this round significant progress across a whole range of issues across the board that may prove progress towards resolving some really difficult questions and that of course will continue that place between now and december in comparison comments made by davis counterpart e.u. bracks and negotiator mischa been year seemed much more concerned by progress yet
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to be made compared the process to a matter of settling it counts as in any other separation and he offered a simple answer when pressed whether the e.u. is sticking to its two week deadline for clarification or concessions from london. my answer is yes. many observers remain convinced that breaks it can't help but end in a nasty divorce there are still some who say the split doesn't have to happen at all as far as brussels is concerned as far as the treaty is concerned this country still has a free choice about whether to proceed as new facts emerge people are entitled to take a different view and there's nothing in article fifty to stop them i think the british people have the right to know this they shouldn't be misled the ball is once again in london's court if whitehall doesn't deed want to negotiate breaks it then the message from brussels is pay up. well the ws correspondent barbara vessel
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has been covering these talks for us from brussels barbara good to se you lord kara says that can still be stopped is that really an option. yes legally of course it is until the divorce is comes through you can always say let's try again or you could even say i still love you a bit we shall have another go at it and stay together however it's a political question and the government in london that particular to reason may has increasingly locked herself in her clinging to power into a mechanism that sort of reinforces brix it if we look at total days where she has said the date is exactly twenty three hours on the twenty third of march in two thousand and nineteen and that is supposed to be a law it shows that this is like a spiral that she can't really break any more she and her ministers her cabinet and the tory party are really locked into this process and for them to step away from
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the brink is hardly possible politically what about in the e.u. is there any feeling like maybe this doesn't have to happen or are we way past that at this point. for the e.u. basically they have accepted that this is going to happen because of the sea of course what is happening in london they see that the government is weakened that it's not really doesn't seem to be free in its decisions they also see of course that the mood in the in the united kingdom is largely sort of represented and created by a hostile press that still constantly briefs against the european union every day you just look at the headlines and you wonder how they make this up and so that is an aspect that doesn't have to be underestimated on the on the side of politicians academics economists and so on of course there is increasing despair more and more people say let's not do this it's like sitting in the back of a car and is really racing up to the abyss however nobody is stopping the car so
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brussels is more or less resigned to the process and the progress of the disaster however people are now even diplomats here are saying it could be it could be happening what nobody used to say out loud before that we will end up with a hard break so it was a sort of car crash hard and barney has says the e.u. need clarity in two weeks or what what happens in two weeks. in two rigs we have the summit and now we have the preparations for mid december we have to summit so in two weeks we need to know the conclusions will be written and so at the moment two conclusions are prepared one decision that says we will not move talks will be stalled because britain hasn't made a compromise over money and the other varieties ok britain has made the compromise has promised to pay up but what it's due and so we will continue is
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trade talks in general those are the the two the those are the two very at the righties they are now being prepared in detail and before the summit and the prime ministers and heads of state and government make up their mind what they want to do so yes time is running away time is running away and yet it feels like these talks have been going on forever i don't know about you barbara but have they made any progress is there anything concrete to show for these talks so far. this has been going on for five months now if it carries on at this pace we'll both be sitting here in two thousand and fifty and sort of going round and round in circles it's been really really fruitless i mean there has been have been tiny tiny little steps this little bit of progress on citizens' rights for instance but all those things have sort of fall on big down on island i mean there seem to be agreement there cannot be a hard border an island that britain simply ignores the necessity of a border in ireland after breaks it and says oh it's supposed to be nonexistent
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it's supposed to be invisible yes but how and it hasn't offered any sort of concrete plan or project how this could come about is so we going back and forth and sideways and progress is really absolutely minimal it's a very frustrating process and diplomats some are also say maybe we have to rethink the whole thing and aim for something else that means a deal that is known deal that deal it's like a minimum the minimum agreement and what and how we could create a future together but not the sort of really extensive negotiations that we've had before but that is still in the future it's still everything is still in place and you and i'll be speaking much more in the future for now that's barbara vale in brussels thanks for the latest. here's a quick look at some other stories from around the world russian lawmakers say they plan to make foreign media and social networks register as foreign agents this
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after russian state funded channel russia today said it would comply with the u.s. demand for foreign agent registration u.s. intelligence alleges that the channel was used to interfere in the presidential vote and more than five hundred asylum seekers remain stranded in a decommissioned australian labor and camp in papa new guinea the camp was officially closed on october thirty first and power food and water cut off most of the camp's residents have refused to relocate because of safety concerns. and that's your news you're up to date in berlin i'm sara harman thanks for watching i'll see you at the top of the hour from my friend. means more to express.


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