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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2017 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean it doesn't bear michael the invisible visible. might violence against children disappear. this is news live from berlin a toxic smaug settles over large parts of pakistan the pollution has called kills across the country for weeks thousands have been hospitalized with health issues
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and nearly a dozen killed in road accidents look at the latest also on the show. lebanon demands and says its president wants an explanation from saudi arabia over why prime minister assad honeybee hasn't left the country will see what the crisis means for the region. and standing shoulder to shoulder on the conflict in syria u.s. president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin reaffirmed their common commitment to ending the war and defeating the islamic state. edith kimani welcome to the program now india has announced plans to spray water over the capital delhi to try and alleviate one of the worst cases of smaug the city has ever seen delhi is known for its poor air quality but this toxic cloud.
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has prompted the government to declare a public health emergency now look at this it's a satellite image which was captured by nasa about a week ago and it shows the smaug stretching from india right through into pakistan now falling temperatures often make the air quality in the region worse before the onset of winter in fact people in pakistan are struggling to breathe. for weeks now one of south asia's biggest cities has been submerged in small. the whole pakistan is chucking with levels of pollution many times what's healthy. distrait might still be clogged with traffic but police have been urging people to stay at home because with visibility it museum driving in lahore has become a risky endeavor. even though. it's difficult to travel or getting sick a lost people have here respiratory throat infection.
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and the casualties of what's been dubbed smog sees a number in the thousands in the city's hospitals doctor's report patients have even suffered strokes because of the toxic air it's a public health crisis it isn't easy to fix as a lot of different factors are responsible. from the industry. list. or any guesses at all short of an immaterial of. this. by the farmers contributing to pollution caused by millions of vehicles grinding through the straits of this metropolis lahore is pakistan's fastest growing city and if nothing is done experts worry its pollution problems could cast a pall over its development. in the middle east tensions between saudi arabia and iran are on the rise the power struggle between the two tribals has now spilled over into lebanon whose prime minister saad hariri unexpectedly resigned while on
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a visit to saudi arabia lebanon's president demanding an explanation from the saudi government over why he hasn't returned. kuwaiti citizens heading out of lebanon that government is one of several close states that has ordered its people to leave the country this comes amid shah. tensions in the region lebanon is being drawn deeper into a power struggle between arch rivals saudi arabia and iran. lebanese prime minister saad hariri is inside the arabia since he was designed last weekend accusations have been flying that the kingdom is holding him hostage for. iran backed militant group hezbollah says that amounts to a declaration of war the group is accusing saudi arabia of using lebanon as a proxy in its conflict with rival iran. that you know if your problem is with iran
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why you are attacking lebanon just to preview have influence we admit that you have influence but if you think that you can defeat the lebanese resistance or its political parties who refuse to comply with you you're mistaken. lebanon's president met with the saudi envoy on friday local media reportage that the president demanded harry reid's return riyadh says hariri is free to move as he wishes a claim that front supported on friday but there is no doubts that the complaint is escalating the united nations has sounded the alarm this is a matter of great concern to us and what we want is for peace to be preserved in lebanon. it is essential that no new conflict erupts in the region it's going to have devastating consequences for this saudi iran rivalry is also playing out in war ravaged yemen a missile was launched from that against saudi arabia last week the united states
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is now i said that the missile was a rainy and. in the proxy war yemen is suffering badly now there are fears levanon could become the next battle cry and. well to talk more about this i'm joined in the studio by another thought us from our arabic service thank you for joining us so neither one of the bigger. questions right now is where is saddam how did he is it possible that he really has been detained by saudi arabia this is the one million torah question there are more and more signs now that he is really being detained in saudi arabia the lebanese president today michelle alone issued a statement calling upon on riyadh to clarify where her really is because since a week he hasn't appeared how really hasn't appeared. on and didn't say where he is if he's free to leave saudi arabia or not and most of the lebanese people now are convinced he is detained in riyadh of course one of the biggest players here
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a saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon or m.b.a.'s as they like to call him tell us more about him he's than you and vicious strongman in riyadh he's the crown prince is not the king but actually he is the defacto king and he's trying to consolidate his power he's trying to show iran that he is not he's not tweek although he actually lost the war in syria because he was or his land his country was. supporting business there and they've actually lost so now he's trying to prevent iran from getting more and more powerful so do you see these actions of sickly even iran taking as ratcheting up the tensions between them it is very frightening little bit because we know that lebanon is a very fragile country it's a very small country and it has also also had
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a devastating civil war in the eighty's and the early ninety's so every small step towards a war or escalation can bring this country to brink of a proxy war to civil war and this is nothing that can be good for the region at the moment certainly now that. big service thank you for joining us. u.s. president donald trump and his russian counterpart vladimir putin have reaffirmed their commitment to ending the war in syria in a joint statement the two leaders said there could be no military solution to the conflict but said the so-called islamic state must be defeated while the announcement was prepared ahead of the apec summit in vietnam which the two leaders were attending. or wouldn't take the question whether donald trump would hold direct talks with flood email putin was one of the more protracted sideshows at this summit in the end the two had just
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a few casual encounters with trump's team at home under investigation for possible collusion with russia it appears the white house was keen to avoid fueling that particular fire otherwise trump didn't shy away from controversy on friday he lambasted global trade imbalances environ to put america first it's left other leaders pondering free trade without the u.s. one of the main things to come out of the summit was the revival of the transpacific partnership. trump walked out on that deal earlier this year and many thought it was dead but the remaining nations have now agreed on a new framework. ball eleven countries are on board and this will send out a very strong message to the united states and other countries in the region.
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that message is aimed particularly china with its economic dominance president used the summit to push in the opposite direction to trump towards multilateralism beneath the meeting show of harmony deeply conflicting visions of the global economic future. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world demonstrators have clashed with police near the u.s. embassy in the philippines hundreds turned out to protest an upcoming visit by president donald trump when violence broke out now trump will arrive in the philippines on sunday the last stop on his eleven day tour of asia. former united states hope solo has accused x. before president sepp blatter of sexually assaulting her at an awards ceremony solo claims in an interview with a portuguese newspaper that blatter groped her at the twenty thirteen ballon d'or
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gala blatter denies the allegation. london's big ben clock has chimed eleven times to mark armistice day that's the day world war one ended ninety nine years ago two minute silence was held across the british capital and the rest of the country to another war dead. thousands have turned out on the streets of born here in germany to call for quick action on climate change the city is currently hosting a two week climate conference and the protesters want to see world leaders turn away from fossil fuels and nuclear power and switch to greener sources of energy. sports news now in senegal has grabbed one of the remaining slots for next summer's world cup they took advantage of a second chance given by soccer's governing body and defeated south africa to neil the senegalese actually lost to the south africans a year ago but they were allowed to replay the game because of match fixing by the
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referee. meanwhile italy are one step closer to missing the tunnel meant in russia after dropping the first leg of their play off with sweden the four time world champions lost after substitute johansson scored on a deflection in the sixty first minute italy can still redeem themselves with a win in the second leg that's on monday back in milan to have a qualifying playoff match ups involve teams travelling tens of thousands of kilometers of a two legs heavily favored peru came away with a scoreless draw a new zealand likewise under us hosted australia in a new game led to a both match ups is wednesday. in london last night the renewal of one of soccer's big rivalries we're talking england and germany was a friendly between these two countries that have already qualified for the twenty eighteen world cup the pace was quick especially in the first half and both sides
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had their share of scoring opportunities but neither could put the ball in the net the final from wembley stadium scoreless draw as both sides experimented with different combinations in preparation for the world cup. it's important for us to have different systems to use against italy in the euros for example the three man line that we played that was the reason we were able to take away the off chance of strength of the opponent. depending on the opposition we're able to bring different players and styles of play to the game. of complex playing. on to racing and world champion driver lewis hamilton is urging formula one to improve security he says i'm drawbars held up members of his steam as they were leaving the brazilian grand prix track in a mini van hamilton tweeted the shots were fired and the gun was quote held at one's head he added there were no injuries but similar incidents have occurred in the past the britain's most eighty's team dominated the practice sessions in sao
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paulo in fact the hamilton smashed track record to the brazilian grand prix is sunday. and finally the fifth season has opened here in germany if you're looking at me and wondering what i'm talking about it's the first day of cannibal. at eleven minutes past eleven on the eleventh of the eleventh month germans swap serious was silly and gather on the streets to begin the season of merry making it all wraps up around the christian holiday time. and here now is a reminder of the top stories we're following for you think toxic small because on below two large parts of pakistan that are a lot of material and just say the pope the pollution is caused by dust the burning of crops and emissions from factories more than ten people have been killed in road
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accidents linked to poor visibility upcoming winter rains are expected to bring some relief. tensions between saudi arabia and iran feel over into lebanon after the country's premier saad hariri resigns on a visit to saudi capital riyadh lebanon's powerful has been a chief accuses saudi arabia of detaining having me. that's all for now but be sure to tune in for more news at the top of the hour in the meantime you can log on to d.w. dot com for more round. talk news updates and of course to follow us on social media we are. thankful. to find tens of thousands of fans for their mega life sets. of a movie it's just a really beautiful.


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