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tv   Pop Xport - Bands Trends and Events - the Best Music from Germany  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2017 3:30am-4:01am CET

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that takes what i was going to call it she may be. in times of the past seems to be over. the. last. place. they will not succeed in defining us not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking a stand global news that matters d. w. made mines.
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wellcome to export the only t.v. show in the world devoted to the latest music from germany. on this edition with touring in africa with maybe a little. more growth and b u s with einstein they. will all be checking out d.w. stuff mentary superstud takes me into and. we begin with me got a little one of germany's biggest hip hop artists he's got a new project called the black superman group or just b s m g and he just released an album called i'm plats and is on it or a place in the sun a reference to european colonialism in africa he recently went to the continent with the good to institute which promotes german culture worldwide.
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meghalaya plays the rwandan capital kigali the track jesse owens pays tribute to the african-american sprinter who won four gold at the nine hundred thirty thinks a limpid game is held in nazi germany the most of the raf his current album is actually about africa and now he's the himself device of us running out of this trip was planned a long time ago before i finished the album release it later than expected we wanted the videos to come out in summer because their summer hits but it took longer politics the music industry so it came out just before this trip but that's good because we can share it with people here directly. but in no time. like you know who has done. this touring the continent with his producer. band now in rwanda after
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a stint in uganda and we'll also be performing in kenya the democratic republic of congo zimbabwe performing and also doing workshops with other musicians. to compile a varied program which will enable the two germans to get an insight into a very different well. it's really interesting it's different here from kampala for instance that's really a cultural hub one of the best places for going out in africa. and the best. golly is a bit different. my first impression. i'm excited about what else we're going to see during this trip. today is workshop takes place at the music high school in here endo three hours away from you going.
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the workshop was organized by concertina hay the head of the current institute. megalo got to know the students a bit talking about all sorts of things from the difficulties musicians have in germany to family problems and record companies. finally it was time for some music. then megalo showed the music students what he could do to with a spontaneous fall to run king and a rhyming. i
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am. given this as. we don't want to turn up here like agree with her and do our thing one on one exchange we want germany and the local culture to come into contact in contact. with this workshop was a perfect example of music in. effect this past year for i there's so much freedom when it comes to music here but i must admit it was tough for me to rap to an unfamiliar beat to traditional rwandan african music. it wasn't normal for for time and i had to get away from my german understanding of music but it was a lot of fun and opened me up to new experiences the writing i was markson about sounds every boss came up to. today. gun man
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stallion opera forming in a poor district of pick only. they deliberately chose this venue to make the music more accessible. and they have a message for the audience long live africa. back to germany now to have it in the east of the country pitch m.f.i. perform three concerts in the city for m.t.v.'s unplugged sirius the singer now sixty eight is one of germany's best selling acts with a record sales of over fourteen million not surprising then that a video of the acoustic has now topped the charts has the song. which also features
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guest vocalist jennifer. for a long long time. david kay goes they cut. out all the song. come to. the top goal of the budget for the time i want to do this may. told the book lol. lol lol the book is a cut. above the book. is the best to.
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follow for a lead . to a long siege the. above the fold. the bring . the bush
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to the fog lead. thank. you it was was the sox. pitcher m i five there the singer will be taking an acoustic set of his hits on a tour of twenty two cities next spring you're never too old to rock and row now time for our new releases. goodsome in. posing as you've never seen them before dressed up as clowns in the video for their new single. it's the third track taken from the dusseldorf punk outfits album not
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sure. sheff sure know how to beat those autumn blues the new single from the hamburg dancehall duo keeps the temperature up as michael moore bust her move to the vocals of alice martin this is the first time the dancer played director to. the title track of current album is about new beginnings something the berlin performer knows plenty about a divorce and a fractured vertebra have made his material more personal than previously the boy
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in the video by the way is not actually toggles son. clemons ray-ban and philip better known as milky chance have recruited some impressive vocal talent. is a friend of the do the budding british songstress has added some soul to their folk pop sound. it's. good to. feel like c.n. already has seventy platinum this and over one billion online streams not bet for a twenty three year old he is one of three german artists profiled in the
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documentary the star deejays made in germany the film also reveals that life behind the turntables isn't ask them or us as you might think the film will be broadcasted on d w on nov twenty fifth he is a sneak preview of. the next yea. and similar aka i love sob and and the legendary paul van dyke superstar d.j. is made in germany accompanies the trimix miles as us they perform live around the world. every summer of a clock up more and miles than some commercial pilot electronic music from germany has become an established global brand. and he told them that a twenty musical brings together people from different cultural backgrounds when it doesn't matter which god you believe in god and which religion you follow or which
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possible you have issues about libor coming together and celebrating this music if you don't buy that one that's you know i did that to something that was until i believe. they make ca in the summer sound first of all in latvia headline appearances can sometimes and talk d.j.'s six digit feet. again is just twenty three that sure knows how to well the crowds are not just in his life that he also has a huge following on spotify facebook and if you choose if you do it for any contact with the fans it's really important to me this was for me and i'm also an intensive user of social media i do all the. myself and now respond on instagram we have a hash tag called first for felix we were answer the first for comments under each photo the documentary also reveals just how much hard work is involved deejays like
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alef oben have to be in good physical shape when touring all summer long sometimes the belly native will do three shows in twenty four hours and that can also mean missing birthday parties or family get together as they tend to take place on weekends past eleven like germany's paroch avila festival thanks. it's going to the point where i say that my life now takes place on the road i used to say touring is a job not my life back then i wasn't on the road five or six days a week now my like in work are becoming the same. big time as a d.j. these days you also have to produce your own material. trunks pioneer of undone like has been doing for a quarter of
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a century. and i do young the fund up wasn't so much money on the other guys started out and then the music didn't even exist. we had no idea of the sound we wanted to listen to not to create it ourselves. félix yang takes a quick breather before the show goes on and make music has gone mainstream thanks also to d.j.'s like him from germany danes remakes of cheerleader by jamaican singer omi landed him a global hit in twenty fourteen. but i want to go to number one do you want another one of course is to say you're addicted sounds negative but sure it's a motivation among us and that if you're passionate about what you're doing and good. longer feels like a job drop the shrink look at us happy with what i do if everyone ends up just doing hip hop in my house a fine tell me how to choose from home. fortunately
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there is no danger of that right now. things fans can look forward to seeing and hearing more from these superstar d.j.'s for many years to. jam and d.j.'s mixing it up and the international actually dance and don't forget to tune into the day w on nov twenty fifth and watch the documentary and full as for other developments in the german music world his new section. fly. on. tryfan angst or free of fear the name of a new documentary about better in berlin band silly. it covers preparations for
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their tour earlier this year taking viewers up to the opening gigs the film hits cinemas on nov sixteenth and will be joined by a d.v.d. and a live cd. i was. listening can feel the blood declaration of love for our planet and a warning to us all i am an island is the city of bones official song to mark the world's climate conference it is currently hosting it's a collaboration between a local children's choir the city's beethoven orchestra and the musician bernadette langston. the single is also part of a promotional campaign by germany's development ministry. lag. loaf. doro pesch is about to rock europe she's taking her new album on the road the first to be sung completely in german it also
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includes her cover of david bowie's heroes which the late singer also recorded in german. loads of love silo fans. hands all over. everything from the vibrant well to pop music on facebook at d w music stories songs and the latest from the music scene. join us in the universe of pop on facebook and send us a mess. we love hearing from you. it's rare for ben to be better known abroad than in their home country but new unit based six certainly are they do have
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a small following in germany but their biggest friends it once was scream and wait for hours for an autograph to be found elsewhere the band have traveled the world as an official ambassadors for the german language and this time they're in the u s . the the yes. the. oh yeah. mine talks zax are known for their incisive lyrics that capture the mood in germany and playing unusual instruments for hip hop they kicked off their u.s. tour at the kennedy center and washington d.c. . but then they moved on to play at colleges and schools the band whose name
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translates as one to the power of six went down well at the kennedy center like the us and the dancing in the jungle come a day. from china and we come here first listen to them learn yeah it's so let me go out and get you i like that you want to for instruments what the news was you know here in hip hop or after school we're. going to bright. but the band are not only in the u.s. to play concerts they're there to help teach german in cooperation with g.w. but the but the you think i think music can transport feelings and it's a lot of fun because it's much easier to learn a language while having fun on phonics complicated than in an ordinary classroom. with. six. sacks have already been to sixteen countries with video diary project indonesia for example. and.
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the a bystander sliced we should a game called charades. but this is you have to mine. the band and e.w. have produced forty episodes of the diary to date teachers and students all over the world can download the videos to teach and learn german and a fun way. to . show. that. it's proved a popular concept the videos have been viewed and downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. in life when children sing along to
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a song even if they don't know the language. the rhythm and the bills get you involved. in the trip we use and students of german can access the language. minus. the band members are very excited to be in the us. oh that was. a hip hop artist it's a dream to play in the u.s. . i. their tour comprises fourteen workshops and eighteen concerts in total zax taking
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america by storm with german rap. and making german fun. and this week's quest is a mash up of german and english lyrics tell us what. original was by and you might win some great music now without further ado he is played and sung by a young vinter from hamburg on the song. but as the plays can. be.
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impressive stuff but who recorded it fest center on two d. w. pup export. to six and one three three five five berlin germany or send an email to public sport at d.f.w. dot com and please don't forget to include your mailing address will be giving away c.d.'s by i'm still thinks hate em laugh i help fund dyke and b.s. and g. . and last but not least our classic lost from the past when it came out fifteen years ago critics said skin on skin by sarah conner sounded like a mariah carey ballot it made it to number seven in the german charts the video might just have played a part in that success with the scantily clad singer writhing around on a beach and enjoy and see you soon again here on public support.
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just. that i am. just a. just .
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just a. you
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can get almost anything you want just discount wholesale. china. the good songs that export items although the currency may be more often.
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times of the communist seem to be. state by state. just. the most traditional. at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour. of germany state by state on g.w. dot com. fake hair and real story. where i come from a lot of women like me have fake hair sometimes the hair style takes up to two days
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day by day i disappear. and so does everything i give. two billion people who care about me. me me. and now. i give. lebanon's president says he wants saudi arabia to clarify why saad hariri is stood in the kingdom he was signed as lebanese prime minister.


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