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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2017 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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oh no we're dreaming low too much oh from the last week no no no. visible. wavering in the twenty first century. story december second on d w. this is the day of the news life from berlin us presidents on a trump has arrived in minnesota for the us the un leaders almost and it's also the last leg of the president's asia tour all eyes will be on how he deals with the
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philippines controversial president ready to go to task also coming up the. spanish prime minister mariano rajoy visits barcelona for the first time since imposing direct rule on catalonia and as regional elections loom over the whole link spain's economic recovery to removing pro independence parties from power. plus a first for the arab world to the move abra dobby opens its doors to the public the billion dollar projects promises to act as a bridge between east and west through the medium of art. i'm gonna welcome to the program u.s. presidents donald trump pozza arrives in the on the last leg of his official tour of asia and it's the longest trip by u.s. leader. to the reason trump has an ambitious agenda he has welcomed or he was
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welcomed rather to the philippines by his host president rodrigo the two will attend the summit of asia pacific leaders and they're also expected to hold bilateral talks the protesters were ready for him flag burning and banned trump chance met by police water cannons in manila president trump has arrived in the philippines the last stop on his five country twelve day visit to asia. at the dinner the mood was considerably more serene with trump in town the southeast asian development and cooperation group is holding its thirty first summit and marking its fiftieth anniversary despite the display of unity several of those states are in fierce competition for regional influence china has made sweeping claims to the south china sea something the philippines and other regional nations vigorously dispute trump said he'd like to mediate the tense situation an offer that was
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hardly embraced by philippine president roderigo to tear to. the left and. nobody. yeah. state. going to. human rights observers are waiting to see what if any criticism trump may have for to tear take when they meet to tear taze ruthless anti-drug campaign has resulted in nearly four thousand deaths including extrajudicial killings but the two leaders have a lot in common both of them feel besieged both of them talk about this obligation both of them talk about overthrowing the existing order both of them talk about their nation first so the third in many ways also talks about you know make philippines great again so in that sense there is this sense of personal solidarity
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and relates to people who are very much like you from the philippines trump well we're turn to washington and then the longest trip to asia by a u.s. president in more than a quarter century. earlier we spoke with correspondents on a santos in manila and i asked her what the world could expects from president trump the parents at the. well definitely there's going to be a lot of talks about it konami integration president tara just been emphasizing inclusive prosperity for the region and we're also hoping to see some more indication from the u.s. about what their foreign policy is going to be if you remember the. donald trump barack obama he had a clear foreign policy which is a pivot to south east so the region is going to be eagerly looking at what this far if there's going to be mentioned or policy or what stance and position the u.s. going to take in that region. spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is on his
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first visit to catalonia since dismissing in succession the government is offering a stark choice kick a separatist in next month's elections or there will be drastic consequences he arrived in the region just hours after hundreds of thousands of pro independence demonstrators took to the streets of barcelona getting them to change their minds will be an uphill battle it's a difficult yet inevitable trip for mariano the hoeing his conservative popular party is struggling in the polls less than six weeks before the regional election in catalonia that he called using previously untapped constitutional powers he asked catalonians to back spanish you need. we want the december twenty first election to bring back peace to catalonia we want to reestablish a democratic and free catalonia for everyone we will achieve this if the silent majority finds its voice and votes. the spanish
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leader can count on his party's support but many other catalans will not be holding welcome signs. the night before his arrival hundreds of thousands of independent ists took to the streets of barcelona to demonstrate again against the central government's hardline on catalan independence protesters demanded the release of separatist politicians who were jailed following last month's referendum but once again rai defended madrid's position. we did what any of our neighboring countries with some degree of self-respect would do. how would france or germany react if one of their regions called for an illegal independence referendum and declared that the constitution no longer apply there. addressing not only cuts alone here but the whole country in a holy war and everyone who challenges the spanish state will have to deal with
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moderates power but he'll have to wait till december to find out if catalan voters are persuaded. following that story for us as our correspondent hena mariano rajoy calls for a large turn to ice in the election coming up in december in cousin lonia why is that so important to him. well the spanish prime minister is talking about the silent majority wants to mobilize as many people as possible for the snap elections but if that translates into political power for his conservative party. that remains to be seen i don't think so because so far his conservative party and he himself is very unpopular in the region at the last elections they got only eight percent of the vote so one of the smallest party actually in the cartel on parliament and recent polls suggest that this won't change much so if he's calling
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for a catamaran people to speak against in the pendants that's one thing if that means actually people will vote for his party is a completely different story so what happens if the catalan separatists perform strongly than in the december election where would that leave. political parties the ones which are promoting independence their own independent states have increased their vote their success during forty four years now so it's very unlikely that they will suffer a loss in the polls again suggest that they will perform strongly during these snap elections twenty first of december and actually they say that thirty percent of the council on people will vote for the e r c and that's the republican left party who
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wants a known independent catalonia. could backfire but if the separatists are defeated decisively in december can we expect to see the end of the catalan bed for independence. there are no indications at the moment to give that hope they will be defeated as i said at the moment it looks like they will turn out to be the strongest party at these regional elections in any case we really have to realize that moron your. has not changed the political landscape in catalonia by imposing direct rule over this region and for sure he has not won the hearts and minds of cowtown and voters and how to people by these images of elderly people getting beaten up by the spanish police at the referendum first of october just by dropping a piece of paper into a ballot box so we will all stand by and see what will be the result but i don't
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think so that there will be any solution unless finally come and sans wins and both sides sit together and really try to find a political solution do you have these correspondent in spain and i thank you very much. highland. has been flexing his environmental muscles at the un climate conference and bonn germany the terminator actor and former governor of california is highly critical of the kind of policies of u.s. president donald trump is campaigning for more green energy and cuts in emissions but he says environmental activists need to communicate better to get the public's attention. i can do the best action movie in the world but if i don't know how to communicate to the people to get them into the theater the movie is going to die at the box office is going to go in the toilet so this is why it is so important if
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you start communicating it's time that we wake up it's time that we wake up and talk about what really matters here is what matters the twenty five thousand people are dying every day because of pollution. it football switzerland have qualified for the world cup finals in russia next summer after holding northern ireland to a scoreless draw embezzle this with the advantage after scoring an away goal in their one nil win in the first leg last thursday that result was myers in controversy with so it's around the goal coming after a highly questionable handball penalty northern ireland have not qualified for the world cup since one nine hundred eighty six. to motor sports now and formula one where sebastian fattal has won the brazilian grand prix in sao paolo the germans started in second but grabbed the lead from valtteri on the opening corner the
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ferrari driver never relinquished the lead to clinch his first victory in eight races world champion lewis hamilton to fall his way from the back of the grid to fourth behind teenage boss and ferrari's can be right conan and hurts. and switching from four to two wales narrow and marc marc has the has been crowned moto g.p. champion for the fourth time in five seasons the spaniard started the race in violence from pole and only needed to finish eleventh to clinch the title but there was a scary scare as he briefly dropped down to fish so after leading leaving the track and taking a detour through gravel the hundred driver fought back to cross the finish line in courage and claim the title in the season for no breaks. and the louvre is one of the world's most famous museums and now it has a sister museum in abu dhabi thousands attended the opening in
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a spectacular building designed by french architecture and. the building like the museum itself attempts to combine eastern and western influences it's the first museum off its kind in the arab region has more. they queuing in the thirty degree heat and are now name from the somewhat cooler paris is already pulling a crowd in the arab world for the opening of the louvre abu dhabi the five thousand tickets went quickly like the arts many visitors have come from europe the local seem to like it. we've been waiting for more than ten years so we're very proud to have an institution like this here the europeans took our artifacts and so the arabs are ok with taking the name at least and create also museums and bring part of the art back and also some european art so i think it's actually quite a good thing and. it's precisely what the rich. he wants the orient and the rest of the world comes together in arts grand historical qur'an editions vinci's belfair
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on the air by way where a sculpture fountain of light. the shakes have left the structure of this arabian louvre true a frenchwoman star architect john nouvelle the dome spans one hundred eighty meters i designed this invites interpretation. just looking at this new thinking about how they did this based on like the palm trees the print of the palm trees it's so creative like you know it's connecting that culture and modernism together so it's really nice to see that. arms they're celebrating this in their own way as artistic expertise and name recognition come as a price the emirates has spent around one point five billion euros on the overall project including loan fees for the arts from the original in paris it gives a stronger exposure in terms of cultural associations with with france and with europe i think it's fantastic that the louvre opened
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a new branch in the middle east it's for a limited time though the name louvre can only be used for thirty years in six months they want to the opening has been long and ostentatious now it's time to see whether this temple of high art can help bridge the arab and western worlds. and some breaking news coming in the u.s. geological survey is reporting a powerful earthquake in northern iraq and iraq it says preliminary measurements suggest a strength of seven point two it places the epicenter on the mansion this border between the two countries we'll have more on the story as the other develops. united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate come from.


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