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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2017 8:00am-8:31am CET

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as for cross the world for their electrifying life sex. on tuesday do move to festivals and backstage parties took place when no one attained stardom just like that superstar deejays starting november twenty fifth on t w. this is the deputy news live from berlin a deadly quake on the border between iran and iraq at least two hundred people are dead in iran alone with more than a thousand injured relief efforts are underway after that powerful drama hit near
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the iraqi town of whole object also coming up. just president donald trump meets his philippines counterpart barbara go to terror tape but outside the summit of asian leaders in manila under the protesters demonstrate against their pulse and. and lebanon's former prime minister speaks out saying he will come home soon song or e rejects claims that he's being held against his will by saudi arabia. i'm brian thomas a warm welcome to the show while rescuers at this hour are scrambling to help the quake victims on the iran iraq border that's after a seven point three magnitude quake struck around thirty kilometers from the iraqi town of labia late on sunday a rainy and state media saying the tremor killed at least two hundred people in
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iran alone while baghdad has yet to report an official death toll but hundreds of iraqis are known to have been injured. when the earth began to shake the shoppers began to run. other states. this reporter escaped injury as the tremor shook his studio. heard it up. and baghdad these residents knew all too well how quakes can turn buildings until death traps. suddenly the glasses dropped off the table that was very strange the found was shaking we were so afraid that we had to run out of the house because our house is an old one. you know but most of putting on and many others were not so lucky and iran hospitals have been
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inundated with the injured and the walking wounded. local t.v. stations in the region show the scale of the damage done to homes and buildings. these children forced out of the beds in their pajamas. one hospital feeding after shocks moved toward on to the streets. rescue teams have had to walk under the cover of darkness officials fear the death toll will rise as the full extent of the devastation becomes a patent. on social media people of course have been sharing their pictures and video showing the scale of the quakes damage this video shows a supermarket a couple with their child are trying to escape while shampoo toilet paper assorted goods are falling off the shelves this quake expert tweeted pictures from a care money shop province the hard hit area on the iran iraq border the
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devastations very clear here you can see a car completely destroyed by falling debris and this image shows a cracked wall the other picture reveals how the quake destroyed the wall of the house both images were taken in the iranian city of bonna let's go now to us aslan from the tasm news agency in tehran thanks for being with us what more can you tell us about the dimensions of this quake. you know. happen late at night. before the main earthquake there was a week which made it felt to be more prepared of artifice and i think if this hadn't happened the casualties could have been much more than this or so far as the number of the death dollars has passed to one hundred and it's nearly two hundred ten people so far has been announced than it is expected that the number of casualties to be increasing even more in the coming hours and then the earthquake
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happened the relief and rescue teams are ready in the. started trying to save those who are there on their rivals at the early hours of the earthquake and the crisis management committees inside the country also are already at the early hours of the earthquake and i think. many provinces in iran could feel the earthquake and even some people could feel it in the capital city or around the capital city as well but the major and the main part which was mostly hit was due west and iran and the promise of care much our young cities in the this province is mostly are having the casualties yeah bus let me jump in there are those areas are mainly rural how are rescue operations coming
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along we understand a lot of the roads are not passable right now is help getting through to the people who need it. no i think there is the reverse to those. you know because of. some areas but the relief and rescue teams are ready. in the morning in the morning. and forces from the army to see how their religion is going on. the most the parts which have been hit. but in some smaller towns also as well ok thanks so much for that boss us lonnie from the top of the music actually in tehran thanks very much. now for a look at some of the other stories making news today. so the president. has been
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re-elected for a second term after winning a runoff on sunday be challenger mario charice with fifty three percent of the vote now although the role is largely ceremonial the president does have the power to nominate top officials. in the texts church where a gunman killed twenty six people a week ago has reopened his memorial the first baptist church in solon springs has been painted white and furnished with chairs for each of the victims were first were killed during a church service in what was the deadliest mass shooting in texas history. we entertain or bob geldof has pledged to return his freedom of dublin award that in protest against aung san suu kyi. he said he does not want to be associated with an award that's held by suit the nobel laureate has been sharply criticized for failing to intervene in the persecution of rohingya muslims and me and mark. two u.s. president on drums visit to the philippines now and there have been new clashes between
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police and demonstrators in central manila that as the u.s. leader met his counterparts at a regional summit security teams using water cannon on the anti trump demonstrators in the filipino capital a mock up of the u.s. president in the shape of a swastika paraded through the streets there away from the crowds leaders took part in the opening ceremony for the two day as he and summit also said his filipino counterpart agreed go to territory i was then met on the sidelines of that event and while the white house has been saying that the president would be taking up the issue of human rights in the let's go now to the deputy director of the asia division of human rights watch feel i'm kind joins us from bangkok thanks for being with us this morning president to terry's war on drugs the extrajudicial killings of cost thousands of lives do you see president addressing that in manila.
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it's pretty clear that the president did tear it is inflicted calamity of human rights abuses on the philippines is off the table in terms of president trump's priorities and which is very disappointing but not surprising because president trump has repeatedly proven that he has an affinity for strongman rulers with well documented abuses against their citizens but the wider issue is we have these human rights abuses going on the philippines but rule of law is under attack in the philippines and rule of law fairness transparency predictability president rodrigo to tara has thrown those under the bus and that has wider significance and ramifications beyond human rights its business its investments and so any country particular united states that wants to have a meaningful sustainable mutually beneficial relationship with the philippines should be absolutely concerned about what president is doing to his country but
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apparently president trump is unsurprisingly going to look the other way ok now you say you said that detectors thrown at you human rights and the rule of law under the bus your organization has been investigating to territories war on drugs what are your findings. our findings are that philippines national police and agents connected with that with the police are implicated in large numbers of the estimated more than twelve thousand killings extradition executions linked to this war on drugs and president rodrigo to terror today has enthusiastically incited and instigated these killings now these killings could very well constitute crimes against humanity so this budding romance between trump and do terror today and this diplomatic fist bump that trump is giving to terror today he's dealing with a likely future crimes against humanity suspect so that makes this meeting even
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more. awkward and odious than it already is ok what about public support to territories war on drugs that have all a lot of public support initially what are your research findings showing right now in terms of public backing for the war on drugs in the philippines. look it's unquestionable that the thirty eight percent of the filipino a lecturer at that voted to tear it say into power in may of twenty sixteen that he retains really strong support amongst that constituency but we have to take a look at the numbers there you know president territories popularity ratings actually have started to decline since there has been very disturbing evidence that the philippines national police have been intentionally targeting children with the extradition executions but the other issue is that you know there's a difference between popularity and legitimacy you know present
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a terror tape was elected to support and defend and protect the rights in the philippine constitution number one of which is the right to life he has absolutely trashed that right and this is something that has profound implications for a future rule of law in the philippines that will last far longer than his time in office phelim kind deputy director of the asia division of human rights watch thanks so much for being with us today. this is deja vu news still to come on the show. is lebanon's former prime minister saad hariri free to come home a week after announcing his shock resignation from riyadh here insists he is free to leave saudi arabia. but first it's over to helena and one nation's efforts to scrap nuclear power quite a timely debate as well bearing in mind at the top twenty three climate conference is currently taking place in bonn it's entering into its second week now in the
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countries meeting all coming up with a rule book to implement the paris calling it a court to keep global warming within two degrees now one of the countries not at that table is taiwan that's because it's not a member of the united nations now that is not to say though that the island has not experienced first hand the very real effects of climate change it is subject to frequent typhoons so how is it planning on painting up its energy act. severe storms and flooding most recently in october this year alone taiwan has been battered by extreme weather events many experts see this is a sign of climate change in action in response to the government wants to boost renewable energy generation capacity is being ramped up in wind and solar power production until now these renewables have only played a minor role in taiwan's energy mix so there's much catching up to do. by twenty twenty five the government wants solar energy to supply ten percent of the
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country's electricity needs. wind energy is slated to cover five percent of demand and if so tied to a power biomass and geothermal energy will take taiwan's green energy to twenty percent. the aim is to phase out the country's nuclear power stations the focus of constant protests. since japan's fukushima plant meltdown taiwanese have lost their faith in nuclear. but eighty percent of taiwan's electricity would continue to come from fossil fuels in particular imported coal. so reducing greenhouse gas emissions will remain a major challenge time ones but capita c o two emissions are extremely high. and joining me now in the studio is taiwan's minister of the environment mr yuan italy thank you very much thank you for joining us thank you now all eyes are on call twenty three currently underway in bonn at the moment taiwan is not
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a signatory to the paris agreement it's not a member of the united two lessons eighty percent of your power is made up from fossil fuels what are you doing about it yeah so in order to comply with the paris agreement of prison tie you and in an inaugural speech say we are going to join the fight and challenge in the climate change so first we are going to restructure the whole energy mix we are going to cut down the coal energy from forty five point five percent to thirty percent by twenty twenty five so. we are going to increase the green energy from five percent to twenty percent and we would also increase the natural gas from twenty percent to fifty percent so by replacing the call with the nature guess we can cut down about forty percent i want to going to cut it to get a forty percent of the carbon dioxide let me just pick you up on that then because
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green energy sheriffs are doing the math is around twenty percent natural gas is still a fossil fuel there so it's just not a distraction from more renewable energy in a way yes but from the the level the extent of the emission of the carbon dioxide it does decrease reduced by forty percent compared to the coal it all you have so many coal demonstration just a few days ago right here in bonn and barley yeah you know and so the executives the same you are going to face all of the nuclear energy by twenty twenty two we close with twenty twenty. i you see the demonstration it's like the same so we're going to face off by twenty twenty five so this is a transition period but we are determined to comply with the person we're doing everything we can you are determined that you are not a signatory to the paris we have said about that so that means that in some ways you're not part of the rulebook that's currently being drawn up so how then do you make sure the industry in taiwan don't switch to renewable do you offer them
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incentives can you police that yeah because we're also you know industrialize a state we reckon i'm a five in trade in. germany in asia and some twenty one twenty two or wide. conductor is quite vibrant industry you know paula. sun sun sun power you know. plate is also very important so we're going to introduce this a cap and trade system by twenty twenty how about work because it we are going to issue the. do a book and that's your certificate to those who comply with the emission standards . so then they can use this certificate. trade in you know.
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a target. in the future in this emission trading system they can trade in a cap and trade you know into this international carbon market system i'm sure you're well aware of the fact minister of course that renewable energy is one thing it doesn't always equate to energy efficiency taiwan is currently the world's twenty second largest economy what effect will switching to renewables have on your economic standing are you concerned about that or so we have to have good dialogue with industry and we are going to provide this. renewable energy by by location for example in central taiwan is good in wind power with industry tried to use the kind of. power in the area so you would improve the efficiency by cutting down the loss of energy because the transportation and that these supplies i own the. demand side we also want to introduce this kind of smart
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grid system so you can more efficient he. used the energy that you produced ok mr yang you want me taiwan's minister of the environment pleasure to have you with us here on day to open a thank you thank you back to brian now on the fate of an eminence for much needed . lebanon's a former prime minister saad hariri says that he'll be returning home from saudi arabia within days now this was his first televised appearance and says shock resignation last week really made that announcement from saudi arabia as well saying he feared it was a plot to kill him back home now his moves have raised many questions in lebanon where people are unsure what to make of these developments. the former prime minister insists his resignation and his stay in saudi arabia are
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voluntary but he says he remains worried about his safety back home. and a home i'm free here in saudi arabia if i wanted to leave i could do so tomorrow but do i want to doand i have to protect my family. but many lebanese officials including president michel own aren't convinced harry reid's free to do what he wants the president's office said saudi arabia may be violating international treaties with its treatment of lebanon's leader. viewers in lebanon scoured the resigning prime minister's interview for clues about his condition. we don't know the. truth so really didn't even hear his. music looking his good guys. not what you're saying that is not being heard in a saudi arabia and by do. you
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watch the. harry reid interview raised another question is he resigning at all. harry reid hinted at retracting the resignation of his governing coalition partners like hezbollah avoid participating in regional conflicts. well two years ago today coordinated islamist attacks left one hundred thirty people dead in the french capital paris on the streets and cafes at a concert hall francis today remembering those who lost their lives one survivor of the bottle massacre tells you how the bloody attacks radically changed his life. whenever christopher modahl walks past this place the memories come flooding back what happened here on nov thirteenth two thousand and fifteen changed his life forever ever since that day the battle plan has taken on
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a new meaning for him. to get. i'm very strongly attached to this place because it's in a good way. it's as if the better class had a soul and protected me so. i like coming here because it's reassuring. and makes me think and remember what happened like this you know what's on the so there . is stuff barricaded himself into a room behind the stage when the terrorists started shooting that decision saved his life he was at the concert with two friends one of them died during the attack he still finds it difficult talking about what happened and was haunted by what he had experienced for months afterwards this question. dramatic stress disorder. but i was incredibly tense and every little sound made me jump. i was played by flashbacks and kept seeing images from that night hearing the sounds and smelling
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those horrible smells like at a party where they can. christophe went to therapy to help him come to terms with his experience instead of shutting himself away at home he went out more so than before he wanted to feel alive they stood to use mean that night and is forever a part of him they are complex. as a survivor you feel guilty that others had to die while you got away with your life now. these tattoos are like my own gunshop when. they show that i was there that night and who i am. and that's all. things are better now and still life for the forty one year old will never be the same again also in a good way. i'm much more willing to take a leap know that. i've only been with my girlfriend for seven months and we're
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already talking about moving in together and having a child. i would have been much more hesitant to do that two years ago. but now i'm thinking seize the day because. you need to go for things if there's a chance they will make you happy or poor all that. stuff things france has stood its ground against the threat of terrorism people are sticking together not letting themselves be divided even after further attacks yet in one respect he says the terrorists have won that's what sort of kills the most france has restricted civil liberties. first by maintaining the state of emergency for so long. and then by enshrining many of those extra police powers and. in a way that's a victory for the terrorists or because they want to frighten us and make us give up some of our civil rights to do is. sit in the war. office
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this office more frightened than he was before frightened that he could lose another friend or relative to terrorism even more reason he says to live every minute of every day. we have the motor sports now in formula one where faddle has claimed victory at the brazilian grand prix the german was the main rival this season of the newly crowned world champion lewis hamilton and while this companion didn't leave much to celebrate he was the man of the moment in sao paulo. for a moment his success in sao paulo that sebastian fettle forget about the world championship he missed out on the ferrari driver was back in top form for his fifth wind of the season vettel took the lead from finland's valtteri bottas right at the green flag but is a good start was almost for nothing after several crashes the safety car had to
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make an appearance still fettle held on to the lead after the restart and crossed the finish line ahead of buck house and kimmy reichen in a. newly crowned world champion lewis hamilton who had started at the back of the pack after a crash in qualifying managed to finish in fourth place. an emotional high point came after the race courtesy of philippe moussa the brazilian fans bid farewell to their home favorite who plans to bring his sixteen year career to a close at the end of this season. and in football croatia have qualified for the world cup in russia next year that's despite a nil all draw against greece in parathas on sunday croatia completely outplayed their opponents at home in the first leg and took an unassailable four one lead into this match it's their fifth appearance of the world cup the since the break up
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of former yugoslavia and earlier on sunday switzerland also qualified for the finals in russia next summer after holding northern ireland to a scoreless draw in basel the swiss had the advantage after scoring an away goal in their one nil win in the first leg last thursday now that result was mired in controversy was switzerland's goal coming after a highly questionable handball penalty northern ireland have not qualified for the world cup since one thousand nine hundred eighty six. if you're a minor now of our top stories at this hour a powerful quake has killed at least two hundred people and injured over sixteen hundred others on the border between iraq and iran relief efforts are underway after the seven point three magnitude quake struck late on sunday. and u.s. president has met his philippines counterpart brodrick go to territory hundreds of protesters descended on the summit in the attended by the two leaders. this is the
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news live from berlin we have course more coming up at the top of the hour for now though for the entire team thanks for being with us. signed trickles through our fingers and now around them won't it seems to be running out. tongue in any industry that uses.
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depressions graeme's are in tracks number. because not only is in line. to ending resign. now. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful lobby challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding this. as conflicts intensify i'll be. with key players on the ground in the senate has the power gushing through the rhetoric holding the coffee. back the conflict. conflicts on confronting the powerful on g.w. . my first vice i was a sewing machine. when i come home women are bound by this motion towards something as simple as learning how to write a by side though it isn't. since i was
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a little girl i wanted to have them by cycle of my home and it took me years than i have. finally gave up and went on buying young guys like this but returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice as no i want to reach out to those women back home who are bound by their duties and social norms and inform them about the basic rights my name is the about of the home and i work i need them. why our world is built on sand it surrounds us it's in our buildings and our streets billions of tons of sand and it's becoming scarce.


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