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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2017 11:00am-11:30am CET

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world from different perspectives. join us being sponsored by distinctive instagram or yours at g.w. stories the topic of each week on instagram. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin and a deadly quake on the border between iran and iraq at least three hundred people are dead in iran alone with no real cause and no relief efforts on the way out of the pound for tryna get the iraqi town up and i'm john also coming up. from
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smocks to yasi attack on the bottom and the city's nightlife the way to survive off the shooting that killed ninety people inside the powerful confident venue and. will. be. serenaded by a strong man but protests just came on and i had a different greeting for donald trump as he met philippines leader not to go to ted . kind of a welcome to you i'm. risk is a scrambling to help quake victims in the iran iraq border that's often a seven point three magnitude quake struck around thirty kilometers from the iraqi
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town of halabja late on sunday iranian officials say the trim a killed at least three hundred people in iran alone in iraq the interior ministry says at least seven people have been killed hundreds more have been injured it came out of nowhere and sent people fleeing into the night in a matter of minutes their lives reduced to rubble the quake could be felt across iraq from here in the eastern city of banda khan and over four hundred kilometers away the western province but it was iran that was the worst hit this was the scene and western kermanshah province buildings crumpled like house of cards destruction as far as the eye can see. as the clock ticked on the number of killed and injured take a wall fell over me. with hospital struggling to stem the flood of patients the
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iranian government has called on people to donate blood. in north in iraq the quake was literally broadcast on live t.v. . it looks like there's an earthquake happening where you are. yes there's an earthquake i'm going to go outside i'm sorry. the interview short by the tremors as people try to get to safety. the night dragged on makeshift camps mushrooms across the affected areas as many were forced to sleep in the streets. many no longer have a home and even those who do likely won't be able to return anytime soon. and for the villages i'm joined now by congressman van begin by he joins me from being the regional capital of the kurdistan region in northern iraq now we've been huge casualties on the iranian side over three hundred what do you hearing about
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the situation on your side of the region well i talked to a character spokesperson who said at least seven people were killed and also there are hundreds injured and also there are worries that. could be damaged so that's why the guard for international there are ok what the risky operation is for us to put our apologies well but to deal with the dissolved this kind well the kurdistan region has. seen on economic crisis and also very crisis because of the war against isis so they have called international aid organizations to help out with this crisis because they don't have the financial capital to deal with this situation at the moment but as you said i mean there has been some international aid coming in and you said this situation with the dam was pretty critical at the moment what can you tell us about that
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well basically the local mayor of the town of dubroca on the place that was most affected in the carriage by this situation has called for international one of course we have seen the same situation will slow down in the past that there were worries about. very close to them so that's why they are worried by the local authority and enough support coming in from baghdad about to me given the recent tensions between the kurdish reason region and the rest of iraq well the first concrete example no help with which is surprising because the truth are against the kurds referendum here and the rocky prime minister said that they're going to provide support to the iraqi citizens but until now it's unclear if there has been an iraqi. iraqi you're in the border right of logic needed on billion in and really in the kurdish region of iraq thank you very much for that
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update welcome turning now to france which has been being home much of the victims of the country's rust ever terrorist attacks that shook the city of paris two years ago president and none in law cruel has led to memorial ceremonies and met with survivors and family members on nov thirteenth two thousand and fifteen is the most extremists killed one hundred thirty people at seven occasions across the city france has since passed a far reaching antiterrorism mill that has been criticized for being civil liberties. correspond glottis is following the memorial service at the bottom. you have covered the attacks for us two years ago what is the feeling in paris two years on. mixed feelings here in paris really there's of course the people who tell you that let's not give in to hatred or fear
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and the vatican music like what you see behind me where we currently waiting for the french president to arrive is a good example of that it's been back on track since a year it's been pretty much booked out for the first three months of two thousand and eighteen and so life has returned to this part of eastern paris very a popular very lively part at the same time when you talk to people they many tell you of course every small scale attack that paris that france faces serves as a reminder how vulnerable the country is and hardly a week goes by without a special police operation detaining for other suspects of potential terrorist attacks and talking about fifty gaghan france has been under a state of emergency for around two years do we even feel it's a safer place now. well someone this morning told me that the french president really is walking a tightrope here on the one hand he needs to provide security on the other hand he
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needs to safeguard the freedom that the country has become famous for throughout the world so of course you can make the argument that the new security under the terrorism law that has been installed just ten days ago and replaced the state of emergency provides a lot more securities for instance security zones can be established without a judge needed people can be detained houses can be searched without the thumbs up from the judiciary if you want and ten thousand soldiers are patrolling french towns and cities with an extra ten thousand police officers that are meant to be installed in the next couple of years so that the security has ramped up enormously on the other hand there are warnings that homegrown terrorism is still a threat there are fears that particularly small scale attacks cheap attacks as the police has called them with cars with knives are a potential threat and if you talk to people in paris it's
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a big concern that with i asked on the retreat in syria more terrorists could be fleeing that part of the region and in fact foreign fighters may return to france right kyung matis in paris thank you very much for that and the attacks of two years ago in the heart of the french capital french shock waves across the country but the impact was greatest for those directly affected didn't we spoke to one survivor of the bottle massacre about how that fateful night changed his life. whenever christopher modahl walks past this place the memories come flooding back what happened here on november thirteenth two thousand and fifteen changed his life forever ever since that day the battle plan has taken on a new meaning for him to. look at. i'm very strongly attached to this place because it's in a good way. it's as if the better class had
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a soul and protected me so i like coming here because it's reassuring. and makes me think and remember what happened this you know it's only so there. is stuff barricaded himself into a room behind the stage when the terrorists started shooting that decision saved his life he was at the concert with two friends one of them died during the attack he still finds it difficult talking about what happened and was haunted by what he had experienced for months after what's his question. dramatic stress disorder. but i was incredibly tense and every little sound made me jump. i was playing by flashbacks and kept seeing images from that night hearing the sounds and smelling those horrible smells get apologetic and. christoph went to therapy to help him come to terms with his experience instead of shutting himself away at home he went
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out more so than before he wanted to feel alive lisa to use mean that night in november is for ever a part of him complex. as a survivor you feel guilty that others had to die while you got away with your life now. these tattoos are like my own gunshot. they show that i was there that night and who i am. and that's all. things are better now and still life for the forty one year old will never be the same again also in a good way. i'm much more willing to take a leap now that. i've only been with my girlfriend for seven months and we're already talking about moving in together and having a child. i would have been much more hesitant to do that two years ago.
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but now i'm thinking seize the day. you need to go for things if there's a chance they will make you happy. that. kristoff things france has stood its ground against the threat of terrorism people are sticking together and not letting themselves be divided even after further attacks yet in one respect he says the terrorists have won. the toss. france has restricted civil liberties. first by maintaining the state of emergency for so long. and then by enshrining many of those extra police powers and. in a way that's a victory for the terrorists because they want to frighten us and make us give up some of our civil rights. that's this office more frightened than he was before frightened that he could lose
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another friend or relative to terrorism even more reason he says to live every minute of every day knowledge to get a look at some other stories making news around the wild south korea's military says a north korean soldier has been shot and wounded while defecting to the south across the demilitarized zone north korean troops reportedly fired at the soldier while he was attempting to pass through a border village the defector has been taken to a south korean hospital. the texas sure a gunman killed twenty six people a week ago has reopened as a memorial the first baptist church in sutherland springs has been painted white and full mystra chairs for each of the victims worshippers were killed during a church service in what was the deadliest mass shooting in the state's history. barbara new guinea has said more than three hundred fifty refugees have defied a deadline to evacuate an australian funded detention center their police have
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destroyed water supplies and prepared bus transports ahead of plans to forcibly remove the men australia had closed the camp last month after local authorities declared it unconstitutional are. you watching the news coming up ahead hitting all the right notes in money low philippines president good legal due to have to cruise for donald trump but protesters want both leaders to change their tune. more in our story in just a bit but first to helena and nubile are rail on the route to a big deal with japanese investors helena that's right amrita rao huge sums of money potentially on the table from the japanese technology giant softbank used to invest billions of dollars in the right hailing. details of the deal is not yet been released but reports suggesting that softbank is hoping to acquire a fourteen percent stake in right now that move would clear the way for the right
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hailing service to sell stock to the public for the end of twenty nineteen. one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. that's worked our financial correspondent in frankfurt about this now genelle dumas alone mantra now of course him but is one of the most valuable tech companies in the world we know that but it's also plagued by scandal so why would soft bank want it. well soft bank in itself is a bit of an interesting case it's not exactly a household name but it's best known in japan as a telecoms provider but softbank has very deep pockets and an eye to the world it wants to become a global leader in tech it's looking up and down the value chain and all famously it's guided by a three hundred year plan very unusual in the fast moving world of business and a bit of a hard sell for investors but it goes to show that they take the long view on things and their investment in hoover shows that they believe that ride sharing will continue to play a big role in the future of consumer mobility that we see more evidence of this and
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there are other investments mainly in inverse rivals like d.d. and like crowd so that's also unusual investing in rival companies but it goes to show how convinced they are by this model marginal thanks and speak to again throughout the day and i hope twenty three climate conference taking place in bonn is entering into its second week the country's meeting there a coming up with the rule book to implement the paris climate accord to keep noblewoman within two degrees celcius now one of the countries not out that table is taiwan that's because it's not a member of the united nations but that's not to say that the island hasn't experienced first hand the effects of climate change is subject to frequent typhoons so how is the country planning on cleaning up its energy act. severe storms and flooding most recently in october this year alone taiwan has been battered by extreme weather events many experts see this is a sign of climate change in action in response the government wants to boost
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renewable energy generation capacity is being ramped up in wind and solar power production until now these renewables have only played a minor role in taiwan's energy mix so there's much catching up to do. by twenty twenty five the government wants solar energy to supply ten percent of the country's electricity needs. wind energy is slated to cover five percent of demand . and it's hoped hydropower biomass and geothermal energy will take taiwan's green energy share to twenty percent the aim is to phase out the country's nuclear power stations the focus of constant protests. since japan's fukushima plant meltdown taiwanese have lost their faith in nuclear. but eighty percent of taiwan's electricity would continue to come from fossil fuels in particular imported coal. so reducing greenhouse gas emissions will remain a major challenge time once but capita c o two emissions are extremely high.
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and joining me now in the studio is taiwan's minister of the environment mr yuan thank you very much thank you for joining us thank you now all eyes are on call twenty three currently underway in bonn at the moment taiwan is not a signatory to the paris agreement it's not a member of the united to len's eighty five cent of your power is made up from fossil fuels what are you doing about it yeah so in order to comply with the paris agreement of prison time when in an inaugural speech say we are going to join the fight and challenge in the climate change so first we are going to restructure the whole energy mix we are going to cut down the coal energy from forty five point five percent to thirty percent by twenty twenty five so. we are going to increase the green energy from five percent to twenty percent and we would
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also increase the natural gas from twenty percent to fifty percent so by replacing the call with the nature guess we can cut down about forty percent want to going to cut it to get a forty percent of the carbon dioxide let me just pick you up on them because green energy sheriffs are doing the math says around twenty percent natural gas is still a fossil fuel there so it's just not a distraction from more renewable energy in a way yes but from the the level the extent of the emission of the carbon dioxide it does decrease reduced by forty percent compared to the coal it all you have so many coal demonstration just a few days ago right here in bonn and barley yeah and so executives the same you are going to face some of the nuclear energy by twenty twenty two we close with twenty twenty five. you see the demonstration it's like the same so we're going to face off by twenty twenty five so this is
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a transition period but we are determined to comply was the very second we're doing everything we can you are determined that you are not a signatory to the paris we have said about that so that means that in some ways you're not part of the rulebook it's currently being drawn up so how then do you make sure the industry in taiwan does switch to renewable do you offer them incentives can you police that yeah because what we are also you know industrialize a state we reckon i'm a five in trade in. germany in asia and some twenty one twenty two or wide. conductor is quite. interesting you know paula. some sun sun power you know. plate is also very important so we're going to introduce this a cap and trade system by twenty twenty how about work because it we are going to
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issue the. renewable energy certificate to those who comply with the emission standards. so then they can use this certificate. trade in you know. a target. in the future right in this emission trading system they can trade in a cap and trade you know into this international carbon market system i'm sure you're well aware of the fact minister of course that renewable energy is one thing it doesn't always equate to energy efficiency taiwan is currently the world's twenty second largest economy what effect will switching to renewables have on you economic standing are you concerned about that so we have to have good dialogue with industry and we are going to provide this real. but energy by by location for example the central taiwan is good when power we. tried to
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use the kind of. power in that area so you would improve the efficiency by cutting down the loss of the energy because the transportation and that is surprised i own the. demand side we're also going to introduce this kind of smart grid system so you can more efficiently. use the energy that you've produced ok mr lee taiwan's minister of the environment pleasure to have you with us here on d.w. thank you thank you back to amrita now and a thriller in manila that's right helena two u.s. president trumps visit to the philippines now and they've been clashes between police and demonstrators in central as the u.s. leader met his counterpart and i did recently summit our security teams use water cannon on the anti trump demonstrators in the filipino capital protesters are angry
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over trump's result this it was in the human rights situation in the country and away from the crowds leaders took part in the opening ceremony for the two day summit later drawn controversial filipino president or diego details to at the sidelines of the event the white house says human rights briefly came up in their conversation but trump made no mention of the subject in his remarks to reporters have a listen we've had a great relationship this is very successful we have many meetings today with many other leaders. and conference has been handled beautifully by the president in the philippines and your representatives. and joining me now from london a is congressman on a fantasy and of the white house says that human rights came up briefly in trump's conversation with but the filipino government denies this what is your understanding who said
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this much anticipated by a lateral meeting between two very controversial world leaders and yet it's quite unclear now who said what exactly but i'd like to pull back a little bit and kind of give a context as to why the issue of human rights is you there's a spotlight on it more than probably any other time you have to remember that president did you go to church or was catapulted to the president on a campaign promise to and drugs and criminality in six months and his strategy for that was simple kill them all now unfortunately he carried out that promise with quick efficiency and brutality we've seen anywhere from three thousand to thirteen thousand suspected drug dealers and drug pushers dead no trial no due process and that's why he has brought upon the hunt for human rights
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a lab that and the international community was very much hoping that president truong would take the opportunity to mention human rights not just to the philippine president but to the whole. and you know the human rights issues that are brewing in the region and kind of put that back into the center of the conversation the need to follow the rule of law and the need to respect human rights that it brought a level of what does this meeting mean for the relations between the two countries at a bilateral level to do this seem to have gone well detach even sang a ballad for the u.s. president. certainly when i lays seemed to have really hit it off as we had predicted and you're absolutely right to say indulged in a singing traditional love saw filipino love saw to president last night and president chomp on his part was white if you sit in his praise for the philippines you know before the bilateral meeting this afternoon he said many nice things about
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the country so and i have to also say that president was reported to have said i have been your friend since i was elected my predecessor was not your friend what does this mean for the relations of the two country it really gives a kind of test that seal of approval of the president which is such a shame he's going to keep quiet about the human rights crisis in the philippines and there's now no one strong enough in theirs that leaves a very leaves a hole in the international community or a strong opposition to the human rights collaborate in the philippines brought about by the drug war and i know they have also been protests in a money no you went to protest of can one of the things about this visit. to protesters have i just like to explain a little bit there was a group so many different people there been poor student groups farmers digitas
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people and so there were so many issues that i can't even begin to listen down for you but there was one commonality among all those people all of those protesters who came from different parts of the country came here because number one they are they don't welcome him into the country but i have to tell you there was this deep underlying emotion in the protest cap's emotion that was read i read at least as a deep sense of resentment anger and betrayal these are people who had. their hopes on the promise as a president to charity most of them came from mindanao which is the hometown of the president and so they really can't just hope the. hopes on him and now they feel that everything he had promised during the campaign starting from an independent foreign policy and doing away with the united states and cursing them off. right under the bus those promises to us on a sunday did not leave us as an affront to send money out of you have to leave it there thank you very much for that update from the filipino capital. that's.
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