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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2017 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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one last thing on our homes. invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d w. this is d w news live from berlin a powerful earthquake has struck the border area between iran and iraq more than three hundred fifty people have been killed and thousands more injured relief efforts are underway in both countries the number of dead is expected to rise as
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rescuers dig through the rubble also coming out. oh we. may be. serenaded by a strong man but protesters in manila had a different greeting for donald trump as he met philippines leader roderigo to territory. and could it be or even dare to italy and football's world cup playoffs the four time champs must overturn a first like deficit at home to sweden tonight or missed their first finals since nine hundred fifty eight. i'm seeing so much kind of thank you for joining us rescuers are scrambling to help earthquake victims on the iran iraq border at least three hundred forty eight people are. dead in iran alone that is according to state television thousands more
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have been injured or left homeless the seven point three magnitude quake struck around thirty kilometers from the iraqi town of how late on sunday in iraq at least seven people have been killed and hundreds more injured it came out of nowhere and sent people fleeing into the night. in a matter of minutes their lives reduced to rubble the quake could be felt across iraq from here in the eastern city of karbala and over four hundred kilometers away . but it was iran that was the worst hit this was the scene and western kermanshah province buildings crumbled like houses of cards destruction as far as the eye can see. as the clock ticked on the number of killed and injured take a wall fell over me. with hospital struggling to cope with the flood of patients
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the iranian government has called on people to donate blood. in north in iraq the quake was literally broadcast on live t.v. . it looks like there's an earthquake happening where you are. yes there's an earthquake i'm going to go outside i'm sorry. the interview cut short by the tremors as people try to get to safety. that's the night dragged on makeshift camps mushrooms across the affected areas as many were forced to sleep in the streets. many no longer have a home and even those who do likely won't be able to return anytime soon. earlier we asked professor mark allen deputy head of the department of earth sciences a durham university about the dimensions of this quake. well you know since the
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earthquake was usually large in this part of the world as quakes are common. and around me this will reduce estimated map and shoot maybe seven point three is much larger than way for cooling the last few decades and it is possible quakes through. two tectonic plates pushing against each other in the arabian places trying to go sliding underneath the eurasian continent so you have many quakes in this part of the world every year to six. wants is largely destructive. recently. now to some other news of france germany and twenty other e.u. governments have sealed a defense agreement they hope will mark a new era of european military cooperation of foreign and defense ministers formally signed the pact in brussels today it is
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a far reaching agreement on security and military cooperation one of its aims is to cement a european unity after brags that london has long been opposed to the move fearing the formation of a european army u.s. president donald trump has met with philippines later fredricka to territory as part of his tour of asia to terra has launched a brutal war on drugs involving extra dubious judicial killings critics want to trying to bring up human rights violations with her territory but it appears the issue was not discussed in detail. oh at a gathering swirling with controversy an unexpected moment of tenderness. will you. the filipino president pulled out all the stops at a gala to open the summit on sunday. i mean late tonight good news
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for you know what i mean thank you the orders of the commander in chief will be united states. the filipino rights groups say it's not just to tear tay singing that skewed. ahead of the summit the human rights groups had urged trying to confront a territory over his war on drugs a crackdown that's claimed about twelve thousand lives over the past year but if there was any criticism from trump it was not on display in manila trump showered his host a self-proclaimed killer with compliments and i want to thank you for your incredible hospitality and the show last night the talent at that show i assume mostly from the philippines was fantastic thank you. the camaraderie did not go down well with everyone police used water cannon to scare off angry protesters. but we believe that the meeting
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a lot bigger than the benefits for the filipino people at the diner was worse than the human rights situation in the philippines and the fact that it would be the fairest one they could not get it if the russian church in the white house said the two men's meeting focused on trade and fighting the so-called islamic state it said human rights came up briefly during discussions on the philippines fight against illegal drugs. well let's get more in donald trump's visit to the philippines so let's talk to correspondent ana santos in manila hi ana there is conflicting information over whether the issue of human rights was raised in the talks between these two leaders the white house says it was but the filipino government says it was not what are you hearing well the presidential spokesperson had earlier given a briefing two years of media after the bilateral talks between president trump and president putin and he said that human rights was not brought up the human rights issue is not brought out and therefore it was not discussed so that pretty much
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summarizes what the briefing that we got earlier today and i have to say that you know it's a huge disappointment for the international human rights. community who had hoped that president trump would use that as u.n. summit as the venue to drive to the human rights crisis in the philippines that's been brought about by president detect as war on drugs what about the reception that donald trump received as detectors government believe he really has one to trump over well you know it was you're talking about the protesters the message to him is clearly he is not welcome but you contrast that with the welcome that the president of the philippines president the charity has given him and you see really a lot of water you saw a lot of ribbing between the two men joking president child came in a traditional barrow took a lot he was also if you say been sprayed is using suppressive terms like tremendous fantastic so it seems that there is
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a warm relationship between the two men and that wasn't enjoyed by the predecessor of president trump i know we saw some of those images of the protests about where do most filipinos stand on donald trump. well the most filipinos don't trust him i have to state that. we got from a lot of the protesters was. distrust that americans feel for is something that they can identify with you have to remember that there are more than three million filipinos that live in america so the anti immigrant rhetoric of donald is something that is very hurtful and also you know something that a lot of filipinos are against so they see em as someone who is not an ally of you know the migrant aspirations of many filipinos all right correspondent on a sometimes reporting for us in manila thank you ana.
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france has been remembering the victims of the country's worst ever terror attacks that hit paris two years ago french president spent considerable time meeting with the survivors and former president francois hollande then released balloons into the air in honor of the one hundred thirty people who died in the multiple attacks the american rock band eagles of death gave a surprise concert as well with the lead singer at times appeared overcome by emotion the group's concert at the bottom feared her exactly two years ago turned into a bloodbath when islamic extremists dorm the whole parallel attacks also targeted cafes and the national stadium and this was covering today's commemorations he sent us his impressions. with small and simple commemorative ceremonies songs today page tributes to the one hundred thirty people who lost
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their lives in paris two years ago outside the particular music club the ninety names of those killed two years ago were read out followed by a minute of silence but the butler clone concert hall is also a good example that life has returned to this part of paris many people told me that they do feel more secure two years after the attacks with still thousands of soldiers patrolling french streets and so with ten thousand police officers to be employed in the years to come and with the new antiterrorism law that has replaced the state of emergency which gives the police extensive powers to detain suspects and to search houses at the same time police have warned that the risk of homegrown terrorist attacks still remains imminent still remains high and that is a big concern france is a country still very much marked by the events two years ago today reporting there from paris now to some other stories making news around the world saudi
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arabia has said it will reopen yemen's borders after widespread international criticism of its blockade around the arab world's poorest country yemen faces dire shortages a fuel food and water that the u.n. has had puts millions of lives at risk of famine a saudi led coalition had sealed off yemen last week in which palliation for a shia rebel missile attack manned mars army has replaced its general in charge of the troubled rock in state no reason was given for major general monk monks sos transfer operations by manned mars army have driven more than six hundred thousand rohingya muslims mostly from are keen to flee across the border into bangladesh. south korea's military says a north korean soldier has been shot and wounded while defecting to the south across the demilitarized zone which divides the peninsula north korean troops reportedly fired at the soldier while he was attempting to pass through a border village that a factor has been taken to
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a south korean hospital in football and monday night italy and sweden face off in the second leg of their world cup play off sweden take a slender lead to milan after winning the first leg one nil on friday if they can hold on to their advantage because quite the upset by knocking out one of football's powerhouses. winds back the clock to the two thousand and six world cup final in berlin and it was happy days for italy he has already live to the world cup trophy for the fourth time. fast forward eleven years and it's a different story italy having been the side of the one struck fear in their opponents hearts a mediocre qualifying campaign and a poor performance in the first leg defeat to sweden sees italy on the brink of missing their first world cup since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight. where it would seem we are in italy where a team that has to play football and if we qualify it will do it by playing
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football. by playing football that's something italy's golden generation with the likes of did a piano choccy. see and. could do with their eyes closed john luigi buffon is the last relic and he knows what's at stake. yes the positivity the possibility to rebound from this result we're working on this dream on this subject is one which will be evil but we also know that it's an important match for all of us and for the nation and for the history of our national team. that i'm most. proud and rich history which will be tainted should be as we walk off the pitch as loses miss out on football's biggest showpiece. in tennis germany's aleksandr center dubbed the future of the sport dazzled in his debut in the a.t.p. finals on sunday in london when he defeated world number four of croatia in three
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sets said of who you see at the bottom of your screen took the momentum back in the third and final set after dropping the second the twenty year old one about six point three six six four and will meet roger federer in his next book face game on tuesday in the british. you're watching t.v. don't forget you can head to our website dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock well they're back at the top the hour. health. and hearings to look. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows.


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