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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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this is just why not. it's simple online on your own mile and for a. soft. music learning course is weak. made easy. this is deja vu news live from berlin a powerful earthquake has struck the border area between iran and iraq more than four hundred people have been killed and thousands more injured relief efforts are underway in both countries the number of dead is expected to rise as rescuers dig
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through the rubble also coming on. the. serenaded by a strong man but protesters in manila had a different greeting for donald trump as he met the philippines leader board we go to territory. plus an agreement with far reaching implications european union countries launch a new era in defense cooperation. and later in the show paying a heavy price coal is devastating the health of miners and destroying the environment in india so why is the country increasing production. i'm sumi so much kind of thank you for joining us rescuers are scrambling to help
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earthquake victims on the iran iraq border more than four hundred people are dead in iran alone thousands more have been injured or left homeless the seven point three magnitude quake struck around thirty kilometers from the iraqi town of late on sunday in iraq at least seven people have been killed and hundreds more injured . first the sudden traumas and then the panic. in a matter of minutes their lives reduced to rubble when the earthquake hit i was lying in my bed as i wasn't feeling well my sons were watching t.v. and the next room he started shouting mom wake up there's an earthquake we all ran to the corridor and we could see the house collapsing behind us and hear the voice of things falling. you know. the quake could be felt across iraq from here in the instant city of bondi khan and over four
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hundred kilometers away but it was iran that was the worst hit at a mosque in diyala province the structure remained standing. thank god there were no casualties only the top part of the minaret was damaged and fell on the ceiling damaging it. but not everyone was as lucky elsewhere building after building collapsed leaving huge swaths of destruction. as a clock ticked on the number of killed and injured picked up. a wall fell over me with hospital struggling to cope with a flood of patients the rainy and government has called on people to donate blood. in north than iraq the quake was literally broadcast on live t.v.
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. it looks like there's an earthquake happening where you are. yes there's an earthquake i'm going to go outside i'm sorry. the interview cut short by the tremors as people try to get to safety. the focus has now shifted to search and rescue operations turkish rescue personnel are in the affected areas distributing supplies to victims. let's talk to months who are about gary she's the director of the iran red crescent societies international operations on the line from tehran to spec gary thank you for joining us you have deployed response teams what more can you tell us about the situation on the ground. i feel have. a seven point three earthquake hit with that called off iran along the border with iraq and maybe p.t.s.
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accidents i'm thinking about maybe religious. have been affected by the quick and. at the first hours of. all kinds of quick. because i think the fire is a really fun rescue team. but. it's the sort of dog teams that breeze holding in there didn't see a chance heading teams and also an urgency jackknifing so there you know it will. be part of the operation the high priority for going out to. your question i said you know the area. that really i mean can i can i just ask you about how much of a how much of a chance is there to still find people right alive if that is their first priority right now on the ground. exact number is not community yet because of the other people are there are. reports back from
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the scene because they are doing they are comic because they only service your teams and handed over to the hospital. and i think these i'm saying to people on the to actually to have. spent. what is direly needed missa gary right now on the ground for those people who have survived what did they need immediately. you know i'm very our new living in our basic living i don't like. to speak for accommodation of the people you're ready. to start because it's going to be. very. careful what i say on. the court about the people for the people who aren't here yet back to their houses these are figures that speak. nearly. thirty years.
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ok months are about gary the director of the iran red crescent societies international operations thank you so much for joining us. now u.s. president donald trump has met with philippines leader rodriguez as a part of his tour of asia to tear to has launched a brutal war on drugs involving extra judicial killings critics want to try to bring up human rights violations with deter to but appears the issue was not discussed in detail. at a gathering swirling with controversy an unexpected moment of tenderness. the filipino president pulled out all the stops at a gala to open the summit on sunday. to use. will be united states.
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that some say to territories not the only one hitting the wrong note ahead of the summit filipina rights groups urged trump to confront to tear take over his war on drugs a crackdown that's left thousands dead over the past year but if there was any criticism from trunk it was not on display in manila trump showered his host a self-proclaimed trailer with compliments. and i want to thank you for your incredible hospitality and the show last night the talent show i assume mostly from the philippines was fantastic thank you. the camaraderie did not go down well with everyone police used water cannon to scare off angry protesters. we believe that the meeting with the benefits for the filipinos rather worsened the human
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rights situation in the philippines and it would be the fairest not a good thing the white house said the two men's meeting focused on trade and fighting the so-called islamic state it said human rights came up briefly during discussions on the philippines fight against illegal drugs. now germany's defense minister underline is calling today a great day for europe twenty three member states have signed up to a far reaching agreement on security and military cooperation foreign and defense ministers from each country sign the pact in brussels today it lays the foundation for a european defense union member states will be able to invest in joint military projects and develop and deploy joint armed forces the aim is to improve the nation on defense and weapon systems development. let's get more on the story was due to abuse catherine martin's in brussels hi catherine what does this new agreement mean
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for europe in concrete terms. well as systematic corporation this means in concrete terms that already national existing units are made available for operations and military interventions for example thanks to logistic helps all over cross the european union a very concrete example right now the european union has for example trying to types or around trying to types of military helicopters this sort of overproduction is something they want to overcome in the european union with this defense corporation to get a more rapid force and the other thing beyond logistics is really the. political will to bring military assets the willingness to intervene abroad and to indeed increase the defense spending those are the big lines off of this defense cooperation today ok so the german defense minister calling this
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a great day for europe but five member states haven't signed up to this agreement yet why is that. well all big players are on board today so there are interesting always in the european union north and south east and west members are on board and indeed there are five of the great britain of course due to the breck so there are not on board there were fiercely opposed to a close a corporation denmark traditionally is against and is supposed regarding a closer corporation as well but the other is portugal for example moto or island they didn't say no and this is the most important message here it is an open club it's an inclusive nature germany pushed really hard for that this means that other member states this week they didn't want to commit publicly today they are free to join the club when ever whenever they feel ready and even if they are right now nonmembers they can have
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a status an observer status in order to get integrated anyway in the process catherine is there the risk that this could potentially become a rival to nato well there were really concerns in the very beginning to be precise not made to itself because the secretary general is thought of fully supports the project indeed some nato countries a row concerned is this a competition and right now the actual framework is not laid out like a competition nature will still focus on. collective defense in order to safeguard article five bought the european defense corporation will focus on regions where nato has no specific no specific. charges and this is for example africa and there could be an added value father european union to have read up act and force already there is catherine martens for us from brussels thank you catherine. you're watching d.w.
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news still to come while delegates meet in bonn for un climate talks we take you to the vast open cast mines of india to meet the people paying the price of the country's huge appetite for coal. but first the threat of a hard break that looms over business on both sides of the channel monica johns is here with more indeed sumi and european business leaders they're getting increasingly nervous over the lack of progress in negotiations britain leaves the e.u. in march twenty nine thousand so prime minister to resign may has been meeting with fifteen business groups from across the bloc hoping to calm their nerves and not move overseas but they instead want to may that a heart breaks it would be fatal for industry negotiations with the e.u. deadlocked with still no hint of how things as basic as customs procedures will be implemented after breaks it after i meet the uncertainty of some companies are already holding back their british investments and even considering leaving britain
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the pound is also suffering as a result and for more on that deadlock between the e.u. and the u.k. in negotiations i'm joined by big mas standing by for us in london big so what exactly did those business leaders tell theresa may. well we can only speculate that what they wanted was to find out what the reason may is thinking what she's planning because similar to british businesses here in the u.k. you really want to make sure that the prime minister listens to them and really press to hard to have an ear out to business and see what they want also european business of course want to have as much clarity as possible and the clarity as you've already said which is not present at the moment business leaders would be scared of the talk that there might be no deal would be scared of the deadlock in the negotiations that we are observing at the moment so they of course want to see
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how how sure they best plan and press the government and say well you know as much clarity for business as possible is what they want well and one of the main reasons for the deadlock of course is the. no no clarity when it comes to the brics and bill only a couple of days ago the e.u. has given britain a deadline of two weeks to come up with something tangible but the u.k. won't budge why not. well for the u.k. money is clearly the trump card it's really the biggest card they can play and they want to keep this card close to their chest as long as possible because it's really the leverage that they have over the you who wants to extract the money wants to get as much out of out of the u.k. as they can so they want to come out with a figure or with a more concrete sum as late as possible also for that reason me it is
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obviously a very very touchy subject because some people here in the u.k. think that well actually there is not no money owed at all to do the e.u. so widely differing opinions as to what britain should pay and three's a maze very much also held hostage by the brics it isn't our own cabinet so it's in her interest to keep it as vague as possible for as long as possible all right big mass there from london thank you so much for this. chinese shopping giant ali baba has reason to celebrate after shoppers spent a record twenty five billion dollars in just one day. made the money as part of a promotion for single stay relatively new annual event which honors the unattached at its peak on saturday the online retailer was processing well over two hundred fifty thousand payments per second the vast majority of purchases were made on mobile devices. japanese technology giant softbank is to invest billions of dollars
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in ride sharing. details of the deal have not yet been released but reports suggest softbank is hoping to acquire a fourteen percent stake in the move would clear the way for the right hailing service to sell stock to the public before the end of twenty nineteen. one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. so let's get some reaction there from the franklin stock exchange where my colleagues and is standing by jenelle wants to go public before the end of twenty nine fifteen how big will investor interest be do you think. much i would say investor interest would be quite big especially if the soft bank deal gets off the ground investors will consider that as a sort of vote of confidence for the company that has the bad reputation and all of the volatility surrounding over a lot of that had to do with the person of the former c.e.o. travis colonic who got a very controversial figure indeed now the new governance rules under the deal
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would seek to rein in his powers somewhat where on the board where he still controls three of the seats so that would be a good thing for investors and apart from that just generally speaking so-called mobility solutions are seen to be a particularly hot investment area anyway especially as younger consumers move away from owning cars if it's any indication softbank isn't only investing in hoover it's also investing and its rivals or law and grabs that goes to show that it's all right healing as a model is said to be interesting for investors for years to come all right and let's look at the investors here in europe i mean there is the ongoing business story breaks it after talks with business leaders from the e.u. in the u.k. in london to reason may insist and she between. british and e.u. business can quote thrive side by side after a break said investors buying that. i may be understating this a bit but they're not terribly kind of in. and that's also because you know they
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haven't had much by the way of good news in terms of progress on the talks with regard to say the divorce bill there also hasn't been any id indication that the financial economic fallout won't be as bad as the brags that naysayers say the companies of course are still warning of the dangers that a cliff edge drags it will do to trade meaning that this is a danger is still foremost in their minds and a lot of them are starting to activate their contingency plans outside the u.k. now absent of any progress we will probably see them activate these plans at a greater pace as we near the end of the year all right thank you very much. fossil fuels and air pollution i believe should we go hunting the hunt and that can be seen very very clearly in india that's right monica as you know over this past week we have been reporting on the u.n. climate change summit in bonn and among the biggest issues on the agenda is reducing c o two emissions worldwide and as monica mentioned today we're looking at india this is a country that still have only reliant on coal of the dirtiest of fossil fuels is
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the source for more than half of india's electricity production well our correspondent sonja found a car visit at the heart of the country's coal belt in east india mining bear has had a disastrous effect on the environment as well as the people. who is seventeen years old. she scavengers in the coal mines of tokyo. is just nine. to begin work at dawn every day it's fraught with dangers the cold has to be hacked out of exposed. once badly injured himself when working. open it is one hundred fifty meters deep so with three makes four to five groups each day. she has to watch out for the police who trace them away and confiscate the code. well. i don't have
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a choice i have to do this work my parents are illiterate they've worked as laborers all their lives they can't do anything else. so i try to help them by owning money i really don't like the work my heart isn't in it. a few hours of work which is the equivalent of three euros that's more than what people earn here as day laborers of some thirty thousand people workers called scavengers but they pay a heavy price only roll call releases toxic smoke and gases causing widespread as well and respiratory illnesses in the area. geria says atop one of the world's largest coal reserves. the gigantic open pits and deep mines here account for a quarter of india's coal production. but the cone is also on fire. dozens
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of blazes below the ground some have been smoldering for more than one hundred years when underground mining first began. most fires ignite spontaneously when minerals in the expose called heat up. continued mining at the surface has opened up cracks that feed oxygen to the flames. the resulting toxic emissions have devastated the environment. the coal fires destroyed houses and triggered landslides. has been campaigning for the rights of illegal cold workers like three of the rubble he says india is paying a huge human cost in its stash because. this government just doesn't bother so right now paul is very important it is very important for the development the massive cities. but with them the cost of these people.
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among the human beings who are going to be deprived of water with some of the other making order living that will also go server trees determined to find a way out of the gold mines. scavenging also helps pay for college. she goes there every day after work to ensure her dreams of getting a good job. don't go up in smoke. let's talk now to seek a mishra a secretary in india's environment history is heading up india's delegation in bonn mr mishra first of all thank you for joining us on our program now as we heard india is already the world's third largest carbon polluter and the country plans to double its coal output by twenty twenty don't you see that as a problem. see there are two issues which we need to look at one is the development imperative where almost one fourth of the population does
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not have power but then gold is not the only solution if you look at the indian energy policy in the last few years in just about ten to twelve years we've increased our mix of renewable energy doubled it and gone up to about thirteen times in fact and we have a vicious plan of having about hundred seventy five give you a lot of a noble energy of which close to one hundred gigawatt is going to come from solar energy so we are looking at cleaner energy we are looking at non-food fossil fuels and we are looking at improving the situation but it is an imperative for any government to reach the fruits of development and its city to everyone who doesn't have at the same time our policies sustainable development without harming the climate mr mishra he said you know fourth of the population still has electricity needs that are not being met and that is where coal can jump in in the meantime
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what about the human cost though for the people as we saw in that report who are working in the coal industry for example children and those who are being exposed to these very dangerous conditions here is that's precisely the reason why i said that india isn't a big green moving to cleaner fuels and cleaner energy program where we're going to replace coal in the energy mix with other things like solar like hydro like biomass and other things what about in the meantime mr mishra you know delhi for example is struggling right now with heavy air pollution choking and smog some research from your ministry of earth sciences shows that there has been a huge number of deaths due to heat waves that are now increasing because of climate change what can the government do then in the meantime before renewable energies take over the majority of the mix. yes sir but delhi's problem is not only due to the power sector it is a mix of several things which is weather and dust construction dust street dust and
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also some amount of burning that is coming from some other direction and it is not just about i mean if you look at the power plants around delhi they have met the emission norms but i do agree with you that delhi has a problem of pollution and the government is working overtime in fact to get to the bottom of the factors and try and see that we have cleaner air for delhi and one of the things that we are doing is just control the other is that many of the emitting substances we have banned right now so that the and the air becomes cleaner in delhi. mr mishra you know you are at the u.n. climate talks in iran and and i want to ask you what you're hoping to get out of these talks and how the international community can support india we are in these talks with a very very positive outlook we want to support the discussions and the talks we want to support the fizzing presidency in getting to
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a decision what we are really looking at is a very balanced outcome in line with the paris agreement that we have with a central team of equity which india has been advocating all through. all right mr mishra a secretary in india's environment ministry heading up india's delegation in bonn a thank you so much for joining us on you today thank you very much thank you. and a reminder now of our top stories that we're following for you at this hour rescuers are digging through out the rubble to try to find survivors after a powerful powerful earthquake struck the border area between iran and iraq more than four hundred people have been killed and well over six thousand more were injured in the quake and u.s. president donald trump has met his controversial philippines counterpart for. hundreds of protesters distended on the summit in manila attended by the cheerleaders. thanks for watching state of your back at the top of the hour.
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enjoy the fresh sea air. and soak up some sunshine on. the island off germany's north sea coast boasts beaches perfect for long stroll
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unique natural beauty and classic maritime cuisine. those are always worth a visit. next to you don't leave. space age technology for our streets. driverless cars still encounter real obstacles in traffic. but on mars rovers have been moving autonomy sleigh for years . now a japanese automaker wants to use their technology to create self driving cars that are out of this world. tomorrow today in sixty minutes on t.w. . united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bonn. our nations working to meet their paris agreement
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