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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2017 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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office and try alice services. biala gassed. managed by for. this is d. w. news a live in from berlin tonight the final stretch of a marathon tour u.s. president donald trump's first visit to asia is almost over. twelve days well. but just how great has it been we'll ask someone who's been tracking the
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president's every move also coming up rescuers race to find survivors after a powerful earthquake strikes the border area between iran and iraq more than four hundred people have been killed thousands more injured and france marks two years since the terror attack on the concert venue ninety people died tonight we'll meet a survivor of the shooting. war. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump has been wrapping up his marathon twelve day tour of asia trump is in the philippines on the final leg of his trip for two days of regional summits on monday he was warmly received by philippine president or three go do charity. from voided openly criticizing to charity for his crackdown on drug
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trafficking in which thousands of filipinos have been killed trunk flies back to the u.s. on tuesday following a trip that has also included stops in japan south korea china and vietnam prince joining me now here in the studio is tyson barker he's program director at the aspen institute germany tyson it's good to have you to be back on the show so we got this marathon trip twelve days the in the philippines we had trump meeting with the indian prime minister mr modi and he offered the following assessment i want to take a listen to what the president had to say. what a great twelve days we've had twelve days over how many days of you have a lot of water. and a lot of great things have happened actually and i think that the world a lot of a lot of elements were solved in the process of being. ok i mean we heard that
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adjective great a lot of times do you agree has it been a great twelve days for the u.s. president i mean it has been i would say a way to call for what this administration is looking like globally the biggest takeaway i think was the decision by the eleven countries that were part of the transpacific partnership of negotiations to continue those negotiations without the united states before the united states was a prime mover of this negotiation and it was primarily a geo economic strategy to contain china and what we had in this case was a president who you know spoke to the chinese directly had some demands about rebalancing trade but ultimately walked away with very little sign from some cosmetic agreements and deals is he walking away from this trip with much at all in his hand besides a lot of flattery that spilled bestowed upon him he i mean one thing that you can say aside from these these very deals that were pretty much already in the pipeline
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is he has some personal relationship some personal affinities to leaders like president to tear to the philippines where there might be something to build on he also did get pretty robust support from japan and australia of these of the north korea i mean basically the region is closing ranks saying that north korea's bluster and illegal atomic weapons program is unacceptable the president of the united states is clearly behind this but besides that we're looking at a very different asia pacific right now one where china is ascendant china is positioning itself as the leader of the liberal world order maybe not the free world obviously china is a liberal but the economic liberal or you know the country that will stand behind rule of law in the international system the free trade rights and the united states ceding that ground to china and the united states is also ceding ground as being the defender of these universal values which is human right right right i mean this
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is this is a consistency that. has come out even since the president gave a speech in the un general assembly where he basically said our priorities are no longer democracy prosperity and security for the united states in the world but prosperity security and sovereignty for the world that's the america first piece of the puzzle and you know human rights democracy these values points are being deemphasized to the pleasure of some leaders like president to tear tail like the chinese put to the displeasure of others like europe and australia and japan all right thanks verb it's me asking it's new to germany tyson as always thank you very much thank you. russia's president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart are one are meeting in the russian city of sochi for talks focusing on the situation in syria the ties between moscow and korea suffered amid the conflict in syria particularly after turkey shot down a russian warplane in twenty fifteen but today putin said relations are quote
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restored practically in full recently the two countries agreed on cooperating to deescalate the fight the meeting in sochi follows a joint statement by putin and u.s. president trump last week where they committed to achieving a peaceful solution in syria. well tonight rescuers are scrambling to help earthquake victims on the iran iraq border more than four hundred people are dead in iran alone thousands more have been injured or left homeless the seven point three magnitude quake struck around thirty kilometers from the iraqi town of halabja was laid on sunday in iraq at least seven people have been killed hundreds more were. injured. first the sudden shaking. and then the panic. in minutes lives reduced to rubble
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when the earthquake hit i was lying in my bed as i wasn't feeling well my sons were watching t.v. and the next room he started shouting mom wake up there's an earthquake we all ran to the corridor and we could see the house collapsing behind us and hear the voice of things falling. and that is. the quake could be felt across iraq from here in the eastern city. and over four hundred kilometers away in north an iraq the quake could be seen unfolding on live t.v. . looks like there's an earthquake happening where you are. yes there's an earthquake i'm going to go outside i'm sorry. the interview cut short by the tremors as people tried to get to safety. but it was iran the was the worst hit this mosque in diyala province remarkably
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left standing. thank god there were no casualties only the top part of the minaret was damaged and fell on the ceiling damaging it. but not everyone was as lucky elsewhere building after building collapsed leaving huge swaths of destruction some of the hospitals were also left in ruins the injured at this facility had to be treated outside and more patients kept coming they raney and government has since called on people to donate blood. the focus is now on search and rescue operations but the death toll is expected to continue rising for the families affected. more agony after an already horrific day.
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for france is remembering the victims of the country's worst ever terror attacks which hit paris two years ago a french president manuel microland spent considerable time meeting with the survivors mccrone in former president francois along then released balloons into the air in honor of the one hundred thirty people who died in multiple attacks the american rock band eagles of death metal gave a surprise concert but the lead singer at times appeared overcome by emotion the group's concerts at the back to climb theater exactly two years ago turned into a bloodbath when islamic extremists stormed the hall parallel attacks also targeted cafes and the national stadium. all those attacks of two years ago in the heart of the french capital sent shock waves across the country but the impact
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was greatest for those directly affected b.w. spoke to one survivor of the massacre about that fateful night and its after effect . whenever christopher modahl walks past this place the memories come flooding back what happened here on november thirteenth two thousand and fifteen changed his life forever ever since that day the battle plan has taken on a new meaning for him to. look at. i'm very strongly attached to this place because it's in a good way. it's as if the better plan had a soul and protected me so i like coming here because it's reassuring. and makes me think and remember what happened like this you know what's wrong with the new. stuff barricaded himself into a room behind the stage when the terrorists started shooting that decision saved
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his life he was at the concert with two friends one of them died during the attack he still finds it difficult talking about what happened and was haunted by what he had experienced for months afterwards this question. dramatic stress disorder. but i was incredibly tense and every little sound made me jump. i was playing by flashbacks and kept seeing images from that night hearing the sounds and smelling those horrible smells like it apologetic and. christophe went to therapy to help him come to terms with his experience instead of shutting himself away at home he went out more so than before he wanted to feel alive they stood to use mean that night in november is for ever a part of him they are complex. as a survivor you feel guilty that others had to die while you got away. with your life now. these tattoos are like my own gun shop where.
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they show that i was there that night and who i am. and all the poor pitiful law school. things are better now and still life for the forty one year old will never be the same again also in a good way. i'm much more willing to take a leap now that. i've only been with my girlfriend for seven months and we're already talking about moving in together and having a child. i would have been much more hesitant to do that two years ago. but now i'm thinking seize the day because. you need to go for things if there's a chance they will make you happy. with all that. stuff things france has stood its ground against the threat of terrorism people are sticking together and not letting themselves be divided even after further attacks yet in one respect he
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says the terrorists have won. the toss. france has restricted civil liberties. first by maintaining the state of emergency for so long. and then by enshrining many of those extra police powers and. in a way that's a victory for the terrorists or because they want to frighten us and make us give up some of our civil rights to do is. offer. this office more frightened than he was before frightened that he could lose another friend or relative to terrorism even more reason he says to live every minute of every day. soccer news and now italy and sweden face off in the second leg of their world cup play off later on sweden take a slender lead to milan after winning the first leg one nil on friday night if they can keep that advantage we may be looking at
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a shock for one of football's powerhouses. winds back the clock to the two thousand and six world cup final in berlin and it was happy days for italy he has already lifted the world cup trophy for the fourth time. fast forward eleven years and it's a different story italy having been the side that won struck fear in their opponents hearts a mediocre qualifying campaign and a poor performance in the first leg defeat to sweden sees italy on the brink of missing their first world cup since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight. where it would seem we are italy where a team that has to play football and if we qualify it will do it by playing football. by playing football that's something italy is golden generation with the likes of did a piano talk see i write c. and. could do with their eyes closed john luigi buffon is the last relic and he knows what's at stake. yes the positivity the
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possibility to rebound from this result we're working on this dream on this subject . at all but we also know that it's an important match for all of us and for the nation and for the history of our national team. that's about. a proud and rich history which will be tainted should the as we walk off the pitch as loses and miss out on football's biggest showpiece. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news and the day you see the. united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bonn. how more nations working to make their paris agreement targets. wus there and reporting.


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