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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is date of the news coming to you live from berlin desperate refugees still into prostitution right here in berlin in exclusive report we see how these young men are selling sex for as little as twenty euros off to having their asylum claims
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rejected the meet the prostitutes the prince exploiting them and the aid groups trying to break the vicious cycle also coming up hopes of finding more survivors in iran feeds off to sunday's earthquake there on declares a day of national mourning for the more than five hundred people killed in the disaster. and the u.s. president dollars from waves goodbye to asia office twelve bit tour of the region we take a look back at the highs and the lows of his whirlwind diplomatic efforts. plus in the next sixty minutes on imaginable happens italy misses out on the world cup after losing to sweden in the playoffs what now for the form of powerhouse of soccer and. coming your way is still in climate change we look at some autistic responses are disasters links to global warming.
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kind of a warm welcome to you i'm under thought she. we still the story that has provoked outrage here in germany the public broadcasters is that the f.c.c. security workers at refugee shelters in berlin have set up prostitution rings that prey on refugees the investigative report by the program from tyler to twenty one found gods were grooming young refugees to become prostitutes earning a commission in the process we bring you this special an extended report on a disturbing issue. it's dusk interior gotten berlin's biggest park. young men are sitting around waiting to be approached by older german men. to learn more about this scene
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a pakistani reporter from a german television team enters with a hidden camera he makes contact with the young migrants without any difficulty. in the. why go. to flee for fear. this man says refugees are willing to do anything for money even underage girls and boys. he leads the reporter a few hundred metres further. want to do it while it is twenty and says he's from afghanistan he arrived in germany two years ago his asylum application was recently rejected he's turned to prostitution to survive one hundred six one hundred six francis fifty pounds with a fifty. year. hard. while lead follows the reporter to a hotel room. as he begins to undress the reporter stops him and reveals
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his identity. he asks waleed why he's working as a prostitute but wiley just runs. deanna hanna gets work for a local aid organization she knows a lot of refugees including those working as prostitutes some of them stop by occasionally to pick up donated clothing or just to talk. many of them suffer from anxiety. and the pressure comes from thinking my silent claims being rejected how will i tell my parents i'm getting nowhere here i'm not allowed to work they have so little money and they want to do more for their families and this constant hopelessness and fear of an uncertain future in germany leads them to prostitution. thank you. back in the park
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another attempt to talk with refugees. scattered among the bushes are condoms and paper tissues. the reporter meets this older man he says he's eighty five and a former police officer. he describes the prostitution scene here. got here i heard they're young refugees here and you can get anything you want many of them even do without condoms the boys don't know they can get sick like that i prefer the youngest ones i've even had sixteen year olds usually i have enough sex performed on me sometimes oral once when i try to bargain down the price he said to me if i screw you i want twenty years i also have to meet. the man adds that he's disappointed because of bad weather only a few prostitutes are out in the park we want to know how refugees end up in prostitution. this is
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a refugee center in berlin they missed off district in may residents held protests accusing security personnel of abuse they appear to have an additional role here this syrian refugee says he's twenty and lives at the shelter for the last few months he too has been working as a prostitute he doesn't want to use his name. i am ashamed of what i'm doing but i have to earn money one day i was on the phone in front of the refugee center a security guard came up to me and asked if i wanted to do some business and earn some money i said sure i don't have anything. he said if i have sex with a woman i'd get thirty year maybe forty what he didn't know at first was that most of the clients were going to be men he's not homosexual i can't let my family find out about this i know it's terrible but what can i do i don't have any other option here. maria is a social worker at the very midst of center she's aware of what's happening she
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doesn't want to be identified she says she saw security guard give money to one of the refugees. i took him aside and asked what they were doing why was he getting money from the security guard and he said i don't have enough food i don't have enough to drink my families back home and i've done bad things for money he feels sad and ashamed. here too it's not just adults involved but also minors. this is a reality of berlin under-age refugees working as prostitutes security guards at refugee centers acting as pimps this man works in security at several berlin refugee centers he too wants to stay anonymous he's well aware of the prostitution seen here as a miser. usually it works like this guys from different companies set up the contact someone approaches them and says we need two women they should be of this
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particular age and this pretty all they want boys the younger they are the more they cost. and then the boys will say ok we'll have to give in and have sex with men or women. by that point it doesn't matter as long as the price is right. obs on the sketched and. then a tip off about another security guard at a berlin refugee shelter who allegedly works as a pimp when asked about it he admits it's true for every hook up i get twenty euros that's why i do this is there a prostitution network at the refugee shelter there are many the refugees need money to buy their minors working as prostitutes yes there are but not often in our shelter there are families where the father knows the son is gay sixteen years old they do it willingly. but that can't be not if they're so desperate yeah life is tough do you ever have a guilty conscience of course it's not really who i am that's why i'm talking to
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you about it i want to stop doing this. his security firm response to the pimping at the refugee center in writing. we hold regular meetings with the shelter residents committee to discuss any issues or problems these serious allegations have never come up. we confront the berlin senator responsible for refugees with our findings when the course to whenever i get information that forced prostitution is going on i will always take action against it you've just named a specific refugee shelter where this is taking place now the police and state prosecutors are on board it must be investigated but until now i've had no concrete information about specific refugee centers where this is going on you can believe that. or for those things on the current. now it's up to
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authorities to take a much closer look on that search for answers. a desperate plight of some refugees of course is causing huge concern here in germany meanwhile fashioned into a design a car lagerfeld has also sparked outrage by commenting on the refugee situation in germany and evoking the holocaust speaking on a french talk show he condemned german chancellor angela merkel's policies on migration he said quote one cannot kill millions of jews so you can bring millions of their vast enemies in their place from his media regulator says it's received several hundred complaints about the comments. lagerfeld interview has also drawn a lot of attention on social media of french parliament here and from president obama in la crosse party treated what lagerfeld said is terrible and has to be phone lee condemned the whole to some cause for
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a boycott for this bill and residents saying he will not be wearing longer felt fashion anymore but germany's far right if the party embraced longer felts violence with the deputy head of the party writing it's no longer felt creating a scandal medical is a scam. turning now to iran by the state media says the death toll from sunday's earthquake has now risen to at least five hundred thirteen some eight thousand were also injured in the disaster which struck a mountain region bordering iraq president hassan rouhani visited the was to province of quetta man shot earlier today as a country observed a national day of mourning rouhani promised swift help for the seventy thousand people left homeless by the quake. emergency teams have been searching through the rubble the topes of finding for the survivors are receding.
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amid the rubble the noice of dickerson's broken by house of sadness. as rescue workers retreat the dead the briefs are left to grapple with homes and lives ruined. in remote support also have been the worst hit area buildings have been destroyed with much of the town late waist. the frantic search for the living is now turning into a recovery effort for the injured survivors the town's only hospital is not an option. with only makeshift aid facilities and a shortage of vital supplies hundreds happen ferried halfway across the country to the capital to run. there was nothing where we came from no electricity no water. i'm in a bad way i was in a hospital for eighteen hours. across the border in iraq people are trying to return to normal darbhanga can bore the brunt of the damage here. the building was
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flattened by the earthquake the rubble collapsed on a family of seven we only managed to rescue five of them the other two were killed . the disaster has left an estimated seventy thousand people homeless. neighboring countries have been answering the call for help turkey has sent humanitarian assistance more with three thousand tents and ten thousand beds. joining me on the line now is helen there john she heads the u.k. based iran's children's charity welcome dr nagura your group is working in the worst affected town in western iran what are they telling you about the situation on the ground. thank you for having me yes we are in the small charity or working alongside other jews and relief agencies on the ground. our colleagues. know that there are
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relief efforts on the way and they are being done to support these people are being affected and there's a lot happening but there's a lot of you know. like ten and. so we are we are trying to work with them to see how much of those things we can provide there's a lot of support from the look of people and people from tehran and other cities as well but is that the day of getting from there on adequate because this earthquake took place in a fairly remote area of the country. yes it is i mean we have stuff as well but obviously there are a lot of people in town on that would like to donate a few lorries that left yesterday and there's a couple more leaving today so pointing and blankets but of course they have to be
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able to get to reach to the remote areas i mean. is is is in a city but there are a lot of people are affected there are in the mountainous regions as well so that's going to take some time to reach them and see how they can be helped and of course has an irani has pledged to support and you'll organization deals with children what is your main priority in dealing with child victims of this disaster. yes i mean obviously the first need. for shelter specially in the cold cold weather there and there have been people sleeping rough outside so there are dark still a lot of news in tents and blankets but as a charity our concern is long term and to we don't now are affected and traumatized meant and and post traumatic stress syndrome and we are hoping to organize workshops at various locations obviously some of the schools we were hoping to
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do perhaps set up the day workshops there is about twenty two of them have been destroyed in the region but we estimate around twenty thousand chip. might need that sort of support. did it effect of the trauma from this sort of tragedy so we are hoping to to you know obviously work with other agencies but to raise months to be able to support them in next month's coming that that's going to be did challenge of how this is going to affect those children are helen edirne helen edirne with the u.k. based iran's children charity thank you very much. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world thousands of women have protested in brazil over moves in parliament to criminalize abortions without exception terminations are currently allowed in limited cases including rape and
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life threatening pregnancies the posed total ban would need a majority in both houses to become your. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has held talks with me and loss leader aung san suu kyi on the sidelines of the summit to listen flies to me in march tomorrow to discuss the rohingya refugee crisis sochi is under global pressure to take action more than six hundred thousand muslims have fled the military crackdown into neighboring bangladesh. president tran's only the son has released messages exchanged with wiki leaks during and after the two thousand and sixteen election this after media reports suggested doctored from junior laced with the website which published leaked emails from hillary clinton during the campaign the messages have been turned over to a congressional inquiry into russians alleged involvement in the us election
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in the us president donald trump is wrapped up his official twelve day tour of asia and is on his way back to washington trump had a packed visit taking him to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines the president said he'd made progress with his agenda on trade and he also claimed to have made friends at the highest level in the region. may have written the art of the deal but the art of diplomacy hasn't always come easy so this was going to be unabashed by any measure he was there to rally u.s. troops. confront pyongyang's provocations. north korea is a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action and do some deals. troublous of bed to shore up the pacific alliance began in japan where jet platic traits of subtlety and nuance were in short supply. not that his host prime minister shinzo
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minded very much. the reception was always going to be frosty here in south korea trump has accused all of weakness in the face of the north. yet trump speech to parliament ariens confounded his critics. if you want peace you must stand strong at all times the world. at a big bang banquet the commander in chief had a diplomatic trick up his sleeve. videos of his granddaughter singing in mandarin a surefire way to please his hosts trump had cause to celebrate as he later claimed president xi would up the sanctions against north korea and move to ally foreign companies access to the country. it was a casual some see cozy encounter with vladimir putin at his next summit that
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threatened to derail the grand to a. trump was again dogged by questions of russian meddling in u.s. democracy. by the end of his odyssey he was getting used to the red carpet treatment even if it meant embracing filipino president rodriguez. a man accused of mass extrajudicial killings. this was turning to be entertained. three. at the end of the summit relationship with new friends that me response sharon among allies. and for more on that occasion to rejoin by our correspondent carolyn achieve more in washington d.c. hi carolyn a trump confirmed described the trip a stream endlessly successful how do people back home think about it
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well this was his first major trip to asia with a nuclear threat to north korea and the top analysts here question to whether the tour was a public relations show with a few concrete achievements we have to recall a president tram campaigned on multilateral trade agreements he saw as unfair like the transpacific partnership bear known as t p p trump insists that during his travels that multi-billion dollar deficits that favor u.s. trading partners will be reduced to zero and the trade overall mass be fair and beneficial for both sides his main critical was by that time china now during this trip to china passed a soft in his words towards this country town was full of praise for the prime minister she's being and he even said that he thought the trade benefit deficit
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between the u.s. and china is not china's fault and he said you can't blame a country for looking for benefit for their own citizens and he even gave credit to china for that nevertheless and no concrete trade results have come really out of this trip as it seems but not trying did visit several countries if you also attended a regional summit did anything like a trump asia strategy emerge from this visit do you think. no really i'm retiring is a sure strategy in an economic way has no really changed at least in history tariq as i already said he still says that the u.s. is open for trade but for reciprocal trade trumpery. this regular criticism out of the past administration that they allowed the u.s. to be taking advantage of the international economic states also the nuclear threat from north korea was on the top of the agenda as i already said during his five
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nation stop in south korea the president began toning down his fire and fury tariq . jiang and he said he was open to a diplomatic effort to diplomatic dialogues still the u.s. state department expects much more support from china in this north korea issue the bilateral problems they have they say china should be putting a lot more pressure on north korea nevertheless from its knocks point this out during his meeting with. and kind of trying to press promise to make a major statement from the white house upon his return to d.c. do you know anything more bob. well yes he said he plans to make a major sale and about history later this week he also spoke of the many good friends he made during his trip to asia probably we'll be hearing more about it during this week in the coming days but what is also taking place today here in
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washington and this is quite important is at the hearing in the senate in the coming of foreign affairs about the use of nuclear weapons probably north korea is going to be also a topic during this hearing today here in washington dr karen archer more in washington d.c. thank you very much for that. britain is investigating reports that russia use social media sites to try and influence last year's briggs's referendum and to spread anti muslim propaganda evidence of such attempts came to light during the us investigation into the alleged russian interference in its election last year social media editor joe drape has been tracking that story and joins me now oh welcome jad of a business up to date with a story with the u.s. congress is conducting three separate investigations into alleged russian meddling in last year's u.s. presidential election and because of that internet companies have been asked to
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submit dato to these investigations and so twitter has given congress lists of what it says russian based twitter accounts that were designed to try to influence the election but also active ilse where like here in europe and they had quite an impact i'm going to tell you about one of those right now last year this year rather in march there was a terrorist incident on the westminster bridge in london in the aftermath the twitter account south london stock tweeted this photo of a woman in a he job it incorrectly claimed that instead of helping she was casually walking on by while other people were dying and while she was on her far in this photo it was incorrect and was very widely and it was used by far right activists to attack and the woman which left her devastated we can look at the account that tweeted this photo south war and stuff you described himself as a proud texan and american patriot he had over ten thousand followers but this guy
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wasn't from texas at all twitter says it was a fake account based in russia he also tweeted about the brics advisors are hope the u.k. will start to clean their land from a muslim invasion so we know that on the day of the e.u. referendum thousands of tweets were sent in english that appeared to be from. real people were in fact from russian trolls we know that since then and since these investigations twitter has shut down around two thousand seven hundred accounts that it says were russian based but were designed to try and influence political debate in the us and here in europe as well go so that is a very disturbing trend to watch is in fact a blot and how do i know if i'm looking at. automated social media accounts that are designed to look like real people like you and me and because they automated they can do all sorts of things like influence political debate like i was just
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talking about they can amplify certain points of view and they can send spam and it's it can be very difficult to verify what's real and what isn't on social media but there are quite a few tips to help out one of them is to look at when the account was created because sometimes after breaking news accounts are created to try and lure uses into retreating fake information another one is to see. if the tweets are appearing verbatim elsewhere without being cited we can see two instances here of what's believed to be fake accounts tweeting the same information word for word and now that is how anonymous the account is the less information someone puts all these accounts put on their profile the likely that it is that they are fake accounts and we've got more on our website which is the w dot com thank you very much very useful information from our social media to thank you. he was in need of news still to come climate change reflected in movies an art of robin marin will be
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joining us from our culture desk tell us how it all just and filmmakers have been responding to global warming. and can you imagine a footballer would come up with it to me it has not happened in sixty years and it's a bomb to happen again the nation with a proud football history failed to be three of them in a qualifying play off the zero three would miss out on next year's tournament. all that and more coming up shortly a watching the job news coming to you live from berlin. speculated. day to be revealed that pheidias the poems they use to avoid. the paradise played some four hundred journalists around the world spent
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you can't live without your smartphone. topes the same market. as we go about our daily lives human rights often don't last long. this will. be the twenty first century. starting december second two g.w. . you're watching the deadly news coming to you live from berlin i'm on the thought she was on top stories the risk is in iran have ended the search for survivors of sunday's earthquake there don is announcing a day of mourning for accused five hundred thirty people who've been killed in the
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disaster. an investigative journalist in germany have documented evidence that refugees have been pushed into prostitution by security guards after asylum shelters the guards are accused of exploiting the desperation of refugees to make money apart she's looking into the allegations. monica for all businesses joins us now and it seems as a fantastic time with the german economy and not for the first time of course i'm reading about i can tell you things just couldn't be better for germany interest rates are low consumer confidence is high and the economy is growing and growing it's been that way for the past eight years and the third quarter of this year talked that germany's economy grew nor two point eight percent over the quarter before much more than analysts had expected and that's down to booming exports the made in germany brand. mount world wide and also popular with european neighbors
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again finally and long time coming investments are also growing fast the important machine building industry has made gains and those firms now have cash in hand to spend on improving production that's increased optimism for germany's economy as a whole and with investment comes further economic growth and it's not just germany that's growing economies are looking rosy across the eurozone spain has also racked up north point eight percent growth helping to push up growth across the single currency area and france and italy are somewhat slower but not so bad at most point five percent and overall the average rise in g.d.p. across the nineteen countries of the euro in the third quarter is a comfortable north point six percent so rosy times for germany and the euro zone or are they pitfalls along the way well president of the money center for
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european economic research joined me earlier here in the studio and i asked him whether things are really as good as they look or whether the updated upbeat data could be deceiving. actually it looks healthy and it is healthy so we are sincerely w. we asked financial market experts about their expectations assessment of the economy and both for germany and for durable so they have a very optimistic view again growth so it looks good for the g.o.p. and the german economy and so what what makes them so optimistic i mean when you look around you've got separatist movements in europe catalonia you still have the ongoing bric signal goes the asians there don't go anywhere yet business is a confident why you're mentioning those drippin risking their more so the election which is coming up and it's really at some point will be a risk and we also have to take a look and see beyond europe american situation protectionism in the united states is a risk but it seems to me that it's
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a moment you know they are optimistic that politics and the voters will solve the problem yeah and for example we see tax reforms in ited states that could be improving for the economy so if they have a reduction in the in the text but it could also be the border just protected but there's an excise tax which is debated said would be a real risk for an economy like the german man which so heavily depends on exports so you do see pitfalls along the way because i mean germany we've been talking about that now for years we're getting used to a strong german economy it's been like that for years companies have been posting record earnings also not just in the last quarter but we have seen very little investment how come it's good that investment is picking up if you ask companies so when you make service with companies they took leave to reasons why they don't invest so one is too much regulations the burden of regulation is just wrong and the second one is specialist services so experts workers experts workers say aleck and that hasn't changed so that can't be the reason what has changed is that europe
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is doing well so dry up is improving and that's good for germany as an export company explanation so it's good for us so so is now because normally i mean certainly when you invest in. stock market you buy shares when they're low i mean if the economy is booming now is now the right time for companies to invest you know i'm not an investment consulting you know but for companies it's the key companies king. says there's a lag in investment for a couple of years now so so i think they have to do more and if you see in the digital economy we are left behind so we have to improve and its economy is doing well and europe is doing well interest rates are low so you know knows the time to invest and if now is the time to invest is now also the time to raise interest rates. i know that's a subtle point but you see inflation is picking up but the inflation rate for the euro area for next year is. expected to be around one point three percent so it's not there where we would like to have it and you know job is improving but from
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a burial basis so i think we will still take some time until interest rate outlay so mr drug is probably a bit more patient than as well as him about the president of the mannheim center for european economic research thank you so much for being in the studio with us thank you. and let's get some market reaction right away go to the place where the action is and i do my loan is my colleague who is standing by at the franklin stock exchange where used to a strong german economy by now what you say are investors they're still getting excited about such good data. well you know it beat forecasts so it did come as a bit of a surprise but not really it also comes off the back of months of good economic data coming out of germany investors can hardly be expected to brim over with enthusiasm every single time now of course of this a strong economic data also fueled a rise in the euro and as we know the euro tons of exporters because it makes exports abroad more expensive so they want stronger exports made for strong
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economic data data for a stronger euro that in turn led to weaker exports so if you want to investors are quite familiar with this particular piece of market irony and as such trading was quite a bit thin today. would you just take out your crystal ball for us and tell us will this trigger an interest rate hike my guest just said probably not what do you think. i don't have a one for i don't have one with me but i would tend to agree that you see these main rate of course is to maintain price stability inflation isn't where it is some are even saying about we won't even see a rate hike in mario druggies term all right general there from the frankfurt stock exchange agreeing with the president. of the center for european economic research no interest rate hike in sight yet thank you so much. representatives from some two hundred nations are currently working out the details
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of the prior loose climate accord a few in talks in bonn here in germany the one major issue on the agenda is climate insurance here's why it's so important now droughts and heavy rainfall are rising and the poor are often the hardest hit they may lose their property lives talk or crops as a result an estimated twenty six million people fall into extreme poverty every countries in africa and the caribbean can now insure themselves against the consequences of where they stream. in africa over thirty countries have joined together to form the africa risk capacity it's a climate risk insurance scheme it uses a fixed criteria to decide if a weather event can be court extreme or each government must decide how to use the insurance payments before a disaster takes place the aim is to help affected people quickly and more effectively and mauritania offered one example of how the insurance can work in two
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thousand and fourteen the west african country experience its was drought in over a decade and received insurance money just a year later the money was used to provide food for one point three million people and help save half a million animals now following the story for us at the climate conference in bonn is my colleague christopher spring good and i'm going to turn to him now i christen this is an exciting new idea climate insurance you have a bank you just attended a news conference on the issue what was said. well germany's junior development minister thomas silva horn announced that the german government is putting an additional one hundred twenty five million us dollars into something called the ensuite resilience global partnership that's a global scheme aimed at boosting climate risk insurance on a global level and that scheme now has funds of over seven hundred million u.s.
3:40 pm
dollars at its disposal and is using those funds to to boost the future of climate risk insurance it's putting them into things like designing and implementing solutions for poor countries. providing financial support for those schemes and also technical assistance and how far would that go to help countries affected by climate change. well that's a very good question emery some figures have been issued by munich re the german insurance company showing that between one thousand nine hundred twenty sixteen for the last twenty six years of this particular year only three percent of the damage thought to have been caused by climate change in developing nations was covered by an insurance solution so at the moment just a drop in the ocean but there seems to be quite a bit of energy to get this idea of climate risk insurance moving
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a bit faster the german junior development minister earlier today saying that germany wants to speed this up and scale it up and the united nations the un f c c c the united nations framework convention on climate change said that the target of this global partnership this into resilience global partnership is to cover an extra four hundred million vulnerable people by the year twenty twenty that's quite a target because when two twenty is just three years away absolutely want to doget and what do you have to do to profit from this climate risk insurance chris. well usually this kind of thing happens. within the multilateral process if you want so for instance the global partnership involves the g. twenty working with the v. twenty the g. twenty the the world's top twenty economies in the v. twenty of the world's most vulnerable nations but there's also something
3:42 pm
interesting happening the united nations has set up an online portal it's called to let me get just give you the the website un f c c c a dash clearing house dot org this is essentially a clearinghouse for your questions on climate risk insurance anyone can register and then the portal uses artificial intelligence to answer your questions you put a question into the search field that gets answered for you if there is an answer already available otherwise it gets passed on to a panel of experts it's a tool mainly aimed at governments and organizations and communities but there's no reason why you and me emerita can't use that tool as well. chris of us being a good cop twenty three in the german city of bank thank you very much for that you're welcome. and we're going to stay on the subject of climate change but look at a different angle we're going to take a look at how kilbane warming and ott can combine together and for back to have
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with me robin miller welcome robin now the u.s. vice president al gore was visiting bonn last week he was indeed of course he's well known for his views on climate change which are rather the opposite to those of the current american president one could say goal visited the city of boston as you said to support the conference last friday actually and of course the follow up to his oscar winning documentary an inconvenient truth is on general release as well it's called an inconvenient sequel and is basically more shocking news about the whole planet moore was still doing to it also incidentally at the conference was. as well giving speeches and taking part in panel discussions about global warming because the former governor of california and also an actor and a big campaign a course at the paris conference two years ago there was great joy and celebration because they reached an agreement which sadly america is now withdrawing from as we
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know. goal of kind of you know movie had quite an impact but he's not really an octave yes you're right but i suppose a film is an artistic endeavor but you're right he's a politician's farts and i got also battles he's an actor as well let's have a look at some other to stick efforts that really relate to climate change beginning with two fictional film set in the future where the world is very different because of global warming. to shut the system to stop it visions of the future due to climate change are nothing new at the movies that i just hollywood offering geo storm imagines a world protected from extreme weather by a network of satellites but is this technology vulnerable to attack. this wasn't so it was intentional. killing your has been having this debate and then going you want to go on. in the danish threat alert the
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situation is so bleak the powers that be are considering travelling back in time to change the mistakes of the past. to. visual artists have also tackled climate change in this work the sun looks on helplessly at the human folly accelerating environmental collapse it's based on yes. has just been awarded germany's national gallery prize. are constructed like. i'm also focusing on. of an individual. coming german artist your spawn bismarck is some think of a catastrophe chaser. this is his precise ones who want to recreate an off the
3:46 pm
waves that hit island joined the recent ophelia still. he was also in miami when i am ahead. icelandic danish artist order for them is perhaps the most prominent artist campaign for the environment. for an earlier climate conference he transported ice from greenland to paris as a reminder of climate change. so very laudable of creative efforts there but i know robyn that you have a but if their favorite autistic endeavor which really touched you yeah i do and it's on a much smaller scale it's not a blockbuster film it's not great lumps of ice but it's about greenpeace ship built a platform on the in the arctic because the ice is melting they put a piano on it
3:47 pm
a grand piano on it and commissioned the italian composer and pianist ludovico are now ready to compose a piece especially for the event it's cold elegy for the take and it's a very simple idea in a way but not easy to execute because it really moved me let's just listen to a few moments and if you won't listen very carefully what happens to the glass glacier behind and claim. it's i mean i still find it quite extraordinary to have you hear it sort of collapsing melting it's crumbling that circulation norway made the point sound that we are in danger of doing terrible things to our planet i'm very powerful statement with that music and. the message is you can read more on the website loads more on
3:48 pm
the website i actually also i can recommend people check out our environmental program global global three thousand which happens every week there's always lots about climate change or global warming that right robin mode from the go to death thank you very much. to football or soccer if you prefer that it was italy's was night man not qualify for next year's world cup italy's won the coveted trophy four times the is the area known for their fresh air and style and the last time the mr woke up tournament was in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight now the proud soccer nation has been humbled again its only failed to beat sweden in a qualifying match and out of the world cup leaving the nation stunned and disappointed. i tell you in football's worst nightmare has come true a lack of firepower against sweden leaves gigi buffon and company missing out on
3:49 pm
only the third world cup in the team's history the is or is fans were understandably dejected afterwards and blaming everyone for the defeat. but this is everyone's fault not just the fault of the coach as federation president to vecchio fault it's the federations felt the match mirror as a country which is falling apart thank you italy is still trying to accept their earth shattering loss to sweden. down. we're all in tears because we did our best but this will haunt us forever. it's a huge disappointment that we will struggle to comprehend. it's a tearful farewell for gigi on his tenure between the posts in one match shy of becoming the only goalkeeper to play in six world cups the dominant defender
3:50 pm
defined italy's on field persona for two decades without him italy's football future is in question. and for more on italy stunning defeat i'm joined by mark madison d.w. sports desk welcome i got imagine a world cup without it to me what explains what is being viewed as a national catastrophe in the country very simply the players and the coach just weren't good enough i mean the days of p.l.o. and totti and del piero along gone the two thousand and six world cup winners yeah it was just shocking performance over two legs they had a one hundred eighty minutes to score a goal against what was admittedly quite a modest swedish side and they didn't manage to do that i think the coach ventura has to carry the can especially because he had lorenzo's in senior striker on the bench when they needed at least one go and he didn't put him on no one can really understand that decision you know i worked in italy for four years covering italian football and normally when things go wrong on the football pitch they tend to blame
3:51 pm
someone else like the referee what is kind of refreshing this time is that they've all put their hands up the federation the team the fans instead we got it wrong it's awful player development tactics everything completely our fault so and also we shouldn't forget sweden because of a massive result there and also in a sense they've also knocked out the netherlands the three times one runners up because they finished above the netherlands in the qualifying group so welcome to sweden i know and they got describing this as the miracle in milan now what do you want john before you know he is the going to watch loved much respected goalie legendary man and he was in tears over the match and he announces retirement you know would have been a terrible way to go out of international for such a defeat one hundred seventy five caps of the world cup winner in two thousand and six a great great man and he's got a lot of credit on social media for coming out immediately after the game while he was in tears speaking to the cameras saying he was sorry saying what went wrong and to the coach disappeared for several minutes after the game which hasn't gone down
3:52 pm
well at all in italy is actually a meeting tomorrow of the federation and i'm pretty sure mr ventura will be told he's no longer the italy coach tomorrow it's not just probably the coach and indeed bouffant who. leaving to other work when it's in two thousand and six and the. danieli did rossi have also announced their international retirement ok so heads are ruling that tonight coming to tonight island and denmark are going to play who do you think is going to play well this is the last european qualifier there's a couple more in the rest of the world of the next two days on paper i would say denmark are probably the favorites but the game is in ireland so that gives island hope the first it was no no what we do want tonight is some goals because the last six world cup player playoffs in the last few days of all finish will know which isn't great for football which is not good for football we like to see goes a lot medals from us both a thank you very much for that and i want to say with football and world champions germany face
3:53 pm
a tough task when they host heavyweights france in a friendly on tuesday night france many people stick was cup glory in russia next year and jimmy kimmel live can see similarities between them and his star studded side. germany are in mode despite the kick off and russia's still being seven months away goalkeeper kevin trapp based in france. will stop the friendly mario good hope to make a comeback from injury having not played for germany for a year you get lurve sees parallels between the development of the german team during his long reign and the progression of the current french crop. just to judicial i think it's good friends coach didier deschamps been there a while in two thousand and fourteen his team was already strong but in two thousand and sixteen they had improved now they have made another step forward. before making my. month's demanded a win over germany in the euro two thousand and sixteen semifinal but he is still
3:54 pm
very wary of the world champions. i believe germany are a level above us they have got a lot of experience in recent years even if you think that's rejuvenating his group quite a bit. and then the. lurve hopes he won't have to do an about turn after the big clash in cologne. and for some tennis found belgium's first time a.t.p. finals qualifier david go far send shock waves through the tennis world but he defeated world number one rafael nadal in london the match lasted three hours and go far seize the moment to pounce on the sixteen time grand slam champion and the third said the doll forty valiantly throughout but appeared to be in pain and he had trouble returning go fast shots it was clear by the end of the spaniard had
3:55 pm
nothing left in the tank after the match nadal announced he would be pulling out of the season ending tournament. here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you investigative journalists in germany have documented evidence that refugees have been pushed into prostitution by security guards there asylum shelters the guards are accused of exploiting the desperation of refugees to make money authorities are looking into the allegations. rescuers in iran have ended this search for survivors of sunday's earthquake tehran has announced a day of mourning for at least five hundred thirty people who were killed in the disaster. and u.s. president donald trump has wrapped up his twelve day tour of asia after talks with
3:56 pm
regional leaders in money. despite protests and some legs of the tour from pale the trip as a major success. don't forget you can always good deed everything is on the go just download from google play it all from the apple store. that'll give you access to all of the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.d.b. app to send us your photos and videos. that's it for me on the thought she must so he is standing by should have the news for you in just a bit. speculate
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