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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2017 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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trailblazing projects. t w dot com slash global ideals. this is d w news live from berlin tonight u.s. president donald trump on his way home headed for the next big problem its farewell to asia only to fly now into a domestic storm of controversy fresh allegations that his attorney general may have failed to tell the truth about ties to russia also coming up.
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in the areas hit by sunday's earthquake in iran and iraq thousands of people have lost everything they're now facing a difficult future and the people worst hit by climate change are often poor now wealthy nations are giving a boost to a scheme that aims to ease their plight. i bring golf it's good to have you with us i never lie that is watch us attorney general jeff sessions told members of congress today he rejected allegations that he deliberately misled lawmakers earlier this year about his knowledge of possible communications between russia and trump's presidential campaign but session. told
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the house judiciary committee that he does now recall a meeting with former trump campaign advisor george have adopted lists in which russian connections were discussed in previous testimony under oath sessions had denied knowledge of any such contacts here's part of what he had to say today finally i had no real recollection of this meeting until last all these news reports i do now recall that the march the twenty six team meeting at the trump hotel that mr operate out attended but i have no clear recollection of the details of what he said at that meeting after reading his account into the best of my recollection and i believe that i wanted to make clear to him that he would not authorize to represent that campaign with the russian government or any other foreign government for that matter that is the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions there let's go to washington our correspondent carlina chinois on the story for us good evening to you carlina so it looks like
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we've got an attorney general struggling to achieve total recall year is this man is he credible or is he not. hi brant well apparently we have already seen at least three hearings in which sessions gave false or misleading statements to the senate about his involvement in the contacts with russia the words we just heard come after his statements in former hearings this year also in the senate also on the investigation about the alleged russian meddling in the u.s. elections last year but then sessions denied once again that he had communications with the russian or to anyone connected to any part of the russian government during the elections in two thousand and sixteen and even though the attorney general began saying my sorry hasn't changed today his story has changed in the very moment he said he didn't recall the meeting of march with george peppard
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former policy advisor of donald trump but this happens after the court records reveal that mr sessions not only was part of a meeting but he was even leading a meeting in march two thousand and sixteen with papadopoulos discussing his russian ties and suggesting setting up a meeting between. putin the russian president so saying one thing and then the giving and then recalling a different thing makes session statements implausible and it definitely raises questions about his credibility brand and of course leaves us jasc the next question what does it mean then for the u.s. president obama troll well it doesn't affect him directly now but this is again one more step forward in muller's investigation or russians alleged meddling in the u.s. elections last year but for sessions it could mean that he misled the senate on
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this investigations that means he likes to the congress and thereby he could have committed perjury. of a correspondent in washington charlie mitchell more colia thank you very much. it's a mind police in the usa a shooter has killed four people in a rural part of northern california witnesses say a gunman opened fire at a home near red bluff then carried on shooting at several locations including an elementary school officials say no children were killed but a number of more wounded the local assistant sheriff spoke to reporters a short while ago. i am told at this point the suspected shooter is deceased by law enforcement but what we have about one hundred one person personnel in rancher to him right now with multiple multiple scenes. i can think of at least five seems that i've. been told about so we are spread then
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but we have a lot of resources right now and you can see that we're still requesting a month's is and we're still doing our work over north america now to africa the ruling party in zimbabwe has accused the head of the army of treason and this after he threatened that the military could intervene to end political turmoil in the country a small number of armored personnel carriers and tanks have been spotted on the edge of the capital harare although the city itself remains calm and open rift has emerged between zimbabwe's veteran president robert mugabe and the army after mugabi sacked the country's vice president and other officials. lawmakers in britain have begun debating the government's blueprint for it's expected to be a major battle for prime minister to resign may increasing the risks for her minority government the bill is designed to ensure there's no legal vacuum when
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britain leaves the e.u. it largely transfers e.u. legislation one to one into british law but critics say it also hands the government wide ranging powers and it cuts parliament out of some breaks in planning the government faces potential defeat on a number of key amendments today is the first of eight days set for debate on the bill. earlier we spoke to our correspondent there good mass in london and we asked her what this debate means in terms of a weekend theresa may. well this is really about parliament trying to have its say there was so much talk about brics it is about giving power back to the u.k. now parliament wants to have this power they want to have a say for example on the deal they don't want to be excluded from the government's negotiation with the e.u. they want to have a dia they want to have a say also on the exit day for example to say well if there is no deal in time then it must be possible for the government and for parliament to say no just negotiate
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a tiny bit longer so they really want to have the power to scrutinise the whole bricks and process as for two reasons may's government because there is quite a lot of consensus amongst a lot of m.p.'s who voted to remain and who are fighting for to remain in the e.u. they do want to take this power and they don't want to let the government get away that effectively also fighting against the brick city isn't the government so if those people really clump together and if they defeat the government in parts of this bill that obviously weakens to reason may further it's not a good position for her to be in the brics to go see a sions. so there was very good must there reporting from london here's some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world the european union is facing fresh criticism over its policies on migrants from the united nations human rights chief he condemned the e.u. for helping libya's coast guard intercept people making illegal crossings the
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migrants are then detained in libya where the human rights chief says they face quote an imaginable for. former supporters of french president manuel mccraw and say they are leaving his on matias party because it's become too with forward teria one hundred party members wrote a letter criticizing what they called the personality cult surrounding micron's his party is due to hold its first conference this weekend amid falling approval ratings for the president volunteers in indonesia have managed to save six sperm whales stranded on a beach in ahci province hundreds of locals looked on as the massive mammals were pushed out into deeper water the beach tide was discovered on monday for whales dying before they could be rest. well tonight iran is scrambling to bring help to thousands of people left homeless by sunday's earthquake more than four hundred people were killed in the quake in the region bordering iraq some eight thousand
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were also injured iranian president hassan rouhani has been visiting one of the worst hit provinces emergency workers say they've ended efforts to rescue survivors they say there is no hope of finding anyone else alive. amid the rubble the frantic search for the living has turned into a recovery effort. as rescue workers retrieve the dead the very of her left to grapple with lives and homes ruined. among the worst hit places is the remote pull is a hub much of the town has been destroyed. because we still had to pay off our debts on this house i was already jobless and couldn't pay them back now it's totally destroyed and our furniture is gone. i want
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to take just started collecting desperate they once took them a month to clear rubble from a high rise how can i finish such a job in a time with the people and families so quickly. the iranian president hassan rouhani paid a visit to the region and promised the government would provide temporary shelters and money to help those affected and. make home behind me where. i wish to assure all people who have suffered and that the government will do everything in its power to resolve the problems in the shortest possible time. rolls along the route home of passable going to. the disaster has left an estimated seventy thousand people homeless and battling the cold in the mountainous region as winter gets closer. well representatives from two hundred nations are working on implementing the details of the paris climate accord at the un climate talks in
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bonn germany one major issue on the agenda insurance against climate change germany pledged one hundred twenty five million dollars to boost the work of an international insurance partnership that aims to cover several hundred million poor and vulnerable people against disaster risk by the year twenty twenty. destruction wherever one looks a small town in colombia after the storm hit this too can be an effect of climate change few people in developing regions like this have insurance when the weather turns violent many lose all they have in africa droughts are becoming more common with that own disastrous consequences germany britain france and several other countries are trying to help the global climate conference and they're leading efforts to provide insurance against these risks. if you've lost two straight harvest a drought and your thought is also looking about you shouldn't have to wait till
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it's a flood blown famine you should have the opportunity to invest to buy seeds for example . to push off and the goal is to have some four hundred million people insured by twenty twenty one delegate from fiji made it clear how pressing the issue has become in his homeland only one person in ten has any insurance at all. environmental groups welcome the new insurance fund and say it should be mandatory eyeing the state of the definition be on a voluntary basis it should be that whoever pollutes the atmosphere has to be involved we're not seeing that right now the rich countries have not gotten involved in discussions about providing compensation for the damage their actions have done to the atmosphere and. countries have played some seven hundred million dollars so far but there's still a long way to go developing states often face damage in the billions after
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disasters hit. for some blitz and leaned to our news bulletin for you tonight in switzerland one of the wire just flawless documents look at that ever cut has been auctioned off the massive dime in fact the final price of nearly thirty million dollars. it's a whopping one hundred sixty three carat jewel in the auction price includes the emerald necklace in which it said you have to have both sides suit the gym was cut down from an even bigger rough diamond found last year in a mine in ngo. here's a reminder the top stories that we're following for you u.s. attorney general jeff sessions told members of congress today he did not lie he rejected allegations that he deliberately misled lawmakers earlier this year about his knowledge of possible communications between russia and trump's presidential campaign armored personnel carriers and tanks have been spotted on the edge of the
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zimbabwean capital harare the development comes as a rift emerges between president robert mugabe and the army after mugabe sacked a number of war veterans. you're watching the news live from berlin more news coming at the top of the hour we'll see you there. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised thank you she protests one t.v. show and if you use fame first.


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