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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2017 1:02am-1:31am CET

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after twelve days of talking trade u.s. president trump bids farewell to asia waiting in washington more disturbing revelations about his campaign's connections to the russian not accept and reject accusations that i have ever lied that is a lie tonight the attorney general remembering a new and those wiki leaks emails to trump jr who knew i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. that has been taken advantage of the united states more than just this region but the world and those days are over let me be clear i have it all time conducted
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myself honorable to me a relationship based on respect is much more important than anything else he would not on the rise represent the campaign but the russian government they have to respect our country and they have not respected our country for a long period of time my answers have not changed i have always told the truth. also coming up apocalypse it's all over well those were the headlines telling the world that italy will not compete in the twenty eighteen world cup for a soccer nation it's the end of the world. we're all in t. is because we did our best but this will haunt us forever. we begin the day with evidence that puts the inner circle of the trump campaign closer than ever to russia on monday a report in the atlantic revealed that president trump's eldest son had been in contact via twitter with wiki leaks steering the race for the white house a u.s.
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intelligence is convinced that russia interfered in the u.s. presidential election and that includes hacking the democratic national committee and stealing e-mails those stolen e-mails were allegedly passed on to wiki leaks according to this new report we get leaks then offered the scandalous material to trump jr on monday night after the atlantic article was published trump jr released all messages with wiki leaks on his twitter feed now the timing here is important on october twelfth wiki leaks message to trump jr suggesting that his father tweet a link to wiki leaks information about hillary clinton just fifteen minutes later donald trump tweeted what we had suggested to trump jr our we go to washington now our correspondent carolina chinoy is on the story for us good evening to you carlina's of donald trump jr is apparently now suspect
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number one in this investigation. hello grant well we know very little about them our investigation and as we also don't know who is suspect number one however the findings are very significant that this shows a year the nation between times campaign last year two thousand sixteen and we can leagues and the question is did a trump junior already know that we could leaks was offering him what he what they were offering him and that this was originally obtained by russia and that he also know that we could weeks had this ties to the russian government so there are still lots of questions to be answered and if he did know about this ties this would be a pint of direction of accepting russian meddling and the us elections two thousand and sixteen it will feel of course another peas in this hole in this big puzzle of the alleged russian meddling the us elections last year or our correspondent in
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washington on the story for us tonight carolyn richer more carlina thank you very much. the political storm with a russian clown and wiki leaks web that awaits u.s. president donald trump it threatens to overshadow what he is calling a very successful tour of asia trump had a pact to visit taking him to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines the president said he had made progress with his agenda on trade and he also claimed to have made friends at the highest level in the region. well i'm joined now by annaliese while she's a professor at cornell university in ithaca new york she's an expert on trans national policy and relations in asia professors good to have you on this show how successful do you think drums tour of asia really was. well i think for us
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interests it was simply a disaster and i think we'll look back on this. trip as a moment in which the u.s. seems to have abdicated its traditional leadership role you know leadership is about a lot more than economic power and a lot a lot more than military power it's about values and it's about expertise and unfortunately our president this time did not live up to those those qualities on air force one earlier today drawn told reporters that he had. forced if you will countries in asia to respect the u.s. again was there a deficit of trust bhajji asian countries to begin with. no i think he's he's quite wrong on that and i in in in asia in general there has long been quite a lot of trust of the united states in fact the u.s.
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has played a very important leadership role in asia since about world war two. but you know asian peoples on the whole really respect education they respect preparation and they respect expertise and they frankly don't understand the shoot from the hip sort of style that president trump displayed on this trip and the fact that the u.s. didn't have didn't come to the table with clear proposal didn't move the the ball forward on any of the important issues in the region from trays to security i think is going to contribute to a loss of respect not a gaining of respect professor on all these royals joining us tonight from cornell university of the u.s. first are also you very much we appreciate your insights thank you. well u.s. president trump has come under fire for cozying up to authoritarian leaders in
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china and the philippines during his trip to asia he even called philippines president a self-proclaimed killer one of his friends now according to mr new territory spokesman the us president did not bring up reports of human rights abuses by police in the philippines crackdown on drug trafficking well if the u.s. president refuses to wade into choppy waters the canadian prime minister apparently he has no problem getting wet prime minister justin trudeau said that he had a firm and frank talk with two terror day about human rights abuses at a press conference today the philippine president did not hold back when he was asked how he felt about trudeau's questions it is but assume and. that is the way you'll hear me doing down if that is. an interesting because it angers me when you'll. be flooded and.
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you'll do not know exactly what is happening in this country. you would not even investigate you only shill you followed the united nations record but as soon as dion i said you can investigate. what tonight's witnesses in zimbabwe see tanks have been seen moving near the capital harare video posted on social media appears to show armored personnel carriers in a convoy heading towards an army barracks just outside the city it comes amid heightened tensions in zimbabwe between the army and president robert mugabe last night the head of the army threatened that the military could quote step in after mugabi sacked the country's vice president mugabe's ruling party has now accused the army chief of treason. serious situation of the country for more now and joined
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by christina who covers southern africa for us christine it's good to have you on the show so what are we looking at right here i mean it looks like the tanks are headed to the capital harare but we're not sure right i'm going that's what it looks like if you take a look at what's happening on social media right now is involved winds up panicked there are on edge in the country these pictures that you see that we've been running now showing our viewers these pictures were taken by eyewitnesses who drove posses ministry tankas and the heightened tensions in the country right now is really what's fueling the an ease in the country the fact that you have a deputy president who was expelled who fled the country saying he's fearing for his life but who also volage to come back and fight for his country and rule the country so in the pond takes a form of this this is why these military could very well be on a routine on a routine trip and that's why that's fueling a lot of unease right now and you know the photos that we've been seeing suggest
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that the army is getting involved and the story as you said really was sparked by the vice president being sacked and then paving the way for mugabe's wife to take over right exactly so what's happening in the party right now is a succession battle has been raging you know for the better part of the last two years really brant one of the one of the factions is headed up by the sect of former vice president in a synagogue the other headed up by the the first lady grace of god and so they have been at it now for for the last couple of is and what is off to the deputy president was sacked the party's going to an extraordinary congress in the coming month and it's expected that grace mugabe is going to be announced deputy president essentially paving the way for her to take over from her husband so all of this is looking like it was orchestrated to pave the way for her to take over from her husband eventually and then we want to come back to this new there is the suggestion that the military is involved. reports of this convoy near the capital
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but we can't report with any certainty that there's any type of military challenge to the power of robert mugabe tonight we call it and if you're this man right you know this is the army general who came out last night essentially threatening robin mugabe with military intervention if the purges in the ruling party don't stop it's difficult to say what power this man actually has because when he made the statement he was flanked by a number of generals about ninety of them but the party says that he doesn't have the support of all those generals he doesn't have the support of all of the entire defense force so if if this really goes down to a showdown we don't know if she meant it could actually carry out his threats off the minute she said of it because it is we're talking about a military coup attempt then this is mentioned it's and if he doesn't have the support that he assumes that he has no say is that he has and if the party is correct that he doesn't have that support then they're not talking about any minute you know you've talked before about what the situation is like in zimbabwe you know you've done excellent reports there about the situation for journalists in the
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country is is zimbabwe politically maybe a tinderbox that is right for igniting as soon as mugabi shows weakness you know you know people have have we've had this conversation many a time spent with other people as well it's difficult to say but one thing is clear mugabe is a very much still holding that country together he is stepping down from office many fear would plunge that country into into deep crisis people have likened it almost like to be a nun for example and so anything around succession which he's really come out and tried to clamp down on because he realizes that himself because of the factions that are not just within the country but within the party itself so yeah that the future is very uncertain for this country he is ninety three he is he is very old he is very old general election next year yes he is. the presidential candidate but
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whether or not he can do enough to tim remains and it was what your opinion about what people in the country know i mean are they aware that he is least in the western world in western democracies he is considered a pariah of course people are very much aware that people of very much aware of those views and you know and we've seen account recently we had a lot of perseus in the country that we've not seen the full symbol of insoles for the fist time voicing their opinions on public platforms like social media people on the center but having said that he still does have a healthy support base in the country and that is of course something that we cannot take away from him you know i'm in a remarkable story especially for a man of his age christine. as always thank you very much right. in twenty four hours he should be home that is what lebanese prime minister saad hariri has told his country ten days after he traveled to saudi arabia where he
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announced his resignation now rumors and speculation have been flying ever since about hariri being in saudi arabia under duress or on twitter or e wrote yesterday people i am totally fine and i will return to lebanon in the next two days god willing let us call him down my family is staying in their country the kingdom of saudi arabia the kingdom of goodness. how do you understand that tweet alone we're here at the big table with me is my colleague dean mentor he from d.w. arabic she is also from lebanon it's good to have you on the show i think this is a first time for you really this is good for you i'm a happy you're here with us do you believe that hariri is under duress in saudi arabia and do you think you'll be good he'll go home tomorrow i don't think is going to come back home to model otherwise we are not seeing that about his foreign minister is traveling from one european country to another he started to from brussels and now he was in fattest
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a day later on he will jump to it all me and stick on and we would see him on thursday here in berlin i mean if there is not an escalation or there's not a big problem concerning the how did he and his coming back home otherwise we'll see this foreign minister staying in his office and live on on so it depends actually how. many men he's put in minister will succeed it's interesting otoh it's interesting that if he's going all around europe. and really is in saudi arabia i mean why isn't he going to saudi arabia then i mean is he trying to create a lot of pressure from outside to be put on saudi arabia or not wish him to be in saudi arabia right now we don't know but what i what i what what we know exactly that now there's a lot of pressure diplomatic pressure and actually one of that had been used the president advice that he said that we have so many solutions in order to bring our prime minister because they believe that he is kidnapped and and the saudis authorities they're not allowing him to get out of the country so they have many
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solutions but the best know that they do but his that using that is the diplomacy and actually it's working a lot in order and with pressure on saudi arabia to try to ruin a little bit the image and that's what prince mohammed bin selman it's very like kian in order to keep it specially he's talking about his vision twenty thirty right here the want any pressure or any better position about saudi arabia so maybe if they would succeed in this then there would be a certain kind of soul you. just to let how do they come back with dignity what is this situation doing inside lebanon particularly to the government i mean we hear from hezbollah we hear from people who are not members of hezbollah the same thing he is our prime minister we want him back yes they have been used to not worry about a civil war maybe many many from the outside they are seeing the country that it would head towards civil war again after what happened after the static nation but what is exactly that what is about something bigger than this about the sea ninety
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or one thousand eighty two would happen again would it be again a lib i don't which is the israeli invasion i mean if you take a look about so you think there's an you think there's the israeli component in this possibly that's what you've been used authorities are saying there's a big settlement is going on in the region and that is ignatius part of it if you take a look at what trump is saying and tweeting we're going to cut it on its head hezbollah and lebanon and very soon if you hear what the saudis thought it is they're talking about the politicians after the head it is ignatius said that actually in his the designation that i'm designing because of iran and because of hezbollah and defeating inside lebanon if you hear the israeli media they are talking in the same thing yeah and that's what that one is that afraid of that resignation that means iran is the main problem that's at the iran which is hezbollah inside what we have we have heard some commentators say now that islamic state has been defeated in iraq and syria iran basically has a free hand to move or to increase its influence in lebanon via hezbollah is that
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what is happening is that how lebanese people do they see that happening that part of that had been his people maybe they're seeing it part of them fifty fifty they don't get that his will is inside the government inside the parliament right mean they really when you are looking at it on many people they don't understand this he is part of the society and politic see if we like it or not so it's not that easy but also. let me say something that this field of one nine hundred eighty two that's what united the lebanese all themselves all too all together hezbollah said no it's going to the sunni parties said no escalation and also the question parties for the first time said no escalation even we disagree with his men on not have been what now we want a president prime president back that's kind of a down and what diplomat we've been but we've got about thirty seconds here but if he does come back tomorrow is he going to be safe you know ok that is
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a way to answer in thirty seconds de mint or he was great to have you on the show thank you for you have reshaped your insights and i'm very much. mamma mia it was italy's worst nightmare not qualifying for next year's world cup italy has won the coveted trophy four times in the last time the zero he missed a world cup tournament was back in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight or now the proud to soccer nation has been humbled in her. a talian football's worst nightmare has come true a lack of firepower against sweden leaves gigi buffon and company missing out on only the third world cup in the team's history the a series fans were understandably dejected afterwards and blaming everyone for the defeat. but this is everyone's fault not just the fault of the coach as federation president to
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vecchio fault is the federations felt the match mirror as a country which is falling apart thank you italy is still trying to accept their earth shattering loss to sweden. down. we're all in tears because we did our best but this will haunt us forever and it's a huge disappointment that will struggle to comprehend. it's a tearful farewell for gigi boof on his tenure between the posts in one match shy of becoming the only goalkeeper to play in six world cups the dominant defender defined italy's on field persona for two decades without him italy's football future is in question. well joining me here in the studio now to tell us more about this calamitous defeat is gio by the he is an italian
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professional football goalkeeper and if you don't know football is the indoor version of soccer g. but he is from italy near venice so i have to ask you that last night you know when this when italy was basically thrown out of the running for the even qualifying for the world cup how did you feel well if a very very bad because it was for the first time for me that you went out from from the from the world cup actually the gaming already so yes it was frustrating because we play a very very bad. actually it's only about like the last two games i guess we then. can from five like in the last ten years we were playing in my bed and in the last ten years in the last ten years this is who are you blaming them for this disaster . it's a big problem because i think i think the main thing it is about the youth from
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from from the kids it goes in if you if you can see if you if you go to see the main teams to study any of that from the youth academy. but yes from from overseas from other countries because it is one they don't want and time to the players to teach them how to play soccer so in other words the teams the federation they're not nurturing the next generation because they're not be they're not as as you can see we have a new a new generation of players the last but must be fun as we can see yeah yeah which . players and it's going to be like a problem for the for the next generation but what about the coach is he going to be fine i mean i know this morning he was saying that you know he couldn't say anything about it because he and i spoke with the federation president. really mean because you don't blame the koch. i blame you i mean. like as everyone in the team but if you go to sheen if you said we don't have any any superstar he said yeah so
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yeah dude to pick up that b.s. from syria from other other. leader yeah yeah but. i mean if you like it if i don't play yes i know of a can of the about you but let me ask you this i mean i'm not a soccer expert or a football expert but when i look at the game this is a game of chance right i mean you're chasing if you're chasing a ball right and the chant you know it's basically a game of chance of you trying to win you want to make sure that your team gives you the best chance of winning and that's what the coach is there for right now those players together they have the best chance he didn't do that or. a contingent in the question like i'm not professional if it as a professional is that it is not cute anymore on going to do my best every time ok so of course it is about what they could say. that then they're not really for and for the for national team and the should give the best every time of the time even if it which isn't always a good i mean the coaches and i are going to see anything special you know so we
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lost to that there's reason to believe that there no you heard there at the right. yeah i mean i know we've heard stating first right now yeah. so would you say if this is the lowest point if you are it just course it is yeah i mean i'm glad i mean i'm glad you're not crying if you are we've got clean next year i mean how do you know you how can italy how can they how can the country pick itself back up that it'll be for for me the main thing starts to start like rowing kids were going for us and waiting for us for the next generation for the next two years to the starting place it was there and. we've heard some commentators saying that the soccer failure is symptomatic of the country as a whole that things are breaking down and things just don't work at the dull civita has been. is that true i actually. like. less than i thought in that in the interview that like the soccer could be like a good person even for the society as
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a country that is true that we have like a. i am sometimes sport a soccer like a brief to the province ok and the bad news. for the country of course isn't all yeah so also we're seeing for the next well we'll see and of course you know there's always next year to write. me an italian professional football goalkeeper i am about to we appreciate you being on the show tonight thank you very much and it's ok to cry thank you. are the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or you can write directly to me brooke got t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember no matter what happens between now and then or even if your country loses a soccer game tomorrow is another day we'll see then everybody.
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