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so there where. of optimistic that. we're not totally outside just because. this is the deputy is coming to you live from burning down from the streets of zimbabwe but the army denies it staging a cool. wish to make it abundantly clear that this is not a military took over. yet the army's taken over the state broadcaster and other
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government buildings saying it's a move targeting criminal elements within the government really go live to harare also coming up a resulting yes in australia to same sex marriage in a non-binding postal referendum the prime minister pledges to make it all by christmas when he succeeds. and the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson meets me and muslim leaders in a bid to end violence against iraq ingo muslims million miles army denies persecute in the minority but it isn't says it's time for a thorough investigation. in the next thirty minutes we have the story of my judaism disappearing daughter as italian investigators a work to identify twenty six women dumped in the mediterranean we traveled to nigeria to meet anxious families who believed their children were victims of people traffickers.
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hello and welcome i'm with that she. zimbabwe is in the grip of political turmoil after the army took to the capital streets seize control of parliament and state television president robert mugabe has told a neighboring south africa that he is under house arrest but unharmed the army says this is not a takeover but a corrective measure the military intervention comes amid a power struggle to succeed ninety three year old mugabe the soldiers took over a national television station to say it wasn't a coup to both our people and the world beyond our borders we wish to make it abundantly clear that this is not a military or of. what this man would fence forces is doing
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is to pacify a degenerate in political social and economic situation in our country which if not addressed made use it in your own it com. but with tanks and military vehicles blocking off parliament and government buildings in the capital harare it sure looked like a coup. the fate of president robert mugabe and his wife grace is unclear but they appear to be in the custody of the military who sent the family was safe the military intervention comes out to months of power wrangling about who will succeed ninety three year old mugabe he has ruled the country since one thousand nine hundred ninety but is last week mugabe fired vice president. he was widely viewed as the heir apparent and backed by some of the country's most powerful generals that sacking seem to clear the path among these wife grace to be next in line some welcome the military for now seemingly stopping her.
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says that development in the politics of our country in this fight is allowing the military to fight sports and but i think it's also for liftoff zimbabweans because from the looks of things. listed there's been a stop to the family dinners gender that was being propagated by bye bye bye bye obama happy and his wife with zimbabwe's economy collapsing for some in harare the focus remains on getting by. throughout this situation all we hope for is peace we don't want to be disturbed in our daily work we want to survive and all of that. frustration has been growing in zimbabwe it used to be wealthy but thirty seven years of mugabe have left the economy in tatters and the question of who will take over to try to repair it has now been blown wide open.
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and for the very latest our correspondent privilege i'm with van he joins me now from the zimbabwean capital you've been going around the capital harare from all accounts it seems in bombay is in the midst of a military coup how do you see it. military cook sadly. that. it is not a bitter tic of the situation in iraq at the moment is that the tanks that are stationed in the city particularly the government district which. houses the palestinians the cords the prisons all of us. saw a lot but then from morning they were not allowing anyone to use their roads that pass through these areas but at the moment think tanks draw on a site want to restart passing through. things and kind of. ease
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or normalize from like the tense situation that was. you know obtaining in the better half of. you know two days from morning until midday and every day every hour but mugabe has lost the support of the me as it seems is he likely to resign. you may resign. depending on what negotiations are happening behind closed doors up to now is not tangible information as to what is happening what we know now is that he has been able to speak to the south african president jacob zuma and south african president jacob zuma has issued a statement and he essentially dedication that discovery that is due to arrive in
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writing by the end of two days it is coming together with the number one indication for. a parent maybe in mediation between this elaborate defense forces and president mugabe and what do people there saying about the developments there a privilege we heard one person say in our report that was almost a relief that this is happened people are taking it is a relief indeed the same time they have cautious. relief in the sense is that what is been happening you know a lot of people will express concern with that factional fight this succession of better words that have been happening. there willing but these we are fixing. it do it now cascade into all national institutions where you have people working in offices. trucks your lines and then you have the same. people also
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question us to say if they used to remain in control they are weary about it being a military government. is opposed to a civilian government privilege it was funny in how do i thank you very much for that update you're welcome. turning now to australia with sixty percent off the people who have given their support to same sex marriage in a non-binding post poll on the issue four out of five registered voters cast a ballot on the issue the government says it will make same sex unions legal by the end of the campaign a celebrated the result across the country. she is of jubilation in australia and some spontaneous proposals as it's announced that the majority of australians voted for gay and lesbian people to be able to marry. i
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mean everything to hear that a strike is over sixty one percent of the o.g.t.t. . we're just going to love and we're just so thrilled and happy thank yous right thank you so much yeah. in mice and so high as thousands gathered in parks around the country to celebrate the results of the national postal service. it marks a watershed moment for gay rights in australia where it was illegal in some states to engage in homosexual activity up until nine hundred ninety seven yeah it's been a really special moment it's and it's a similar with my mom and i think. it's the point in our history or way of saying. we've got resoundingly for a better. country and that is so special. the voice is nonbinding but destroyed his prime minister malcolm turnbull said parliament would now legislation on the bill. i voted yes for a commitment i voted yes for love and now it is up to us
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here in the parliament of a strike to get on with it. they get on with the job the australian people of toss just to do and get this done this year before christmas. if the bill passes muster and it would be the twenty six country in the won't to legalize same sex marriage. there's another look at some other stories making news around the world lawmakers in russia's lower house of parliament have passed measures that would force some international media companies to register as foreign agents the move comes after u.s. pressure on russia state funded r.t. channel to do the same american intelligence has alleged r t was used to meddle in the two thousand and sixteen election and allegation that russia denies. iran steve
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media has said the death toll from sunday's earthquake on the country's border with iraq has exceeded five hundred and thirty it was iran's deadliest quake in more than a decade more than thirty thousand homes were damaged and survivors say it has now been slow to reach them. chancellor angela merkel and other european leaders are expected today to reinvigorate talks aimed at implementing the paris climate accord those negotiations are underway in the german city of bonn protests in the city have tried to put pressure on delegates from more than one hundred ninety countries to do more to curb climate change. us secretary of state rex tillerson has called for a credible probe into rights abuses against me in mass rohingya muslims to listen made his remarks after talks in myanmar with the country's embattled leader aung sang suu chee to listen said those found responsible of human rights violations should be held accountable but stopped short of recommending sanctions against me
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and mas government more than six hundred thousand rohingya have fled military operations in myanmar and fled into neighboring bangladesh here's more of what to listen had to say. margaret price of the critical. of the president more democratic. more vulnerable than marco want to talk about. it is the responsibility of our government and of course the people who respect human rights of all persons within the borders. and from all on the ring of crisis in minibar i'm joined by francesco rocca he's the president of the international federation of the red cross in a room welcome to you from just what secretary of state to listen have to say the german president will also be visiting as will the pope how optimistic are you but all this international pressure will have an impact on me and my.
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recent crisis. that also. unfortunately. the mission he see that. in the most important crisis all over the war is not the case so. let me be a bit optimistic looking at the past if you want to be. such and such way this equation there is a. desperate baby she did a few weeks ago. and you must. proceed and. this is something that they do all the international be able to know as you mentioned many are doing the muslims have fled to neighboring a bangladesh tell us more about the situation of those who are still in myanmar you said you just visited the country recently. yeah you have to think about.
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no more than six hundred thousand people that. you know. how he's made only by. what. he. finds out. by walking gave me what i want to. hear it's not. your fault it was. there. that. francesco rocca in rome i'm sorry we have to leave it there the quality of the line has deteriorated but thank you very much for joining us from rome and sharing your thoughts with us on the running a crisis in myanmar. you're watching the news still to come the perils of crossing to europe we need a nigerian man who hasn't heard from his daughter since she set off for
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a new life in february this year. but first we have business news helena joins me now and more trouble for germany's biggest comic ahead enough yeah we're talking about concerns in germany and internationally for fox fog and at the moment german authorities raided the offices of several senior officials at the scandal plagued or to make at this time in connection with a cushy salary paid to its works council chief investigators searched the offices of at least two top executives the raid was related to an investigation into the income of works council chief beyond austin or the chief work is representative of the company and as much as seven hundred fifty thousand euros prosecutors say that could amount to an illegal waste of corporate funds and a form of tax evasion. well our financial correspondent
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is in frankfurt she joins us now hopefully there she is in yellow these are not the first rays. so how are they already been factored into the share price. well foxconn shares are down more than a percent point considering that the raid was last night you would have thought that investors would have they just had this news by now especially since it shouldn't come as such a surprise since as early as may investigators artie said that they were looking into potential irregularities in terms of compensation towards the works council but the fact that the stock is still sliding today means that investors still have the capacity to be surprised by the negative headlines and perhaps the fact that it does not have to do with these again this time around that could be the key difference but suffice to say these are great has ushered in a new era of scrutiny for five thousand and that's something about perhaps investors are being reminded of more often than they'd like i mean diesel gate or
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not the car makers just face so much negative press of late and yet is investment budget which is setting out this week is in the double digit billions so presumably v.w. is still feeling rather confident about its future. well just based on the goals that they've got so far we know that they're feeling ambitious in the field of electronic delivery alone they want to spend twenty billion dollars by twenty thirty and they're also investing in other key industry trends like autonomous driving they're also still investing in improving their diesel tech but negative negative headlines like these are obviously a setback if they come with corresponding costs you know that in the u.s. they've already spent the twenty five billion dollars on diesel gate alone now we don't know how much. was spent on the various legal troubles it has all around the world but we know that as it drives into the future investigations for probably be along for the ride at least for the next stretch janeiro in frankfurt good to talk
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to you as ever. now china has famously expanded its infrastructure over the past couple of decades but there are places where it is still woefully inadequate even homing the economy like the mongolian border that is where thousands of trucks full of coal stretch back for one hundred thirty kilometers the tailback formed in the summer as demand for coal group trucks move just to the crude and it could take weeks to cross into china and it's not just that the road that's the problem there both countries say that their customs should starve and there's little sign of that promised rail lines. well talking about some speedy a travel how about london to new york in just three hours that's the dream of an american startup exhibiting at the dubai and show and hopes to bring back supersonic airlines fourteen years after the noisy gas guzzling concorde stopped flying but this time the airplane should be faster quieter and above all well
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profitable. this could be the future of passenger flight the new supersonic jet called boom traveling at twenty three hundred kilometers per hour it would be faster than any other passenger plane ever built and with fifty five seats one of the smallest for now visitors to the dubai air show can only see a few small models but it's turning heads and i think supersonic can only come from a newcomer if you're boeing or air bus your economic incentives are to iterate on the same product you are making for decades for supersonic to come it's going to have to come from a new company there of only ever been to supersonic airliners and they proved to be expensive impractical and even dangerous but today many of the hurdles that plagued the t one forty four and the concorde have been overcome concorde was a technical fix us of an economic failure fifty years later we've got new technology a carbon fiber composites of turbofan engines which allow you to do supersonic for
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seventy five percent less than concorde talk there have already being seventy six orders if everything goes according to plan the first planes will be delivered in six years the number available in the world for whom the susan attractive product. limited which we might like to go of course transpacific transatlantic perhaps two killer apps for them but again how many airlines will be buying that that's a more complicated question but its makers say it's a product for a lucrative need a flight across the atlantic in the boom should cost around five thousand euros within the budgets of business class travelers. have to amrita now opponent is facing fresh scrutiny from europe that's right helena the european parliament has been meeting in strong spoke to determine if it wants to impose sanctions on poland over the law and order situation in the country the country's ruling and just a sponsor has an exodus series of reforms in the box to yes that the e.u. says undermines democracy and the view of know all of these include new legislation
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the appointment of judges and moves towards greater district sions on the media any firm decision to impose sanctions and put it might mean that poland loses its voting rights in the e.u. . and i've been a draw in detail because one of mac's soft money has been following the debate and joins me now from strasbourg max what are the m.p.'s been saying there. debates over and they already voted on the resolution and there was a large majority in favor of the reserve lucian meaning that the european parliament has cleared the way to doris what you just talked about an article seven procedure which in the end might strip poland of its voting rights that's why it's called the nuclear option before that we had a very heated debate talking about nuclear with most of the moderate party saying that this was not against the citizens of poland that they all thought poland was
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a great country but against the government of poland where they feel that the government is stripping the citizens of their rights is not following the rule of law of course that started some controversy especially with the ruling party in poland that has some members of parliament here as well one of them actually said that this was also just a complet against poland again he started insulting the commission and the members of the parliament and finally left so you can see it's a very emotional debate absolutely given this kind of reaction i mean will this resolution have any impact on the police government if all of this mean very touchy but any kind of criticism. because of the commission has complained many times now that they have offered to talk to government representatives to the minister so try to work this out but they never accept the invitation all they have is an exchange of very formal letters where the polish government rejects what the commission wants from them so that has not changed but this now gives the whole procedure some
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legitimacy because you have a legitimate democratic institution the only really democratic institution in the european union who endorses this path forward and this will give the member states some legitimacy when they decide really to go forward with article seven they're yet to do that but they're the ones who will have to decide it in the end. right maxiell fun in strasbourg on something european parliament thank you very much. italian prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation after the bodies of twenty six nigerian women were recovered from the mediterranean earlier this month but the truth about their deaths may never be known for many families it only nigeria that means a painful wait for news from their daughters who disappeared after leaving for europe our correspondent john phillips sheilds went to meet some of the affected parents. a faded picture is all that remains
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john i'm of koos daughter disappeared in february she was twenty three at the time a few weeks ago john received a call she had been abducted in libya on her way to europe and he would have to pay a ransom. the farmer raised six hundred euros but still has yet to see any sign of life from his daughter then last week john found out about the deaths of twenty six young nigerian women off the coast of libya says the. rest of my of being so worried about it i don't know she's among. us. earlier this month a spanish age ship rescued four hundred africans it see but twenty six nigerian women were found dead at the scene their bodies floating in the water italy launched an investigation and arrested two men on human trafficking charges authorities also contacted the nigerian government but their response was muted.
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austin aramaic and his team deals with deaths like these on a daily basis the activist is upset that the nigerian government his government is not doing more people dying on a daily basis so no human being will be satisfied with a little more response that we accordingly get and that is why when you see that means we know that the government season claims that the. government needs to do more. there are many says it's a lack of opportunities at home that's causing droves of young people to flee. although nigeria has more of the strongest economies in africa over sixty percent of its population live in poverty. according to the united nations more than two thousand six hundred people have died on the mediterranean sea this year one of the main countries of origin is nigeria the government has promised to fight human
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trafficking gangs and to give people a perspective but so far it hasn't lived up to the people's expectations. the government of course has a different take on all this the mass exodus of nigerian youth has less to do with the quality of life it says and more to do with the lies being told by human traffickers. most of those who are that have crossed the mediterranean sea on troubleshooter visit most of that even graduates so if they are not deceived by gates and mortar more green our past shows over idea though not embark on such a dangerous journey it's so poverty cardno you didn't see why that embarking on a source to us. john only could do isn't really interested in a political debate after his daughter disappeared he started working evenings as a taxi driver to make some extra money he may need it if he has to he will travel
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to libya himself to look for his daughter. that exclusive report by the philip schultz you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin here's a recap of the top stories that they're following for you zimbabwe's army has seized control of the state broadcaster and deployed time from the streets of farley it's denied it's leading a coup against the ailing leader robert mugabe as a power struggle over his succession worsens. and the straightens have backed gay marriage into a postal code or when i was by the government over sixty percent said they were in favor of allowing same sex couples to wed now the government says it will introduce legislation to make it possible before the end of the cea. that's it for me on the touch and the news team for now but i'll be back in thirty minutes with more news and information i hope you'll join me then meanwhile you can always check out our website the video of the duck on
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