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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2017 4:00pm-4:31pm CET

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it's a big. break in the twenty first century. second on. the state of the news coming to live from orlando a stark warning at the u.n. climate conference in beaumont u.s. secretary general antonio protests says the world may have only farai years to take the measures needed to meet global warming targets.
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i'm sara holman welcome to our special coverage of the u.n. climate talks in the german city of bonn world leaders and heads of state have joined the meeting which is aimed moving forward the twenty fifteen paris climate accord they're hoping to inject the sense of urgency into these talks which are due to end on friday germany's president had this to say earlier. so one fact is clear the historic climate of two thousand and fifty users must remain. and the path we've taken until now must remain reversible. and we all have the obligation now to act in more specific terms terrorists will only be issues break through. if
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the equipment's will be followed. and that was the german president from steinmeyer speaking a little earlier i'm joined now by christopher spring gate in bonn christopher as we stand by waiting for uncle americal to begin her address let me get your take on steinmeier is words there he said this agreement needs to be followed up with deeds is there an expectation there in bonn that's going to happen. well that's what this climate summit is about interpretating the twenty fifteen paris agreement writing the rulebook or the code if you want that will help the nations of the world implement the paris agreement one diplomat at the time compared the paris agreement to a smart flashy new smartphone but we didn't we don't have the operating system for it yet so that's what's going on at bonn negotiators have made good progress on
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writing that rule book i hear we are about to hear. chancellor merkel speech will have back to you and that's right christine thank you so much for come back to you in just a minute but for now this is anglo-american. and visits. it's just. on visit the common but. then you saw the golf what the arts and time that was for the wrong dimension. their team of and on the other do your moms and business. and. their team of under just ruins of the. fog of the end chided to. see a child concrete. mention. somebody. leaving and as others are god's design of all socket cost the studio. it
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terrorists agreement is going to determine if people can live on the island nation . in the future. is a drag on the sidelines of the. requirements. for working on getting an english wife for you. can i'll do my best to translate what we label about life and. once you make good start on the pitch and you will most thoughts resign and by talk lies so every a member state is part does you not to really start to all. reagan sits in this and europe has to say something or is it mr once on the road when it comes to emissions for example. there is no certain agreement last week there also was sealed it would be new and i was convicted. so if you go out. and.
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speaking about emissions agreements reached in germany last week. i mean. the european union must they decide not agreed on how this common goal is to be achieved individual contributions and each and everyone is aware of his and her responsibility by adopting the climate action plan twenty fifty we have laid down our medium and long term strategy here in germany by the middle of the century we want to achieve extensive greenhouse gas neutrality by cutting greenhouse gas emissions and the next that moby to underpin this strategy also by concrete measures and let me be very open this is not all that easy not even in germany we have outlined goals and targets for twenty twenty four twenty thirty and then subsequently twenty fifty and i'll go for twenty twenty is.
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every direction by forty percent compared to the base in one thousand nine hundred now at the end of twenty seventeen we know that we have a long way yet to go and particularly in the upcoming talks in these talks that we're currently holding on building the new government this is of crucial importance and at the very top of an agenda what's important on the one hand is to fulfill the obligations that we entered into but also social issues issues come to the fore on issues related to employment for example when we talk about coal we also have to think of is such a scheme economically viable and can is it affordable and even a rich country in a prosperous country such as the head republic of germany there are. important conflicts here existing within a society conflicts that need to be so. need to be settled in a reliable and calm and collected manner we know that we have a responsibility here we have you still use
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a lot of coal particularly lignite obviously has to give the coal industry has been given a very important contribution to achieving those goals but what specifically we need to do is something that we need to discuss and very concrete and very precise terms of the next my few days if i'm doing the german jayson's presidency two thousand and fifteen we reaffirm our common determination as industrialized countries to embark on a path to deep compensation because i'm convinced that industrialized nations have a very specific contribution to make because they have the necessary technological capacity they can actually establish yardsticks benchmarks they also have a historical responsibility to do reduce c o two emissions why and they have already introduced this this year and during our g twenty presidency we adopt at the g twenty climate and energy action plan for most sustainable growth and the
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o.e.c.d. too has pointed out what is at the heart of not only if. oriented in such a way that they are climate friendly will be able to ensure our prosperity also for the future and this is why we are deeply convinced that. he is also and at the same time future oriented policy for preserving the very resources on which our life depends after all is the precondition for managing our economy successfully and against his background in a broad based alliance a number of states municipalities and companies has come together in the united states of america with a commitment called america's pledge i would like to say that i'm very much welcome this because it and the alliance the importance attached to climate protection and growth swades. of the american society to respect their decision they're out there and trying to leave the climate equivalent of paris. and these initiatives are
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guided by the conviction that the transformation to a low emissions economy if it is done right opens up enormous potential for growth renewable energies resources cost efficient technologies climate friendly retrieve fitting of filtering and transport this and much besides is going to be of growing importance on markets well why and let me tell you that the nubile energies are already our strongest pillar in our energy next time here in germany and we see that relatively quickly there is growing support. you know and we don't need to subsidize this particular anarchy anymore it is. economically and commercially viable and if possible all countries and in particular poor countries ought to be able to. make use of the opportunities to.
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this therefore germany we have some sense coming. out the developing countries as well as a less reliance countries as a twenty twenty five with one hundred billion us dollars on private and public. and this is why germany by twenty twenty we intend to double the public climate financing but with private investment obviously also of the essence we call upon to create the necessary framework conditions in order to truly mobilize private capital. and in this context to get as many banks and the world bank has a very important role to play we. want to strengthen these institutions in assuming this particular well i can only welcome the initiative of president. u.n. secretary general and the president of the world bank to issue to a summit meeting on the twelfth of december paris is something that has been at the
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top of its agenda and we all know that the climate protection that goes together it's almost a magical kind of combination so that the success of this conference is almost a short. here and on this conference is focusing on the risks of climate change and also the adaptation to it melting glaciers rising sea you have floods storms. i'm tolerable heat and drought. all those that cannot and must not be ignored any longer soon and the if at the same time to look at the fact that we have a growing about global population and we have. the fact that increasing conflicts over natural resources are almost inevitable if we fail to exist. in climate protection of germany has therefore always advocated in the security council at the
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united nations to focus more on the cost of the security aspects of climate change and we want to continue to do so in order to support developing countries in being able to adapt to those consequences of climate change that is no longer avoidable germany provided in two thousand and sixteen one point four billion euros this year we're contributing and additional one hundred million euros and in order to help the least developed countries as that change. and i'm delighted to network yesterday much together with a woman bank account a global partnership for climate and disaster risk of financing and insurance solutions was founded. industrialised countries and countries that are most affected by climate change came together and so that shows that insurance solution can be a good and lasting possibility to create
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a buffer for such risks it's most important also that we do this together with the countries most affected because we want to be partners of equal rank we want to also exchange experiences that we've made in these particular areas and it's also a. good news that. the partnership initiated by iraq and germany the so-called m.d.c. partnership has grown to include over seventy countries and it essentially two years ago we were able to achieve something that was almost unimaginable in copenhagen but we did come together and also we know however that if the paris agreement so we can only ever be a starting point and even if with the international nationally determined contributions we know that we will not be able to achieve this very quickly.
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and point five to please god so it's very important for each and every one to you know who so handsome and so to make these contributions comparably so we have to be seen as serious and accepting paris as a starting point and also knowing that i want our work has only started and that if we look at because it has refused that we see all over the world natural disasters we are aware of the fact that this is a very tight and one that we need to take seriously that we need to match it with deeds we here in germany will be putting a lot of effort would also be controversial so i'm not saying this sort of just like that easily and saying well you have to do something no i know it's difficult i know it's difficult to fight for it so i wish all of you who are standing up for climate change be it as representatives of state b.s. as representatives of n.g.o.s show the necessary carriage and goodwill and thank
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you for listening. thank you very much also i'm going to apple speaking there about the challenges of climate change and pledging germany's support to the countries that are most affected by climate change on the sidelines of the. twenty three conference in bonn we're standing by right now for an address from the french president. while we wait let's bring in christopher spring day he's at the conference in bonn to get a reaction there to miracles address christopher good to see you we just heard miracles saying in her address that industrialized nations have a specific contribution to make what's germany's contribution. i will come back to you we've got i hear them miss you listen i think. that there's a new i love. with you because you don't listen listen i listen as you need them they miss you. as in the military and once i'm gone ladies and gentlemen second.
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for the past twenty five years every year since the earth summit in rio in one thousand nine hundred two in the scientific community has been sending us warning signal just fifteen thousand scientists and academics who have once again produced a report have warned us not once again the point of no return has been crossed. climate effects are being multiplied they are becoming ever more intense france has lived through this in the ante with a few weeks ago on some matter i don't need. a number of countries recently have also them develop this effect in recent months and get us. on the numbers this is the heating of the oceans and the vanishing of the species are also a warning signal. populations are being affected many in the most vulnerable
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countries climate change adds of the further injustice to an unfair world adds poverty to existing poverty adds further insecurity to existing vulnerability and it focuses its effects on those who are already underprivileged to the fight against climate change their fall is by far the most significant struggle of our times this struggle is played out on the international arena and that is why we come here together now we established and vicious goals in the paris agreement signed almost two years ago. right up there amongst them as the chancellor mentioned this. it is a starting point. a starting point which we are determined to observe. we will spare no effort. this is a starting point which establishes by. two thousand one hundred
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of a reduction of the good and growing temperatures around the planet is true we are now below get three degrees if we continue. as we are doing now regardless of the efforts of recent years we will be collectively accepting here as well as the disappearance of large parts of the populations represented here because by. two thousand one hundred we will be tacitly accepting that the number of people represented here will include many who will simply not survive at all since we are not ready to see that. so this means that we must commit ourselves heavily i commend to the commitment of morocco and out of. supporting last year's accomplishments and the cockpit you preside to now and the commitment of all the news in the hall today for the work that you do today but we need clear strong commitments today. at the international level and we need scientific information
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which is constantly nourished to ensure clear decision making and the i.p.c.c. is one of the major components of this work however it is threatened today also threatened by the decision by the united states not to guarantee funding for the i.p.c.c. and therefore i propose that europe replaces america and france will meet that challenge. this particular mix was vital to the large ensemble of being countries about our side to the finance mind all together we are compensated for the loss of of u s one thing on the market i can guarantee that's a lot invested in two thousand and eighteen if the i.p.c.c.
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will have all the money that it needs and it will continue to support our decision making there will not miss a single euro we must accelerate the effect is an imitation of the parasite and reads that he did degree on the now we must assume the commitments which required a blip on civility usable for any governments who could between local municipalities to private enterprise this president you are leading that effort and i am sure that all countries will assume there is an easy decision to ensure that the other thing is done do the same meters or goals of two years ago but the spirit of responsibility must extend to every single one of us only communism we must also didn't see anything start to impound we've already seen the first result of this was the goal which chancellor merkel mentioned the president working with all of you that the general of the united nations the president of the world was found or wanted to send that same message for the told me to somebody next in paris we can all come together and. light on the first concrete results the first
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positive prospects and mobilize public and privately funded which will be enough to make this reality so public. and private sectors have a town city college city was will come together i said with a concrete plan and a list of the first exhibit drills and we think it changed in recent months less extreme is underway but also a battle plan for the future so what i want to see and what for me is a collective guilt at the top of december is to demonstrate let the cities and yes private sector in america will be capable of compensating the entire american commitment. beyond the limits of the. public and private. funding will be enough of us to give a road map to the most vulnerable of the state's new and innovative financing and that will allow us somewhat to engage in that completely transition over the coming
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months when we need to see a complete transformation of what international trade needed in this area in order to make a silicate really adaptation in order to demonstrate collective solidarity for the climate transition which the most vulnerable countries in the world so desperately need to be are devoid. of it. in europe we also know that commit ourselves with a goal of reducing emissions from greenhouse gas emissions as a chance and i'll stated very clearly as regards france we will have four great is . the first is to facilitate anything that occurs and i was actively participate in funding for all the projects that we need i think a lot bilaterally between germany and france but also in a way that i learned something absolutely that the next region portugal international interconnections will be aimed at your utilizing renewable energy most efficiently across our continent together throughout the european union and
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this will be a guarantee that we will accelerate regardless at the reduction of g h t emissions and the an integration of your program technologies and secondly because i c o two plan for europe over the coming months we will then working hard at the dollar as. we have already laid out to bring down the price of c o two dollars into thirty there is this will be one of only the opted not to know the price that will make it possible to change the behavior of those of our investors in industrial circles it would not it will not be easy in any event in country that there are industrial groups who will ask for more time and. who will say they're not able to be much of these are because. if we do not work to do this we will never transform our collective the way that we behave with and ever will you might be capable of doing what it must it would use this means that we must implement measures to support
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this. industry and so forth yet in particular to put this in we need a broader tax which will make it possible for us to be protected in the economic sectors as there are that imports from countries who do not respect these goals and are not supporting the environmental transitions and plan for a similar to price will follow the excellent agreement was reached last week by the council and parliament of europe that little. chance of a market to pay tribute to this well this. is in the right direction. but you know that in the coming year it must be complemented with not actually referred across europe we need to integrate those environments won't go into our trade policies if we want to move forward credit we need to increase that investment we need to support the transformation of our industry all sectors in order to greet in the
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more compliance with our environmental gulls but also when they go seating in agreements we need to bear in mind part of the need for meeting these environmental goals we should not negotiate with countries who are less ambitious to us because that would reduce our collective ambitions we also in new to work to accelerate. the development of renewable energy. if we want this to continue and to substitute guys non emissions if you will and we need to move forward with our energy future story and yet it's a book which you see the scientists. you've given us this information. we're with germany are committed to this with chancellor merkel we have facilitated european investment and full support storing energy and together we hope to move forward on the joint scientific and industrial efforts to accelerate the
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development of energy storage technology we hope our industry industry will move forward there will be new investments in battery and other technologies which will allow us to move forward faster in this transformation finally as regards france itself we have a duty to accelerate this transformation that we are literally obsessed with reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases. is a few for this film and over recent months we have assumed a new commitment to amongst our government and with the minister. we have assumed to made a commitment to withdraw from fossil fuels and transform our production model material due to at least from what has taken place decisions the decision to close all the coals of fire power stations by two thousand and one. minister and also a new law which was voted in the national assembly and will be completed in the
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coming months the explorer banning it is but it's all new permits for that upon the exploitation of the hydrocarbon sources in our country this is the first time that developed countries this is has decided on such a policy on its own territory we have decided this because it is vital for us to meet the challenge of the climate and for the transition that. this transformation also involves. using renewable energy far more to do this is to be able to accelerate the the pet knowledgeable change that are men. and we need your european partnership but let us make no mistake to claim that we need to. celebrate at the closure of the island of the power stations without agreements before that will mean that we will have to open. that coal fired power stations are
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in the near future and so we are trying to coordinate this is the priority if it is you don't reducing emissions reducing greenhouse gas emissions and therefore the c o two policy of france this is why our government is fully committed and will result in the coming years this is also a priority for this immediate climate action plan we are working for a completely new tax scheme to ensure convergence between all of the mode of transport for the optimum results of reducing carbon and particle emissions and we have established goals for the next twenty years off of the. i guess i'm eliminate him vehicles that continue to greenhouse gas emission and yet this is a strong commitment to them by the state of rounds. to give it out with industrial sectors we have worked together behind this decision that we wish to do a invest and massively anybody. retrofitting the building was right on the
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installation and the true investment in the transformation of our industrial park and it will make energy model. the climate plan that was presented by a minister yes you know look he is a courageous plant this is your business that we are not stepping back from our commitments we have taken responsible decisions we have abandoned irresponsible. interests we have been strong in our intention to involve everyone in is stronger than its plan. rich countries ladies and gentlemen that have a dual responsibility. we have been a part of climate change. we have experienced it too if we have experienced the transformation from the industrial era with all of the effects that we all know
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today therefore when asked if you could be actively participate in the.


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