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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is. the from berlin tonight the political stakes in germany could not be higher the next few hours could decide whether uncle america remains chancellor of germany as talks to form a new coalition government go down to the wire also coming up. will his exit be
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a dignified one new pictures are published of robert mugabe after a meeting with the zimbabwean military so what have they decided about his fate and the peace. so. a five hundred year old masterpiece by leonardo da vinci becomes the most expensive piece of art ever sold at auction so this incredibly now expensive painting. i'm brick off it's good to have you with us we are watching the clock tonight here in germany a decisive political moment could be at hand the political parties involved in talks to form the next coalition government and just a few hours more before
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a crucial deadline a deadline to iron out their differences and go into government together failure could mean new elections a chance i'm going to says she's confident that there will be a deal tonight on what is being dubbed the jamaica coalition jamaica because the political parties here in germany. their colors match the jamaicans flag but the german chancellor also admitting there are some serious differences remain. four weeks of negotiations have seen the chances for a so-called jamaica coalition hover at fifty fifty one thing is clear there's still no love lost between the very parties who say they want to govern under chancellor on the america all. that talk on the hill is a day when we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the other side and ask what is important to them. on balance of all you can achieve that kind and if we do we will
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also achieve a positive result at the end of these negotiations and when stephen negotiators come and go those who face the microphones are still busy placing blame and stressing their own limits notably when it comes to the right of all refugees to have their families join them in germany. i need to say one thing is clear we will insist on the right of refugees with subsidiary protection to be reunited with their families in germany that's an issue of trust for us here. when i look up but other parties already fear a public backlash if thousands of migrants are allowed to bring their families to germany. because. we can't just sign things here that could fan on extremism in germany. that is why we are available for a fact oriented solution rooted in humanitarian reasoning german foreign policy
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appears to have become the latest casualty in the struggle to strike a deal between the four parties. we've taken a step back and now that the foreign deployment of german forces became an issue again all foreign policy issues are back on hold. while the exploratory talks for a government coalition could be extended public patience with unlimited efforts to forge a coalition is running thin. and following the talks for us to know aren't as our correspondents auto parts going to. is an agreement a lot tonight is that widely. well one thing is for sure it does look like it's going to be a very very long night here it's been eight weeks since the german elections and four weeks since these negotiations started and really all the party negotiators want to be done with that they want to either find a compromise or tell tonight this is not going to work that we will fail but either
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or they want a decision tonight and they are working towards it we are hearing there are a number of contentious issues such as climate by gratian and finance those are the most controversial issues and we are hearing that there is some movement towards each other in terms of climate and some movement or actually no movement in terms of migration for example on the contentious issue of family reunions so will there be a breakthrough tonight i think from what we're hearing we can say that it is more likely that there will be a compromise and that they will continue with coalition talks and that germany will at some point in the near future see a jamaica coalition and the larger what happens if these talks fail and what will it mean for the german chancellor. it would really be a disaster the party negotiators a lot of them have been saying that if those talks fail it would be a real catastrophe on the one hand it would be it would mean that snap elections
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would be called that means germany what hold new elections and that could lead to a push for example from voters for extremist parties or parties more on the left or on the right because they're disappointed with the negotiations of the four parties that are negotiating at the moment on the other hand for mankell that would mean a real failure because she is a strategic good negotiator usually see is the leader of the strongest party in these coalition talks and as such if these talks fail it would be her failure and that might mean that she will not pose as a candidate for chancellor again in a new election and that she wouldn't have a fourth term as the chancellor of germany you know a lot at stake for on the americans tonight as well our correspondent show up on the story force she ought to thank you well the german engineering joins him and says it is going to go nearly seven thousand jobs worldwide in the major
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restructuring plan most of the cuts will be in its fossil energy operations and about half of those lost jobs will be in germany workers have been out protesting the plan cuts they're calling on management is setting some vision above all they don't see why they should lose their jobs when busines conglomerate as a whole is still raking in billions of euros in profits. there are new photos show night of zimbabwe's president robert mugabe the first photos since tuesday night's military takeover now the images show mugabi holding talks with the military there's also a delegation from south africa including jacob zuma zuma says the political situation in zimbabwe will become very clear shortly the opposition has called on mugabe to quit but reports from the capital harare say he is refusing to step down. these images show robert mugabe meetings in bad ways army
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chief and two says african envoys brought in to mediate at his official residence in harare reports claim the longtime president is refusing to step down. but mugabe is under pressure to resign. zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai said the president in power since one thousand nine hundred eighty should go quietly in the interest of the country and elections should be called. a transitional mechanism. and that the nature and character of that mechanism. by all national. reforms for a free and a fair and credible election to be held. rumors have been flying about whether mugabe's wife grace is with him or whether she managed to flee the country before
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the military action on wednesday grace's ambitions to succeed her husband are said to be behind the current turmoil last week mugabe sacked his vice president the army potentially saw this as paving the way for grace to take over the military's actions though have put a stop to her hopes for now. the sacked vice president emerson. is tipped to head a transitional government backed by the military an option the african union said it wouldn't support. it remains to be seen whether robert mugabe can hold on to his tight grip on power. here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in the u.s. the republican controlled house of representatives has passed a broad package of tax cuts with a vote of two hundred twenty seven to two hundred five the proposed overhaul of the tax system is a major policy goal of the trump administration it will need to pass the u.s.
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senate before it can be implemented. cambodia's supreme court has granted a government request to dissolve the country's main opposition party after it was accused of conspiring to seize power critics have said the decision is a tactic to strengthen my minister incense position ahead of elections next year. according to a study some amish people in the united states a live about a decade longer due to a genetic mutation scientists say these members of the religious minority are also less susceptible to disease is such as diabetes researchers are currently testing an experimental drug that looks to recreate these genetic benefits. and anonymous buyer has spent a record some on a work by the renaissance painter leonardo da vinci you see right behind it's an outstanding price for a painting that was once thought to be done by one of his students previously the
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work had changed hands for just a few thousand dollars but at christie's in new york it was a different story. i am thoroughly ladies and gentlemen we move to the davinci the subject of mourning the masterpiece probably not of christ the savior previous in the collections of three kings of england savior of the world trade to jesus christ one of fewer than twenty paintings known to exist by their own a son's master ninety minute looking for ninety five in house christie said the pre-sale estimate at one hundred million dollars but that was soon exceeded ninety five and i gave one third of it why not instead i have it one hundred ten million go get me one twenty the bidding via phone just getting going on ninety has been you heard it you place your place with francois in a fifth place that one hundred ninety four leonardo at one hundred ninety million give me two hundred one ninety s. bit two hundred million is bid at two hundred million two hundred million just how
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high could he go at two hundred eighty million dollars so we'll go on maybe not. don't take the photograph quite the next milestone three hundred we'll give it to ninety six. i thought so the ok i did it with the and even then it's was on the top the three hundred seventy million back to france was a time at three hundred and seventy million dollars instead of a lot for longer it made it the old and out of service of money selling here i christie's four hundred million dollars is the bit and the piece is so was it with an extra fifty million commission for christie's the total price tag four hundred fifty million dollars the bio has so far remained anonymous so we
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don't know if the public will ever get a chance to see the wood again but the question that story will make you feel for are the bundesliga returns after the international break with the once dominant dortmund hoping to get back to winning ways when they play stood guard on friday night dortmund have slipped down the table after a poor run of results and they will take on stuttgart without their star striker pierre emerick now dortmund said on thursday that he has been suspended from the squad for disciplinary reasons. go get her peer in obama young is out don't many gave no further details on why he has been disciplined and dropped from the squad obama young was hoping to end his goal drought in the game against stuttgart the striker has been a miscreant's lot lately no goals in his last five outings peter boss has been
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under pressure due to dortmund sudden decline from the top of the table to third their last win in the league came back in september. on the ice that money could enter and if you don't you know if you don't win the big question. in the stuff you want to call that opposing wins then yes we feel the breeze that's for sure. and over the last three weeks the winds change quickly in the post office after the last international break the first match against leipzig and that's when it began as well and we definitely feel so. that's not for me that's the challenge to once again turn it around. and i'm sure we'll manage when does me michel. friday night could be perfect timing for dortmund to turn it around history is on their side the black and yellow won the last five matches in stuttgart but stuttgart is not a cakewalk especially when playing at home this season so far they're undefeated.
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dortmund's along the road fire power a league high twelve goal. against the league's best home defense is a stage set for a thrilling match. got not a cakewalk all right that's our news wrap we will be back at the top of the hour with more news we're going to have more coverage of those exploratory coalition talks here in germany are we about to get a new german government we've got coverage for you into the top of the hour.


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