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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2017 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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ok so they're blaming her but we've heard the war veterans who generally supported the president now threaten to put protesters back on the streets if he doesn't resign how ready do the people seem to be able to remove their leader by force who i think you can tell by the movie that was released yesterday they want to go on to three yesterday. only one. in each and so if you. didn't. see people or the mood of the speech yesterday people are prepared to not even use the be able to smear too much pleased by the president was it not for the army that prevents isn't it good so we really believe there were only three. protesters two companies now i think the bargains are more than really what we want to see is prisons have been sitting down for all of the privilege most fun here in harare
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thank you talks on forging a new government here in germany are entering what is supposed to be a final day chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are looking to form a coalition with opprobrious business for democrats as well as the greens they're hoping to reach a deal by day's end but it's still unclear if the parties will be able to reach consensus the mood of the talks more fear than hope in the words of one of the participants the has been progress but that's being coupled with setbacks. for him to mop it. began with climate policy and the have to say where we did have an agreement where we managed to agree to push on with the change in energy policy and make a real contribution to climate protection and achieving our climate goals that has been rolled back. of the four parties at the
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table chances are going to merkel's christian democrat seem the most optimistic that claiming success in economic issues. we still need to look at cutting back on red tape but the fact that we found the strength to concentrate on such an important issue the economy and to reach agreement is a real step in the right direction. of the greens the state premier part of it and burke met with the leader of the varian conservatives horse a whole. but they have not been able to agree on the crux issue of whether or not some refugees will be able to bring their families to germany. in the quote it's all i would always be able to form a coalition with mr. but i'm dealing with other people here. and early in the talks on saturday it was clear the patience of some of the negotiators is wearing thin. at some point enough is enough we've been circling around each other for weeks
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pushing issues and using tactics to try and squeeze a little more out and it has to end at some stage we have to make a decision sometime in that time is this weekend at the latest six pm on sunday. but even that's not clear the very conservative leader is questioning the deadline . one deadline has already come and gone and the next one is just hours away i'm now joined by d.w. correspondent jefferson chace he's outside the green party offices here in berlin where the talks are just getting started this morning jefferson it's good to see you it's supposed to be the final day of these talks to form a coalition and chancellor angela merkel still hasn't managed to form a government if these talks fail could this actually spell the end for her. well abbey that would be the worst case scenario i mean it is possible that if that if the talks don't get anywhere today they decide we simply can't form
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a coalition then there would probably be fresh elections and it would be very difficult to see how. america could stay on as chancellor under those circumstances however i don't think that's a very likely outcome i mean basically none of the parties involved in these talks have any interest whatsoever in having voters go back to the polls that would only help the fringe parties so there's considerable pressure on them. to get a deal done form a new government for germany there is considerable pressure but these parties that are involved span the political spectrum there is merkel's conservatives the f.t. p. and then the greens how can we expect that parties with such deferring ideas and agendas can find consensus. well ever you're right i mean this is probably. the coalition in post-war german history with the greatest range of divergent
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viewpoints however of the v. the location that that they've chosen for the final day of their exploratory talks is very symbolic it's the offices of the state of britain in berlin is is is governed by a coalition of the greens and the conservatives i think that symbolic i think what they're saying is that although we're going to have to make a lot of hard compromises it is possible it is it is indeed possible for us to agree on some of the issues that we otherwise stand on different sides of you mention making compromises on issues what are some of the major issues. well what we're hearing is that the big sticking point is still what to do about the refugees the most conservative party in the talks that the varian conservative
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party c c s u they want to see an annual cap of two hundred thousand refugees who would be let into germany the greens say they're willing to go along with that as a goal but they don't want any sort of hard cap they say it needs to be flexible that . that the politicians need to be able to react to events as they develop there's also the issue of whether people who have been tolerated to stay in germany that can't be sent back to their home countries whether they're going to be allowed to bring their family members that's another big sticking point d.w. correspondent jefferson chase thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world the argentinean military believes the crew of a missing submarine may have attempted to transmit a distress call it detected several failed transmissions it believes may have come from the vessel and international search operation has been unable to locate the
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sub it went missing three days ago with forty four people on board in the united states some eight hundred thousand liters of crude oil have leaked from the keystone pipeline in the state of south dakota officials are investigating the cause of the leak a pipeline carries oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. gerry adams has announced he is standing down as leader of the irish republican party he also says he will not stand for election to the irish parliament adams was a controversial figure as the voice of the political wing of the ira terrorist group. it's a private matter for public health the invention of the flushing toilet has saved more lives than any other invention in human history and that's been commemorated as part of the un's world toilet day but still four point five billion people around the world live without proper sanitation in india the problem is
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particularly acute. early in the morning when the call of nature comes these village residents take to the fields despite the risk of disease and sexual assault millions of indians difficult in the open. but. she's now the proud owner of an outside toilet. finally we have a toilet we used to have to go to the fields and if anyone came we hid here we just knocked the. cash is a man with a mission he's a teacher and an official toilets commissioner it's his job to make sure that every family here has a new which isn't always easy. some families just won't be convinced no matter how often i visit them they have no concept of hygiene or disease they just can't see the advantages of having a toilet. india lacks public sanitary facilities the government
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wants to fix that it's promised one hundred million new toilets and is paying a subsidy to help people build one gram of a ta took up the offer. we have a toilet like the government wants but we don't use it we prefer to go in the fields. the women in the family also avoid the new strange object behind the house. having no no no. no not on the toilet i don't like it it's not nice but. this house also has a new toilet but it's not used when. we have a toilet but no water supply. so you don't use it without water where are we supposed to get it from. so some villages do what they've always done washed the fountain and relieve themselves in the fields while others build laboratories to
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prove that complying with the government's demands. those who refuse will get into trouble people who don't build toilets will lose their right to social benefits. open deaf occasion isn't just a problem.


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