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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2017 1:15am-1:30am CET

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then it's all others our convictions and i'd like to say that the one we have gained a lot of understanding for one another does this one stop and that is for us is it was is part of this responsibility to remain willing to talk until the end you know what to do we did that today he'll go on the evening we have been doing that for four weeks you also do that i will explicitly explicitly want to say this had to was done to that couldn't i think this is on being a coalition curtain come to be in several points and it's real we're still far apart but i am convinced that i could not give you bridge these differences it would have been a good signal zines for our country despite all the differences in the minds on these partners because of her since taking responsibility together especially on other topics that we were facing near the end we were closer together too much than
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many people would have to get such as in this climate protection and such as an agriculture and in no major topic if you look at our culture we could have. one and as you managed to agree not only as partners he says we code of helping contribute on by to full heal this country and bring it forward again we worked hard. and i'd like to thank everybody who helped us in their separateness dances on no sound i would especially. like to do you know and by you thank you mean those people you need standing behind this and thank them you're standing next to me. nothing to get mines on this mambo all of us felt during this time i was a party if you like. me my nose doesn't talk to continue on. that this was in a coalition and that none of us is important we would have been a face saving we. still there you go shave it with and then i thought i would also
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like to thank the german chancellor who not in the name of all the entire incurring . delegation. not to take responsibility for this country and to constantly seeking new thoughts compromise possibility of someone's thank you very much and thank you all americans patna do you know for the millions that site had i known you and discussion partners it's going in the union who also wanted to take responsibility the n.d.p. has decided you're the minds on the final bill and she dismissed against taking responsibility that we have to respect you know height but i cannot tell you just added to the need in taking responsibility for our countries that we will continue to do so when something we do something wrong consider soon the only possible constellation and that would have been democratically possible to get was
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unfortunately destroyed today by the f.t.p. our country. is this kinda shit is also just english by a culture of compromise if it isn't a functioning democracy and can be constructive in that respect. i was and i we have acted out of a sense of responsibility to our country this is to europe and to the europe and into the world. and you can call that you traitors. when trying to go into these talks with that attitude and so you minds them that have to take responsibility for our our republic and and in many topics we went to the pain threshold and we went past us russians because we knew that that was important for our country for the stability of germany and it was
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important that everybody was thinking. if we want to reach our goal now we have the situation the goal is. that in sheets places our society should mention in front of great challenges they know. face challenges such as climate change and that's but we also have it has diffused this term and how do you save our jobs. how we have a place for everybody in our society. how we can make sure that refugees are accepted in our society. and also take part in the orders of our society has been to contribute to our society via the question is when will that provide any answers until it gets to the question this is posed by president microns of what and by commission president you want her
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actually who will bring the security for words to be. use other than germany. so he. has cut during during a car and i just said course if you had six during my. phone call i would like to thank you very much i wish you would be doing this with us from the beginning to the end now with some of the amazing patients i would also like to thank the entire green negotiating team and this is going to be the future which showed and reflect all the strength in this. doctor every single one of them brought their average into it and their strength and then feed their passion into it and we have achieved the month you go via the move to give these compromise would have been to be possible and even. ready to receive this compromise as i told the last minute and it's even always to the point he said where shall we go again for
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the hottest you. need to date one partner to do not have that the new readiness is evil. and probably it does not have it you feel the beginning of this day. my if you already alliance ninety three and presented itself excellently with a grain of mounted confidence with this passion in for their work and always thinking that will always will be a goal in hindsight. and. regarding hours going to go shopping partners i would like to thank you i thought chancellor who if you tried it from the beginning to the understanding and to reconcile these greatly divergent i want to see how it is to woods i would like to thank you for saying what for and his party was also do you think. it was which was coming
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from a difficult perspective still tried that we all. one solution of the thank you very much thank you so we just heard from them and it's going to be code leaders of the green party one of the three largest parties in the german born just talk attempting to negotiate a new coalition government after the recent german elections the problem here was that these three parties are very ideologically different and trying to bring them to the table to form a functional coalition government seem to be simply not possible there are too many bridges to be built between the various positions but of course now we've just heard from the greens and from chancellor merkel's conservative party that a compromise was possible they're saying they were very close and mechelle saying she regrets the f.d.p. the pro-business free democrats walking away from the table at this time so now the
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question remains are there going to be new elections what is going to happen of course your chance of america are we going to have a minority government now in germany many unanswered questions and a very dramatic night here in berlin we're going to go back to our correspondent who's standing live outside the building where these negotiations have been taking place let's pick up we just heard both the conservatives and the greens coming out and singing a different song now they're saying that they were close to a compromise that this was possible and then the f.d.p. just walked away is it the song that they have been singing beforehand was the parties were so i logically different that this wasn't a possible compromise was it wishful thinking to want these parties to get together and work together in the first place. i think there was some rapprochement between these two different poles between the far while the conservatives from the very especially and the greens on the other left hand
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spectrum of the politics of the political spectrum there seems to have been some. some measure of understanding for the position of the other side and preparedness for compromise on both sides in fact it is true that their public statements during these negotiations even until the night before the free democrats walked out their public statements were remains that there had great differences on the issues of migration on the number of refugees in germany or coming into germany and on the issue of climate change or climate protection but now after this war card both sides have been saying that they had the feeling that they were getting a lot closer to finding an agreement and that they were hopeful that such an agreement could have been found even during the course of tonight. so yes they have changed their song in some sense during the previous public statements that clearly didn't want to. endanger their negotiating positions. the situation is
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completely different than the goetia actions have been stops they have collapsed and it's quite unclear at the moment how things are going to go on from here. on stay right there i want to play a clip from kristen leno the man who is the head of the f.d.a. he party and the man who really blew this whole thing up this evening. today no new movement no further movement was attained we took steps backward instead of making progress because agreed on compromises were once again thrown into doubt the future it became clear that the four parties involved could neither share a common vision for modernizing our country nor establish a foundation of trust. for a common idea and mutual trust have to be the basis for a stable government. we do not know what germany will face in the coming years in
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the world comes but if for partners are unable to come up with a joint plan even for what is probable even after so much time and such extensive talks then this is no viable foundation for responding to what we can not yet expect. so that was head of the free democrats the pro-business party crist and leno the party that just walked away from the table and we've seen how the other parties have reacted basically making the f.d.p. the bogeyman here hons what happens now we do not have a majority government we don't have a proposal for a majority government now in germany what are the next steps. well there are a number of formal staff so they're basically prescribed by the german constitution and bill and that will say tonight that she is going back to the german president the president is the institution as it were that gave anglo-american of
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a mandate to form a government to try these kind of coalition talks and president can again give her another man there to try for some other sorts of coalitions these are conceivable especially the grand coalition that has ruled germany for the last four years the social democrats together with the conservatives but the social democrats have said again and again and emphasized even today that they are not interested in re entering government in another grand coalition so that seems to be excluded there is one other possibility of a government being formed and that is a minority government and i'm going to now calls leadership in that situation and america would have to find a majority for every issue that is being decided in parliament so every new issue has to be decided she has to find a new majority majority for that issue in parliament that will be a very unstable form of government and it's not quite clear how long that could last the final possibility is fresh elections they would probably take place
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sometime next year but to get there the constitution makes it very difficult to call fresh addiction's some form of prime minister has to be transferred there has to be appointed he has to be voted out of office in parliament it's a very complicated process it will take weeks and months and most likely so it's a time of uncertainty for germany certainly on the other hand one has to say i'm going to america at the moment is chancellor is acting chancellor while a new government is being sought she will remain acting chancellor she will remain in government her cabinet will remain in in government until a new government is formed so it's a time of uncertainty but not necessarily a time of instability. yes we definitely saw a chancellor merkel there at her. in her multiform as the germans like to call her saying that the everything's going to be fine she's going to take responsibility but of course the question the low key question underpinning this whole process
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tonight has been what does this mean for chancellor angela merkel how likely is it that this time next year there could be no chancellor angela merkel. that's very unclear she has given no indication that she wants to withdraw from this process she does not seem to be lacking in determination to continue and as you've just said she remains in a. very reassuring mode where she's telling germany's people and i think one has to say the whole of europe in a sense that things will be fine as long as they are in her hands that she will see through stability can guarantee stability in germany. it's very unclear if new elections were to be have to be called for that would really be the crucial time when i'm going back would have to decide whether or not she's going to stay as the leading candidate for chancellorship again so yes we'll have to wait and see
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things will be fine as long as they are in her hands thank you very much hans brandt outside of the building where these negotiations have just fallen apart and here is just a reminder of the top story we're following here for you tonight german chancellor angela merkel has announced a collapse of the coalition talks on forming a new government in a press conference she said the parties had made great efforts to come together the talks ended after the business friendly f.t.p. party pulled out due to irreconcilable irreconcilable differences with merkel's conservative alliance. thank. you.


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