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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2017 3:02am-3:16am CET

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new elections. it's been about moments that. it's all about the stories in so. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and be inspired by distinctive instagram or others at g.w. story topic each week on instagram. hello and welcome to the bundesliga here on details new i'm part of much day twelve is done and dusted and joining me in the studio today to discuss this week's hot
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topics we have our very own nick mckenna kline on a new guest former pro football or notes fund still but before we hear all about look this is fascinating career let's take a look at what's coming up. inform shall go unbeaten in five bundesliga much it's going to catapult themselves into second in the title if they manage to beat struggling hamburg and in the late game can braman win a punt this league match for the first time since april against a rejuvenated tunnel. plus will be taking a look at dortmund i'm very dire run of form coach peter bosch must be shaking in his boots with the club last winning a bone this nigga match in september. now before we take a look at sunday's action we need to properly introduce our new guest and expert former full quarter notes fine. steele now what's you've been working at with
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hoffenheim and you've also got an incredibly impressive career you've played in tell us yourself how many clubs and how many continents and just a few of play in twenty five clubs in thirteen countries on all six feet of considerations. having to be the only player so far who have done that well we're just looking mad at a report of maf that we've compiled of all the clubs across the planet where you've played why why did you go play for this of what was what was it that persuaded you to do well i just was really circumstances you know i mean sometimes the coach called for a club called bankrupt i was on load a lot when i was a nothing for us for quite some time the english premier league but then most lots of loaning players out so i ended up in in south africa in finland and small english clubs just to get to the games on the belt and i think it was important for a goalkeeper to play as many games as possible no just sitting on the bench waiting for a chance and even coached in antartica if you plan on going maybe to the arctic or even to the moon not to the moon but it would be obviously one of these long long
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time aims you would have but we will play a game with my charity global united in and pretty soon i think within the next two to an obvious and that will be the first proper football game ever being played well guys we've got plenty to discuss in this week's show and i think it's time that we start looking at the matches from sunday and of course two of germany's oldest clubs shellcode and hamburg went head to head in the first of sunday's clashes but each side is in a very different position and the bull in this league at this season the royal blues are determined to position themselves among the best in the league while hamburg once again are hovering down at the wrong and off the table so let's take a look at who came out on top. shaka are having the best season in years and they haven't lost a hamburger at home since january twentieth levon fifteen minutes in gideon young brought you've been going up leon go down in the box penalty for the hosts from cody santo took the initiative and gave shaka an easy lead his first goal since
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march twenty sixth. after the break the guests had the better of the chances. hamburg seventeen year old shooting star set up aaron hunt who hit the post was on shell because. with ten minutes on the clock shellcode were on the attack again and it paid off. oh no plea on got the ball to. the net it shot because second. hamburg lose their fifth away game on the bounce well shall come up to second to the table for the first time in five years which. was a great result for sal khan it's time for the much day twelve chops to kick start and that's what my teams on the grass looks fine instead of course the first reporter to have worked on every continent and been this legal reporter nick mckenna klein who hasn't achieved that just yet but of course he has worked in
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europe i'm not very impressive tonight we're going to start with you let's not shall have had a cracking season so far and after that two nil win their second in the leak which is incredible already now is this all done to perhaps domenico to disco what you think he's done differently this season. you know worked as a mental phenomena coached in the one thousand nine hundred just one of those of years ago before even too early and i think it was a big surprise actually that kristen heigl took him to show look at such a young coach without big experience but knowing him from there he was. a coach which really worked into the details and the thinking that was how to talk to the people so yes. believed it is a playing a big part but looking at the squad kristen huddle built together i think it is normal the joke is a bit at least playful a jump in exports that's great nick i want to bring you in now is it my running away with myself here if i say that shout could go the whole way this season and could potentially become this season's champions well go back couple days on on
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monday night lead to fail to qualify for the world cup the last time that happened was nine hundred fifty eight the last time shall who won the german title at the time to host before the business league was nine hundred fifty eight so the omens there but to be perfectly honest i don't see them being first or second or even further they might push qualify for the champions league who is in the season i think the desk has that in them to put to get the teams to play that well but other than that i don't think this is what they're going to title dreams come come may well let's i want to talk about as well there and their next match which is a big one and that's against dortmund now what are their chances against and i don't mean to have not been looking good we're going to be discussing them a little bit more detail but how do you see the game going well it's a doll the you know the big dog the character so it's always a special game i think you can go each way dortmund of course they having a horrible time nothing really seems to go right at the moment they very vulnerable in the back they don't score goals although having a bit of a scandal now is a woman young so i think shoket obviously right now are they flying so mentally
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they are on the on the on the front food but knowing that game and expression leader rivalry between these two cities these two clubs i think everything is possible and it's a good chance for door one to recover and come back into the race again for the second sport real a real boost their confidence and if you're going to because it is a mission of them young do you think that maybe he's using big trouble just last week do you think you have to find a way back into the squad do you think you'll be able to pelt to him and find a way back up the table or is he on his way out no i think you know i know him personally it was well it's a lovely guy it's a great footballer and you shouldn't get just looking at his appearance which is very fleshy that's not the way he is i think there is little things of course which . always annoys the club but in the fifth day you also will suspend last year he came back and i think it's cause for your four goals in the game so i'm not worried about that when he goes against he will be there and i think i have a good feeling actually that you can get back into the scoring for now we've got a big game that's for sure coming up now guys it's time to move on to of course the
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late game on sunday and. braman are in terrible trouble and they failed to win even one game this season a new coach for all the encore one mission and that's to drag that out of the relegation zone and what better way to kick start their turn around by beating hanover but was set to be a tough test with the horten proving their no walkover in what has been a respectable return to the bone the sleekest first division. bremen fans have gone three hundred thirty minutes without seeing a goal at their home ground starman max crozier had yet to score in the bundesliga this season but that barren run ended after thirty nine minutes. in finding the net after cruiser played him in. the break bremen fans finally with a raise and to celebrate. kind of the start of the second half stronger but their own finishing let them down. and up to fifty five minutes braman broke on the
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counter cruiser making no mistake his first goal in a guy moments later crows again. graeme and fans couldn't believe their eyes three nil up. and bremen weren't finished yet closer completing a twenty two minute trick. the game finishing four and handing the club its first win since april their goal drought. four goals and braman finally have their first win of the season now let's i'm going to bring you in of course now hoffenheim have played against bremen a couple of times already do you see a change in brain. yeah i mean i can say that the way alex on the new replayed before was very very defensive they had enough attacking players like for example more crews ability to deal the top players i mean nick is
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a very brilliant friends i think is hard must be bleeding menzies' than playing so defensive not creating any chances that was different today they were not what they enjoyed themselves they created they scored and it seems like everything is all of that just they just had a great day now you've just been out of the bremen fun now and this is your bye i mean trying to keep things positive and upbeat now after all the ankle thought it's it was a second game in charge now you as a brain fan do you think that he's the man who can drag braman out of this awful position that they've been in and not so sure to be honest i mean this is the third season the row that braman have sacked the coach and brought someone in from within the club braman like doing that most of our coaches come from within the club which is a good thing i find if you understand how the club works and us on the soul of the club but in this particular case who is really and who felt he was one of the it was the coach one of the of the under one thousand nine hundred and i don't think that he'll be able to get this team to turn around the way we need to between now and the season he's good and so christmas which is what the plan is but i think
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they would have to start think about longevity and maybe bring in a coach from outside of leaving this whole mantra of bringing people from within the club and us in a way forward to be honest unfortunately let's do you agree with what nick is saying because you know you're not a man of course turning things around so do you think that maybe we could be seeing something similar happening at prime i think they need to go step by step they know it's much too early to say that the things no one didn't often i may guess from a team which played really geisha nearly gold really gaited qualifying really for the germans league was like a big revelation it was just beautiful i don't think britain has the squad to achieve that this year so i don't think you can only put it into the coach i think it's on the whole team and it's on the team of course like we're just saying it is only two games in charge guys thanks so much for all your insight it's been wonderful to say the least and it was great you joined us on the show with all your insight. now guys remember you can and should stay up to date unconnected with the w for all the latest news on social media be it on d w dot com on facebook or
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twitter d.-w. is the home of german football and that's full time for the bundesliga this week thank you to our guests lots of fun steel and of course the don't use very own nick mechanic line from me and the rest of the team here in britain. what does a football loving country to reach its goals. we'll tell you how the german soccer made it back to the top. you know webspace. dot com.
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football made in germany. they're black and living in germany. he's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up like this not being able to blend in and i was. taking a holiday group and being you know different than the way. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories so. it seemed that. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these.


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