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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2017 7:00am-8:01am CET

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hello and welcome i'm tony martin this is d.w. news live from berlin and a political crisis looms in germany after coalition talks collapse the head of the liberal free democratic party unexpectedly bails out of negotiations on forging
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a new government is this the beginning of the end for transfer uncle americal bring you the latest. also coming up on the program zimbabwe's deepening political crisis president robert mugabe defines pressure from his end of p.f. party to step down his opponents are now threatening protests and impeachment. and international concern grows over the hundreds of thousands of group him who have fled violence in myanmar germany's foreign minister visits a refugee camp in bangladesh ahead of a major crisis meeting. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us exploratory talks on forming a new coalition government for germany have collapsed the business friendly f.t.p. bailed out of negotiations saying it failed to find common good. around on key
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issues with chancellor i'm going to michael's conservative alliance and the greens michael and out she would talk with the german president later today it's not exactly clear what they'll discuss one option is to call pressure elections or talk about that in just a moment but first here's how the night of negotiations played out. it was for a climax of a coalition talks the head of a free democrat sleeze for building to make an announcement he said his party was pulling out of the negotiations. we were being forced to cast away our principles and everything that we fought for over the years. and we will not let down our voters by standing behind policies of which we're not at all convinced. it's it's better not to govern than to govern badly so that you. could buy. probably doesn't. there was no immediate confirmation that the
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talks had collapsed for some time via other party chiefs remained inside and then they came out to face the cameras led by chancellor angela merkel thanks she confirmed for talks had indeed collapsed she expressed regret and was open about the difficulties she encountered by we've seen and heard a lot during the style. there were very different styles of negotiating. you know sympathy the greens to some getting used to the free democrats resolute. but we believe that we were on the right path to securing an agreement. there was disappointment over what some felt could've been and already some finger pointing. the co-head of the greens placed the blame for the failure squarely at
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the feet of the free democrats the vines the bees we were open to an understanding up until the last second we were prepared to go the extra mile when it didn't seem possible to go any further but the other parties have to be prepared to do the same and this evening one wasn't. the collapse of the talks now puts merkel in a difficult position she could try to form a minority government if those attempts failed new elections may be the only way out of a deadlock. here discuss all this is our political correspondent chris first spring day turk christopher when i woke up this morning i wasn't expecting to hear this it's a bit of a surprise coalition talks have collapse what does this mean for chancellor. well it's she's in a tough position it means that the possibly the only coalition constellation of vailable to. have talks on that constellation have collapsed the
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social democrats have current partner in the outgoing government they've said they're not available for a coalition so. options. reducing fost now the f.t.p. are the ones who said no we can't find an agreement we're not going to go forward with this not enough common ground how much of it is of a surprise is it that they were the ones who said nope we're not going along it is a bit unexpected although there has been speculation that the pro-business liberals . might be the ones to to abandon the prospect of this so-called jamaican coalition . i think one has to realise that this party has spent the last four years outside of palm and not on the outside of government but outside of parliament christian lindt know they young leader is rebuilding the party and there was always a suggestion he was a loop a little bit worried about making the jump straight from being outside of
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parliament straight into government so there has been speculation that this kind of thing would happen now the free democrats said that no deal was possible in this current government you we've got some very different political ideological views represented in those parties that we're talking trying to come up with a basis for forming a government was the idea of forming a government with these parties with this constellation not just wishful thinking from the beginning it's certainly. a constellation that brings together parties from opposite sides of the political spectrum you have the environmentalist greens who sent a left but also some some quite strongly. left wing elements within the party and then you have obviously chancellor merkel's conservatives some quite right wing elements there and term christian liberals who have that's
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a party that has gone further to the right both the greens and the liberals before the election or during the election campaign said they lacked the imagination to see how a jamaica coalition could come together but we're in a different world these days the broad church is the big parties like the conservatives like the social democrats are losing support and politicians not only in germany but across europe are having to get used to more complicated constellations and jam and that also means. the will to compromise the will to to compromise on things that they didn't compromise in the past a lot at stake here the big question of course is what happens next let's take a look at some of the options available now that the coalition talks have collapsed german president frank steinmeyer could have to step in the german
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president could nominate angela merkel as chancellor since her party has the most seats in parliament parliamentarians would then vote on whether they want her as chancellor president steinmeyer would then have two options he could appoint merkel the head of a minority government and that case she would have to constantly look for allies to make a majority or the president could dissolve parliament and call new elections in two months. ok so those are a couple of options there fresh elections or a minority government possibly led by chancellor machall as there was all the options christopher well we'll have to see what happens when chancellor merkel meets. germany's president frank. later today who is by by the way a social democrat and he appealed at the weekend to all of germany's parties
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to think about their responsibility not only to party but also to the country so some people were seeing that as a hint to his own social democrats that they may need to come to the table. and one of the grand coalition of the third option absolutely that is the outgoing constellation and the social democrats got just over twenty percent they were they were humiliated at the postelection and they desperately want to go into authorization and renew themselves but i think it's quite possible that chancellor merkel will invite them to coalition talks and then it will be quite difficult for them to say no they say that unavailable but they may find themselves within a in a position where they will have to say no to chancellor merkel and stand there as a party not willing to take on national responsibility if you want a time of great uncertainty in germany christopher spring guide from our political desk thank you so much welcome. and of course we'll have lots more coverage on the
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failure of those coalition talks throughout the day do stay with us here for that now zimbabwe's embattled president robert mugabe has defied expectations by not resigning in a widely anticipated speech to the nation mcgarvey stressed that he was still in power despite mounting pressure from the army and his own party to step down. zimbabwe's long time president robert mugabe addressed the nation for the first time after being sacked as party leader is expected resignation was not forthcoming merely an acknowledgment that mistakes had been made. the president of zimbabwe and his. chief do acknowledge the issues they have drawn my attention to and do believe that these were raised in this spirit of honesty and outlook. and that.
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for this. nation and for the welfare of people not only did mcgarvie not announce his resignation as expected he further pledged to preside over the upcoming zanu p.f. party congress a clear slap in the face to his own party who had given him twenty four hours to resign or be impeached. zimbabwe's main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai said he was baffled by his failure to step down as were many ordinary citizens. next and. despite everything that he has done to be with dignity and to just walk away. and we just didn't. do that. with the confusion
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following mugabe's speech the way forward for zimbabwe suddenly seems unclear. and let's get the latest now from harare we're joined there by journalist ray in global trade president mugabe has not resigned the presidency what is he actually doing does he think he can still hold on. yes thank you for having me i think that's the indication that we got yesterday from speech which he gave to the nation where he primarily still believes that he's in charge of affairs in charge of the country he's in charge of fees ruling parties on the p.f. it's either. that exposes the depth of how out of touch ease with the reality that he is isolated not only politically because under p.f. rejected him as the party leader and socially we saw in march he's being rolled out
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across principly as well within so this is a man who seems to be very much in denial or doesn't know exactly what is happening and the extent of developments around you. stay with us for a moment we're going to listen to an excerpt from president mugabe's speech in which he talks about what he describes as the way forward. the way for what nice cannot be based on swapping vying pleats that dry the rough short of a party rules and procedures there has to be a net region today guiding principles of our party as enshrined in nice constitution. we must have brian fairly
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and equitably you know. situations and before or a nameless president mugabe there saying that it must respect party principles and procedure is he implying that the approaching zanu p.f. congress is going to decide his fate well he is principle implying that. expects to take charge of the process of deciding who is the person that will lead the party but of course this is again defying reality on the ground that he's been rejected by the party and he's trying to apply a procedural approach to say we will rather prefer. following the guidelines of the party and following the rules as opposed to opposing vying creaks because we do
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know that there are factions within and indications at the moment is that this faction which was principally aligned to use wife really has been pushed out and put out and now is attempting you know a last minute attempt to appeal to the use of processes and guidelines to address the difficulties of the ins on the p.f. and wondered see it as a lost cause at this point when many are very happy to see that our processes are being followed a peaceful process or so far this crisis has not been accompanied by massive unrest do you think it's going to remain peaceful. well i think it depends primarily with what president obama does i think that yesterday's statement which he should do is end up being of the stakes and it did not only to zanu p.f. but to the people of zimbabwe which came out in their numbers on on saturday to ask him and send a message that he should step down but his refusal and his defiance that he
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displayed yesterday's a day to the people and it did to the party and of course they will be a couple of statements that we're expecting to be coming out of harvard today the military has a statement this morning at the war veterans as well as a statement that you shooting this morning primarily which is going to be a response to the president so i think those will give a very strong indication to the ordinary people on what needs to be done but people are saying look whatever needs to be done let it be done but they are still allowing and following that you process is just because there is a parliamentary process which is expected to kick off today to impeach him and that is still being given an opportunity to take place journalists right in globe joining us there from harare zimbabwe thank you very much for that update thank you . you are watching the news still to come what now for hundreds of thousands of the hinges refugees who fled the violence in myanmar germany's foreign minister
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visits a refugee camp in bangladesh ahead of a major crisis meeting. first let's go back to our top story the breakup of coalition talks here in germany is impacting financial markets christiane that's right terry currency markets are quick to react in these kind of situations and indeed the euro's dropping after coalition talks failed here in germany last night the prospect of new elections in europe's largest economy and the political uncertainty it brings sent the euro to a two month low against the japanese yen the european currency has regained some ground since the drop across asia after the coalition negotiations were called off european investors get to weigh in on the crisis in berlin bond markets open in a couple of hours. breaks it britain's departure from the european union could not only see a slew of banks and companies leave the country to maintain their european
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operations several e.u. institutions currently based in london will certainly leave by march twenty nineteen when the u.k. actually breaks its more than twenty e.u. cities are vying to host them among them the some german city of bonn milan italy or amsterdam and the netherlands that want to host the european medicines agency with almost nine hundred employees financial hubs frankfurt dublin luxembourg paris and vienna are among those bidding for the european banking authority with its one hundred and eighty workers both institutions also attract plenty of other jobs and money to their host cities organizing hundreds of conferences and events. with experts from around the globe together they booked thirty nine thousand hotel rooms in london each year just to give you an idea candidate series we'll find out today if their bid was successful as britain's vote to leave the e.u. will see many foreign e.u. citizens leave the country demand for english lessons has plummeted hitting those
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whose businesses it is to get people talking. that sound marks the start of classes that box field language school in north west london but nowadays several seats remain empty this school is experiencing hard times it's lost a third of its students since britain voted to leave the e.u. in twenty sixteen fields english classes used to be filled with students from spain and italy but the bronx it vote has made many europeans no longer feel welcome in the u.k. . they feel like. there's a second class citizenship thing happening with them you know and they've spoken to me about it they're not comfortable with it so i'm a decided to leave for that reason. around three point two million foreigners living in britain are from other you nations but the country's official statistics say one hundred twenty two thousand have left since the bronx at vote that's more than any other time in the last ten years at our language school there's little
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sympathy with the decision to break with the e.u. . you need. people think that bracks a decision is absolutely wrong it's bad for us at our university and it's bad for the british and i think nobody was thinking about the consequences when they were voting. on a bit of it if you got that boy a lot of particular take on briggs it because i think the work that is actually really clumsy stupid mindless word and it kind of reflects it's a good reflection of what people were thinking before they voted it was clumsy and mindless you know thoughtless. director. has been in business for seven years he's worked hard but attendance hasn't been so low since first opened i'm not optimistic about the future of this country leaving europe i have to say but in terms of our business i'm optimistic because we have to find other ways to to move
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on so although english schools are yet another victim of britain's brags that bode the hope here is that demand for the country's still sought after language will eventually recover. let's talk about a crime that finds its victims all around the globe like french carmaker renel chinese or giant petro china or u.s. logistics company fed ex they were among the over two hundred thousand computer systems hit by ransomware want to cry earlier this year today the digitals society conference in berlin will discuss how attacks like these can be prevented because even as our everyday technology might be highly sophisticated it often doesn't take much to be outsmarted. a bit of paint some tape some silicon and a three d. printer vietnamese scientists say that's all it takes to fill the facial recognition software new i phone ten it may have taken the specialists
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a few days to devise the hack but the implication is clear. it's not easy for normal people to do and we do hear that it's still a concern to people in the security sector and important people like politicians or heads of corporations visit with. accessing the smartphones of business and political leaders through facial recognition hacks poses yet another threat to internet security official estimates suggest the economic damage from cyber crime already totals two hundred sixty five billion euros a year within europe alone in september european commission president john claude younger said cyber attacks pose an existential threat to e.u. members. of the e.u. parliament there are more dangerous to the stability of democracy and economies guns and tanks. a crime is such a pernicious threat because it operates across national borders dealing with it
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successfully requires an effort that is just as international. now talk to an expert about the challenges of cyber security today that's coming up and the next hour for now back to terry with more world news thanks chris oh. yeah let's get some other stories making headlines around the world today at least fifteen people have been killed in a stampede near the moroccan city of s. we are reportedly while food aid was being distributed in a market media reports say all the victims were women food aid campaigns are common in the remote poor areas of morocco. there of bile and street protests in haiti's capital port au prince over the remobilization of the army eighty's president officially reinstated the military on saturday more than two decades after it was disbanded the move comes a month after the end of a thirteen year long un peacekeeping mission.
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concern is growing over the fate of hundreds of thousands of really hinges refugees who have fled while ethnic violence in myanmar for the relative safety of bangladesh germany's foreign minister is joined international politicians in myanmar to discuss the crisis on the way he visited a refugee camp in bangladesh our correspondent sent us this report. this is the fastest growing refugee crisis worldwide seen from a bangladeshi air force helicopter almost eight hundred thousand to him to have fled the violence in neighboring me on march many of them including thousands of children have sought refuge here at the kuta up along refugee camp. the makeshift camp is just two and a half months old and reaches as far as the eye can see humanitarian aid
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organizations are struggling to fight the outbreak of diseases they fear they might lose this fight as soon as the monsoon season begins. the cut of her long camp lacks most facilities there are almost no toilets and there is not enough clean drinking water the camp is massively under-funded together with an international delegation german foreign ministers visited the camp to form his own impression of the situation. i mean we just met children whose parents were murders whose villages were burnt down there is human trafficking in even organs and symbols here in huge makeshift settlements without any controls the worst things imaginable are taking place people must be given the opportunity to return. the german foreign minister says the international community has to step in he says germany will make twenty million euros in direct aid available to help improve the sanitary conditions but he stressed that the goal
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must be to help or hinder refugees return home. it appears all over sell it they're reporting from bangladesh well bad weather is hampering efforts to locate a missing argentinian submarine rescuers are focusing their search and rescue efforts near its last known location contact was lost with the vessel last wednesday search teams are still hopeful of pining the forty four crewmembers alive after detecting a series of failed distress call. five days of searching and the argentinian submarine is still nowhere to be found. the vessels last known location was several hundred kilometers off the argentinian coast relatives of the crew wait patiently for news any news. the united states is the latest country to join the international search operation
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it sent rescue ships and underwater specialists. the argentinean navy is cautiously optimistic. it had traced a series of field emergency calls the hope is that they were made by the missing submarine. in regard to the seven field goals we're trying to confirm whether or not they came from the south. we do not have clear evidence that they came from the submarine. not. more than a dozen ships and aircraft are involved in the search but stormy weather is hampering efforts. the weather in the area of operations continues to be very difficult. right now we have waves that are six to eight meters high.
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unfortunately these conditions are expected to persist this complicates the search because the submarine is very small when it surfaced. people around the world are hoping and praying for the safe return of the submarine in the vatican pope francis who is from argentina led thousands in prayer for the forty four missing crew members. you're watching g.w. news so we're going to take a short break when we come back we'll have more on germany's failed kolchak coalition talks to stay with us but. there was a big doesn't become one of the great things is in sports history let's be honest fifty years ago katherine switzer became the first woman to run
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a marathon. i was only going to boston to run. as a pioneer and a role model to this day the marathon women. the long run to equality. sixteen. double. you know. your children like chocolate.
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you can't live without your smartphone. you want to make hopes the same market. as we go about our daily lives human rights often don't last long our minds. if this is all hands. free in the twenty first century. starting december second d. w. . welcome back you're watching t.w. news i'm terry martin our top story in germany preliminary talks on forming a new government coalition have collapsed ended after the business friendly free
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democrats pulled out the party sided irreconcilable differences with michael's conservative alliance and the greens chancellor merkel herself could now try to form a minority government or face fresh election. well let's listen to what the leader of the free democrats. had to say when he pulled his party out of those coalition. today no new movement no further movement was attained we took steps backward instead of making progress because agreed on compromises were once again thrown into doubt a few it became clear that the four parties involved could neither share a common vision for modernizing our country nor establish a foundation of trust. and. a common idea and mutual trust have to be the basis for a stable government. we do not know what germany will face in the coming years in
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the world. but if for partners are unable to come up with a joint plan even for what is probable even after so much time and such extensive talks then this is no viable foundation for responding to what we cannot yet expect . yet to come. and that was because their head of the free democrats explaining why he pulled his car party out of those exploratory talks for new forming a coalition government here in germany well for more we've got all of our limbed joining us now from hamburg his political scientist at the university of you know thanks for being with us this morning how do you read this why do you think these talks on forming a government failed. well i think in general i want to say that these exploratory talks if you have been very difficult from the very beginning on i mean
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we have seen full parties with different very different body on it she's pretty committed to different policy goals and in addition they all pursued different city chick interests so that made it very difficult from the beginning but i what we also have seen i think is that we have seen witnessed a lack of trust between the sexes and in many ways not only distrust between the two ideological camps on the left and on the right but also the trust within one camp the camp of the right center center right parties i mean it starts with the system parties between the christian democrats. michel and the bavarian christian democrats but it goes for so i don't sort of distrust between the liberals and the city you know which is ok i think in this context ok as you say there were differences between these parties going into the talks they knew that we all knew that but now the talks of broken up the greens are accusing the f.t.p.
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of a lack of will of not wanting to form a coalition the f.t.p. are the ones who have pulled out of the talks is that your impression the f.t.p. did not want to form a coalition. i think there are several indications for that i mean it does not the way they presented their withdrawal i think i read that as a strategic and deliberate decision to withdraw and that goes back i think to the to the experiences that the liberals have made and america from two thousand and nine to two thousand and thirteen and now they want to portray themselves as an independent party and then they're willing to do whatever it takes to to underline that all over what do you see as the most likely scenario now moving forward now that these exploratory talks of failed new elections a minority government. minority government would be totally new but i mean we have
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to admit that the situation is extraordinary and maybe extraordinary means are called for but minority the minority government is not what the parliamentary system is all about it is about stable government that means it was a clear majority to the smaller than fifty percent of the parliamentary seats and. we have to seize so to say what the future will be but but i mean i i think that there will be talks with social democrats if they want to riyadh into the talks so to say but that is not likely and then eventually we'll see steinmeyer facing the decision off new elections so fresh elections possibly for germany and this is a time of great uncertainty not just for germany but all of its partners to what does this mean for them starting with germany's partners in europe. bad news basically. i mean we have seen that already was
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a climate summit and. if we don't have it if we only have a managing chancellor. and the rest of the government is also only on the managing base then it must restrict itself true. yeah well two to a low level decision making process at say and we are facing an take europe we are facing huge and important questions what is the future for europe the european context young young girl and mccraw have taken up the challenge of reforming the you come up with which important. and it needs germany together with these two leaders it needs a strong chancellor to push for reforms and the european context and as long as we don't have fresh elections with a stable government i don't see that this is going to happen all of our thank you very much that's all of our limca there joining us from hamburg is political scientist at the university of maine thanks
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a lot. on the already mentioned it there the u.n. climate change summit which just took place in german city a ball and it drew to a close in the early hours of saturday morning after a long night of talks delegates reached agreement on funding projects in developing countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions some and also drafted rules to implement the paris accord including how c o two emissions are to be measured and reported in the future in a moment i'll be talking to an environmentalist about the summit's outcome first this report from africa where there's huge potential to make a new start with clean energy sources on the river in western uganda they're building a power station fuelled by the force of the water flow our next report shows what that means for locals. this newly family make their way to their former home.
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they were forced to move away from here four years ago because their house was too close to the site of a new hydroelectric power plant. feels good to be back here in the mountains this is where i was born. i was born here. and so one moment. we had all kinds of crops was calling some of the coffee so we always had something to eat and we have money. you know. the family farms three acres of land here at an altitude of fifteen hundred metres they can still use a small area of it so they return regularly for other families were also forced to move to make way for the new power plant. the concrete channel
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where the libya river is to be redirected in the future is almost ready peter to morley works as a project manager for a danish company called frontier energy it specializes in developing renewable energy projects in africa. the. natural course. suddenly there will be a reduced flow you know especially the dry months but during the wet months. it will be like normal will be no almost no difference. the channel is two kilometers long what's decisive for producing power is the force with which the water drives the turbines so from here the water will pass through steel pipes plunging two hundred sixty four meters down the mountain. the reason we need. to just point out is that.
7:40 am
between this point and. that. the entire project is set to cost sixty million dollars before the work even began a feasibility study was carried out to show whether the location was suitable that study alone cost six hundred thousand dollars the united nations green climate fund snow provides money for these kinds of initiatives in the past it was always difficult to get funding for feasibility studies. because of the risk i mean. you've got to you've got to get people that you know ingenious that know what they're doing and are able to look at a site from the very beginning and you know says you know what. this project. you know that becomes very easy. to turbines are due to arrive soon the hydro electric power plant is designed to produce over five megawatts of electricity one running
7:41 am
at capacity that's enough for thirty seven and a half thousand households the plant is supposed to provide electricity to this remote region on the border to the democratic republic of congo but the local residents aren't yet linked to the power grid so for the time being they won't benefit. what we tell them that will. tell them that i think. you can be i'm not happy but you know just to get on with it but what we can do. it to intercede with the saudi. government or the media to bring up the i think no one has to know what the plan for them to know that that will be. this still will be used to make a wedding cake it's all part of the cookery course for local women. then you can use your hands so you need to wash. your hands. two hundred thirty eight families
7:42 am
have been affected by work on the power plant so the company has to give back to the community in other ways really ties in charge of the course she has also set up lessons in beekeeping and arable farming if you have them i think like backing they will produce a product and send it off they could be able to sell them some. basics thinking they don't have to ask for their men everything. back to the seven only family. for the past eight months they've been living in their new home on the plains fifteen kilometers from their old one. the first time i came here i was very happy with our new home but gradually we realised that our new life was very hard we hardly had anything to eat even though
7:43 am
we had a nice home. from january to june this year there was a drought that meant the family was unable to harvest anything the house only came with a small plot of land and the banana plants are still too young to bear fruit. if they didn't have the remainder of their farmland up in the mountains the family would be even worse off once a week employees from front here energy visit them four of the children are no longer going to school because the family can't afford to pay their fees. need to look into the. issue being far and. you know just go back and you know just look at what he does or what led them to choose that place. and then you know find some way of. bringing to them a piece of land that is closer to. the father and one of his sons are currently working as day laborers to help the family scrape by the hydroelectric power
7:44 am
company still has their work cut out for them. challenges bringing clean energy to uganda and how it can clash there with development goals to well here to talk about the outcome of the u.n. climate summit which is why we are running that report that climate summit just came to an end in bonn i'm joined here in the studio by let's by show from the environmental organization german watch thanks for being with us this morning first of all talking about the bonn climate summit there were a lot of difficult issues on the table there not so easy for everyone to get their mind around what was being talked about there break it down for us what was achieved in bonn and what wasn't achieved all right so i think the probably the most important outcome is that we're now activating the mission mechanism of the paris agreement that means all countries were asked to go back and look at how well
7:45 am
they're doing and the fijian presidency that hosted these talks in bonn the island nation of fiji they're going to host a process next year that they're calling the talent our dialogue which basically means we're looking at how well we're already doing in achieving our climate targets what's already being done how well the national climate targets will add up to keeping global warming below one point five degrees as was decided in paris already know by looking at going for at least three degrees of warming with the current level of ambition and then coming back in this year long dialogue and saying what do we need to do to increase them but the summit in bonn was also about support for the most vulnerable the poorest countries that are already impacted by climate change an important outcome is that progress was made to keep the adaptation fund a life that's a fund that was set up on the kyoto protocol you know needs to move and that the paris agreement to have some long term future needs more funding some additional money was pledged so it's sort of. agreeing that we will need to do more to reduce emissions at the same time mobilizing more support for those already impacted ok
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the summit in bonn cop twenty three conference of the parties twenty three the twenty three is important because it. tells us that this is part of a long process this is the twenty third such summit if you will as you said in your answer to my first question they're developing they're preparing for the next summit this is a long difficult process but looking at past summits one of the main criticisms that we've heard leveled at summits is that they have not agreed the leaders of those summits have not agreed to do what the scientists say has to be done in order to save the planet basically to put it in a nutshell is that criticism valid in connection with what just happened in bonge. on the one hand yes it's valid if you look at what the science says we would have to reduce emissions much much drastically global emissions have to peak in two thousand and twenty at the latest and rapidly decline thereafter we have to get out of coal and of course world leaders didn't come to bonn and decided that all of
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that was going to happen starting tomorrow on the other hand. it's a complicated global problem and this is international diplomacy so these things do take time and it is good to say that all parties are committed to the paris agreement no one was distracted by the fact that the u.s. has announced the withdraw they did serious work they agreed how they're going to do revisions of their climate targets to get more ambitious so i think it's a bit unfair to expect every climate conference that it in itself will save the world these cometary it's a good example at the global level you can agree that we will all look at doing more but you can't actually do more that's work that needs to happen in the capital so the government have to go back and actually implement the stuff let's talk for a moment just about germany one of the ten she will tend to pull results that came out of the summit was an agreed was an agreement to phase out coal by many countries germany is not part of that agreement what do you make of that. it's i
7:48 am
think it was a wake up call actually for germany to see that we had a climate conference in our own country hosted by one of the most vulnerable countries on this our. earth and and the reminded that protecting the climate means getting out of coal there's just no way of reaching our climate objectives if we continue to burn coal that's true for germany as well germany set to fail its twenty twenty top climate goals if we don't address the cold so it has to be done it's not easy to do in germany and the coalition talks were trying to resolve this and didn't manage let's thank you very much for your insights there looks a lot. from the environmental organization green watch thanks for being with us today on the deputies. football and in sunday's bonus league action shaka hosted hamburg looking to stake their claim as one of the league's top clubs hamburg meanwhile were hovering down
7:49 am
at the wrong end of the table. shaka are having the best season in years and they haven't lost a hamburger at home since january twentieth levon fifteen minutes in gideon young brought you haven't come up leon go down in the box penalty for the hosts franco de santo took the initiative and gave shaka an easy lead his first goal since march twenty sixth. after the break the guests had the better of the chances. hamburg seventeen year old shooting star set up aaron hunt who hit the post was on shell because. with ten minutes on the clock shotgun were on the attack again and it paid off. by own up leon got the ball to books donaghue netted shock as second. hamburg lose their fifth away game on the bounce well shaka are up to second in the
7:50 am
table for the first time in five years. or more and want to sleep as match day twelve i'm joined by max merrill from sports morning max on a match where can shock finish this season are they actually contenders well you sound a bit like a shelter found that they usually get ahead of themselves a little bit when things start going well i think that definitely a shot with qualifying for your the season getting in the top six and they found their groove ofter a bit of a mixed start to the season where they were winning a game losing a game drawing a game but now they're going to a six game unbeaten run four of those a wins and they've done so without ugly the best player he's out injured for the last three matches and he will continue to be for a little time now they're looking like a unit they're playing well together scoring some lovely goals as we see and domenico to desk oh that coach has really surprised me because he's thirty two
7:51 am
years old. before joining south he had only have a coach to eleven professional games so there were a lot of doubters when he was appointed rightly so but he's proved the doubters wrong so father playing really well and i think a champions league spot is in the offing there interesting game coming up for them of course shock of facing local rivals dortmund next week in the fabled rouer derby how do you see them doing well so huge matches the face this rivalry in german football and at the moment i mean shall kind of on top they they a lot of the fans concentrate on where they finish in relation to dortmund rather than wherever it is in the table so it's a huge rivalry for them and the last time they finished above dortmund was in two thousand and fourteen twenty fifteen but that's just one in seven pos seasons that they've managed that so they're getting excited i think and kishan shellcode certainly have the momentum while dortmund and fizzled out after a really impressive start to the season now and the last five games they've
7:52 am
averaged three goals conceded and they haven't won five games so they've got the champions league to worry about on tuesday with coming coming up so shall go fans will be licking their lips back stay with us we're going to talk about football more football in just a moment but first let's catch up on the rest of the bonus league action. bremen fans have gone three hundred thirty minutes without seeing it all at their home ground stop and next closer had yet to score in the bundesliga this season but that barren run ended after thirty nine minutes. in bottles finding the net tough to crews that played him in. the break bremen fans finally with a raise and to celebrate. kind of the start of the second half stronger but their own finishing let them down. and up to fifty five minutes braman broke on the count of prison making no mistake his first goal in games moments later
7:53 am
crows again. graeme and fans couldn't believe their eyes three nil up. and bremen weren't finished yet present complacent twenty two minutes hattrick. the game finishing fourth and handing the club its first win since april they call droughts that. now let's take a look at all the bonus they are results this week and there's that braman win against hanover earlier shock a defeat at hamburg on saturday gladbach beat how to berlin munich took care of because and drew with light safety as did hoffenheim with frankfurt mines downed cologne and all spark dealt a loss on friday. let's take a look at the bundesliga table following match twelve by and are now six points
7:54 am
clear at the top of the table shaka jump to second place while gladbach shoot up from eighth to third in the bottom half how to berlin tumbled to fourteenth place and braman moved up to the relegation playoff spot. so max a big result there for braman it was only florian caulfield's second game as a coach do you think he can turn the season around well i personally don't think it's that much about him he's come in and he's done a good job he's inspired the troops so to say but for me it's about one man max crews and he's the main striker and he was out with a fractured skull a bone for a long time at the beginning of the season and he hadn't schooled all season and braman one of season becomes back the school's three goals and sets up one and braman when doubling that goal tally within one game and as we heard in the report they haven't won since april so that's fourteen bonus the games without a win. as
7:55 am
a big task ahead of them it's still a long road ahead but this is the right step in the right direction. cologne mo room at the bottom of the table just two points how much trouble are they in big trouble they still haven't won and unlike braman they also haven't had as many draws as brain as they really just haven't been picking up points they're also missing a goalscorer they lost anthony best in the summer and junk folder but just hasn't hit the ground running like they would have hoped so it's going to be very difficult i don't really see them getting out of this mess at this point they might surprise a still like smell from d.w. sports thank you so much. and just a reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on the news here in germany preliminary talks on forming a new coalition go coalition can government have collapsed they ended after the business friendly free democrats pulled out party sided it reconcilable differences
7:56 am
with backhoes conservative alliance and the greens chancellor merkel could now tried home a minority government or face a new election. and zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has defied pressure from his senate p.f. party to step down in a televised address he said he would preside over a party congress despite earlier being sacked as the party's chief its opponents are threatening protests and in. watching t.v. news coming to you from berlin we'll be back in just a couple minutes with another full bulletin and course you get all the latest news and information on our website that's d.w. dot com thanks will.
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it was a big this and become one of the great things those sports history let's be honest fifty years ago katherine switzer became the first woman to run
7:58 am
a marathon. i was only going to boston to run. a pioneer and a role model to this day the marathon women. the long run to equality. thirteen . climate change. waste. pollution says. isn't it time for good news to go out africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference to let her go for a magazine d w. i am a flower. yes i'm beautiful and i've heard it before and it never grows old. i'm worshiped from my love. my scent my
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looks but here's the thing. life starts with me. you see i feed. every fruit comes from me. everybody taito me every kernel of corn me every grain of rice me. me me i know but it's true. and sometimes i feed their souls. i am their words when they have none i say i love you without a sound. i'm sorry without a voice. i inspired the greatest of them painters poets pattern makers i've been amused to them all. but in my experience people underestimate the power of a pretty little flower. because their life does start with me.
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and it could end without me. this is day to day was coming to you live from berlin a political crisis looms in germany after coalition talks collapse the head of the liberal free democrat party unexpectedly bails out of negotiations on forging
8:01 am
a new government is this the beginning of the end for a chance to undergo a medical.


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