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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2017 11:00am-11:31am CET

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with friends all over the world. online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free with g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin a political crisis looms in germany after coalition talks collapse that of the liberal free democrat party unexpectedly bails out of negotiations to form a new government is this the beginning of the end for chancellor angela merkel
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we'll bring you the latest. also coming up confusion in zimbabwe as robert mugabe digs in the president ignores increasing pressure from his party to step down his opponents are now threatening protests and impeachment. and foreign ministers from asia and europe need in me and mar they're expected to pressure me on mars de facto leader aung san suu kyi on the violence against war hinge on muslims. i'm sorry someone's got to thank you for joining us talks on forming a new coalition government for germany have collapsed the business friendly s.t.p. broke off negotiations saying it could not find common ground on key issues with chancellor angela merkel's conservative alliance and the greens so what's next america will talk with the german president later today about that we'll get an
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update from our correspondent in a moment but first here's how the night of negotiations played out. it was for a climax of a coalition talks the head of the free democrat sleeze for building to make an announcement he said his party was pulling out of the negotiations. younger ones were being forced to cast away our principles and everything that we've fought for over the years. and we will not let down our voters by standing behind policies of which we're not at all convinced. it's better not to govern than to govern badly so that you. could by. probably doesn't. there was no immediate confirmation that the talks had collapsed for some time the other party chiefs remained inside and then they came out to face the cameras led by chancellor angela merkel. she confirmed for talks had indeed collapsed
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she expressed regret and was open about the difficulties she encountered by we've seen and heard a lot during these dogs there were very different styles of negotiating all ends by the you know all sympathy the greens to some getting used to the free democrats resolute. but we believe that we were on the right path to securing an agreement. i think. there was disappointment over what some felt could have been and already some finger pointing . the co-head of the greens place for blame for the failure squarely at the feet of the free democrats we were open to an understanding up until the last second we were prepared to go the extra mile when it didn't seem possible to go any further
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but the other parties have to be prepared to do the same and this evening one wasn't. the collapse of the talks now puts merkel in a difficult position she could try to form a minority government if those attempts phiona new elections may be the only way out of a deadlock. so what does all of this mean let's talk to our political correspondent chris averse bring it with us here in studio hi christopher we mentioned there that there seemed to be able good deal of disappointment after it appeared that this was not going to work out but also some surprise where exactly did things go wrong well there were policy differences most of those policy differences on climate policy which is very close to the hearts of the environmentalist greens also big differences on migration policy but more and more fingers being pointed at the pro-business liberals the f.t.p. we've been hearing in the last few cd conservatives saying that progress was being
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made at these talks yesterday sunday the green signaling movement the conservatives making concessions to the liberals and just as a deal seem to be within reach the two lead negotiators for the liberals including their party leader christian and have stood up and walked out of the talks so there is a suggestion or at least a suspicion that the liberals were never particularly interested will never never completely committed to a jamaica coalition that worked as all of this leave america. well she was weakened already in september with a much weaker result she did win the federal elections but she was a weakened chancellor this further weakened thora the further eroded by what's happening now her reputation as a dealmaker is damaged. and you know she said she she seems to have been
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unable to keep the different elements in these exploratory coalition talks from sniping at each other so no trust was able to evolve between the negotiating partners and we're now facing here in germany a period of unprecedented political uncertainty take us to the next. absalom engine that chancellor merkel will be meeting with the german president five about this time i today that's right and frank fell to steinmeyer who is by the way a social democrats will though he is german president bound to be politically neutral he'll be talking to us at two pm local time i understand he is going to be appealing all parties in in germany to all parties in germany to bear in mind they have a responsibility. not only to their party but also to the nation now some people see that as a hint to the social democrats who are still chancellor merkel's coalition partners in the outgoing government. an appeal to them or at least
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a hint to them that they may need to reconsider their declaration that they are not available for a coalition with chancellor merkel is that likely that the social democrats could actually join this government again well we. are expecting a statement from the leader of the social democrats at ten a.m. that didn't happen a less senior social democrat was sent out and told us that. consultations are ongoing that certainly indicates that the social democrats are having a fairly long discussion about how to behave here and i'm i do expect chance the machall at some point to invite them to coalition talks and they will then need the social democrats that is to stand up in public and say we are not available they do by the way have quite a long tradition the social democrats of putting the nation before the party and just briefly christopher could we see a new election i think it's unlikely it's very difficult in germany to have fresh
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elections there's a lot of ground to cover before we get to fresh elections all right chris first brigade our political correspondent following all the latest developments for us thank you christopher and welcome. across europe leaders have been watching the developments here in germany very closely let's bring in our brussels correspondent max host month for us hi max germany is that use largest and most powerful country so what does political instability here mean for europe in the next weeks and months we have a lot of very important summits very important to go she ations let me draw your attention for example to the ongoing brags that the goshi ations than also the discussions about the future of europe reform of the eurozone is something for example that the french president mounted mccall wants and we also have a summit for that here in brussels in the next week in next week we have the e.u. africa's summit in ivory coast about the very important topic of migration and as long as germany doesn't have
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a new government they really can't function they can't play their role as they are supposed to in these settings and they have a very important role you mentioned it most important country most important economy so this will slow things down on the european union level what are some of the reactions you're saying there in brussels today. were mainly having reactions from european parliamentarians and one of them i talked to for the numbers from the greens told me welcome to the real world germany meaning of course that germany in the past years sort of seemed exempt of the general developments in the european union fragment is ation right wing populism for example belgium where i am at the moment took ages to get a new coalition also the never led so this is a reality that germany seemed to escape so far but now no longer they are part of this reality and it's also a disappointment for many here because they always saw germany as this stable haven a something you could rely on as the country that got things done that doesn't seem
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to be the case any longer and it gets a lot of people here worried you have been reporting for us from brussels thank you max. well investors don't usually like instability a christer for christmas cobra's more on the economic implications that's right so maybe song initial quick reaction at currency markets the political uncertainty in europe's largest economy sending the euro to a two month low against the japanese yen in asian trading this morning the common currency paired some of these losses later on stock markets in frankfurt london paris also opened lower with germany's blue chip index dax trading below the thirteen thousand point mark overall losses where limited though. for some more actions let's bring in our markets man conrad booze in frankfurt conrad two months after the election europe's biggest economy still doesn't have a new government why is there not more concern among investors.
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well kristoff the fundamentals the economic fundamentals remain intact they haven't been really changed due to this failure of the coalition talks in berlin on the contrary the e-file institute of economic research this morning announced that it will increase its full cost for german g.d.p. growth for economic growth this year to two point three percent that's four tenths of a percent higher than the previous forecast what has been reduced though here on the markets is the potential for the stock market to go for a year and drag we shouldn't forget that the german dax so far this year has gained around about twelve percent so it would need a strong positive impulse for investors to continue buying shares and of course the fact the failure of the coalition talks in berlin is not such an impulse now let's
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look at the options here conrad we may be in for prolonged discussions possibly for a minority government possibly fresh elections that doesn't sound. as the bedrock of stability that germany was long viewed as. you know it does not christopher you're right and of course this morning a lot of pundits and also economic lobby groups business lobby groups come out with concerns that you know the failure of those talks might undermine the confidence in the country you know the belief that our public political system works and of course this failure means that a lot of important topics for businesses like broadband like the future of energy get postponed even more but i can only repeat myself as long as the fundamentals are ok from the markets from an investor's point of view this is not a very big problem yet and conrad one of the sticking points of these preliminary talks has been energy and the future of fossil fuels now shares of energy giant r.
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w. e. are surging this morning any connection there with the coalition crisis in berlin. absolutely r.w. is one of the country companies with a lot of power plants fueled by coal and it's also one of the biggest coal producers in the country so people at other value he must be relieved that the green party didn't have or did doesn't get the chance at least for the moment to form a new government in berlin come out those in frankfurt thank you. and i'll have more business for you later in the show for now back to sumi on the latest on the political crisis in zimbabwe thank you christophe well the country's embattled president robert mugabe has defied expectations by not resigning in a widely anticipated speech to the nation on sunday mugabe stressed that he was still in power despite mounting pressure to step down now he has missed a deadline from his own party to step down and could face impeachment proceedings
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when parliament reconvenes tomorrow. zimbabwe's longtime president robert mugabe addressed the nation for the first time after being sacked as zanu p.f. party leader his expected resignation was not forthcoming merely an acknowledgement that mistakes had been made. the president of zimbabwe and as. chief do acknowledge the east shoes they have drawn my attention to and do believe that these were raised in this spirit of honesty and out of deed and that tree are to. for this. nation and for the welfare of our people not only did mcgarvie not announce his resignation as expected he further pledged to preside over the
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upcoming zanu p.f. party congress a clear slap in the face to his own party who had given him twenty four hours to resign or be impeached. zimbabwe's main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai said he was baffled by his failure to step down as were many ordinary citizens. this week the next and. despite everything that he has done to be with dignity and to just walk away. and we just think. it's true that. he's so stubborn. with the confusion following mugabe's speech the way forward for zimbabwe suddenly seems unclear. let's get the latest from harare a journalist who is standing by for us on the line hi ray there was a deadline for mugabe to resign and that has now passed and there's been some media
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reports that he struck some kind of deal what is the latest that you can tell us. thank you see me for having me well the latest that we have from harare this off to new noon is that to zanu p.f. is going on here with the impeachment process and we have some information coming from the party that all it senate does in all its members of parliament have been asked to meet at two thirty at the party headquarters for a caucus meeting and i suppose that's where they will get direction how to proceed in terms of the impeachment which is going to be taking place and under way within zimbabwe's parliament when it resumes tomorrow after a two week break ok so if impeachment proceedings are going to be started today how much longer can robert mugabe really hold on to power and why do you think he hasn't bowed to the pressure so far. well walls are caving in on prison but that's the reality and it's most likely you know by the end of this week he's
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fate will be known and you will probably be out of power the reason why he's holding on i suppose is the fact that he hopes he can come in and intervene in some way or that you try and risky him from the situation where basically he's been rejected by his political party he's been rejected by the people of zimbabwe who came out on on saturday for. protests and street marches and now he's looking like that at the parliament is grange also reject him so he's facing you really air resistance from all fronts. as things stand this afternoon in harare where he's also been rejected by war veterans who support him and they said today they could actually want to take mugabe to court for him to step down why would they do that if impeachment is possible. well most likely they ease a feeling within trends that we've seen zanu p.f.
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as well they are still remain loyal to president robert mugabe despite you know the public show of support that they might otherwise so it's really a case of the war veterans not taking or leaving anything rather to chance they want to use and maximize on any of her dreams that are available to them so that's why we're seeing them threatening to take it to the high court because they are with you know the m.p.'s we'll see through the votes that is needed the number of votes that are needed to actually succeeded impeaching him and ray tell us more about all these demonstrations that have been going on so far there hasn't been any on rest could that change. i think the political temperature has a different the rising that's one thing that we've seen today with the strong statements that came out from veterans we had a press conference earlier this morning in harare just indicating strongly that president obama got his time is up holding protests and marches to take place
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tomorrow even marches that see people going to mention which is his private residence and he's all of the university students this morning as well you know refusing to seat for examinations and saying that they will not seat for examinations until president was governor steps down in. the recall of the degree i wanted to use wife i was so look at him as a rising and it's. following quite closely journalist ray and local for us in harare ray thank you so much for that update thank you very much now to some other stories making headlines around the world kenya's supreme court has upheld the result of the country's repeat presidential election the court dismissed an opposition petition claiming the vote was not conducted according to the law president to whittle kenyatta won the rerun vote in october with ninety eight percent of the vote the opposition boycotted the poll. at least fifteen people have been killed in a stampede with the moroccan city of s.
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we were reportedly while food aid was being distributed in a market media reports say all the victims were women food aid campaigns are common in remote poor areas of morocco charles manson the us cult leader behind a killing spree in one nine hundred sixty s. california has died at the age of eighty three manson died of natural causes in a california prison he had been serving multiple life sentences for orchestrating the murder of actress sharon tate and six others in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine. you're watching news still to come what now for hundreds of thousands of royal hanjour refugees who have fled the violence in the unmarked visiting foreign minister see for themselves they despair and refugee camps in bangladesh. but first european countries are vying for a brags that windfall kristoff has more than is right britain's departure from the european union could not only see a slew of banks and companies leave the country to maintain their european
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operations several e.u. institutions currently best in london will certainly leave by march twenty nine hundred when the u.k. actually breaks its and more than twenty e.u. cities are vying to host them among them the german city of bonn milan and italy or amsterdam and the netherlands that want to host the european medicines agency with almost nine hundred employees financial hubs frankfurt dublin luxembourg paris and vienna are among those bidding for the european banking authority with its one hundred eighty workers both institutions also attract plenty of other jobs and money to their host cities organizing hundreds of conferences and events with experts from around the world together they book thirty nine thousand hotel rooms in london each year just to give you an idea not candidate cities we'll find out later today if their bid was successful and of course we will tell you who came out on top. three u.s. citizens are facing new travel restrictions to cuba this months as the trump
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administration adopts a more hawkish stance on opening up to the communist southern neighbor travelers will now only be allowed to move around in groups and the hotels they can stay in are being restricted to new policies are a blow to cuba's fledgling tourism sector which was gearing up for a bonanza from the yankee dollar. vented american cars from the nine hundred fifty s. a common sight on the streets of havana they inspired in this together to come up with a new idea harley's put to others but even his unique business hasn't been able to keep tourists coming. here is we're very good as an opening and an increase in tourism and that also benefited us. on our relations are more closed the world has become more complicated. to ism has dropped
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a bit and we are suffering under these conditions. because you say in the amount of last year or so of thirty four percent jump in the number of u.s. visitors to the island many cubans set up businesses hoping to cash in on the growing market but the trump administration's travel restrictions have had an impact. on our many people that today everything that they had and their families had a dream to make a business and carry their family forward that is not being made possible. the euphoria of twenty sixteen is giving way to a new reality this year visitor numbers are down now americans who want to visit cuba have to go on a group tour if their numbers continue to tumble the question is whether all of those new cuban businesses will be able to survive. and it's back to so
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many of the latest on myanmar stranger crisis thank you christophe foreign ministers from asia and europe are meeting in me and maurice international concern grows about the plight of rohingya refugees from the country ministers are pressuring me and mars de facto leader. over the violent persecution of the country's muslim minority that he is top diplomat here federica mcgrady has expressed hope many will be allowed to return from neighboring bangladesh. well germany's foreign minister had this to say after meeting. a lister for a tour and officially its work and bangladesh want to do everything they can so that the refugees can return back home but they must reach an agreement which is being prepared now the main question is how safe is the region and what will the living conditions there be like the city put it to it's clear the government here in myanmar must create a safe environment for refugees to come back to work. well on the way to that
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summit to germany's foreign minister this is a did a refugee camp in bangladesh our correspondent oliver salad was with them he sent us this report. this is the fastest growing refugee crisis worldwide seen from a bangladeshi air force helicopter almost eight hundred thousand to him to have fled the violence in laboring myanmar for many of them including thousands of children have sought refuge here at the kuta up along refugee camp. the makeshift camp is just two and a half months old and reaches as far as the eye can see humanitarian aid organizations are struggling to fight the outbreak of disease us they fear they might lose this fight as soon as the monsoon season begins. the qutub how long camp lexx most facilities there are almost no toilets and there is not enough
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clean drinking water the camp is massively under-funded together with an international delegation german foreign ministers will visit at the camp to form his own impression of the situation. i mean we just met children whose parents were murders whose villages were burnt down there is human trafficking in even organs and souls here in huge makeshift settlements without any controls the worst things imaginable are taking place people must be given the opportunity to return. the german foreign minister says the international community has to step in he says germany would make twenty million euros in direct aid available to help improve the senate terry conditions but he stressed that the goal must be to help or hinder refugees return home. bad weather has hampered efforts to locate a missing argentinian submarine rescuers are focusing their search and rescue
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efforts near its last known location a contact was lost with the vessel last wednesday search teams are still hopeful of finding the forty four crewmembers alive after detecting a series of failed distress call. five days of searching and the argentinian submarine is still nowhere to be found. the vessels last known location was several hundred kilometers off the argentinian coast. relatives of the crew wait patiently for news in the news. the united states is the latest country to join the international search operation it sent rescue ships and underwater specialists. the argentinean navy is cautiously optimistic. it had traced a series of field emergency calls the hope is that they were made by the missing
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submarine. in regard to the seven field goals we're trying to confirm whether or not they came from the sun. we do not have clear evidence that they came from the submarine. no. more than a dozen ships and aircraft are involved in the search but stormy weather is hampering efforts. the weather in the area of operations continues to be very difficult. right now we have waves that are six to eight meters high. unfortunately these conditions are expected to persist this complicates the search because the submarine is very small when it surfaced. people around the world are hoping and praying for the safe return of the submarine in the vatican pope francis who is from argentina led thousands in prayer for the forty four
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missing crew members. to football now and in sunday's bonus league action shaka hosted hamburg looking to stake their claim as one of the league's top clubs meanwhile were harboring down at the wrong end of the table. shaka are having the best season in years and they haven't lost a hamburger at home since january twenty seventh fifteen minutes in gideon young brought you haven't gone up leon down in the box penalty for the hosts franco de santo took the initiative and gave shaka an easy lead his first goal since march twenty sixth. after the break the guests had the better of the chances. hamburg seventeen year old shooting star set up aaron hunt who hit the post was on shall because side. but. with ten minutes on the
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clock shall go on the attack again and it paid off. i've got the books on the shelf because second. hamburg lose their fifth away game on the bounce well shaka are up to second in the table for the first time in five years. and staying with the bundesliga bremen were looking to grab their first win of the season over the weekend they were up against hanover who have impressed since their return to the first division . bremen fans have gone three hundred thirty minutes without seeing a goal at their home ground stop had yet to school in the bundesliga this season but that barren run ended after thirty nine minutes. in funding the nets off to cruise played him in. the break bremen fans finally.


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