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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2017 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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also. from germany starting december tenth. this is deja vu news live from berlin a political crisis looms in germany after coalition talks collapse the head of the liberal free democratic party on expectedly bails out of negotiations to form a new government is this the beginning of the end for chancellor angela merkel we'll bring you the latest. also coming up zimbabwe's president robert mugabe
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ignores a deadline to resign mugabe's own party told him he needed to step down by noon on monday or face impeachment now he could face proceedings as soon as tomorrow when parliament reconvenes in harare. and the tories former cult leader charles manson dies of california at the age of eighty three he ordered a savage killing spree in the late sixty's that turned the hippie dream into a nightmare. i'm so me so much going to good to have you with us talks on forming a new coalition government for germany house collapsed a business friendly ask j.p. party broke off negotiations saying it could not find common ground on issues with chancellor angela merkel's conservative alliance and the greens. americal is a now meeting with the german president they will be discussing what the next steps
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will be. so no governing coalition what does this all mean will we have our political correspondent christopher spring gate with us here in studio we also have our brussels bureau chief max hoffman who is standing by will be joining us is just a moment and christopher let's start with you how serious of a blow do you think this is for chancellor merkel and stephanie it's a big blow i mean some people are saying she's fighting for political survival now i think that's a bit of an exaggeration but she was already weakened by the results of the federal elections which she did win but with a much smaller result for her conservatives this further weakens her or thirty is further eroded reputation as a dealmaker is damaged and we're now facing a period of political uncertainty uncertainty rather which is unprecedented for post-war germany max that brings me to you in brussels now political uncertainty
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how our european partners are reacting. you know germany has always been seen as this beacon of stability in the last years and even when i got them back christopher just pointed out lost a fair share of what she had before in the votes and during that election everybody thought she would work it out anyway this wouldn't be a major problem and the big signal after the last election was macaluso is still chancellor so germany will continue to assume that role well that has changed alan i've talked to some european parliamentarians one of them a green from belgium for the blumberg told me well his message to germany is welcome to the real world because now the things are happening in germany that have been happening all across europe for example here in belgium or in the netherlands where it took a long time months even to negotiate a coalition so doesn't it seems to them now that germany is no longer immune to what other countries in european union are experiencing and that on top of that that is worrisome for many here in brussels because they need germany to be that
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stable acar ocus to for you what max said they're welcome to the rest of europe this is what the rest of europe has been experiencing this hard rock wrangling for months to form a coalition government yet there was a lot of hope that the four parties essentially that had been negotiating had reached common ground where did it go wrong. yes and indeed senior conservatives have been going public saying that agreement was really rather close the conservatives they say had offered concessions to the pro-business liberals f.t.p. the greens the environmentalists greens was showing some flexibility and then suddenly it seems with agreement within reach essentially the to negotiate is for the f.t.p. including the party to christian put on that jacket and stormed out and that there is some speculation that this may have been prepared ahead of time i've just been
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looking at a tweet on the left. p.s. social media accounts and it was posted at midnight and thirteen minutes which is literally minutes after. christian learned the party leader had left. that those talks and said that they had collapsed so they were incredibly quick and putting all this on the social on social media accounts and on their web site their opponents is saying you prepared this so max we don't have a government yet here in germany we don't know when that will happen either what does that instability mean for the european union. we have one of the busiest times i've ever experienced here in brussels at the moment we have as you know the bread's brags that negotiations going on we have a huge discussion about the future of the european union including the reform of the euro zone and walk on the president of france is very active there we have a summit planned for that in brussels we have the e.u.
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africa summit next week in ivory coast that's supposed to tackle some other very difficult topics for example migration and as long as germany doesn't have a new government can't really play the role that it's expected to play as one of the driving forces as somebody that reacts or a country that reacts to what in monterey my craw is proposing so he clearly has the upper hand here and that is the difficulty that germany is facing but also the european union is facing because as as long as this is the case it will slow things down in the european union so a waiting game there in brussels and christopher meanwhile here in berlin take us through the next steps well as you mentioned chancellor merkel is speaking to the gym president frank felt it on my own as as we speak is it so she will be informing him of the situation and of the state of negotiations at two thirty p.m. local time local but in time. will address the nation or what will have to conduct
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a press conference and i understand he will be appealing to a sense of national responsibility within all parties some people are saying that a heavy hint to the social democrats he is a social democrat well the president he is bound to be politically neutral but some people are saying that is into the social democrats you now need to step up and take on responsibility the responsibility that the free democrats the pro-business free democrats appear on willing to take in a just seen pictures there christopher of chancellor merkel entering the belleview palace there to talk to the president will be covering those statements from the president live a little bit later coming up on t w thank you so much christopher and welcome. not to some other stories making news around the world kenya is a supreme court has upheld the result of the country's repeat presidential election the court dismissed an opposition petition claiming the vote was not conducted according to the law president kenyatta won the rerun vote in october with ninety
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eight percent of the vote the opposition boycotted the poll. at least fifteen people have been killed in a stampede near the moroccan city of s. were reportedly while food aid was being distributed in a market media reports say all the victims were women food aid campaigns are common in remote poor areas of morocco. robert mugabe appears to have ignored a deadline from his own party to step down as zimbabwe's president the embattled leader's refusal to quit following military intervention is plunging the african nation into crisis now mugabe could face impeachment proceedings as a trice a shadow over thirty years of his autocratic rule we spoke to us about winds living in neighboring south africa about their hopes for a future without him. zimbabweans are celebrating what they're calling the new independence of their country. up until a week ago no one would have dared to protest against robert mugabe's rule in front
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of the consulate in johannesburg now the zimbabweans are making no secret of their contempt for him out even if you put a monkey as long as it's not mugabe we just need to change we can't continue like this if not for us for our children and our grandchildren i believe that we're about after mugabe when i got there or even maybe i can do a better job than mugabe. but not all zimbabweans in downtown johannesburg are feeling this kind of excitement for them mugabe's designated successor emmerson mon and gaga is as bad as the president this man was just ten years old when he witnessed the massacre that a bale of people that was more than thirty years ago he says the former vice president was behind the massacres. when you see people screaming for help shall we to you know you know visit things but they wouldn't get help with. the
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only thing that these people because of the. killing that i was just shooting in the air into the hotel. more than twenty thousand zimbabweans died back then says lloyd conveyor the human rights activist says that it a bailout were targeted because they were seen as critical of the government and he says there's evidence that implicates manning who was then security minister. there's where very closely with president mugabe in terms of dealing ruthlessly with the opposition and including perceived opposition you know any person who might pose a danger could pose a danger to political heads of money. but many zimbabweans in south africa now want to look forward rather than back they see the chance of a new beginning for their homeland and many are already heading home so they can be a part of what's happening. for many zimbabweans it seems like
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a dream too good to be true the days of the long time dictator robert mugabe have finally come to an end but some people wonder what will happen in a post. will it just be the replacement of one dictator by another or will there really be the democratic change that so many people have been waiting for. now foreign ministers from asia and europe are meeting and me and maurice international concern grows about the plight of refugees from the country ministers are pressuring me in mars de facto leader over the violent persecution of the country's muslim minority the top diplomat federico has expressed hope many will be allowed to return from neighboring bangladesh. germany's foreign minister had this to say after meeting in march. a list of the two hundred fifty it's ok and bangladesh want to do everything they can so that the refugees can return back home but they must reach an agreement which is being prepared now the main question is
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how safe is the region and what will the living conditions there be like the city put it to it's clear the government here in myanmar must create a safe environment for refugees to come back to work. now american former cult leader charles manson has died in a california hospital at the age of eighty three in the late one nine hundred sixty s. manson ordered murders including of the actress sharon tate in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine that shocked the world manson said he hoped to spark an apocalyptic race war but ended up behind bars instead he was still in custody when he died of natural causes. charles manson's mug shot has become synonymous with manipulation and murder he gained notoriety as the man who plotted gruesome killings that shocked and scandalised america at the height of one nine hundred sixty s. countercultural a charismatic convict assembled a band of young followers they would become known as the manson family and their
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leader was fixated on the notion of an impending race war and incited them to murder in the summer of one nine hundred sixty nine they began a killing spree the actress sharon tate's beverly hills home where they stabbed her and four others. in court and facing a possible capital punishment a grinning manson was asked about to follow are testifying against him. all the. more. he and four others received life sentences but were spared the death penalty over the years his image has continued to haunt the american consciousness from behind bars he died of natural causes on sunday having never shown public remorse for his crimes. now to a bit of football and in sunday's bundesliga action shall co-hosted hamburg looking
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to stake their claim as one of the league's top clubs meanwhile were hovering down at the wrong end of the table. schock are having the best season in years and they haven't lost a hamburger at home since january twenty seventh fifteen minutes in gideon young brought given konoplyanka down in the box penalty for the hosts. took the initiative and gave shaka an easy lead his first goal since march twenty sixth. after the break the guests had the better of the chances. hamburg seventeen year old shooting star set up aaron hunt who hit the post was on shell because. with ten minutes on the clock shall go on the attack again and it paid off. i've. got the. shell because second.
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hamburg lose their fifth away game on the bounce. up to second in the table for the first time in five years which. are minor now for a top story german chancellor angela merkel is meeting with germany's president. after efforts to form a three way coalition government failed. president's office residence and. that you are expected to discuss what steps to take next. talks between conservatives and the greens you elections which are. perhaps your business headlines coming up. children like chocolate.


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