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new elections are obviously we're still far from that point but if that is the case why is that do you think that they stand to gain as well at least they have a chance i guess they hope that if they run a different campaign if they get more courageous more exciting basically they might run they might just win a few more percentage points they also the s.p.d. obviously hopes that they would have a much better chance the same of the f.t.p. if merkel doesn't run again because yes she was one of the main factors for the c.d.u. success in the past years so there i think there's hope that they would want to vote so let's talk about some of the issues again just to remind our viewers that got in the way of these coalition talks of these coalition talks being successful rather and one of them was migration and we've talked quite a bit about the conservative wing of chancellor merkel's conservative alliance the more conservative wing rather the c.s.u. varian sister party wanting to institute a cap
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a limit on the number of refugees who arrive there was also the question of family reunification whether refugees would be allowed to bring their families over to germany what what was the sticking point there where these parties couldn't come together. basically c.s.u. the variances to party of the city you with has always been very critical of merkel's refugee policy and wanted to have this very big of a severe cap at two hundred thousand. people coming in net per year and that this was not something that the greens wanted to agree to even though in the last few days they had made a major move or kind of compromise by rephrasing this cap in little bit different way they say it's like a bit like civil war yes they would be more flexible and but they did want to they argued that for them for integration in germany to work well for the refugee
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families that are already here to integrate well they would need to have their family companies come and join basically from countries such as syria and that was something that in the c.s.u. they did not want to agree to. but essentially i think that was already a compromise on the table that at least from the c.s.u. and green point a few seem to have worked it would have been very difficult for the green party to also get this passed their their base basically and their voters but they were the leadership was willing to do so and it's quite. well disappointing that the f.t.p. then still took this migration issue as one of the reasons for why they didn't want to where they wanted walked out of the talks basically let's talk about the greens which we haven't done much of told this point this is a party that was also appeared from the outside at least willing to make some compromises particularly in the last few days to get this coalition formed and on the ground. how big of a blow is this for them if they were if we were now going to new elections. it
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remains to be seen because as well all of the other parties hard to say whether they will get in or do us both. have been seen quite widely as successful in terms of saying unified as a party even though they have quite different wings within the party and also quite some more left leaning voters that would have had a lot of trouble with the compromises that were now agreed on or almost agreed on but. if they say as unified as they have been acting right now they might actually stand to gain from these elections from new elections ok and just to let our viewers know they are also was a press conference from the free democrats a little bit earlier that was taking place that we listen to just a bit of we are waiting to listen in to that we have a clip of that in a little bit and we'll just listen in to what was said there a little bit earlier but you know it was such a long as we were saying with
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a long and very polarized divisive election campaign getting to this point this will likely be a similar process now going forward if there are new elections how difficult is that going to be to bring voters and these parties together once again. it will be very difficult also because and i think you alluded to it earlier it's not clear that the outcome would be significantly different so if there's a new election and there will be some percentage points more or less for each party we will be in the exact same situation after a fresh election where it's either the suit for parties that now did not we're not able to agree the jamaica grid to make a correlation or a grand coalition as an option and we'll be in the exact same situation it's hot i think for voters who already are quite frustrated with politics in germany too to go again to the polls that we should remind our viewers that the german president did say as of now there are no new elections planned so that is not necessarily
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where we are headed do you think from what you heard from his statement that this could be an appeal that could be received well and bring parties back together always it and find out it unfortunately because it would have been extremely surprising if he had he said anything else than what he said this is his constitutional role is to remind the parties of their responsibilities and they will all have to go through the motion to go through talks with with him basically and there is a small chance that they'll be. somehow changing their minds but i think it's extremely unlikely. ok and us there it looks like we do have that clip from the d.p. the for democrats that press conference that they heard just a little while earlier let's listen in to what the party leader christian laettner had to say. what. you. want.
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yeah we'll be done with the minor well thank you very much let me let me go on the news in here but you know we just want to say we're here i was giving the flaw ladies and gentleman. in their meetings. a lot of the party and the parliamentary group we evaluated the majority talked there he said you see as you and the greens we got out the invitation of the chancellor to explore mines and what its own or whether joint coalition negotiations can start at the end of which the formation of a government would have been how you would remember that at the very beginning of this. experts worry and we made it clear that this is the coming together of four
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parties with partially contradictory party programs opposing hardly programs and therefore at the very beginning i assess the probability of success for life but our talks to be not more than fifty percent we still engaged. the highest level of intensity in talks with the three other partners we worked with in the working groups intensively. we debated in each. of the topics and i refer that not only to the large group the group of fifty but also to the medium sized groups you followed it all yourselves there were various working groups active missing said that the education paper had been an agreed upon. you know half a dozen times just to be reopened again and he had to come from an oil analyst net
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and had to travel to bill in to. continue talks and negotiations on the same paper that we regret that we weren't able to bring these experts really talks a success we know about the different situation the country is in and we also know the challenges that lie ahead of the f.t.p. and therefore such a decision would never be taken easily. it is not the result of a spontaneous. sentiment in a moment ever since the thursday evening of last week. already was clear. that. it would not be probable that we would be able to. put together an agreement. that
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finds the strong support of all parties and that is what he also told our partners so we are in a difficult situation here. we did not take this position of light hearted to withdraw from the talks but we also have responsibility for our political principles. and franchise to change of trends we fix at a lot of compromise when it comes to financial questions regarding questions regarding refugees. questions regarding the energy and agricultural policies but there are basic principles still holding and we want to stay loyal to our principles and our voters and what has been submitted as a. result with two hundred thirty four. reckitt is in it. which comprises points that have been agreed upon that would have diluted
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our mandate only to bring about change in germany and if we had given our content to this data our party they have to be would have had to leave india. political principles or in this situation we believe that it was our. responsibility in front of the state not to form part of a government but rather to maintain the democratic diversity of our country. with life and that is what we had now and just before. continuously we wanted political changes which weren't able to be brought about in this consternation and this is why where it is now working from a different position government affairs our political principles there were quite a number of points that we discussed. yesterday during the afternoon amongst the i have leaders of the negotiation i just want to highlight
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two of these topics the first topic would be finance policies and after he was. you've been watching of the head of the three democrats explaining his reasoning or his party's reasoning for pulling out coalition to go she ations with the other three parties now just a reminder to our viewers of this top story that we've been covering all day a german chancellor angela merkel has met with the country's president you see here from father steinmeyer after the collapse of talks aimed at forming a coalition government. faces the prospect of leading a minority government or returning to the polls. you're watching we'll be back with much more on the story in just a few minutes. meet
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the germans. and supply domestic supplies and culture joining. us. and kate music takes a look at joining it is increasing at their traditions every day lives and language in this time of my life. so i'm young good. guy r t w dot com the germans.
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don't want. their black and living in germany. is reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter like this not being able to blend in and i was. taking a holiday. you know different than the way. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black.
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afro germany starting december tenth d.w. .
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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany faces an unprecedented situation after coalition talks fail that's the verdict of the german president on culture steinmeyer up the pressure on the parties to reach a deal indicating no fresh elections are planned for now i'm going michael's political future hangs in the balance as her only other potential coalition partner firmly rules out any participation in government. also coming out zimbabwe's president robert mugabe ignores a deadline to resign got his own party sent and sent him an ultimatum step down by noon today or face impeachment those proceedings could start as soon as tomorrow when parliament reconvenes in harare. european foreign ministers say they're hopeful the road hinge or refugee crisis can be resolved after meeting with me in march de facto leader aung san suu kyi. and the controversy strikes and germany's regional football leagues as tibetans demonstrators picket a chinese youth teams friendly match we'll take a closer look at that story and all the weekend's but the big guy.
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i'm serious i was gonna thank you for joining us so we start with germany's political crisis after talks to form a coalition government collapsed chancellor angela merkel has met with the german president here in berlin to discuss what to do next her political future has been called into question as she faces the choice of leading a minority government or holding fresh elections president frank walter steinmeier has just been a giving a statement here's what he had to say. we're just going to listen in to what the. german president. have to say. good for him as it puts you in the mind of a situation when it's
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a big dog which we have never had in the history of the federal republic of germany that is he has never been around for almost seventy year old me i would say political parties. and act and of course to form a government is always a process of the baiting purposes and goals with a mandate to form a government is the highest mandate voters give to parties in a democracy. and that mandate remains valid on twenty fourth of september. parties applied. for the role of taking responsibility for germany. a responsibility which cannot be returned easily to voters following the provisions of the constitution this
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responsibility goes far beyond the individual interests and applies. particularly not only to the voters of your own party but. you know this is a moment for all participating actors to. rethink their positions all parties that were voted into parliament are obliged to serve the common weal and they serve our country. i expect from all their willingness to engage in. talks in order to make the formation of a government possible within forseeable future if you apply to take on responsibility you need to live up to that responsibility once you have gained it in the. next days to come i. talk to the. person.
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parties involved in daytime talk but i will also talk to him in the chapters and some of those parties where. any election program over there. allows not to exclude the possible formation of a government i would also talk to the heads of the other because it usually organs the presidents of both chambers of parliament i will talk to the president of the federal constitutional call. and. one thing is clear you know me inside and outside of our country and particularly in. the neighboring countries in europe. would rise if it was specifically the strongest. country in europe where the political forces don't live up to their responsibility
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thank you very much there was a german president from foster steinmeyer speaking just a short while ago saying that there are no fresh elections on the cards right now we have. a political analyst at the global public policy institute here in berlin and we also have our correspondent hans bronte was in front of slow spells you were from told us by it's time i was speaking just a little bit earlier on starting with you what do you think is the most likely scenario at this point you think it's going to be new elections which we heard from voters i'm i just say are not planned yet or do you think there could be a possibility still for a minority government. well obviously is appealing to all parties at the moment which is his role this president obviously the german constitution puts a lot of weight on political stability and you elections fresh elections are something that the constitution makes very difficult to call so there will be another round of exploratory talks from the side of the president he's going to try
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him for saying all the parties that were a bit all represented in parliament which try and form a government and especially an appeal i think goes to his own social democratic party which so far has flatly refused to even think about entering into another coalition government are going to not cause conservatives so at the moment in the most the most likely prospect is that there will be further discussions on the level of the president on the level of party leadership but i think it seems unlikely that coalition talks are going to happen again and i'm going to be successful the most likely outcome in the end i think will be fresh elections coming to you know we heard the leader of the free democrats question when are just saying a short while ago that when these talks started it was very clear that there was a fifty fifty percent chance of them working out was this then too ambitious of a plan for these four parties to believe that they could find enough common ground
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to form a government. i don't believe it was too ambitious because in a parliamentary system like germany's every all democratic parties should be able to find compromise but it also means that they have to compromise and chris and then they also said earlier basically he mentioned this example of the agriculture policy and how they had to reopen and renegotiate and then find a compromise and renegotiate again which basically sounds to me like it is difficult to find compromise that that's not an excuse not to try and not to work hard and. the problem is that after new elections we could be an exact same situation in terms of how the percentages that each party gets and it basically means there is a shift that needs to happen in germany that parties need to be more open to compromise and need to get more out of their comfort zone i'm afraid what do you think this means for germany's partners around the world they have to look forward to basically much more uncertainty it's quite dramatic shift now suddenly because
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they do believe that the majority of germany's partners believe that there would be some kind of jamaica coalition and they also especially after the election of donald trump of brecht's that everyone is looking to germany to provide some kind of international leadership to brett stability and particular triangle americal who is now weakened through not having gotten her coalition government that she wanted to and also it will be a lot of waiting for the next few months and even maybe until next summer next fall for a proper stable new german government to exist as you heard sarah just say you know chancellor merkel didn't get the coalition government she was hoping to after two months essentially of political wrangling how much of a blow is this for her how much does that call her power into question. well absolutely i'm glad not already was weakened by the election results of the september elections she was still still leading the largest party in parliament but
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with a much much reduced majority and she had staked obviously a lot on these coalition talks but i think one has to say that even her political opponents or hope political critics such as the greens that were involved in this coalition talks praised her for the way that she conducted these talks and for the moderation for the you know search for compromises and so on that. made possible in those talks so in a sense the coalition talks themselves are not a reason to see a week and i'm going to marco but there is no such no prospect of her resigning or stepping back at the moment there seems to be no successor visible within her party and from what she said last night when the coalition talks collapsed there seems to be a sense that she still is waiting and is still interested in continuing this job so at the moment she may be weakened but she's not down and out yet. but we will
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certainly have much more coverage on this. for us here in berlin and sarah meyer from the global public policy institute also here in berlin thank you both very much for your insights. and as we heard instability here in germany it doesn't mean a whole lot of stability for european partners or what about investors or helena is here with more on how investors are reacting and markets are reacting to this that's right sumi we saw some concern on the currency markets specifically this morning with a crick quick reaction there now the political uncertainty in europe's largest economy sent the euro to a two month low against the japanese yen and asian trading this morning common currency pat some of these losses later on stock markets in frankfurt london and paris also opening lower with germany's blue chip index that x. trading below the thirteen thousand point mark but over all the political crisis of the collapsed coalition talks in berlin apparently has not rattled investors too much. and we can check in with our financial correspondent cornett who is in in
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frankfurt now conrad we saw some losses earlier how is the dax reacting to the news of those failed talks now. conrad if you can hear us we were just asking about the reaction to those failed talks on the tax currently hard to love to show. for it seems like we can hear conrad right at the moment but we will check in with him later now twenty years ago in november one thousand nine hundred ninety seven jemmy's leading stock exchange operated. on violet's then revolutionary cetera trading system that stands for exchange electronic trading. and that meant those screaming brokers on the front the trading floor became a thing all of the pauls going to the stock exchange was actually no longer even
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necessary a new era began ninety percent of all transactions are now processed electronically it's faster cheaper more global the trading floor has become a mere backdrop for international stock trading and back over now to sue me thank you helena let's take a look now at some stories making headlines around the world conservative billionaire businessman sebastian piniella has won the first round of chile's presidential election but he did not secure enough votes to avoid a runoff election in december as due to face leftist candidate in the runoff. the world of tennis was a minority on monday after the passing of former will wimbledon champion yunnan she won over one hundred titles throughout her career including sixteen doubles grand slams the fight and died peacefully surrounded by her family in her native czech republic on sunday after a long battle with illness she was forty nine. you're watching d.w.
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still to come on the program a chinese teams series of games in germany gets off to a rocky start as tibetan demonstrators cause consternation at their first game here our sports expert will give us all the details. but first robert mugabe appears to have ignored a deadline from his own party to step down as zimbabwe's president the embattled leader's refusal to quit following a military intervention has plunged the african nation into crisis now mugabe could face impeachment proceedings tries to shed over thirty years of his autocratic rule we spoke to some wins living in neighboring south africa about their hopes for a future without him. zimbabweans are celebrating what they're calling the new independence of their country. up until a week ago no one would have dared to protest against robert mugabe's rule in front of a consulate in johannesburg now. are making no secret of their contempt for him. even
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if you put a monkey as long as it's not. me james we can continue like this if not for us for our children and our grandchildren i believe. after mugabe. or even me i can do a better job than mugabe but not all zimbabweans and downtown johannesburg are feeling this kind of excitement for them mugabe's designated successor emerson mining is as bad as the president. this man was just ten years old when he witnessed the massacre of the new the bella people that was more than thirty years ago he says the former vice president was behind the massacres you see people screaming. for help. things but they wouldn't get help. the only thing that these people. killing their wives was just shooting in the air instead of. more than twenty thousand zimbabweans died back then says lloyd. the
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human rights activist says the net a bellow were targeted because they were seen as critical of the government and he says there's evidence that implicates. who was then security minister. before you are very closely with president mugabe in terms of dealing ruthlessly with the opposition and and including perceived opposition you know any person who might pose a danger would pose a danger to political hedging money. but many zimbabweans in south africa now want to look forward. rather than back they see the chance of a new beginning for their homeland and many are already heading home so they can be part of what's happening. but many zimbabweans it seems like a dream too good to be true the days of the long time dictator robert mugabe have finally come to an end but some people wonder what will happen in the post mugabe
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era with just be the replacement of one dictator by another will there really be the democratic change that so many people have been waiting for. right well let's get the very latest from harare a journalist who is standing by on the line for us hi ray mugabe's party zanu p.f. said it would start impeachment proceedings if he hadn't resigned by midday today that deadline has passed and the top party members are now in an urgent meeting what more can you tell us about that meeting. well thank you for having me yes i can confirm that the party members convened at design appear headquarters this afternoon at four pm it's four pm here in our right and we are expecting once. done from there to get some sort of. announcement barring anything less than that then i'm sure we'll be able to get a sense from inside the scenes on the p.f. but i can confirm that is on the p.f. has made some of our child to the m.d.c.
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in terms of trying to get that two thirds majority in terms of the numbers to be able to successfully impeach president robert mugabe so it's on appeal we know there's a deal that. we understand has to be in and signed up tomorrow with the m.d.c. which will see them have and issuance of the m.d.c. parliamentarians will vote and give the police still in terms of numbers on a p.f. needs. right why do you think it is that robert mugabe hasn't stepped down yet with pressure coming in essentially from all sides. well i i think obviously it's a strategy of buying time you know that said it has voiced its concern about the military intervention that took place last week and it's hopeful that there might be some sort of leg room that could be afforded by that indication and dysplasia by sadique and is well i mean if this is the only. life which you know is
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of being the head of state and it may well be an individual in the present personal feeling way still holding on despite all indications that the ground the political ground the social ground that you know is shifted underneath him but still holding on and believing that remains judge and again one would look at it as a sign that. the fall out of touch he has been. the reality of the situation. in zimbabwe have been demonstrating over the weekend and today there hasn't been really massive on rush to this point could that change yes one gets the feeling in a sense that it could be a shift we've seen the atmosphere for as long as this impasse campuses you know widely expected was resumed nation speech yesterday from prison mugabe which didn't come through and the war veterans this morning held to pass the press conference
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which basically say to people to turn out in the end numbers to more fun of the much and this time the destination is very key it's a much too blue for the private residence of the mugabe and so i mean that gives an indication of the rising political temperature has been zimbabwe which might just be turned out to be something else you know within a matter of days if a prisoner of mcgovern is not going to see it crowned and that's the indication that he's not willing to sit in a political ground in a city that demands to step down at this point. right journalists right and global on the line for us from harare well thank you for that analysis. now to some controversy in germany's lower football leagues a chinese team playing a series of matches against german opposition walked off the pitch during their first game in the country after protestors displayed tibetan flags in the stands
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the match was in the city of minds it was the start of a cooperation agreement between the german and chinese football associations but the project is already drawing criticism and unfamiliar team taking to the pitch in germany they were welcomed with familiar colors but when demonstrators in the stands unfurled tibet and flags the chinese players halted proceedings they walked off the pitch in protest only returning when the flags were removed the decision to allow china's under twenty side to play against teams in germany's southwestern regional league was met with opposition and their introduction was delayed until november. three teams have refused to play the guest side but a lucrative participation fee of fifteen thousand euros per match has persuaded the remaining sixteen to cooperate the first game ended in a three nil defeat and there are signs their presence in germany will cause plenty of unrest. is banned in tibet i think they must have been instructed from
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higher up to stop playing they want to keep people a baby and that works in china not here though. there were also words of warning from the vice president of the german football association. we're in germany. for instance freedom of expression if. you're allowed to show flags like that wal-mart we hope to explain and can text to realize the situation to the chinese delegation so that we can carry on with the remaining games. it's a rocky start for the chinese side and it may not be the last protest biggest team encounter this season. and we have fully aaliyah's from d.w. sports with us here in studio to explain this story to us hi pablo so why is the chinese used team playing in germany well there is an agreement made between the german football association and the chinese government back in two thousand and
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sixteen that basically china's under twenty or twenty team would play in one of germany's fourth tier league as a way of preparing them for the twenty twenty lympics because the chinese government is very much determined to get the level of football up to a much higher level than we've seen in china of course they've got a lot of people there who want to play football and they put a lot of money into this into the fact that they want to improve that a level in in the game but of course where better to do that than in the league that already has a very long history of producing big teams and you know this league is obviously one of the prime candidates for for an agreement like this now obviously it comes with plenty of controversy and plenty of protest as we've seen in the report there we actually saw a german official in that report actually protecting those protesters right to freedom of expression essentially so does that mean that we could see more protests that games like these well funnily enough to
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a lot of the protesters who were there said.


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