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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2017 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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fro germany starting december tenth d.w. . this is news live from berlin tonight germany in an unprecedented political predicament as talks to form a new government collapse today the german president from steinmeyer increase the pressure on the parties to try again to reach a deal with no new government on the horizon uncertainty rains across europe
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strongest country and largest economy chancellor angela merkel says she would prefer a new elections if the talks continue to go nowhere her political future now hangs in the balance. also coming up at zimbabwe's ruling party moves to impeach a president mugabe's party says the proceedings are likely to start tomorrow after robert mugabe ignored a deadline today to resign. i bring coffee it's good to have you with us tonight in germany has been thrust into political uncertainty talks to form a new coalition government collapsed late on sunday after four weeks of marathon negotiations the german president says that he will meet with the leaders of all the political parties impress them to try once more to cut
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a deal meanwhile chancellor angela merkel is weighing her options tonight she says that she's ready to run for chancellor again in a new election if necessary. the german chancellor would have gladly spared herself and germany from this walk of shame but after the collapse of coalition talks it's up to german president fung falter steinmeyer to decide what the next step will be another warming a new government is always a difficult political process going one involving struggle and disagreement but the task of forming a government is very important possibly the most important task that voters give their representatives within a democracy and this task remains. these are all of talk tonight the german president plans to meet up for talks with the various parties over the next few days steinmeyer refuses to accept that the responsible parties are incapable of fulfilling the voters' mandate and he's also told his own
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party the social democrats that they cannot shirk their responsibilities just because of poor election results. we have had we're not going to pull our ministers out of the serving government so we have all the time in the world to find a solution that's what we're offering it's our chance to take on responsibility for the far right if he is not concealing its glee in their election campaign they demanded on the americal step down and now they see themselves as one step closer to this reality. we're pleased that the jamaica coalition failed that would have been a coalition that did not represent social change it would not have heralded the start of a different type of politics instead the coalition would have represented business as usual. soon to survive. but the german people can't understand why the four way talks failed. so they had a task and still were not capable of coming to a compromise that is
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a shame this is horrible these politicians can't agree the f.d.p. withdrew from the negotiations saying they would have had to accept too many compromises and stressing they wanted to stay true to their promises. nothing would have been worse than beginning a relationship that would have ended in an ugly divorce only three or four months later this country deserves better. but the greens don't agree they believed they were on the verge of finding a compromise even on the difficult subject of migration. this compromise would have been a good thing for our country this irresponsible action is just reopening old wounds the. chancellor on the american insists that even in this phase germany remain. a stable country instead of leading a minority government she would prefer a new elections need i did not plan on leading a minority coalition but now we have to wait a few days and after that new elections are also
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a possibility. but according to polls the results of new elections would find the c.d.u. their sister parties the c.s.u. and the s.p.d. with about the same number of votes as last time. and i want to pull in our political correspondent thomas berry now he joins us from outside the german parliament here in berlin good evening to you told us so we've heard that the german chancellor angela merkel she favors snap elections if it comes to that and on the other hand we've got the german president pushing the political parties to try one more time to to compromise in to reach an agreement on a coalition government what do you think is the most likely scenario here. well these two different views just showed the level of uncertainty that germany is currently facing brant i think the idea of snap elections is one that most parties would like to avoid because it is seen as returning the responsibility to the
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voters instead of taking that responsibility by the parties as something that the german president fun quite. clearly said today and that's probably also why german chancellor angela merkel stressed today that the next move was in the hands of mr steinmeier who will now be talking to the leaders of the different parties precisely brand to see if there's any possibility of finding common ground or finding a compromise it is at this point unlikely because there are clearly different perspectives in many cases the parties are diametrically opposed but at the same time it is not impossible so obviously these discussions these debates in the next few days will be very important to see to what extent german political parties are willing to form that coalition in a party that's not in these talks the party with the second largest number of seats in parliament yesterday the social democrats their party says it will not enter into
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a grand coalition we heard that again today. was that the final word though that no that we got today. not necessarily but it is a word that they've been repeating time and time again and that has to do with the fact that they had a very very bad results in the election on september twenty four a result that was partially blamed on the fact that they had already been a grand coalition with a grand coalition where they failed to have a clear profile where even though they passed some of their proposals and often took the credit for them so that's why they are very skeptical about entering a new grand coalition that's why they've been repeating on various occasions that they're not going to do it and that's why you heard today again that that's going to be the case but obviously they said they're also open to talking to the german president and it is up to the president to try and see if he can move the s.p.d. to maybe reconsider that position again it is unlikely but we will just have to see
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what comes out of these discussions all right thomas barrow our correspondent outside the german parliament tonight force thomas thank you very much the future of coalition talks is not just a blow for the german government it's also unwelcome news for many governments across europe we want to go now to our brussels correspondent barbara visa's she is covering the european for well from today's news let's start with france barbara we can say that france is arguably germany's most important strategic partner here in europe what reactions have you been hearing from paris. shock and awe in paris clearly brian it's not in our interest of things to seize up we heard from the embassy palace this morning and they also said to president mike wrong the reach of the rate at that france is to keep on making proposals to reform europe and to sort of take things a step forward however we need germany to implement them so that is quite clear
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that kronk who started out high and who was really looking up to america as it leader he admired is sort of role model maybe even somebody who had weathered so many crises that he was now suddenly left alone at home the very uncomfortable position for the young french president something he didn't want to paris also said we want and need a strong and stable germany we've also been hearing from politicians in the netherlands and in austria today saying that the failure of these coalition talks comes at a very bad time for the european union what is at stake here. a lot is a stake because the upcoming crises and problems beginning was a reform of the asylum system. to brecht's it and everything else that is on the agenda in the next months and in the next year will be held up to the new foreign minister from the netherlands science trust said for instance that this is creating
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a very uncomfortable position for europe because decision making when things get tough will be difficult almost impossible more or less without a strong germany in the lead and also the austrian finance minister answered shelling said something similar and they can be no deepening of european cooperation and we think about the upcoming at the december summit the upcoming decision about defense cooperation for instance if germany is not to strong and stable and sort of the leadership is not it's not quite clear so it's something that emerged today is that there is going to be brand america shaped hole in european politics for the next weeks and probably months and something that puts europe in a very difficult and bad position all right barbara victor with the european reaction tonight in brussels barbara thank you very much we know brussels does
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not like the uncertainty but markets are surprisingly call despite what's been happening here in berlin don't you that's right normally they say that investors hates nothing more than uncertainty but the political crisis in berlin seems to be the little interest to german shareholders the country's benchmark dax index actually rose in monday's session on the back of strong economic data but analysts say it's far too early to be compared and. confidence in germany's political system and its booming economy are reassuring to many who look at the current impasse but there's trouble ahead if uncertainty lingers businesses want to belittle investors need certainty and germany europe's largest economy has a lot on its plate. as if the holes faltering forgive the economic challenges are humans just what does it mean for the e.u. economy it's in the for international trade titans digitalisation education infrastructure payment for germany's energy transformation there's so much on the agenda and we need answers all too often. one answer that's feared by many economic
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stakeholders is new elections it's a process that would lead to months of uncertainty new elections are so unattractive to german business that on monday representatives across germany's economy including the engineering and chemical industries and the export sector each publicly urged for a continuation of coalition talks there's concern also with the e.u. level where ministers await action on several economic proposals including euro zone reforms a common finance minister and a common budget think french president a man well mccraw has a particular stake in a new german government put his quest for a more economically integrated european economy hinges upon german support. and being number one without a partner is not good i'm a cross has also been elected to revive the european project a little soon to portugal a pia it was supposed to be a matter of weeks before mccraw had his german partner now the timing is anyone's guess. the city of paris has been picked to host
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a key institution after britain leaves the european union in twenty nineteen the european banking agency is currently located in london but britain's imminent departure from the bloc have left it looking for a new home competition to acquire the body which employs over one hundred sixty people had been fierce dublin and early favorites frankfurt lost out in the vote by e.u. member states they earlier voted for amsterdam as the new post-tax of location of the european medicines agency a total of twenty three cities were in the running for both bodies. and charlotte chosen pill is in brussels force charlotte why did paris win as the host city for the banking agency well something that we're going to have to ask the individual ministers who took part in this vote this evening failing that we're just going to have to speculate at the moment i think a lot of people really are wondering why frankfurt wasn't the winner for the e b a it had been a front runner and a lot thought that it was going to take the lead it didn't though it was knocked
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out it did reach the final three alongside dublin then came down to dublin and to paris and then in a tie break those names were picked out of a hat and paris was the n.s.a. was something of a bit of luck for paris with dublin left incredibly disappointed but that does not do it down in paris of course is something of a financial hub it's already home to the european security markets agency that might played a role ultimately though any window this had to prove various criteria one of which being that they were ready to take over as soon as the u.k. left the e.u. and immediately post the e.p.a. that something obviously paris proved that it was able to do ok looking ahead moving the agency's brings up its own problems including issues over the sourcing of new workers. that's quite right although the idea is that the new host city is able to relocate the workers from london in fact in
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a lot of the videos that were put out by each individual city applying for these two agencies they were very keen to prove that they would be good hosts for these london is that they wish they could offer good international schools some even we can't approve how many flights a day they would off the backs of london so the idea is that these highly skilled workers are keen to move over to the new cities and indeed to down was one of the top choices apparently according to some survey for workers at the end a as you said there were there also some problems if a lot of those people don't want to relocate then you're going to house employ new workers from the host cities and not does raise some issues particularly since this so highly skilled these new walk is likely to have a very strong degree of expertise in already walk in the industries and then having the move from industry into regulatory bodies does carry with it a host of concerns. ok shall chosen pill in brussels force of thank you very much for that. and it's back over to brett now
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with the latest on the crisis in zimbabwe do you think very much the ruling party in zimbabwe has moved to begin impeachment proceedings against president robert mugabe the embattled leaders refusal to quit following a military intervention has plunged the african nation into yet another crisis he is on the p.f. party says that impeachment proceedings are likely to start tomorrow. in a new twist the army tonight says that mugabe is in contact with his alstad vice president the very man who was said to be his successor now in a statement issued this evening the head of the army says that former vice president when god is working with the president on a solution to the crisis. we have med fed. consultation with the president throughout the ordinary roadmap on the varying situation in the country. this defense and security services i encouraged
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by new developments which include one that between the president and the former vice president commented mustn't numbers i'm not that well we expected in the country short yeah after the nation would be advised that one. of talks between the two i that was they had their of zimbabwe's defense forces for more on this i'm joined now by dave or my finger human rights watch southern africa director in johannesburg it's good to have you on the show according to the army as you and i just heard mugabe mugabe will talk to many god what about a possible transition of power or do you think this could be the final step before we see mugabe resign. it could very well be yes
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but what is clear also is that from that out that. he had no intention of removing these what they had wanted to do which they have achieved was to go through the garbage would if this. is did it in and out what it also to took this wide grace from becoming the successor to god so now that the only has achieved today are goals it is quite possible that they would agree with that huge big eased out of peace with him and his expires sometime next year july next year mr let me ask you last night you know all of us were watching the speech by mr mugabe and most people were expecting him to resign in that speech but he did it and do you think we were all expecting the wrong thing. yes and you know that was classic last night because it was clear that there would be
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legal constitutional problems because the military does not want this to up to appear to be to the outside world and outright military coup so they wanted. president to be able to reappoint him fit before he could step down so that it becomes a course you should transition in succession because if mugabe had resigned last night it would have meant that the dodig been shut for my god what to do to get in is the next president until they have some kind of election so what is now happening is that the talks between my doctor and got that would facilitate the process by which i expect them to go to brought that into the government before we got this step down most likely next year ok i mean that's interesting that you that you were describing it that way earlier today we know there was a new deadline for mr mugabe to resign he ignored that as well how our zimbabweans
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reacting to what is or what's become a political roller coaster. a huge disappointment. to climates because when thousands of them but with much to the atmosphere was forty there was expectation that this was the people who got it and typically put him to step down immediately. requote him from the party and say he was fired it's not a pitch to be president. so there is huge disappointment now because. of these but for many days also see it is you know the final stages that inevitably mugabe has to go although it would be as soon as mitt would have wanted all right stephen munging of the southern africa director with human rights watch joining us tonight from johannesburg thank you very much we appreciate your insights thank you
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. well to kenya now where two people have been killed in violent protests after the country's supreme court upheld the re election of president kenyatta the court dismissed two legal challenges to the vote can jada could well being sworn in next week but many opposition supporters are saying they don't accept the rule. since the ruling nairobi has become a tale of two cities some people have been celebrating the supreme court decision confirming the reelection of president two who are kenyans or of the jubilee party that after he won ninety eight percent of the vote last month. but supporters of the leader of the main opposition alliance have had running street battles with police the diff cost lives the election rerun came up to write successfully challenged an earlier version ogust that kenyatta heard also one the nation remains divided the what it does what it is not what the can and expect it for they can
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expect it something that we think that we have that right now the budget does go into the other sites but. we have to. be enough. for that and. after the new ruling a lawyer for kenyatta said justice had been served. the court did with this that really there was no case in the first place and there was no rezone will modify that axel's and i think it's good for the country i mean would in the sense that we have gone through a constitutional process. but the opposition leader right had this warning the international community must. this be. done to help to move this country from present place otherwise it is going to be turmoil in the country the swearing in ceremony for president a hurricane yet or is scheduled for next tuesday. there is
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a merely stories now that are making headlines around the world concern is growing for the forty four crew members of an argentinean submarine missing in the south atlantic today it was revealed that satellite calls detected over the weekend did not come from the submarine storms are also complicating the search the navy says the submarine was on its way back to base after reporting an electrical fault. u.s. president has declared north korea a state sponsor of terrorism trump said the move to blacklist the regime again was long overdue pyongyang was removed from the list in two thousand and eight north korea and the us are at loggerheads over kim jong un's controversial nuclear program the american cult leader charles manson has died in a california hospital at the age of eighty three in the late one nine hundred sixty s. manson ordered murders including that of the actress sharon tate in one nine hundred sixty nine murders that shocked the world manson said that he hoped to spark an
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apocalyptic war between the races instead he ended up behind bars he was still in custody when he died of natural causes. charles manson's mug shots has become synonymous with manipulation and murder he gained notoriety as the man who plotted gruesome killings to show scandalized america. at the heights of one nine hundred sixty s. come to coachella charismatic convict assembled a band of young followers they would become known as the manson family and their leader was fixated on the notion of an impending race war and incited them to martha. in the summer of one nine hundred sixty nine they began a killing spree the actress sharon tate's beverly hills home where they stabbed her and four others. in court and facing a possible capital punishment a grinning manson was asked about to follow are testifying against him.
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in. the. morning. he and four others received life sentences but were spared the death penalty over the years his image has continued to haunt the american consciousness from behind bars he died of natural causes on sunday having never shown public remorse for his crimes. all right now to some controversy in germany's lower football leagues a chinese team playing a series of matches against german opposition walked off the pitch during their first game in the country after protestors displayed flags in the stands. an unfamiliar team taking to the pitch in germany they were welcomed with familiar colors but when demonstrators in the stands unfilled tibetan flags the chinese players halted proceedings they walked off the pitch in protest only returning when
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the flags were removed the decision to allow china's under twenty side to play against teams in germany's southwestern regional league was met with opposition and the introduction was delayed until november. three teams have refused to play the guest side but a lucrative participation fee of fifteen thousand euros per match has persuaded the remaining sixteen to cooperate the first game ended in a three nil defeat and there are signs their presence in germany will cause plenty of unrest. flag is banned in tibet i think they must have been instructed from higher up to stop playing they want to keep people of bt and that works in china not here though. there were also words of warning from the vice president of the german football association. believe we're in germany and there is. for instance freedom of expression. to show flags like that. we
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hope to explain and contextualize the situation to the chinese delegation so that we can carry on with the remaining games. it's a rocky start for the chinese side and it may not be the last protest the guest team encounter this season. here's a reminder the top story that we're following for you germany's president says he is not yet prepared to call fresh elections that after talks on forming a new coalition government collapsed the president says he will now meet with the parties and urge them to rethink. back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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one drink a special generalists discard. coalition told to come out. for the news of the solace of a gemini and it's ninety nine i think the international debate.
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three careers three german j. superstars. adored by their fans across the world for their electrifying life sets. into the world of festivals and backstage parties the place where no one attain stardom just like that superstar deejays starting november twenty fifth on t w. talks to form a new german government have collapsed will there be new elections the options are ugly and they're untested tonight without a majority to stand behind her chancellor angela merkel is suddenly europe's.


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